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Andrea and I


My name is Jared and I am an adultbaby. My whole life, I have always been depressed thinking that I would never get to be the baby I wanted to be and have someone in my life that would accept it enough to play with me as a mommy, babysitter, baby playmate, or my baby if I wanted to be a daddy for a change.

I moved away from my family for a new job across state a couple years ago. I make good money, found good friends, and have my own place to be a baby… by myself. Not to be conceited, but I am a fairly attractive guy: I have a darker olive skin complexion, I am always in the gym and on the track, I eat well, etc.

When I wanted to be a baby, I would change myself into a Bambino and wear my baby clothes. I had a few different choices: a yellow onsie with black accents and a cute tiger on the front, blue footed pj’s with penguins, diaper panties with cute bunnies, booties, mittens, and your usual accessories like pacis, bottles, etc. I could wake up on a Saturday morning in my wet diaper and footed sleeper, make a bottle, turn on cartoons and sit in front of the tv and drink my bottle. Eventually I would change my diaper and crawl around and just be a baby. Obviously, something was missing because I wasn’t 100% happy.

I had dated a few girls since my move, but nothing seemed to work out. I never told anyone about my infantilism. I did tell a couple of girlfriends in the past before I moved but those relationships never worked out.

I was told about dating websites by a friend that met his wife on one. I thought that those websites were only for losers and people without any confidence, but my friend was also a very good looking guy and his wife was very beautiful. I thought I would give it a try.

I talked with a few girls, but eventually met Andrea. I pretty much fell in love with her immediately. After a month or two of dating, I told her there was something important that I needed to tell her about me while we were lying in bed one night. It was very hard for me to do, but I got it out and told her all about my baby desires and needs. I showed her my clothes and baby things. She asked what I liked, what I fantasized about. I told her that I would love her to be my mommy: change me, play with me, feed me, bathe me, etc. I also stated that I wanted her to be my baby lover: both of us in diapers making love, being babies, etc. She was very accepting, but I told her that I wanted her to think it over until she can fully process it.

We parted our ways the next day. Andrea was on my mind all day. I was so worried that she would google infantilism and see some of the most extreme ABDL’s out there and generalize it with me. I text her at work and asked if she wanted to stay the night. She said yes.

When I got home, she was already there. She was so beautiful. Every time I saw her, her face lit up and left me speechless. I was so lucky to have her. She meant so much to me that I didn’t care if she accepted the baby part of me… but she did.

She asked about some of the things she saw on the internet. She asked if I wanted to be a full time baby and be in diapers for the rest of my life. I explained to her that some people are like that, but I am only a baby a couple times a week for a few hours or a day at most.

She said she wanted to try it out and asked what I wanted to do. I got all of my baby things. She laid out a bambino diaper. She came to me and put a paci in my mouth and removed my pants, boxers, sox, and shirt. She laid me down on the diaper. She powdered me and brought the diaper up. She couldn’t get it on right away because I was so excited. After she tucked it down, she taped up my diaper. She then put my onsie on over my head and snapped up the crotch. After that, she put my booties and mittens on. She told me that I was such a cute baby and she gave me a hug.

After that, she asked me to diaper her. I nearly came in my diaper right there. I removed her clothes, put a paci in her mouth, and put a pampers cruiser on her since she was a lot smaller than me. I gave her a hug and thanked her. I was so happy this was happening; my dreams were coming true.

She grabbed my diaper in between my legs and felt my peepee which was hard. She pulled me out of my diaper and lowered her mouth on my peepee and gave me head. After a minute or two, I laid her back and pulled her diaper to the side and put it inside of her. We made love for a couple of minutes. It was so erotic. The diapers were rubbing up against my peepee as I was went in and out of her ginny. I was going to cum. I could hear the diapers crinkle and I thrust harder when I dumped a huge load of cum inside of her. She grabbed my diaper and held me in her as she had an orgasm. I held her in my arms while kissing and thanking her. I knew it wasn’t something she loved to do, but she really put a good act on. I pulled out of her and was about to go cleanup when she stopped me.

“What are you doing?” Andrea said.

“I am going to cleanup. Do you want me to get you some wipes?” I said.

“We have diapers on silly. My diaper will catch your cum so you can change me later.” She said.

Just as she said it, she tucked my peepee back in my diaper so that the rest of the cum would drain into my diaper. She got up and went to the kitchen as I laid on the floor to gather my thoughts from the state of ecstasy that I was in. She came back with a bottle in her hands.

As she was coming toward me, she said, “I can feel your cum making my diaper wet.”

“I’m sorry. Do you want me to change you?” I said.

“No, I like feeling your juices in and on me.” She said.

Just as she said that, she sat down and squished her diaper against the floor making the cum rub against her ginny. I thought I was extremely lucky.

I asked if the bottle was for me. She said it was for her. She said I get to be breast fed. I put her in my arms and fed her some of the bottle. She eventually stopped me and got up to lead me to our bed. She sat up and told me to crawl to her lap. As I did that, I could feel the wetness from my cum in my diaper. When I got up to her, she took off her bra and cradled me in her arms as she led me to her awaiting nipple. She breast fed me for some time, but I lost track because I fell asleep while nursing.

I awoke to Andrea shifting my head to the other nipple. She just looked down at me, smiling and stoking my hair. As I continued to suckle from her breast, I smiled back up at her. I had to go peepee, so I began to fill my diaper.

I saw Andrea look over at my diaper.

She said, “are you wetting your diaper?” I was very embarrassed.

I responded, “I’m sorry. I should have asked. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Silly baby, that’s what diapers are for. Your just a baby. Why would I be mad?”

I just smiled back up at her, snuggled up against her, and continued to nurse from her breast.

Once I was finished wetting my diaper, Andrea asked, “is baby all finished making peepee in his diaper?” I nodded my head. She moved her hand down to the front of my diaper and felt it. She said, “awww, baby. Your diaper is soaked.

She started to rub my diaper making my very excited. My warm wet diaper being rubbed up against my peepee felt so good. I started to suck harder on Andrea’s breast. She began to talk to me like I was a baby.

“Does my little baby like it when I rub his peepee in his wet diaper? Yes he does! Why don’t you make a cummie in your diaper for mommy. Come on baby, fill your diaper for me, fill your diaper full of cum for mommy. I will change your diaper if you fill it with cum for mommy.”

She sent me over the edge. I began to fill my diaper with more cum. She stopped rubbing me because she thought I was done cumming. I grabbed her hand and put it back on my diaper.

“Aww, I’m sorry baby. Mommy though her baby was done making cummie in his diaper for mommy.”

As she kept rubbing my diaper, my cum came out and filled my diaper. I could feel the new warm stickiness. I was in a state of ecstasy. I could not pull my thoughts together like I was high or something.

As I laid there, Andrea got up and went to the kitchen for a drink. I watched her diaper behind move toward the kitchen. Her diaper went almost half way up her back. With all of my cum in her diaper, she practically had to waddle to the kitchen.

When she came back, I noticed that she was carrying a bottle and 2 fresh diapers. She knelt on the floor and patted the ground, asking me to lay down so she could change my diaper. I got down and crawled over to her . As I was crawling to her, I could feel my diaper sway because of how full it was from wetting and cumming in it. When I reached Andrea, I leaned in and kissed her as she was laying down my change mat. She smiled at me and said, “lay down, baby. Let me change your diaper.”

As I started to lay down in front of Andrea, she rubbed the front of my full diaper through my onsie a bit.

“Wow, baby! Your diaper is full. Mommy will change you and make it all better.”

Andrea started to unsnap my onsie at the crotch. As soon as the support the onsie gave to my diaper was gone, could feel the bulk flop on the ground. Andrea had me life my body bit by bit as she removed the onsie. Once the onsie was gone, she put her hand on my diaper o start removing the taps.

I started to whimper. She looked up at me and said, “what’s wrong baby?”

I started o pucker my lips. She said, “Aww, does my baby want his paci?” I nodded. She reached over and grabbed my pace and placed it into my mouth. “There you go sweetie. All better? Now I can change my baby’s wet diaper. You look so cute in just your wet diaper. Your mommy’s little baby, aren’t you?”

I started to smile. As she said that, she started to tickle my tummy. I started to giggle. She kept tickling me. It was fun at first, but after bit, I needed to go poopie and it was hard to not go at that moment. I didn’t want to go in my diaper since this was our first time in diapers; I didn’t think she was ready. I ended up letting out a big toot.

“Uh oh, does baby need to make a poopie?” Andrea said. I nodded yes, but appeared very reluctant.

Andrea said, “What’s wrong baby?”

I responded, “You won’t be mad?”

Andrea said, “Mad? Hunny, you are my little baby. Of course I won’t be mad. You are just a little baby and that’s what babies do in their diapers. Go ahead baby, make poopie for mommy and I will change you.”

She started to lightly rub my tummy and said, “Go ahead baby. Make a poopie in your diaper for mommy. Fill your diaper for me.”

As I lay there just in my diaper and Andrea caressing my tummy, I started to let go and fill my diaper. It was kind of a bit more than I expected because it seemed o just keep coming.

“Wow baby, your diaper is getting bigger”, said Andrea.

I could feel my diaper running out of room as my poopie began to fill against me. After a moment or so, I was done messing. My diaper was soo full now and I really needed a change.

This is it… This is what I have really wanted…Andrea. She is so perfect. Here I am, a grown adult with a pacifier in my mouth, sitting in a wet and messy diaper with my cum in it waiting to be changed like a baby… it was pure heaven.

“All done?” Andrea said. I nodded my head and she said, “good baby making a poopie in his diaper for mommy. Your just my little baby, aren’t you?” she said as she tickled my tummy again,  followed by a giggle and smile from me. I continued to suck on my paci as she undid each tap on my diaper.

When she removed my diaper, she leaned back slightly and put her hand up to her face to pinch her nose, saying, “whew, my baby made a big stinky in his diapee!”

She pulled the diaper all the way back and pulled a wipe out of the pack. She started to wipe the mess off of me into my diaper. When she got most of the mess into the diaper, she lifted my butt off the ground and pulled the messy diaper out from under me. She continued to thoroughly clean the rest of my naked diaper area. When she was done cleaning me, she put baby powder all over me and rubbed it in, paying special attention to my peepee. She pulled out a fresh diaper and started to unfold it.

“Now, I have a nice fresh diapee for my baby!”

She slid the diaper under me and lowered my bottom. She pulled the diaper up over me and started to tap the diaper back into place making sure it was snug. She proceeded to put my onsie back on. After she snapped the crotch back on, I said, “ok, your turn…”

I switched places with her. I watched her as she laid down in just her diaper. When she laid back, her breasts sort of fell to the side. I was pretty empty, as far as my juices were concerned, but even having climaxed twice, any straight adult baby boy would have fell victim to the desires of a naked beautiful girl in diapers.

I put a paci in her mouth and said, “does my little baby like her paci?” She nodded with the cutest smile. I could tell she was enjoying the role playing, too. Regardless of how weird it may appear to normal people, being an adult baby is a twist on the norm which can be very exciting.

I talked sweet to her as I changed her diaper, “You are such a beautiful little baby girl.”

I wiped her clean, powdered her up, and taped on a new diaper.

So there we were, just in diapers, me with a onsie, and trying to figure out what to do. Andrea said no matter what we do, we should do it with diapers on, clothes over top of course. We decided to walk down the street where there were a few restaurants and a deli.

I got up and put khaki shorts and a polo shirt over my diaper and onsie. She put a short denim skirt on with a white tank top.

We walked down my apartment stairs and out the door and started to walk down the street, holding hands. There was a bit of a waddle to our step because of the diapers in between our legs. She would tease me when we walked down the street by skipping ahead and letting her skirt fly up exposing her white diapered butt. She was so cute.

We went to this really cool deli/family grocery and got a bite to eat. Then we went across the street and got a drink at a nice local pub.

When we were done, we started to walk back. It was evening and it would be getting dark soon. We passed by a park and decided we would watch the sunset together. We ended up finding a bench off of the beaten path. When we sat down, we talked a little about wearing diapers. She said she thought it was quite exciting and comforting. We kind of talked about each other’s’ past and why I thought I liked to be baby. As the sun went down, I put my arm around her and she snuggled close to me. I kissed her on the head. I really love her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

“I have something to show you.” She said

I responded with a raised eye brow, “What?”

As I pondered what it could be, she grabbed my hand and led it up her skirt. When my hand met her diapered crotch, I could feel that it was wet. She wet her diaper!

“Baby! You wet your diaper!”

She kissed me on my lips with such a pretty smile on her face and I started to rub her wet diapered pussy. She grabbed my peepee through my diaper and started to massage it. It was dark enough outside to be covered if anyone was to come close to us when they passed by.

She got off of the bench and got on her knees. “Baby is hungry. I want your milk. Give me your milk baby.”

She pulled my pants off, unbuttoned my onsie and pulled me out of my diaper. She put it right into her mouth and started to go up and down on me. As she was sucking my peepee, she massaged my balls through my diaper. She was moaning, saying, “mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm.” She came up for a minute while she would stroke me with her hand, and in the cutest baby voice she said, “I’m hungry, I want your milk, baby.”

That sent me over the edge and I felt like my cum was going to flood her mouth. I felt the first waves of pleasure and juices flow into her mouth. She slowed her up and down movement and started to say, “mmmmmm”, as I filled her mouth with cum. I could hear her keep gulping as she swallowed my cum that kept shooting into her mouth. When I started to slow down, she started to suck a bit more to get all of it out. When she was done and I was all cleaned up, she knelt back and wiped her mouth saying, “ah, that was yummy,” as she licked her lips. She put me back into my diaper, snapped my onsie up, and pulled my pants back up. She sat back down and put her arms around me and her head in my chest. “I love you” she said. “I love you too!”.

We sat like that for a while. I just starred off into the darkness in the distance and thought about us and how happy was. As I was busy thinking about that, I felt Andrea tense up. I looked over and she was busy filling her diaper. At first I thought she was just wetting her diaper but then she started to grunt. I pulled up her skirt to see the back of her diaper.

She tensed up and grunted slightly. I saw the back of her diaper fill up. Andrea was messing her diaper. I needed to go too but since I didn’t seem to need to hide it, I began to fill my diaper there too. I filled my diaper pretty full. Since I was wet too, it was pretty hard to walk. Andrea sat down before I was done messing my diaper. She let out a ditsy, “OOO!” when she felt the mess squish around her.

“Is baby done messing his diaper like a good baby? My diaper is messy too baby!” Andrea said.

While we were walking back to my place, we both had to waddle since our diapers were so full. As we were walking, Andrea pulled her skirt up so I could see. No one was around so she had her diaper in plain view for a while. I could see the outline and bulge of the mess in the back of her diaper. Her diaper sagged pretty low making her do a cute little waddle all the way home. Half way home, she was tired of walking with the diaper in between her legs. She came up to me and put her arms around me. She jumped into my arms and I carried her home like my baby. My hands were placed firm on her diaper so I could support her. I could feel it squish when she jumped into my arms. I carried her all the way home. When I opened the door, I saw that she was sleeping, just like a little baby girl. I laid her on my bed and removed her skirt. I proceeded to change her diaper while she slept.

I pulled the taps off of her diaper and when I pulled the diaper away from her diaper and crotch to allow the cool air to hit her, she began to pee. Luckily I was able to bring the diaper back up to allow her to finish. When she was done, I proceeded to change her. Her diaper was pretty full. I cleaned all of the mess up. I decided not to re-diaper her just in case she had enough. I didn’t bother her to change my diaper so I just stayed in my wet and messy diaper. I tucked her into the bed and went into the kitchen for a bottle so I could go to sleep. I came back to bed, kissed her on the cheek, and nursed from my bottle until I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I felt Andrea touching me. She was changing my diaper. I felt her undo the taps and pull my diaper down to start wiping me. I was too groggy to wake up. I smiled and thanked her as she was wiping the mess and went back to sleep as she finished changing me.

This was the first abdl experience that I had with her. Andrea and I are still together today. We bought a condo a little ways away from where I lived and I got a new job. We have had plenty of experiences in diapers as babies, or her as my mommy.

There was the time that we went to visit my parents who lived all the way across state. Andrea was my mommy and I was the baby. I was diapered, put into a onsie, booties, and mittens. She buckled me up in the middle of the back seat with my paci in my mouth. When I would wet or mess, she would pull over to a rest stop and change me. It was so exciting because there were people saw a woman changing her boyfriend’s diaper, but he was also in baby clothes. I couldn’t imagine what they were thinking. She changed me out of those clothes and my diaper before we got to my parent’s house. Before she changed me, we were driving down the road. After I messed my diaper, it made me really horny. Andrea could see that something was bothering me. She reached back to check my diaper and asked if I was wet because she could see I was a bit cranky. She could feel my peepee was hard through my diaper.

“Does baby need to make a cummie?” she asked. I nodded yes with a smile on my face. As she was driving, she reached back and started to rub the front of my diaper with her eyes still on the road. She was driving me wild. She could see that I wanted to flood my diaper with cum.

“Cum in your diaper baby. Mommy will change you if you fill your diaper with cum for me.”

She sent me over the edge and I began to dump cum into my awaiting messy diaper. She began to rub me slower telling me that I was a good baby. She told me she would change me at the next rest stop. She was going to be quite surprised when she pulled my diaper back to see that it was messy. At least I though until she asked me if baby made a stinky in his diaper since she began to smell it.

We had and still have tons of exciting diaper adventures today.   

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