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Kristy's birthday wish part 1


This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Kristy had always been a petite girl even now on her 18th birthday she told everyone who asked she said she was 5' tall when in reality she closer to 4'9". She was a beautiful girl with a curvy body even for a slim girl with  a B cup. Being shorter than everyone else had caused her a lot of frustration, everyone always thought she lied about being older than she was. She hoped one day she would hit a growth spurt and get a little taller but today being her 18th birthday it didn't seem it was in the cards. Many people mistook her for a freshman at her high school even though she had just started her senior year. She was glad it was almost over high school was tough being so small. Just last week she was told she couldn't be a cheer leader because she wasn't tall enough to be able to do their whole routine. She hoped to try out again at the last try outs next week but it didn't matter. 


All this had been bearing down on her and building up. Leading up to now as she was blowing out her birthday candles she wished silently to herself 'I wish I was taller.' With a deep exhale she snuffed out the candles to the applause of her mother and a few friends at her home. Kristy never met her father her mom didn't talk about him and she didn't want to upset her. The party didn't last very long since tomorrow was a school day. By the time Kristy and her mother had cleaned up everything they were exhausted and went to bed.


The next morning Kristy was up earlier than usual and getting ready for school. After quickly eating Kristy rushed out the door to her car and drove to school. 


Kristy sat down in her first period class relieved to be a little early. She sat relaxed for a minute or two waiting for class to begin when the sudden urge to use the bathroom struck. Kristy got up and was in the ladies room as fast as she could get in the stall. She barely made it in time before wetting her panties. It seemed unusual to come on so strong and quickly as it did. Kristy decided to think nothing of it and started washing her hands. Before leaving Kristy checked herself in the mirror and straightened her loose blouse and skirt. Everything seemed to be in order but she didn't remember her panties being so uncomfortably tight on her small hips. She thought maybe she had gained a little weight and decided she would exercise a little more when she got home. 


Sitting at her desk Kristy was glad to start class to take her mind off things. Kristy sat through class for hours until lunch break. During her break she noticed she was starting to feel a little sore all over, but specifically her knees, her jaw and her stomach. Kristy thought maybe she was starting to come down with something. 


Walking back to class Kristy suddenly felt her knees go weak and she fell on all fours, luckily in the grass, embarrassed she got back up slowly. Kristy decided to head to the bathroom to make sure she was cleaned up for class. 


Clean from her scrape on the grass Kristy gasped when she noticed herself in the mirror more closely. She was a little taller she remembered beforethe reflection of her head was almost touching the top of the mirror. Suddenly things started to make sense, the soreness and tight clothes were signals of growing pains. Kristy was bursting with excitement until she heard a distinct ripping sound. She froze and inspected her underwear where she heard the sound come from. The waistband of her panties was stretched beyond its limit and was keeping on her by literally a few threads. Kristy was red with embarrassment, she decided to throw away her panties and hurried back to class. 


By the end of the day Kristy was all smiles, happy to see some kind of growth. She hoped she would keep growing to be a few inches taller than 5'. Kristy got to her car and unlocked the door. She got in her car slowly and gently sat down. She was exhausted, she decided to start the car and head home. 


The drive home was uneventful until she pulled into her driveway. Before she got out she had to adjust her bra and let it out some, her breasts were getting larger too! Kristy had never been so happy. She didn't care what happened to her today she just kept fantasizing about being taller. 


"Kristy my goodness you must be almost an inch taller!" Kristy's mother exclaimed proving Kristy's assumption she was growing.


"Isn't it great! Who knows maybe ill be taller than you soon!" Kristy said elated but knowing that wouldn't happen since her mother was over a head taller than her.


"Well tomorrow we will get you some better fitting clothes. Who knows maybe know that your almost 5' tall we can stop shopping in the kids section." Her mother said knowing Kristy loved to get new clothes.  Kristy couldn't wait it.


The next morning Kristy woke up sore all over and worse again in her jaw, knees and stomach.  She walked into her bathroom and screamed when she saw herself in the mirror. The baggy pajamas she went to bed in now nearly fit her like normal clothes. Her mother came rushing in to check on her when she stopped dead in her tracks, speechless. 

Kristy was excited and terrified at the same time. She was so excited the most unexpected thing happened, to her and her mothers shock Kristy wet her pajamas like a baby.  Kristy stare wide eyed, she felt she needed to use the bathroom before then but she didn't feel wetting herself. Kristy suddenly fell her knees go out from under her. She sat on the floor in a puddle of her own pee. Kristy and her mother were worried they decided after cleaning her up she would go to the doctor. Kristy had to wear one of  the last pair of clothes that still fit anymore. Kristy checked herself  in the mirror before they left. She was wearing all her biggest clothes, clothes she had bought two years ago hoping to grow more. Her clothes were revealing even without them being skin tight from her increase in height. Kristy wore a black skirt that came almost to her knees with a stretchable waistband. As for her shirt it was a tight black Deep V neck too that showed a lot of cleavage, though the blouse wasnt supposed to show her midriff. When she bought it they were a size too large and the shirt came a few inches past her waist, now there was nearly an inch wide gap between her clothing just above her waist. 


Kristy and her mother walked into their Dr Kelly's office she was a kind soft spoken beautiful woman in her early thirties. Kristy had been her patient for many years already.

"Kristy oh my goodness you have grown so much since I last saw you! So what brings you here today?" 


"Well that's why we're here Kristy hit a growth spurt and she's being having issues. Before we left the house to come here Kristy wet her pants and collapsed when her knees buckled. We were hoping you could give her a physical and make sure she's ok."


"Of course." Dr Kelly said sitting Kristy on the examination table and began a full physical. First she measured her height. "Well you have most definitely gotten taller since 3 months ago, you're already 5'1" exactly, that means you grew a whole 3 inches. And you weigh 103 lbs" Dr Kelly said impressed as Kristy stepped off the scale with the measuring stick attached. The physical continued and after much prodding and poking Dr Kelly was finished. 

"Well as far as I can tell you are perfectly healthy save for a few issues. Your growing is unusually fast but not unheard of. As far as the pains they are mostly growing pains. Your knees, bladder and jaw are another thing though. These parts of your body have many very small muscles that aren't growing as fast as the rest of your body. Those weak muscles are why you lost bladder control and collapsed to your knees. Your body has the large muscles of someone your size but the small muscles haven't caught up yet." Dr Kelly stated.


"So what should we do?" Kristy's mom asked worried about her daughter. 


"Well there isn't much we can do. Let the growth spurt happen but your body is going through extreme changes so I have some instructions for you. Your bladder is having a hard time keeping your panties dry so I'm prescribing diapers until this growth spurt is over." Dr Kelly said plainly.


"Diapers!?" Kristy exclaimed, "but I'm not a baby!"


"I know sweetie but what would you rather do. Go to school in a diaper or go to school and have an accident without the diapers." Dr Kelly said bluntly. "Oh I forgot to write down your weight. Let's have you hop on the scale...wait a second." Dr Kelly said double checking her paper work it says you are 105 lbs but it seems you grew a half an inch since I last measured you. You're nearly 5'2" now." Dr Kelly said astonished. "I want to see you back next week so I can keep an eye on your progress. In the mean time when you check out the front desk will give you the supplies you need for Kristy."


Kristy and her mother silently checked out and received several boxes on their way out. Kristy knew they were filled with diapers and things her mother would need to change her diapers. She smirked at the irony of the bigger she was getting the less control she seemed to have. 


The following day Kristy went to school except this time things were a little different. Kristy over night had grown to be 5'3" the new height would have given her confidence if it weren't for the pull up she was wearing under her new clothes. By the end of the day she managed to hide training diaper and even change herself twice in the bathroom. Everyone commented on how much taller she had gotten. 


When Kristy arrived at her car after a day of feeling excited and elated at her new height but also fearful she may embarrass herself inadvertently under the new scrutiny. She unlocked her car and lifted her leg to get in. Then she came to the realization when she left this morning her pull up and clothes were much better fitting. Now her training diaper and clothes worked against her, restricting her movement into her vehicle until mid way through sitting in the driver seat when she heard the sound of tearing fabric as her diapered ass touched the seat. Kristy's bra had ripped and so had the top of her new shirt. The skirt she wore started at the top of her knees in the morning but now it rode nearly half way up her thigh. Frustrated Kristy started crying, she began to wonder if she would stop growing. Though more pressing matters took her attention when she noticed herself peeing into her already soaked pull up. She couldn't feel it or do anything to stop it. Kristy's bladder muscles were now entirely too small for her new growing body. Wiping away her tears she drove home to have her mom change her out of her soaked pull ups.


"Well what do we do mom I'm starting to worry I'm not going to stop growing." Kristy said contemplating what would happen to her.  Kristy stood in front of her mother naked and now clean her mother started sliding the pull up up her daughter's now much longer legs. Only to have them stop just below her shapely ass. 

"Great now pull ups won't fit anymore what's next!?" Kristy exclaimed loudly. 

"I'm guessing goodnights." Her mother said trying to diffuse her daughters growing anxiety. 

"This isn't funny mom!" Kristy shouted while her mom helped her pull on her teenager size overnight training diaper. With her training diaper on Kristy's mother stood up. Her daughter who not a few days ago only came to her shoulder was now almost eye to eye with her. Kristy was now 5'7" and didn't show any signs of slowing down.


Kristy's third day of school since she started growing rapidly. Every hour that passed in school Kristy could feel herself growing slowly. Each passing minute made her clothes tighter and tighter. When it came time for her to leave her last class she stood up, and infront of many of her classmates who were still there, hearing her shirt start to rip and the snap of bra strings snapping. Everyone who looked saw Kristys shirt buttons pop off one by one as her body expanded. In seconds Kristy's skirt became a mini skirt, her diaper protruded out of the back heavily until her hip expansion caused the seams of the training diaper to stretch beyond their capacity. Kristy grew she guessed almost four inches at once! She was now almost 6' tall. Kristy tried to move but what fabric was left holding her clothes gave way. Her shredding clothing fell to the ground leaving her naked except her trainer diaper which was now far too small for her near giantess frame. She caught her training diaper as the last strands holding it on her snapped. One arm covering her breasts the other desperately trying to keep herself from being fully exposed. Holding her diaper in hand she felt a warm feeling spreading over her hands. She looked down and saw her training diaper starting to yellow and eventually start overflowing into a puddle. Kristy wanted to run to her car so badly but she was rooted while she wetting herself. When it all came to a stop, her growth, her clothes tearing and training diaper filling far beyond it's small capacity did she muster the courage to leave. She walked quickly still holding the dripping wet diaper to her pussy. Just before she got to her car she was starting to enjoy the feeling of her warm wet diapers, but the thought quickly vanished when she got in her car. She never felt so cramped her car was tiny compared to what size she used to be. 


Kristy ran inside when she got home. She didn't say anything to her mother who could guess what happened. When Kristy got out of the shower her mother was waiting for her. Without saying a word to each other Kristy was diapered in thick adult baby overnight diapers and went to bed.


The next morning her mother came to see her and when she walked in the door her daughter stood there naked except for the soaked overnight diapers towering over her mother now standing over 6' tall easily. Kristy frustrated explained what happened yesterday and even though it was terrible Kristy's mother told her she had to go to school. Angry and scared Kristy got ready for school before walking out the door her mother changed her into a fresh large size adult diaper and sent her on her way with some extra clothes.


Days past with Kristy's height gradually increasing until it was time for her next doctor visit. Kristy was scared of what the doctor would say now since she was last measured at 7'3". Kristy tried to look on the bright side at least now she was the tallest girl in school and maybe the state. 


Kristy nearly hit her head on the door  on her way into the doctors office. Dr Kelly was shocked at Kristy's size.

"This is unprecedented, I've never seen anyone grow at the rate you have.Well let's get the physical started." Dr Kelly said putting Kristy on the scale. Kristy weighed 280 pounds and was measured at 7'5" but she retained her original proportions and womanly curves. Kristy towered over Dr Kelly. Kristy was asked to strip and sit on the examination table. She sat her giant diapered ass on the table with a squish. Kristy's extra large adult diaper was soaking wet and already a tight fit dry.


After a lengthy examination Kristy explained the events of the past week as well as how her growth would come in literal spurts on top of the constant rate at which she was growing.


"Well I can't find any reason for the growth we will just have to wait it out." Dr Kelly stared dryly. 


"Ok Dr Kelly thank...ughhh." Kristy stopped mid sentence and groaned before her doctors eyes she had an intense growth spurt. The sound of her groans were soon drowned out by the sound of Kristy's bladder emptying. Pee rushed out of her flooding an already wet diaper. Kristy moaned more as her body stretched and grew. Kristy was more numb this time, almost pleasurable. She was vaguely aware of her diapers tightening and the tapes popping as they released. Her diaper open, shrinking  under her pussy as the last bit of pee dribble out and spill off the table to a nearby expanding pool of urine. Kristy gasped and writhed on the table, she felt like she was about to orgasm. Her suspicions were confirmed when her accident slowed to a stop and she came on the exam table leaving it sticky with her juices. As the orgasm drew to a close so did the growth spurt. Kristy's body relaxed and she came to her senses. 


She was much bigger than she was before she walked in. Kristy was now so tall sitting on the normal size exam table made her feel like a giant child on a potty chair. Her knees were the same height as her shoulders sitting down now almost squatting on the table with a diaper that now wouldn't come close to fitting her giantess hips. 


After a second examination Dr Kelly was ready to speak. "It seems you grew over a foot in less than a minute. You now as of last check are 9'1" and over 400 pounds, the muscles you're having weakness with seem to not be adapting as well as they should.  As for the orgasm that's new but it may be a result of your hormones going crazy from the growth. For the time being I would like you to go to the hospital for observation. I'm also prescribing an all liquid diet to help with the stomach pain." She concluded looking up at Kristy. 


"What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to wear?" Kristy asked beginning to panic. Her mother tried to calm her taking her daughters giant hand which engulfed both of hers.


Kristy had to have a special tent set up to house her while they worked on her condition. The tent including doctors and nurses also had a team making giant size disposable diapers for her to wear.


By the time Kristy was shown to her temporary home she was almost the definition of giantess with her eye level well over 10' high. Kristy was beginning to think everyone looked like children coming up to her belly button and she was the only adult in the world. How ironic it was the total opposite. Once her first giant size disposable diaper was ready four nurses each powdered and wiped then diapered her giant ass. The diaper was so big it nearly fell off her when she stood up, but she knew it wouldn't stay that way for long. 


Kristy exhausted from hours of tests and questions with a few intense growth spurts she fell asleep with no answers. The next day didn't bring the answers she wanted. The diaper that she wore yesterday was still around her hips. Now instead of almost falling off it was a perfect fit and dripping wet. 

Kristy stretched and slowly stood up. She looked at height markers put on the tent to measure her. She arrived here almost 24 hours ago and was just breaking 10', now she was literally watching herself grow past the 15' mark and still slowly keep climbing. Frustrated she started to take a step back toward her bed but her legs gave out under her giantess frame. With a loud boom she felt to the ground and was on all fours. She gasped and was beginning to feel the start of another growth spurt, quickly she called for a nurse.


Kristy laid there sitting back on her squishy diapered ass. Whenever her weight shifted she heard a squish sound and a small pond of pee would form under her. Finally the team of nurses came into the tent. Kristy saw they all came only to just below her breasts when she was sitting cross legged. The team of five nurses worked slowly changing the giant woman's diaper. Kristy was starting to be powdered with her new enormous diaper when the spurt began. It started with intense pain then pleasure and the feeling of stretching. Kristy gasped as her limbs stretched and popped while waves of pleasure rushed over her and a torrent of pee rushed out of her. The ever shrinking nurses to Kristy's perspective tumbled out of the way while Kristy writhed in pleasure. The diaper absorbed some of the deluge of her accident but most formed a constantly growing pool of her pee that was literally flooding the entire floor. Kristy came but the spurt didn't stop Kristy's giant pussy squirted twice before she finally caught her breath and got her bearings.


This was by far the largest spurt the nurses went from looking like children sized adults to a small toddler. Kristy stood up and the tallest nurse almost came up to her knee. Kristy gasped when she turned to the measuring stick and saw her head well past the 25' mark. She would have to go naked now, no clothes could be made fast enough to fit her. 


To be continued...?


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