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Sasha the baby Pokemon trainer part 9

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Sasha continued her journey for four days. Taking her time and battling everyone she could until she began to run low on supplies. She was quite proud of herself winning five of the 7 matches she fought as well as not messing her diaper once.  Though she again overestimated her speed and anxiety washed over her when she saw a sign that showed she was still a day and a half out of Celadon. Sasha sighed and put down her bag checking what she had left. She had one more diaper change and bottle left. Things didnt look good for her and she doubted any trainers has a spare diaper let alone one that would fit her. She resolved to try to get there with what she had left. Slinging her bag back over her shoulder she adjusted her damp diapers and kept walking.

The next morning she awoke wearing her last diaper. She got up and it hung heavily from her hips it was already soaked and she still had a whole day of walking ahead of her. She started walking want to get into fresh diapers as soon as possible.

Within a few hours it was midday and Sasha's diaper was already dripping. Less than an hour later, Sasha's diaper was beyond capacity, her diaper fell off her hips and there was no point it putting it back on. Sasha was forced to continue with no diapers or panties 


Letha walked the trail to celadon city it had been a few days since she left vermillion city and her travel had been uneventful until she stopped mid stride hearing someone crying softly. Sitting on the side of the road was a familiar looking girl crying. 

"Sasha what happened sweet heart?" Letha asked seeing the mess on the majority of her skirt. Letha could tell she hadn't been wearing any diapers for at least a day and that she had messed her skirt at least once as well as many accidents. She consoled Sasha until she was calm enough to explain. Sasha told her how she ran out of diapers and still had hours to go. Without saying anything Letha laid Sasha back on the ground and removed her skirt. Letha wiped Sasha clean with her baby wipes and took out a diaper like Sasha had ever seen. The diaper was thick and disposable with a lightning bolt emblazoned on the front the tapes. Powdered and freshly diapered. Sasha tried to stand but the unusual bulk caused her to fall back down. 

"Hah! Like em?" Letha queried. "I had a few dozen of them special made as a surprise. I suppose now is a good a time as any," 

"Ms Letha I don't know what to say I hate to use them they are so pretty." Sasha said too grateful for words tears of joy streamed down her face Sasha leaned over and hugged Letha tight. " I couldn't ask for a better friend."

" You're welcome sweetie. Now lets get to Celadon before night." Letha said walking holding Sasha's hand who was only wearing a top and diaper sucking her pacifier at a fast crinkling waddle. "Oh do you want to trade your clefairy for my Raichu?" Letha asked seeing Sasha's face light up.


After a few more diapers a Pokemon trade and nearly a day of walking they reached Celadon city. 

"We're here!" Sasha exclaimed as they walked through Celadon city's gate. " I'm gonna challenge the gym leader right now!" Sasha said aloud only to be stopped mid rant by Letha sliding the hand down the front of her diaper.

"Not in a soaking diaper you won't."  Letha commented tugging her toward the Pokemon center by the front of her diaper.

"Comon Ms Letha! I want to challenge Erika now!" Sasha whined like a toddler.


Sasha whined while Letha cleaned her diaper area with baby wipes and powdered her. "Remember Erika always battles one on one and she uses grass type Pokemon. So stick with Charizard and it should be easy." Letha said taping on one of Sasha's new custom diapers. Sasha hopped down from the changing table,  her legs wobbled from being spread so far apart by the thick diapers.

"Ok I have a question though, why did you make these diapers so much thicker than my others Ms Letha? Sasha asked bending over rubbing the soft diaper material between her thighs and covering her ass.

"Because you are such a heavy wetter and if I'm going to be taking care of you I'm going to diaper you thick so I don't have to change you as often." Letha said nonchalantly.

Sasha winced when Letha said she was taking care of her. Sasha wanted desperately to be a big girl, to be out of her diapers and be strong. She wanted to be like Letha. Sasha walking out of the Pokemon center stopped catching a vision of herself in the mirror. She looked at the image of herself in the mirror and saw two versions of herself. To her left a strong diaper less confident potty trained Sasha, what she wanted most. To her right was an image of a topless diapered version of herself holding a pokeball rattle and a bottle. She stared a few moments and began to inspect the image of her infantile self, the diapered reflections diaper began to expand and yellow she was having an accident. What Sasha didn't realize was that wasn't just her reflection who was wetting her diapers. This brought Sasha back to reality she looked into the mirror again this time seeing things as they truly were. Staring back at her was a strong albeit infantile looking Sasha sucking her pacifier and tugging her skirt down to cover her extra thick now somewhat wet diaper. Before she walked away she noted to herself that before her old diapers used to poke out the back of her skirt, her new diapers hung out the back of her skirt plain as day. Even nearly dry the thickness creeped out between her thighs. 

Sasha and Letha approached the gym. 

"This is where we part ways kid." Letha said hiding her sadness.

"Ok Ms Letha. Thanks for everything." Sasha said tearing up a bit.

"Of course anytime you need me just give me a call. Ill see you around try and stay dry." Letha said embracing Sasha and giving her a new diaper bag then walked away. Sasha steeled herself and walked inside.


"And who might you be?" Erika asked curiously examining Sasha's attire.

"I'm Sasha and I want to challenge you for a rainbow badge!" Sasha exclaimed taking out Charizards pokeball. 

"Very well, a one on one battle it is." Erika replied throwing out a pokeball releasing vileplume. 

"Charizard use ember!" Sasha commanded. 

"Vile plume poison powder now!" Erika shouted. 

Both Pokemon reeled from the affect of the others attack but Charizard was quicker to recover. 

"Charizard use..." Sasha froze feeling the need to use the potty.

Erika taking advantage of her hesitation commanded vileplume to recover and counter. Just after vileplume countered Sasha couldn't hold it any longer and filled up the back of diapers with a hot mess. Sasha upset with herself bounced back and ordered Charizard to flame thrower. Charizard complied and scorched vileplume defeating Erika. 

Sasha had won but couldn't celebrate her messy diaper rooted her to the ground and she began crying. Erika came over to her quickly and hushed her crying. Erika calmed Sasha and lead her gently by the hand to the nursery for baby plants. Trekking through to the back Erika lead Sasha into a human nursery and laid her down to change her diapers. 

"I'm a mother you know so this isn't to uncommon for me. Though usually my baby's are smaller. Erika said smiling and pointing out this nursery wasnt designed for adult baby's but it would do for a diaper change. 

Freshly diapered with her custom disposables. Erika pinned the rainbow badge to the front of her diaper and helped her to her wobbly feet. 

"Sasha, it was a pleasure to battle you where will you be heading next?

"To try and get my psychic badge I suppose." Sasha said thinking about which way to go next.

"Oh yes Sabrina. She is a powerful psychic be careful." Erika said leaning in she kissed Sasha gently on the lips.

To be continued…


Sasha the baby Pokemon trainer part 10

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Sasha walked casually in the sunlight as she strode up to the Fuscia city gym. It was a long walk her legs were sore and her diaper was sagging but she made it. Not wanting to waste any time she walked straight into the gym. She was very excited to try her newly captured Hitmonlee against Sabrina that she caught shortly after leaving Celadon city.

The inside of the gym was dark and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust. She walked a few steps forward and saw a few things. Aside from the battle ground there were several chairs and tables. She kept walking and approached the furniture but before she could get to close the lights went out. Sasha screamed and had an accident. Her custom diaper at max capacity and warm pee starts to run down her long legs. Sasha started crying and slid down to her knees into the puddle her diaper leaked with a loud squish. For a few seconds the only sounds in the darkness were Sasha's diaper still filling and dripping with Sasha's accident and the suckling sound of her pacifier. 

To Sasha's relief the lights flipped back on and to Sasha's astonishment a giant sized nursery lay before her. She was sure only a few seconds had passed in the darkness but the room had completely changed. Sasha composed herself and stood up her skirt was dripping wet and her diaper was hanging so heavily it was about to fall off. Her diapered ass hung more than half way out the back of her skirt. Sasha still felt warm liquid on running down her legs but this time she was dripping wet from her diaper down. 

"Well well looks like we have a big baby girl in the gym, are you lost little one? Can't find your mommy?" A voiced pierced the silence. 

Sasha turned to see a woman who hadn't been there before. She was struck by the beautiful woman in front of her. Sasha eyed her up and down; she had jet black hair to her delicate shoulders, a short black dress that hugged her curvy form showing off every perfect inch, her large breasts showed a lot of cleavage with her outfit but what drew Sasha's attention was her flawless ass. "No I'm a big girl I can take care of myself .and I want to challenge you to a gym battle." Sasha responded in a small voice as Sabrina approached her. 

"You can't fool me I know everything about you Sasha. I can read your simple infantile mind like a book. All baby wants is a fresh diaper and to suckle  Mommy's breast isn't that right?" Sabrina said knowing the answer already.

Sasha blushed not admitting that both of those sounded wonderful. "I still want to battle you." Sasha returned meekly looking down at Sabrina's black heels. Sasha looked up at Sabrina's body and blushed again looking back down. 

"Oh so your attracted to me too huh? There's no use hiding it I don't have to be a mind reader to know that. I'd have to say Id be lying that in a dripping wet diaper or not I wouldn't hesitate to ravish you." Sabrina said literally undressing Sasha with her eyes. Sabrina's psychic pull left Sasha naked minus her diaper that still barely clung on. Sasha blushed burning hot red from being undressed. "Tell you what I accept your match on one condition, you will get a badge whether you win or lose against me. Though if you lose the repercussions could be let's say fun for you for a few days." Sabrina smiled wickedly already fantasizing about what she would do to the babyish young woman. 

"Fine! Lets go one on one." Sasha said after hesitating slightly her nipples hard as diamond in the cold room battling the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.


The battle was over as quickly as it began Sasha was too inexperienced to know a fighter type like her Hitmonlee would lose against a Kadabra. Sasha couldn't believe she was defeated she looked over at Sabrina as she slowly approached her. Sasha wasnt sure what the penalty was for losing. She anxiously waited as Sabrina drew close to her. As Sabrina approached Sasha her last few steps seemed to go slower. Sasha felt strange and in the span of a few steps Sabrina's psychic powers took hold and began to alter reality. Sasha couldn't tell if she was getting smaller or if everything else was getting bigger but when Sabrina was within arms reach she towered over Sasha when Sasha dwarfed Sabrina when the first met moments ago. That wasnt the end either the gap kept widening as Sabrina soon was a giant compared to Sasha who barely was a few inches higher than Sabrina's belly button. Sabrina now twice Sasha's size bent over dangling her giant breasts relative to Sasha's. Sasha couldn't stop staring at Sabrina's nipples. Knowing Sasha was enthralled she willed her breasts  to nearly double in size right in front of Sasha's face. Sasha's couldn't believe her eyes. Speechless Sabrina put Sasha's pacifier in her mouth and carried her tiny form to the changing table. 

"For the next week you will treat me as you would treat your mother at home." Sabrina's voice boomed from her large stature. Sasha nodded and was sure now it was a combination of Sabrina growing and herself shrinking. Sabrina must be almost 10 feet tall thought Sasha and then deduced that she was barely 4 ft tall. She knew there would be no escaping her giant babysitter and resigned to be babied for a week. 


By the end of the week Sasha was free from Sabrina's giant care. Sasha plodded along the trail to find Koga and the poison Pokemon gym. Sabrina had really set her back in her potty training. She was back to square one and didn't even feel when her bladder was getting full. Sabrina's powers had reduced Sasha's size by over a foot and Sabrina told her that she would soon grow back to normal size. It had been two days and Sasha was already half way to the poison gym and she still was nearly back to normal size. Sabrina had to give her special set of clothes to wear until she grew back into her body. Her diapers were baby diapers since she was so small until she got back to normal she couldn't wear her custom diapers. Her shrunken frame made them fall right off her hips. Sasha walked along the trail until a rustle in the bushes caught her eyes. Sasha grabbed Raichu's pokeball and stood ready. Suddenly a shadow burst out from the bushes and stood staring at her. The Pokemon that was about to attack her was a Kadabra just like the one she fought against Sabrina. Sasha released Raichu to attack Kadabra. After a single thunderbolt the Kadabra was stunned enough to be caught. Sasha threw her pokeball and after a few seconds of shaking the Pokemon settled and locked. Sasha couldn't believe her luck she caught a powerful psychic type! 

"Whatcha got there sis?" A familiar voice asked from behind her. 

Sasha turned to see the Misty's smiling face. 

"Sis I caught a Kadabra and got a psychic badge and..." 

"Hold on slow down little sis." Misty interrupted emphasizing the little. "Last time we hung out I know you were taller why are you so little?" Misty asked alarmed.

"Oh right well..." Before Sasha could finish a rush of blackness filled her head and pain all over. Sasha felt everything in her body start to stretch and grow larger. Sasha teared up and as a side affect from the growth her bladder completely emptied into her baby diaper. Though before she could even finish her accident her clothes started to rip and pop as she grew almost to her original height in only 15 seconds. As her growth slowed to a stop Sasha's clothing and diaper couldn't handle her increase in size and all her clothes fell of in tatters as well as her diaper getting ripped off her hips. Sasha recomposed herself and faced Misty. "It's a long story but first before I have an accident can you put me back in my custom diapers I think I can fit in them now." Sasha said blushing.


After the set up camp Sasha informed Misty of everything that happened up until now and Misty informed Sasha that they were in fact twin sisters. Both of the girls had a lot to take in so after another change into night diapers they went to sleep.

To be continued...



Sasha the baby Pokemon trainer part 11


I do not own or claim any use for profit for this story if you would like more parts please send an email to


After many days of catching up with her twin Sasha and Misty arrived at Koga's gym. Just in time as luck would have it since Sasha was using her custom diapers on her twin as well they were close to running out. 

"Well this is it my 6th badge waits for me." Sasha said smiling but very nervous. 

"You can do it sis, I know it!" Misty said cheering on her little sister. "Remember he uses poison so Charizard is a good idea but be careful and good luck. I'll be waiting right here to congratulate you." 

"Alright thanks sis." Sasha said gulping as she entered the dojo like gym.


"You wish to challenge me little girl? Your still in diapers how old are you even? 12?" Koga said poking fun at the infantile woman.

Sasha's face was an inferno of red embarrassment, "No sir I'm 18 and a half!" Sasha returned angrily not realizing how juvenile it made her sound to say she was any age with a half on it.

"Very well then little one. This will be a single Pokemon match are you ready or would you like a diaper change first?" Koga asked sarcastically.

Sasha thought a diaper change sounded nice looking down she lifted the front of her skirt and her wetness indicator was long faded. She was about to retrieve another diaper when she realized Koga's wasn't really offering to change her.


Dropping her skirt Sasha took out Charizard's ball and released him. 


"Hmm a Charizard unexpected from one so juvenile but no matter." Koga's from seeming nowhere pulled out a concealed ball and released Muk. 


Without hesitation Sasha began commanding Charizard. "Stay off the ground and use flamethrower!" Charizard obeyed and was out of Muk's range. 


"Muk, tackle and then use poison gas." Koga ordered calmly. Muk flew into the air jumping to tackle Charizard. Muk's large body enveloped Charizard. Muk began to use poison gas but Sasha was quick to react.


"Charizard fire spin!" Sasha shouted. Charizard instantly obeyed and attacked. Muk literally covering Charizard had no escape and the fire attack incapacitated Muk. Sasha began jumping up and down excitedly over her victory. On the third jump she stopped when she realized her heavy diapers had fallen off her hips. Sasha blushed just as brightly as before. Both were embarrassed; koga because of his defeat by an infantile young women in wet diapers and Sasha because of her diaper literally falling off in front of him. Without a word they parted ways and Sasha rushed out to see her twin sister. 


"Woah slow down are you excited or something?" Misty asked pointing out Sasha left a train of dribbling pee rushing out. Sasha was embarrassed again and told her she would tell her what happened while they changed each other.


"Well that's a little embarrassing. So where to next have you considered going to the safari zone before you head to cinnabar island to fight Blaine?" Misty asked securing the tapes on Sasha's new diapers. The newly built camp fire crackling.


"Maybe I'm not sure though I haven't given it much thought." Sasha returned laying down in her sleeping bag. 


"Well sleep on it tonight and we will decide in the morning good night sis." Misty said yawning. 


"Night sis." Sasha returned. 


To be continued...( choose where Sasha goes next the safari zone or directly to Blaine! Send an email with your choice to I will decide where she goes after tallying the votes one day after the story is posted)


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