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Is Ana 22 going on 2?


 Part 6: Diapers are a privilege  


This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to [email protected]


Ana obediently followed Nicole's instructions after the movie was over. Nicole lead her by the hand to the restroom and instead of taking her to a stall she stopped in the front of the bathroom. Ana knew she was going to have her diaper changed on the changing table in view of everyone but she wouldn't dare say anything Nicole had trained her better. "What did we learn from this experience?" Nicole asked Ana while getting ready

"Diapers are a privilege not a right if I'm a bad girl then I have to go without and embarrass myself." Ana said having learned the hard way.

"Good your such a smart baby your going to be so smart if you grow up!" Nicole said playing changing words to emphasize.

 While Nicole prepared the changing supplies Ana stood there next to her waiting like a patient child. Ana was over five feet tall but right now she felt like she was knee high. Examining herself in the mirror she found it hard to believe she used to wear big girl panties and not wet herself. Those days seemed so far away now in her dripping disposables. Ana knew not to say anything Nicole would take care of her. She suckled her pacifier and giggled happily like an infant when Nicole lifted her to the changing table. Nicole deftly removed and threw away Ana's dripping wet diaper and starting cleaning her pussy after she placed two overnight diapers under her ass. Nicole removed the vibrator from Ana's pussy and put it in her diaper bag. 


Before Nicole could finish the diaper change a few of the many women passing by stopped and recognized Ana. It was some of Ana's school friends, she couldn't believe her bad luck. All she could do was blush and suckle her pacifier fervently from insecurity. 


Nikki, who Nicole and Ana ran into earlier, was with Abby and Kate. All three of them tried to make sense of what they saw. Their friend Ana was; Laying on a changing table mid diaper change, wearing an open onesie and nothing else but her pacifier and open diapers. Ana wished she were anywhere else but here. 

Nicole didn't even blink, while still changing Ana's diapers she addressed the girls. "Oh you girls must be friends of baby Ana's that's so cute. Well Ana's 2nd birthday is coming up in two days and we would just love to have you girls come. Of course you can tell your parents ill be chaperoning and not to worry about a thing." Nicole said politely. 

"Nice diaper Ana why are you acting like such a baby!" Kate said cruelly taunting Ana. It was clear Kate was the leader of the group.

"Yah what are you a infant or what?" Abby chided.

"Look she already peed herself like a baby!" Nikki exclaimed pointing to the growing wet spot on Ana's new diapers. 

Ana blushed but that only made it worse flooding her diapers. 

"Now see here little ones I won't have you talk to Ana that way." Nicole helped a crying Ana off the table and into the stroller. With Ana settled Nicole walked over to Kate and in front of the other girls grabbed her by the ear and yanked her over to the changing table. Nicole easily over powered Kate and ripped her skirt while removing her as well as her panties. Kate was left with a half shirt and her bra. "Lets see how you like being Ana's little sister, I think Ill call you little Kate." Nicole said as she shoved a pacifier in Kate's mouth. "That pacifier is coated with a chemical that will make you lose bladder control permanently." Nicole said smiling wickedly. Kate spit out the pacifier but it didn't have time to hit the ground before Kate's bladder started to empty. When the stream of pee escaping rapidly from Kate's pussy ebbed to a stop Nicole didn't have to hold her down anymore. "Aww what's the matter having second thoughts about wearing diapers?" Nicole asked taunting Ana's bully. "Well if you girls don't want the same to happen to you I suggest you stop by for Ana's party tomorrow. 

Both girls could barely manage to say yes ma'am before they ran off to get Ana a birthday present. Kate stayed there laying in Nicole's arms she was broken and humbled. 


Nicole took her changing supplies back out and cleaned up little Kate's mess but left her naked from the waist down.  

"Didn't you say I needed a diaper Nicole?" Kate asked quietly.

"You'll get a diaper when you've earned it, since you made fun of Ana I think she's gonna decide when you have the privilege of being in diapers." 

"What do I do in the mean time?" Kate asked worried. 

"Be really nice to your big sister and maybe you can earn your diapers." Ana said tauntingly suckling her pacifier.

Kate stood up and her freshly baby wiped pussy and legs soon became dirty again as the pressure of standing up emptied the last bit of her bladder on her legs. 

To be continued....



After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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