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Surprise visit


It was a friday night and i had just finished my exams. My girlfriend, Mckenzie, was going into the city for the weekend for some party and my roommate was going back home. Finally i was alone at last so i decided to indulge my fantasy. I went out and bought a pack of diapers, some baby bottles and some pacifiers then i went back to my dorm for some fun.


I put all the supplies in my backpack and made my way to my dorm. I diapered myself and then lay down to watch some tv and put a pacifier in. Soon enough i fell asleep.


I woke up feeling my diaper and noticed it was wet. As i got up to change it i heard, "surprise baby," i was so scared i peed my diaper again. "Awww is baby using his diaper for his mommy," i turned to see Mckenzie who apparently had decided to surprise me and gotten a surprise herself.


I started to cry as she came over to me. "It's okay baby i still love you. But we need to get your diaper changed," i sniffled as she led me over to my bed to change me.


Before she took off my diaper she snapped a few pictures of me and told me that if i tried anything these would go out to the whole school. Even though she was 6 feet tall and i was 5'7 and i was about 60 pounds lighter than her so she could easily dominate me.


Soon i was lying in her lap sucking on a bottle while she massaged me through the diaper but as i was about to cum she stopped. She then told me that only big boys could cum and that i was certainly not a big boy. "In fact," she said "i'm not sure you're a boy at all after looking through your history, i bet you'd like for me to put you in one of my dresses," she could feel my dick through my diaper and said she knew she was right.


The next thing i knew she had left and come back with a frilly pink dress she'd obviously just purchased and some frilly panties to go over my diaper. She dressed me up in one of her bras then the dress and then the panties. Then she snapped another picture to blackmail me with and i teared up again.


Saturday night rolled around and i was running low on diapers so Mckenzie told me we were going to get more. I went to change but she told me i would be leaving wearing my current outfit. As i began to protest she forced me outside and began to chuckle at what a weak baby i was. I began to cry again so she put the pacifier back into my mouth and led me to her car.


We passed several people on the way who giggled and pointed at me but nothing really bad happened.


Once we got to the store the bad things started happening. I suddenly had to poop. "Mommy," i said, "i need to poop"


"Well you shouldn't leak with the panties on go ahead," she said as i started to squirm. "Ohhh," she exclaimed, "you wanted to use the toilet, how amusing." She then squeezed my balls which surprised me and pained me causing me to fill my diaper with poop. I started to sob loudly through my pacifier as the store assistant came over.


"How may i help you today?" She asked my new Mommy


"Oh well my baby girl is running low on diapers and we could always use more dresses and panties," Mckenzie said, "oh and butt plugs or anything of that sort to help him-i mean her humiliation."


Soon i was being led to the bathroom with a new pack of diapers and a butt plug. The next thing i knew i was plugged and diapered. Then i was led back to my dorm.


Once we were back on campus she paraded me around the food court and some other areas. I was humiliated as they all saw my wet diaper. She then led me to her suite assuring me that her 3 roommates were all gone.


I went somewhat reluctantly back to her suite and somewhat forced but once we got there her 3 roommates pounced and i could tell the rest of my college life was going to be very very long...

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