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I currently 45 male


It all began at when I was about 3 years old still in cloth diapers and plastic- rubber pants.  I was often changed by my older sister or my twin.  We often took turns changing each other.  As we grow older and became potty trained the need for wearing the diapers was only at night, for about a year I was night time bed wetter.  By the age of 5 I now longer needed to wear diapers, my parents had another child, a little sister.  As I watched her getting babied, diaper changed I often wished it was me!  By the age of six I was taking her cloth diapers and plastic pants and wearing them at night with out any one knowing, this went for about a year and half.  Once she became potty trained the need for diapers and plastics in the house was no longer needed. 


At the age of 14 the desire to be babied or diapered was coming back, I often would find my self looking thru JC penny and Sears catalogs looking at the baby items, wanting them.  At this time I had started a paper route, I was earning my own money.  One day after I had saved enough money I went to the local Ben Franklin store and bought my first pair of Plastic Pants, Super X large, diaper pins and baby powder.  The lady at the counter was one of my customers on the paper route, she said hello and did not mention the items I purchased, I was so nervous.  I ran home as fast as I could to hide them until later that night.  During the night I had gotten up and undressed and placed a terry cloth towel on the bed, I laid on it, powdered my self and pinned the diaper on tight.  I then reached for the plastic pants and slowly pulled them on up to my knees, at that point I then lifted my self up to pull the plastic pants on the remaining way, all the while the sound of the plastic rubbing against my skin was heavenly, I got up and stood in front of mirror ad mirroring how much I looked like a big baby.  This continued for 3 years on an off.  The most exciting or nervous times came when I was purchasing my plastic pants, the lady who was a friend of my older sister asked some what jokingly if the plastic pants were mine! She said I am sure they will fit you perfectly, she laughed, I quickly said no they were for my little cousin.  She said that they would look cute on me, too bad weren’t yours they look so cute, this got me going.


During High school the desire became stronger; I had gotten a better job and car.  I continued to purchase the plastic pants when the current pair would wear out.  I got smarter when buying my baby products.  I would go to the near by towns where no one knew me.  I would hide the items in my car.  I would often wear the plastic pants with a cloth diaper under my coveralls no one knew not even my brothers or sisters nor my parents knew,  I would watch tv with everyone enjoying the fact that no knew I was diapered. One day I was up stairs in my bed room putting together a school project and my girl friend came into my room, I was wearing a pair of shorts over my diapers, but I know she could tell some thing wasn’t right.  I would not stand up, if I did she would clear see the bugle in my shorts, and I knew the plastic pants wear showing in the back.  I did not dare move to often, because you could hear the plastic pants. it wasn’t until she left I realized I had a hole in my crotch see could see the plastic pants!  She never mentioned it.   One time during High school I was running late, that night I worn my diapers to bed, because I was running late I hide the plastic pants in the bottom of my dresser.  When I returned home from school my mom asked me to go to the basement and get some items out of the freezer.  As I passed by the washing machine I found my plastic pants hanging on the line above the washer.  My heart stopped, I panicked, I grabbed them and hide them for later that day.  When I return upstairs my Mom asked I had gotten what she needed, she never mentioned the plastic pants.


At 18 when I went off to college the desire was even stronger, knowing I would be all on my own at school was great.  I continued to hide my desires of being diapered, I would wear them as often as I could either in my room or when I traveled back home.  During college I was the only child at home and had the upstairs all to my self, my parents often would travel to their cabin in the woods, so I was home alone.  I would get undressed and get diapered, and walk around the house with just my diapers on.  I had found the old high chair, I modified it so I could sit in it and eat my baby food and drink from my bottle.  I would due this just about every week my parents were gone.  If they were there or not I would wear the diapers to bed. it was a rush.  On a few occasions I would go to the cabin alone, and again I would be diapered heavily, I would walk around the cabin and a few times out in the woods with just a short t shirt and my diapers on, clearly you could tell I was diapered. I think a few times I was spotted. 


During College I found some one, I never told her about my diaper desires; we dated for about a year before we decided to get married.  She was or is 4 years older than I am, not that mattered.  She wants to have children early, so we did.  Once the diapers were introduced back in the house for a reason, I began to want them even more.  I found my self buying diapers and plastic pants again, but at this point I had found a medical supply company that sold youth size disposable – made by pampers, they smelled the same as baby pampers.  I had them hidden in the basement so I thought, my wife found them and asked whos were they I told her they were mine she did not believe me.  I took one of the youth size pampers out and showed her that they fit me, she refused to believe me.  I took the package and burned them in the burning barrel.  She never mentioned them again.  At this time I work second shift, I would on my lunch breaks go to the local Target store and buy Gerber plastic pants, with a little stretching I could get them to fit without tearing, I would wear them on my ride home.


Because of my job we moved out town, with the new baby my wife would often visit her family during the week, so of course with the free time I would wear the plastic pants and diapers while I was home.  At this time I began wearing my diapers out side in public under my jeans, no one ever noticed.  As time passed I needed a larger pair of plastic pants, so I began looking in the phone book for medical supply, my efforts paid off, because we lived so close to Hospital I found a store that carried incontinent products for adults, size pampers but adults size plastic pants and cloth diapers.  I was so excited, at one point the lady behind the counter during one of my visits asked if I need any help trying the items on, and she would show me or assist me in putting them on.  As bad as I wanted too I declined.  I was so excited with the possibility of being diapered by some one just about killed me.  This went for a period of about 3 years.


During one of my routine trips I found a medical supply company that was in a very small town, they sold all kinds of adult disposable diapers, I was in the lobby and one of the ladies had asked me for help.  I told that I was looking for plastic pant and insert to wear instead of the noisy disposables.  She took me to the back of the store and showed me so plastic pants and cloth diapers.  I told I was new to all of this, she said not worry, she handed me a small pair and medium pair of plastic pants and the small with the cloth diapers.  She instructed me to go and try the items and come out and show her how they fit.  The dressing room and inner dressing room so I wasn’t to worried.  I went in tried the small cloth diaper on with the small plastic pants step and show the lady there I was with a dress shirt on with a cloth diaper and plastic pant, she asked me to turn around and bend over she want to see if the plastic pants were going to ride up over the cloth diaper.  She then asked me to turn toward her again, she place a figure on my thigh and stuck it under the leg opening in the plastic pants to see if they were to tight.  They were, she then asked me to step out of the plastic pants, which she pull down to my ankles and I stepped out of them.  she then grabbed the medium plastic pants and instructed me to step into, she then pulled the plastic pants all the way up to my waist, she then again asked me to turn around and bend off to see if the medium plastic would ride up and over the cloth diaper, they didn’t.  She asked how the cloth diapers felt I said they were a little tight, she said to stay there, she stepped out and was gone for a few minutes I could her here talking to someone about a different type of cloth diaper they had,  a few minutes later she knocked on the door and came in with a medium size cloth diaper with Velcro closures.  She asked me to try them on, so I went in and came back out with just the cloth diaper on, she asked how that felt I said better, she then came over and adjusted the diaper a little tight on the hips, she see the difference this will help with the diaper not sagging or moving around she then grabbed the medium plastic pants and then asked me step into the legs she then pulled them up to my waist and then patted my butt and said these look and fit better.  She handed me my pants and said where them out.  When I went to pay for the items at front desk she handed me an extra cloth diaper and said it was free.  She had asked how the cloth diaper and plastic pants felt I said great, she smiled and said to come back any time.


Over the course of the next couple of years I continued to wear diapers on business trips or when my wife and child were out of town.  It was not until my son went off to college my wife begun to want to have another child, I thought keep her company or the motherly nurturing concept.  Over the course of time while having sex with my wife I would suck on her breast, which got her going, and all the time I would be thinking she was breastfeeding me.  She would hold my head to her breasts and have me switch from one to the other.  This just promoted my desires of being babied – wearing diapers all the more.  On occasion I would wet the bed to see if she would suggest me wearing some sort of protective garment. She would just say that I was getting older needed to be more careful when I drank close to bed time. 




This continued for a couple of months, since I traveled often I told her that wetting problems began to get worst, and that it was embarrassing at the motels, So I purchased so adult size attends and worn them while I was away from home.  All the while I was or had purchased Adult size plastic pants and cloth diapers, adult pacifier ,baby bottles, baby powder and night shirts that would show my diapered butt.  I was an adult baby while traveling, I wore the diapers all the time, during work I would wear the plastic pants with a daytime cloth diaper and night I would wear a night time cloth diaper with plastic pants medium size. I even wear them while flying on a plane, the cloth diapers I use while flying have Velcro on them.


While lying in bed at night I would suck on my baby bottle thinking of being breast feed by my wife.  At one point I bought an adult high chair and left in the plant in a hidden area, I would take it to the motel and put it up and I would video tape me wearing my diapers and eating in my high chair.  On occasion I would request the motel to bring the baby bed to my room, they never asked why.  Again I would video tape me in it and sleeping in it.  During my extended stays from home I would go out in public to the mall or departments like wal mart and walk around with my diaper exposed just above my pants, I knew people saw my plastic pants.  At one time I was reaching for an item on the upper shelf and older women stopped me and told me that my plastic pants were showing. I told thank you. 


While traveling to work outside of town for a week, I had decided to get message, I was not sure if I should wear my cloth diaper and plastic pants or should I not wear any thing at all.  I decided I would wear the diaper and plastic pants. I wasn’t sure if I should mention it to the lady or not.  She took me to the room and stated get comfortable, get on the table, face down.  I proceed to get undressed still wondering what to do, I kept the diapers on.  She walked in on me as I was just covering up, She noticed the plastic pants and cloth diaper, she asked what had happened and if there were areas she needed to careful of during the message.  I told her I had an operation that caused me to temporally be in content.  As she proceeds to message my back she asked if she could tuck the sheet under my plastic pants waist band I said no problem.  She asked where I purchased items that large, I told from a medical supply shop.  The message was for an hour long session, I must have fallen a sleep.  I was awaken by her asking me if I needed any help changing!  I was not sure what she meant by that until I realized I had wet my diaper.  I told I had brought an additional cloth diaper in my bag.  She waited until she completed the message on my arms and legs.  Once she was done she removed the sheet, exposing me totally.  I was laying there in just my wet cloth diaper and blue plastic pants.  She went to my bag and got the dry diaper, baby powder and oil.  She pulled the plastic pants off to my ankles, she then unfastened the Velcro on my cloth diapers, commenting that she wished she had these for kids when they were in diapers.  She pulled the wet diaper out from underneath me. Rolled it up and placed it in a bag.  She then lifts my bottom up far enough to side the clean diaper under me.  Smiling, she powdered me and oiled me.  She then pulled the cloth diaper up between my legs tight. She laughed a little because baby powder poofed in the air, she said she hadn’t done this in some time.   She again commented on the Velcro closure, and pulled each side tight.  She asked if I had a pair of dry plastic pants. I told her I didn’t with me.  She took them off the remaining way and proceeds to dry them with a towel.  While laying there in just the cloth diaper, I could not have imagined this would ever happen to me. She shook the plastic pants out, snapping them.  She place both feet thru the plastic pants and pulled them up to crotch; she asked to lift my self with my feet so she could pull them the remaining way up.  What a rush.  All I could think of was I was just diapered by someone I didn’t know.  She help me set up and then off the table.  I was standing in front of her just in my cloth diaper and plastic pants. She asked if I had any special clothing to wear or just my street cloths, I pointed to the onesie that was under my cloths, she asked if I need help, before I could answer she had retrieved it and began to ask me to raise my hands up so she could pull it down over my head and help put my arms in the sleeves just as if I was a little baby.  I smiled and she instructed me to get back up on the table and to lay down on my back, I did.  She pulled the back of the onesie up under my now diapered body and snapped the four snaps in my crotch area closed. She helped me up and then off the table.  She stated how nicely the onesie concealed my cloth diaper and plastic pants.   She smiled and asked when I might be back for another message.  She told not worry about my special needs.  She wouldn’t mind help me out again if needed.  She left the room, I finished getting dressed, I went out to pay her.  While standing there the next person came in and was waiting for me to finish paying, she walked around the desk and looked at me stating that she couldn’t even tell I was diapered and in plastic pants.  I could have died the older women just glanced at me and smiled.


I had wet the bed one to many times and my wife said ok wear the attends to bed, so the first night every chance I could I drank a lot of water, the first night I wet the diaper so much by morning she woke me up and said that I leaked, that we need to do something about it in the morning.  In the morning I found her on line looking up adult diaper products, she found the sites that I was buying items from, so she told to me purchase a few small and medium plastic pants and day and night time cloth diapers.  I agreed what surprised she was also told me to buy an onesie to help keep things together.  The items showed up while I was traveling, once I return she asked to the bed room, she told me to take off my cloths and she was going to try the items on me that we purchased.  I did it was great being diapered by some I loved it meant so much, she laid out the night time diaper and asked me lay down on it, so I did.  She began to powder me every where, the smell of baby powder was great she said that she did not want her baby to get a diaper rash, I could not believe what she just said to me, she pinned the diaper tight, the cloth felt so good, I was in heaven, she then grabbed the plastic pants slide them on my legs she grabbed my ankles and pulled the pants on the remaining way.  Before I could get up she placed a baby bottle in my mouth.  I asked her what this was for she had talked with the people where I bought the items from and they explain that I had been buying items for some time.  So she purchased the big baby nipple and pacifier for me.


Since the first time she diapered me 5 years ago, Whenever I return home it is the same routine I am diapered and wearing plastic pants.  With a night shirt, showing my exposed plastic pants. She often has a baby bottle with formula and baby food ready for me to be feed by her in my high chair in the kitchen.  On the week ends I not allowed to be out of my diapers, she diapers me all the time, She often tells me since I am a baby I need act like one, she enjoys having me as her baby, this gives her feeling of caring for a baby again.  Over the last couple of months we have converted the spare bed room into my nursery, totally stocked with a adult size baby crib, changing table and a mobile for the bed.  In my changing table I have about 25 pairs of plastic pants from high back pants to printed plastic pants.  Not sure on how many cloth diapers.  I even have a pair of ruffled diaper cover ups.


A typical night would follow this, I would be diapered either for night time or day time depending on the time of the day and if we were going out,  If we weren’t she would diaper me for bed.  I would be feed in the high chair a bottle and baby food.  Then placed on the floor with my toys, for about an hour by Nine o Clock I would have a diaper check, if wet or messy she would change me.  Then placed in the crib with a night bottle, she would return down stairs and watch tv, before going to bed she checks my  diapers if needed she would change me.  On Saturday mornings She would get me up change if needed other wise she tells me to go down stairs and play until she gets up and dressed.  I normal wear my night shirt and my diapers/plastic pants or just my diapers/plastic pants.  Once she comes down I placed in the high chair, she really enjoys babying me, she often tells me we should have done this along time ago.  There was one occasion a knock on the door while I am in the High chair and the person can see me.   Occasionally I am placed in her bed with her while she sleeps, to my surprise last week she stated she had surprise for me, I totally for got about, that Night while laying with her in bed, she lets me suck on her breast, acting like she is breast feeding, While the surprise hit me while sucking on her breast, she began secrete breast milk, this turned her on and me as well.  So for the last couple of weeks I no longer drink formula, but breast milk, she pumps during the day. 


My wife has purchased adult baby clothing for me, I now have a pair of short bibbed over haul shorts with snaps in the crotch area, I have a sun suit for the days I play outside in the yard, I have baby blue romper with sail boats on it, I have an all-white romper set for the times we go out, I have white and blue checkered play suit with ruffles around the arm and leg openings, she even bought me a one piece adult sleeper (baby blue) she has purchased silk tops from Meijer’s that are very babyish looking, she has even purchased ruffled diaper cover ups with lace on the butt!

 a diaper bag for me now it is great.


I am now diapered 24/7 since I no longer travel as much.  My Wife helps me get ready for the day, after I am showed, I am instructed to get on the changing table, where she has all my diapering supplies for the day ready.  I am now completely shaved from the waist down front and butt and legs, if I am needing a shaving she does so, she then begins to lift my butt up, then she slides a day time cloth diaper with an insert in it to help reduce leakage, she always applies baby lotion so I don’t get a rash, she pins the cloth diaper on with four locking diaper pins.  She then pulls out the plastic pants from the table and begins to slide them up once beyond my knees she as me to lift my butt up off the table. Once completely up she inspects to ensure that the plastic pants won’t leak.  She helps me set up on the table where she then places a onesie on me helping as if I was a baby, I then lay back down and she snaps it closed.  I then get off the changing table and then lead to the kitchen and placed in the high chair to be feed, she will place one of the 7 bibs I have on me tying from behind the neck typically so I won’t get anything on my outfit. I normally have scrambled eggs and bacon and two baby bottles of orange juice or apple juice.  Once I am done eating and cleaned up still sitting in my high chair with what’s left of the two baby bottles, we discuss the plans for the day and what we will do once I get home from work.  Once I am all cleaned up she removes me from the high chair and I get my cloths that she has laid out for me for the day at work.  I am always dressed in dark pants and a bulky shirt, that way no one can tell if I have anything on under my pants.  I am giving a back pack (my diaper bag) with spare cloth diaper and plastic pants along with baby lotion and plastic baggie to put the wet diaper in.   Everyone thinks it is like my brief case.   When I return home I come in the house greeted by the dog and then always have to go to my nursery room and take all my street clothes off, just leaving me with my onesie and cloth diapers and plastic pants on.  Pending on what we are going to do.  I am placed in the high chair for a snack before dinner normally a cookie and baby bottle of milk.  Once I am done I am lead to the nursery again and placed on the changing table for inspection or a changing.  If we are staying in or around the house I am typically wearing just a cloth diaper and plastic pants and a t shirt that is always showing by diapered butt.  If we are outside I will wear a pair of over hauls with the snapped crotch for easy changing and inspections.  Once we are done doing what every we are doing, I am lead into the nursery again, laid on the changing table for a diaper change and my pacifier is clip to my shirt, if needed before dinner.  While she is making dinner I get to play with my toys or watch TV while sucking on my pacifier.  If it is going to take a long time for dinner sometimes I am placed in my play pin with a baby bottle of juice.  When dinner is ready I am placed once again in the High chair, a baby bib tied around my neck, pending on what we are having I typically am spoon feed by my wife, give a baby bottle of milk to drink, if there is desert I am feed that as well otherwise I get a bottle of chocolate milk.  Once I am done I am cleaned up and allowed to lay on the coach or run around the house for a while.  At 8 pm I have to take a bath upstairs where my wife has the water ready with my baby shampoo and water toys.  Once I am or she is done washing me up, I am wrapped in a large towel and lead down stairs to the nursery room for my night time diapering.  I am laid on the changing table where there is my night time very thick cloth diaper, plastic pants baby powder, baby oil and night shirt.  I am laid on the very thick night time diaper, my wife oils me up and powders as well, (I love the smell of the baby powder for Johnson and Johnson).  She then pulls the cloth diaper up between my legs very tight and then puts the plastic pants on me, some time I get to put them on with her watching me, she then inspect the diaper for possible leaks.  If it is going to be hot I am just left with a night shirt, if cold I am put in my adult baby pjs. I am removed from the changing table and given my pacifier, then place in my adult baby bed (crib) my wife gives me my last bottle for the night typically breast milk.  She then turns on my mobil I lay back and enjoy the baby music (love it).  There is the occasion I am lead upstairs to bed with her to be breastfeed for a couple of hours, then taken back down to my crib – baby bed.

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