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Teaching the teacher to use her diapers

 part 1

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


It was Abby's first day as a kindergarten teacher at her new job. Abby was a young beautiful dark haired thin but busty young woman. Her 23rd birthday was a few days ago and she never got to really celebrate. She was a hard working girl but she also was easily distracted and highly sexual. Class wasn't going to start for another hour or two so she decided to use her laptop she brought from home.

Abby quickly navigated to one of her favorite pornographic pages and locked her door. Making sure she was alone she slipped a hand down the front of her skirt. Having no underwear made it easy for her to start touching herself. Abby was one or the first ones at the school but she didn't know it was standard procedure for the school's police officer to check every room before students arrive. Abby was practically dripping wet and softly moaning to herself.


Closing the door behind her Erika locked it and moved toward the kindergarten classroom. Before she opened the door she heard something coming from inside. Erika paused a moment and put her hands on her hips. She tried to look though the small window but she couldn't see anything. Quietly Erika unlocked the door and silently let it swing open. Stepping inside she was shocked to see a young woman pleasuring herself at her desk. Erika approached her as the young woman's orgasm came to its climax.

"Having some fun there are yah?" Erika said arms crossed.


Abby was still feeling waves of orgasmic pleasure fall over her as she squealed in surprise at the intruder. Turning around in her chair she saw the schools police officer she met the other day at the staff meeting. Abby blushed bright red and pulled down her shirt to cover her breasts and pulled up her moist panties. Dressed Abby hadn't said a word since she came in finally broke her silence.

"So what are you going to do to me? Turn me in I guess?" Abby said assuming the worst.

"Come with me let's have a chat in my office." Erika said leading Abby out of the room and toward her office.

Abby followed a few steps behind Erika. Abby realized she had never seen her in her officers uniform, since she wore street clothes to the staff meeting. Abby examined Erika up and down, she was soon entranced by the swaying of her ass in her uniform. Erika was a beautiful woman, she was tall and voluptuous with a large breasts and a perfect round ass. With her short jet black hair and body she looked more like a 24 year old stripper than a 31 year old police officer.

Erika stopped and unlocked her office door and instructed baby to sit on one of her chairs. Abby was incredibly nervous, she has never been in any trouble and was scared to death. Erika sat behind her desk and stared at Abby watching her squirm in anxiety. Erika was conflicted she should have immediately arrested her but she would be lying to herself if she said she wasn't turned on by catching Abby in that position. Having her here now under her control was making her pussy very wet. Erika had always had a fantasy she wanted to do but it was always just that, a fantasy. This though was a golden opportunity. She had to take this chance. Abby wouldn't dare try to say anything about Erika no one would believe her and Erika already caught her masturbating.

"So you have two options here." Erika said softly breaking the silence. "I can arrest you and you'll never get to teach again. I don't think you want that going to jail for a few years doesn't seem like it would suit you. That leaves you with option two."

"What is it I'll do anything If it keeps me it of trouble!" Abby begged.


"Anything huh?" Erika said with an evil smile. "Wet yourself."

"I'm not going to wet myself I'm not a little girl anymore!" Abby exclaimed.

"Ok well I'll get the hand cuffs and start the paper work I'm sure you'll enjoy being in jail. Erika said reaching for her hand cuffs.

"Wait ok...fine." Abby said defeated. She closed her eyes and after a minute she finally was able to relax her potty trained bladder. The sound of running water filled the room as Abby flooded her panties. After a few long seconds of emptying her bladder it stopped leaving her skirt damp and a pool under her seat. Erika was so turned on her pussy was so wet. She gasped at the sight of the grown woman wetting her pants and decided to put her fantasy into full action.


Thinking she was off the hook Abby started to stand up but was forcefully pushed back into it. "If you want off the hook your gonna be doing a whole lot more than just that missy. I make the rules now and you follow them without question or I show the school board the camera playback of you playing with yourself." Erika said emphatically grabbing the tv remote off her desk. In a few seconds one of the monitors showed exactly that. Abby was shocked she had no idea her room had a camera.

"Ok, I'll do whatever you say. Just promise me you'll let this stay between us." Abby begged.

"I'll think about it, and when you address me you show respect and say ma'am. In the mean time change into these clothes and I'll see you at lunch." Erika said ominously handing Abby her new outfit. Erika supervised Abby's wardrobe change, watching intently as she disrobed. Abby was a petite woman compared to most others the outfit suited Erika's fantasy well. In her new outfit Abby stepped in front of the mirror and looked a herself. She wore a plaid skirt, white panties and a half shirt that covered her breast but not much else.

"I hope you like it, it's a mix of a few things that violated school dress code at my last job working a high school. You look smoking hot though in it." Erika said her voice dripping with desire. Abby was speechless she looked like a slutty senior in high school not a teacher, but she kept quiet knowing well this was better than the alternative. Meekly Abby left the room with Erika's permission to return at lunchtime for her next task. Abby was left with only two instructions, don't stop drinking water and don't use the bathroom.


By the time lunch rolled around Abby was about to burst, her bladder was totally full. She didn't think she would make it to Erika's office without pissing herself. With some relief she closed the door behind her.  Erika sat behind her desk she didn't say anything she merely gestured for Abby to have a seat. Abby not wanting to disobey quickly sat down. She sat still briefly but the added pressure of sitting down made her start to squirm.

"What do I have to do this time?" Abby asked wiggling back and forth in her chair. Erika didn't respond she merely watched Abby writhe in agony at her the pressure building in her bladder. Not getting an answer Abby knew she couldn't leave. She resisted the urge to wet herself with every ounce of will power until she could literally not stop holding it any longer. Pee gushed out from under her skirt onto the floor and all over her clothes. After nearly a minute of wetting herself seemingly without end it slowly ebbed to a trickle. Abby was left out of breath and holding her stomach.

"Why are you making me do this?" Abby asked exhausted.

Erika finally broke her silence while handing Erika another identical set of her last outfit. "Because silly this is the fastest way to unpotty train you sweetie." Erika said with an evil smile. Change and I'll see you again after school for another training...well I guess un training session."

To be continued...



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