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The Two Stacks part 3


I woke up in my crib as Ms. Sarah was preparing the nursery for the day.  She got me out and changed my wet diaper.  I was then put in my high chair and fed my breakfast of baby cereal and a bottle of formula.  I was then put on the floor with an activity center. I still had to have my binky in at all times.  The other babies were arriving.  I now had a couple of them running into me in their walkers.  I just sat there and tried to have fun with this infant toy.  About a hour later I was given a bottle of Apple juice.  About 30 minutes later I had to poop so I got on my feet and squatted let loose and filled the back of my diaper.  I sat back down Ms. Sarah was walking through and smelled me.  She changed me and set me back down with a bottle.  I played some more and then we had a story read to us.  Then we were all put in our high chairs for lunch.  I hope this will be the last lunch of baby food.  After lunch we were put in our cribs for a nap.  I woke up and was changed.  I was then told to play some more.  Ms. Sarah put my binky back into my mouth.  I played until every was gone then Ms. Jennie came in and got me.  She then changed my wet diaper.  She took me to the living room and let me watch some TV with Eric.  I still had to have my binky in.  Ms. Jennie fixed dinner.  I was then put in my high chair for hopefully my last meal of baby food. After dinner I played for a little while and then was bathed.  After my bath I was diapered and put into my crib with hopefully my last bottle of formula.  I finished my bottle and went to sleep knowing I would be in potty training tomorrow.


Ms. Sarah woke me up and took me over to the changing table she removed my wet diaper and cleaned me up.  She then put a pair of training pants on me and told me to go to Eric's room and put my clothes on and the go to see Ms. Julie.  I did what I was told.  Ms. Julie then informed me that my night time stack would have 8 diapers in it and since I was in diapers so long I was allowed 1 accident before it would affect my stack.  If I didn't have any accidents I would get my regular underwear back tomorrow.  I would have to follow all the potty training rules.  I ate my breakfast with the other toddlers.  We were all taken to the potty.  I peed in the potty for the first time in 5 days it felt so good not to have a bulky diaper between my legs.  I also had clothes on and didn't have that white plastic diaper showing.  Even if I was in training pants it was better than having to pee and poop in a diaper and have to lie on you back while someone else changed you.  I also didn't have to have a binky in my mouth.  I played with the other kids and then was given a snack.  I asked to go potty Ms. Julie took me she pulled down my pants and I sat on the potty.  It was a good not to have poop filling up your butt and between your legs.  Also not having to wait to be changed.  I finished and she wiped me and told me to get ready for story time.  After story time we had lunch and it might have been cut up sandwiches but it was a lot better than baby food.  I also had to drink from a sippy cup but that was better than a bottle of formula.  We played outside in the toddler yard I went to Ms. Julie who took me to potty and went back out to play.  After playing we took a nap and I woke up I was actually dry.  We played more in the toddler room until the other kids went home.  After everyone left Ms. Jennie came and got me I went to the living room.  Eric was standing in the corner wearing only a diaper I knew this would not be good.  Ms. Jennie explained he had took another kids dessert and started a food fight next door.  I could hear he was still whimpering so I knew he had just been spanked.  She also informed him that he would only be in a diaper only for the rest of this week.  A diaper and t-shirt next week.  During these two weeks he would have the same rules I had last week.  Baby food, bottles, and a binky in his mouth at all times but he would be spending his days this week in either a crib or play pen unless eating.  Ms. Jennie told me to watch TV while she fed Eric.  I watched Looney Toons while she fed Eric and fixed dinner for us.  After she finished feeding Eric she cleaned him up and put him in the crib I had last week.  She then order a pepperoni pizza for dinner.  After the pizza came we sat at the table and ate.  She told me that Eric would be in diapers for 3 weeks.  The last week he would spend in the toddler room and then have a week of potty training.  She then reminded me that after today I still needed to have my wiping checked after I poop.  She took me to the potty and I peed.  Then went to check on Eric.  I heard her changing him.  I watched TV for a little while and then was told to go bathe and potty.  After that I went to the changing table and was diapered for the night.  Ms. Jennie explained to me that I would be allowed 2 night wetting since I had been in diapers for so long.  I went to Eric's room and went to sleep on the spare bed.


I woke up and felt my diaper and I was dry.  I had my diaper checked by Ms. Jennie then got dressed and went next door.  I wish Eric was with me but I can still have fun.  I just needed to remember not to have an accident and to wipe good.  We played on the playground then had a snack.  We then played basketball and had lunch.  After lunch we played hide and seek.  That lasted till the end of the day.  I went back to Eric's house and watched TV.  Ms. Jennie was starting dinner but I found out it was stuff to blend up for Eric.  It looked like he was getting puréed broccoli, brussels sprouts, and some sort of baby food meat.  After she finished she went and got Eric and put him in his high chair with three good size bowls of baby food.  I was glad I was not eating that mush.  Ms. Jennie removed the binky from Eric's mouth and told him to finish all three bowls and his bottle.  He was to use his hands to eat with and lick most of it off before he would leave his high chair.  Eric started with the bottle then the meat mush.  By the time he was finished he was a mess.  Ms. Jennie then put his binky back into his mouth then told him she would bathe him after we finished.  After dinner I cleared the table Ms. Jennie took Eric to and bathed him.  She then put him in his crib with the baby monitor.  I went to the bathroom and pooped after I finished wiping I called Ms. Jennie to inspect and she gave me praise on being clean. I watched TV then took a bath and then Ms. Jennie diapered me for the night.  I then went to bed.


I woke up and grabbed my clothes and went to the changing table Ms. Sarah removed my wet diaper and cleaned me up.  I got dressed and removed one diaper from my stack.  It really was not a concern for me since my parents would be home on Saturday but I will keep following the rules I don't want to end up like last week or even worse Eric.  I went next door and had another fun day with the other kids.  We played on the play ground for a couple of hours then had a craft project.  We ate lunch then played basket ball.  After basket ball we played kick ball and the team I was on won.  I went back over to Eric's after all the kids were being picked up.  I had pooped while next door so I had Ms. Jennie do a wipe check she used a baby wipe this time and I was clean she said as long as you keep that up you don't need to be checked every time but she would check randomly.  Eric was put in his high chair with his bottle and bowls of mush.  He ate and made a big mess.  He had to wait for us to finish then he would be bathed and put into his crib.  After he was taken back to be bathed I cleaned off the table and then watched some TV.  After watching TV I took a bath and then was diapered for bed.  Ms. Jennie tucked me in as she did every night. I went to sleep and thought about my parents coming home.


I woke up and was dry.  I took my diaper off, got dressed, and showed Ms. Jennie I was dry.  She gave me praise then I went next door.  We played kick ball in the morning today.  My team lost by one point.  Then we had a snack followed by some art projects of your choosing.  Then we played on the playground.  I was thinking about Eric today.  He was probably sitting in a play pen with a few baby toys and a binky in his mouth.  The only time he was let out would be for a diaper change or to be fed some mush.  I then thought he was over here when I was In diapers.  We then ate pizza for lunch and played hide and seek after lunch.  After a couple of rounds of hide and seek some of the kids started to be picked up then we played horse on the basketball court.  After everyone had been picked up I returned to Eric's house.  I watched some TV until it was time to eat.  I knew it was getting close when Eric was put in the high chair.  After we finished eating and Ms. Jennie bathed Eric she set up a play pen in the living room and I heard the door bell ring.  It was Amy from the church nursery.  She was here to babysit Eric and I.  Ms. Jennie told Amy the rules for Eric then gave her the emergency numbers and told her she would be home around 1 am.  Eric was in the play pen trying to keep occupied.  Amy let him take out his binky and talk for awhile.  Eric said this was the worst punishment he ever had been given. He also said it was very boring sitting in a crib or play pen all day.  The only time he got out was to have his diaper changed or to eat.  Amy then checked his diaper then changed him since he was wet.  We watched Star Wars on the VCR.  A little while later Amy put Eric in his crib with a bottle and then told me to go potty.  After that she diapered me and tucked me in.  I fell asleep wondering what time my parents would pick me up.


A woke up and was wet.  I grabbed my clothes and went to Ms. Jennie she cleaned me up and I got dressed she was putting my diapers back into the package.  I ate breakfast and watched TV while Eric was being fed.  He was then put in the play pen in the day care area.  About noon my parents showed up and I was excited to see them.  Ms. Jennie  said I behaved pretty good and had improved on my potty issues.  I was happy she didn't tell them about last week.  I could tell my mom wanted to correct some of my bad potty habits.  Ms. Jennie gave my mom the rest my diapers.  I grabbed my bag and we all walked home.  After we got home my mom put the diapers in the bathroom closet.  We went to McDonalds and ate.  After we got home we relaxed.  My mom told me she we be spot checking my wiping and I would be wearing diapers to bed.  I would have a calendar to track my progress.  Three weeks dry I would be out of diapers.  Three months dry no more plastic sheet.  I will say I did not have skid marks after that.  I was in night diapers for 2 more years.  Eric wore them for another 3.  In the end a wet diaper was better than wet sheets.





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