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Teaching the teacher to use her diapers

 part 2

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Abby walked into Erika's office again it was her second visit today and the bell had just rang. Class was out but Abby still had to report to officer Erika. Erika smiled wickedly at her new playmate and sat her down in her normal chair. Abby sat down, the tightness of her skirt made it slide up her leg revealing all of her leg and most of her panties. Officer Erika stood over Abby and enjoyed the power she held over her.


"Wet yourself." Erika commanded. Abby blushed at the order but soon obliged. After a few seconds she was dribbling out of her skirt. Soon it was a full stream. Abby drained her bladder after almost 30 seconds of wetting her panties. "Good girl." Erika said nearly getting off just watching Abby have no say in her bladder control. After a quick change into an over sexualized school girl outfit.  "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow and remember you can't use the toilet until I see you tomorrow morning and you have to wear this outfit tomorrow. I'll give you a new pair of clothes when I see you then. Dismissed." Erika said coldly and ushering Abby out the door.

Abby couldn't believe what she had just heard. She didn't have a choice though she just wondered how she wasn't going to use the bathroom until tomorrow.


Abby squirmed and crossed her legs while driving to school. She had managed to only wet her panties and not her skirt or legs. Parking she nearly ran to Erika's office. She rushed to the door but it was locked. Banging on the door she was about to burst. She didn't want to think what Erika would do if she pissed herself without permission. The pressure was too much and warm pee was starting to slide down her legs from under her short skirt. The door opened much to Abby's relief but it was short lived. When Abby stepped into Erika's office she gasped and lost all bladder control the flood gates opened and one step into Erika's office was a huge puddle of pee under Abby.

"I didn't say you could do that missy. Time for punishment." Erika said shortly. Officer Erika sat down brought Abby over her thigh and spanked her several times. Abby winced from the pain and had tears streaming down her face. Standing back up burned her stinging ass more than laying across officer Erika's sexy thighs.

"Learn your lesson?" Erika asked rhetorically.

"Yes ma'am." Abby said sheepishly rubbing her ass gently. This time Erika changed Abby's clothes for her. Abby's attire this time was a little different. Her skirt was changed into white booty shorts with no underwear. The shorts left nothing to the imagination.

"Let's go back to your classroom. I'll be observing you making sure you behave." Erika said escorting a nervous Abby back to her room. Erika knew the past few days of unpotty training Abby should have made her bladder much weaker. With any luck Erika would have step two of her plan in motion before lunch.

Officer Erika set herself up in the back of the class after getting Abby two sodas to drink during class. Abby per Erika's instructions kept sipping on the drink. 

The children followed Abby's instructions and class went normally for a few hours. Abby was nearly done with her second soda and she was beginning to feel a lot of bladder pressure. Erika took careful notice of Abby especially when she bent over to help a student. Her shapely ass looked like it was poured into her skin tight white shorts. Abby's fidgeting to take her mind off her building urge to pee was becoming more noticeable. Idle fidgeting soon became the pee dance as the time for lunch approached. Erika knew what was coming, she unbuttoned a few of her shirt buttons exposing some cleavage and leaned forward.

Abby crossed her legs and looked pleadingly toward Erika for some relief. Erika's suggestive position and partially exposed breasts hinted at her intent but the wink and blown kiss showed it. Abby blushed and had to admit Erika was very sexy especially in her position of power. Abby was glad to have her mind taken off her urge to go until a voice called out.

"Teacher is wetting her pants!"

Abby didn't want to look but Erika's reaction told her everything she needed to know.

After blowing her kiss she saw Abby start to day dream. Then she saw her plan begin its phase two. Abby's gaze never broke from hers as at first was a small dripping stain quickly changed to a torrent of pee streaming out of her no longer white shorts. Erika sat back triumphantly hearing the bell ring and seeing the students rush out. Abby was mortified and a little cold with pee still dribbling off her legs.

"Congratulations, you've graduated to pull ups sweetie! I'm so proud!" Erika exclaimed embracing Abby's dripping wet body.

"Pull ups?" Abby questioned unsure about the idea.

"That's right honey your half way through your unpotty training, which means pull ups. You'll still come to my office like you have been but you've earned a little protection by having an accident and proving how much of a little girl you are." Erika said helping Abby out of her shorts and into a pull up. "You can call me mommy or miss Erika whichever you want now."

"...ok miss Erika..." Abby said unsure which to use.


Two weeks had passed without incident. Abby's bladder became weaker each day from Erika's training, she also endured hours of priming to associate loss of her own bladder control to being aroused. She obediently followed all of Erika's rules and responded well to her training, until Erika heard Abby say something under her breath. As punishment Abby had her skirt taken away for the rest of her day. She was forced to teach from behind her desk hiding her pull up that was very wet. She was having a difficult time trying to focus, her conditioning was making her incredibly turned on by her wet training diapers.

Her arousal was her undoing though. Before class was over her hand was in her pull up absent mindedly playing with her pussy lips. She was so enthralled she didn't notice Erika come in to the room.

With class dismissed and the kids gone Abby's hand drifted down into her diapers.

Erika saw enough she reached around Abby's shoulders and pushed Abby's hands out for her own. "Tisk tisk, your doing it all wrong, but it's ok little girls don't have to know that's why mommy's here." Erika said to Abby's surprise. Abby shuddered at how well Erika was stimulating her. Abby's gasps turned into an body shaking orgasm and losing all bladder control simultaneously. Warm piss gushed into her waiting pull up and spilled out onto the floor.

"I think your ready for diapers again sweetie this is quite a mess." Erika said smiling, her hands still deep in Abby's training diaper.


To be continued...



Teaching the teacher to use her diapers

 part 3

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Abby gushed cum into her diapers and soon followed it with a deluge of an accident. Erika had kept her in diapers for a few weeks now and all of her bladder control was totally gone. Erika hadn't given her permission to masturbate in her diapers but she figured what officer Erika doesn't know won't hurt her. Abby's orgasmic pleasure soon subsided and she was back in the real world. She stood up to the sound of very loud crinkling. Officer Erika had chosen her diapers and she chose extra thick ones. Abby had to nearly waddle everywhere. Her students knew she was wearing diapers and made fun of her mercilessly. Students would come up and ask if she needed a diaper change and spank of thickly diapered ass. She had less control over her bladder than her young students did over theirs, and sometimes her students still had accidents.

Officer Erika would be along soon before class started to change her baby girls diaper. With class about to begin, Abby began to worry because Erika hadn't stopped in yet. Students started to sit down in class and Erika still hadn't come to change her diaper. Abby began to worry her diapers were already full of pee and cum and wouldn't hold much more. Class time had begun and she didn't have a choice she would have to teach class in her soaked diaper.

Abby stood up and walked to the front of her class to a chorus of giggles and loud crinkling. Her diapered ass hung out the back of her skirt with a prominent yellow stain showing where she wet herself.

"Ok class settle down today were going to read a story." Abby said bending over to the rumbles of laughter to the view of her diapers. "That's enough class." Abby said starting to get frustrated. Abby took out the children's story she was going to read and sat down accompanied with loud crinkling and a squish. Abby gasped as the warm soft gushy material pressed and rubbed her pussy gently. She shuddered at how amazing it felt. Abby began to read and after a few minutes she noticed Officer Erika slip in the room. Abby was relieved she couldn't wait to be in a fresh diaper. Erika apparently thought the same because to Abby's horror Erika brought her diaper bag with her. Erika unpacked all the supplies and instructed Abby to not stop reading while she worked. In front of her class Abby was stripped of everything but her diaper and laid on a changing mat. She stuttered while reading burning white hot with embarrassment. Abby took notice of Erika's altered uniform it exposed much more cleavage and her pants were shorts. Abby had to admit it made her burn with a desire to rip off Erika's clothes.

Officer Erika untaped Abby's soaked diaper. Hanging her nearly uncovered breasts over Abby's face. Abby's worst fear came true. Erika after opening her diaper raised an eyebrow. Taking her index finger she touched the cum inside Abby's soiled diaper and in a overtly sexual manner licked the cum off her finger tip. "Just as I thought you were touching yourself! Bad baby!" With her diaper still off officer Erika flipped Abby over leaving her naked ass in the air over officer Erika's bare thighs. Officer Erika in front of her class spanked Abby hard many times until she was crying and piss was streaming down her legs. The entire class laughed at their former adult teachers humiliation.

Erika finished punishing Abby and began taping another diaper over her burning shapely ass. Abby had been humiliated, stripped of her adulthood and continence. She knew it couldn't get any worse until Erika taped on the new diaper as the principal walked in the classroom.

"What the hell is going on here!? Why is Abby wearing diapers?!"


To be continued...


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