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Diaper factory Part 1


This is a work of fiction and a collaboration if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


"These diapers make my ass look big. Perfect." Bunny said commenting on her reflection in her new company's executive bathroom. Bunny satisfied she was diapered well, she straightened her long blonde pigtails and giant E cup breasts. Bunny satisfied with her appearance realized she was late for her secretary interview. Bunny rushed out the bathroom and back toward her office. Bunny was the owner of a new company that made adult baby themed diapers as well as other ABDL items. It had been her dream since she became incontinent  to make her own business and today was opening day. All she had to do was tie up some loose ends and hire a few more people one being a new secretary. Bunny reached her office door and quickly opened it to see her applicant. She was a beautiful young blue haired bright blue eyed teenager she couldn't have been over 20. Her blue hair was highlighted when she saw what her potential boss was wearing. Bunny suddenly realized she had forgotten her skirt in the bathroom and was only wearing a tank top that showed off her massive breasts and a large size disposable diaper of her company's own design.

"Oh um well I suppose you would have found out either way." Bunny said somewhat embarrassed. Sitting down at her desk Bunny looked over the girls resume.

"Ami is it?" Bunny asked rhetorically. "So you want to be my secretary, well I'll start with the upsides first. You're starting salary will be 80,000 a year with a 10% yearly increase for 5 years with full benefits."

"Just for being your secretary?!" Ami asked in shock.

"You'll see why in a moment. But before I go on did you have any questions you want answered?" Bunny queried.

"Yes, why did I need at least 2 years of prior child care experience?" Ami asked confused.

"Before I answer I like your resume and I want you for this position are you interested?" Bunny asked hopeful and somewhat aroused by the beautiful young girls c cups and tight little ass.

"Yes but..." Ami tried but Bunny cut her off.

"Wonderful your hired. Now as you can see we are a diaper factory for... Special adults who would like to be babies. And as you saw I also wear diapers because I have bladder control issues as well as being an adult baby." Bunny stated. "One of your many duties will be changing my diapers as needed. As well as feeding me bottles of your pumped breast milk, screening other potential employees and many other things. The biggest part of your employment is doing whatever I say and part of that is wearing diapers yourself."

"Umm ok." Ami said unsure but she couldn't refuse she needed a job and the money was far too much to pass up.

"You will also wet them and I will change you, on top of that you will address me as mommy and from now on only in baby talk cause that's what good little babies talk like, understood?" Bunny queried.

"Yes mo...Wes mommy." Ami corrected her adult speech to that of a toddler.

"Wonderful there is also a dress code at work which you are not in. All office employees are required to be naked except for a diaper, pacifier necklace and bottle. So strip and let's get you diapered." Bunny said taking Ami who thought this was going a little fast.

Bunny laid Ami down on her back and took a pair of scissors and cut off Ami's clothes ruining them.

"My clothes!" Ami protested.

"Oh sweetie you won't need big girl clothes anymore, your my secretary, which means your also my baby." Bunny said throwing away the ruined adult clothes and starts powdering her pussy then gently rubbing it in.

"Your job has some unexpected secretarial work." Bunny says taping on one her companies diapers. Bunny stood up Ami her diapers crinkling and her electric blue hair cascading down her chest covering her erect nipples. Going over to Ami's desk, Bunny removed a briefcase from the desk and opened it. Inside there was a large pill bottle and a device Ami didn't recognize. Bunny opened the bottle of pills and have them to Ami. Not wanting to upset her new boss she took the pills.

"Those pills are highly concentrated hormone pills that simulate the hormones the female body produces after giving birth. Within the hour you're going to start lactating...heavily," Bunny said emphasizing the word heavily. "This device is a breast pump I suggest you use it every hour or your going to be dripping everywhere. You'll collect this milk in bottles to be served to me three times a day. A baby girl needs her milk." Bunny said with a smile and a wink.

Ami was in shock. What had she gotten herself into? She wanted to leave but she was desperate for a job and this was too much money to pass up for such an easy job.

"Yes mommy." Ami said softly.

"Aww cheer up sweetie I may be your boss but that doesn't mean we can't be friends." Bunny said smiling. "Now there's on more rule, you may have noticed there is only 1 toilet in any of the bathrooms. That's because I expect you to use your diapers here and at home, but you may use the toilet to for pooping. I only change wet diapers so get used to them."

"Umm ok. Mommy...your having an accident." Ami said pointing out Bunny's slowly expanding and yellowing diaper.

"Oh so I am. How about that I guess it's time to test your diaper changing qualifications. Come into my office there are supplies on my desk." Bunny said casually walking Ami into her office holding her hand.

Bunny laid on her changing table in her office and Ami with shaking hands untaped her boss's soaking wet disposable diaper. Ami wanting to impress her gently wiped Bunny's delicate pussy and threw away her soaked diaper. Placing a new one under her shapely toned ass she carefully rubbed in baby powder and oil.

"I can see the hormones are starting to work your breasts are beginning to swell and I think your dripping on me sweetie." Bunny said having her diaper taped on while breast milk dripped on her stomach. Ami blushed bright red all over. "No sense wasting good milk." Bunny said sitting up and wrapping her arms around Ami's tiny waist bringing her close. Bunny latched on to Ami's dripping sensitive nipples and began to suckle.

To be continued...

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