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Diaper factory

Part 2

This is a work of fiction and a collaboration if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to "So I see you worked at a day care for 3 years while you were a mechanic. That's an odd combination of jobs." Ami said shifting uncomfortably in her dry disposable. Her bladder pressure was building to an uncomfortable level.

"Well I love kids and cars." Rei said nervously flipping her long electric purple hair. Rei hoped Ami wouldn't ask anymore questions about her work experience. An opportunity to change the subject presented itself when she noticed Ami's t shirt begin to cling to her breasts as she was starting to lactate.

"Oh miss Ami you’re umm...breasts." Rei pointed out awkwardly.

“Oh dear,” Ami said as she got out the breast pump and attached it to her breasts as it began pumping the milk into bottles which would stop the milk from flowing out of her large breasts. “That’s better so back to your jobs. Do you have enough experience in taking care of kids?”

“I have enough,” Rei said, “And I did work fixing up the cars at the daycare. So do I get the job?”

“Not just yet,” Ami said, “I have to turn you over to Bunny. She’ll need to interview you now first. That’s how we do things around here.”

Rei nodded as she followed Ami as she took her to Bunny for the final interview before she got the job.

Bunny meanwhile was in her tank top and her diaper which was starting to sag a bit. She then heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Bunny said as Ami came in with the new girl following behind. “I take it this is the new employee.”

“That would be correct miss,” Rei said, “My name is Rei and I’m a Mechanic and I worked in a day care while doing that.”

“Interesting combination,” Bunny said as she interviewed Rei asking a series of questions and as she did Ami felt her bladder pressure break as she peed right into her diaper completely soaking it. “Oh dear she needs a diaper change and so do I.”

“A diaper change?” Rei asked.

“Yeah I’m incontinent in the bladder and I like to wear diapers,” Bunny said, “So why don’t we put your experience to the test.”

“Okay,” Rei said, “I guess.”

So Bunny and Ami laid down on the floor while Rei got the supplies out of the closet to change them. She managed to remove the diapers from Ami and Bunny before putting them into fresh diapers and she did a poor job diapering the girls but it did the job for now.

“I thought you said you had experience working at a day care,” Bunny said, “That was as if you never changed a diaper before.”

“To tell you the truth I was mostly at the day care to fix the cars and some of the equipment over there,” Rei admitted, “I never did change any diapers in my life.”

“I see,” Bunny said, “Well I don’t tolerate deception and for that you need to be punished. Ami get the diapers and strip Rei naked except for her shoes and socks.”

“What’s going on?” Rei asked as she was on her back being stripped naked aside from her shoes and socks.

“You’ve been a very bad girl and lied to me so as punishment you’re going to wear nothing but diapers, socks and shoes,” Bunny explained as Ami got out red diapers that were puffy indeed.

“Isn’t there something I can do?” Rei asked as her ass was lifted up onto the diaper before a generous amount of baby powder and oil was put there and a vibrator was then placed in her pussy.

“Your punishment will end when I see fit and the diapers won’t come off thanks to that belt,” Bunny said sternly as she put Rei in a red diaper that had a red belt of the same material around it and on the back it said bad baby girl.

Rei sighed as she resigned to her fate but at least she knew she would be earning her keep.

For the rest of the day Rei had to walk around fixing the various machinery in nothing but her shoes, socks and diapers. She wasn’t even allowed to get them changed for the duration of her punishment so she made sure not to eat anything that would cause her to poop. More still she had to deal with the vibrator in her pussy as it was getting her horny and turned on and had brought her on the verge of cumming.

Meanwhile as Rei was still in a diaper Ami was at the deck again interviewing another girl. This one had long blond hair that went to her ass. Wore an orange short skirt and a t shirt and she had blue eyes.

“So Minako right?” Ami asked, “You’re here for the job interview?”

"Yes Minako said blushing and curtsying to the young Ami.

"Have a seat, so I see you're a registered nurse excellent. Now have you ever changed a diaper before?" Ami asked raising an eye brow.

"Oh yes as a nurse I've changed countless diapers. I'm just wondering what a factory needs with a RN." Minako said eyeing Ami. Ami response went unheard to Minako who was lost fantasizing about Ami's clothes coming off her slender frame.

"So do you think you can handle that?" Ami asked Minako. Minako suddenly realized she was being asked a question and broke away from her fantasy of undressing Ami.

"Oh yes of course." Minako said nervously.

"Excellent now let's go talk to Bunny and see what she thinks about you. Oh don't forget to grab your uniform ok the way in." Ami said standing up leading the tall blonde Japanese nurse to Bunny's office. Letting Minako go in first Ami got a look up Minako's skirt and was practically wet from seeing her not wearing any underwear under her orange mini skirt.

Bunny then saw Minako and noticed that she was not wearing any underwear under her orange mini skirt and she was getting horny from seeing her going commando as she began interviewing Minako for the position.

“Well Minako I’d say you’re perfect for the position,” Bunny said shaking her new employee’s hand. “Welcome to the company.”

“Thank you very much miss Bunny,” Minako said as the door opened and she saw Rei walking in wearing nothing but a red diaper and shoes and the diaper was soaking wet.

“Bunny please can I get a diaper change?” Rei begged as she was on all fours and practically tense.

“Nope you know the rules and you broke them,” Bunny said firmly, “Besides your punishment isn’t complete.”

“But I’m so horny and I can’t take much more,” Rei begged as she couldn’t even finger her own crotch to cum due to the diaper.

“Come to think of it I’m wet as well,” Ami said as she wet her diaper.

“Ami could use a change,” Bunny said, “Minako care to put your abilities to the test.”

“I’d be delighted,” Minako said as she laid Bunny and Ami on the floor before she removed their soaking wet diapers and folding them. She then placed the two on new freshly dry diapers and cleaned and powered them up before taping the diapers up and she taped them so nice and snug that it felt like they wouldn’t leak even after the heaviest of wettings.

“That was much better than Rei doing it,” Ami sighed in content.

"Well done Minako I see we chose our nurse well. So are you ready to try on your uniform?"

"Oh yes," Minako said excited to try on her new clothes. "Where's the bathroom?"

"Oh sweetie you can change right here." Bunny said smiling already undressing Minako with her eyes.

"Ok I'm not wearing any underwear..." Minako said nervously taking off her top and bra exposing her exquisite breasts. Bunny was getting wet watching Minako strip her clothes. With only her mini skirt left she gently slid her skirt off her hips and let it fall to the ground softly  leaving her naked.

"My my aren't you curvy." Bunny said running her fingers across Minako's naked body. "Ok Ami get out her diapers and put one on her to make sure her uniform fits."

"A diaper? Oh I don't need those miss Bunny." Minako said smiling at the misunderstanding.

"Oh sweetheart neither does Ami but all employees are required to be diapered all the time wetting them is a requirement." Bunny said as she watched with envy as Ami worked diapering Minako. Minako blushed bright red she hadn't been in diapers in 18 years. With Minako snugly diapered she took her skirt and slipped it on over her diaper. Minako looked at herself in the mirror her hat had a red plus emblem on it but her skirt was literally only 3 inches long. Her diaper not only hung out of her orange skirt it was totally exposed.

"Miss Bunny I think the skirt is a little short. And I need a top to wear" Minako said trying to pull it down to cover her diaper.

"Oh no sweetie it's just right. And you can't breast feed with a top on silly girl now here take these pills every day." Bunny said giving her a soft spank on the ass and clipping a pacifier necklace on her.

To be continued...


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