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Diaper Factory

Part 3

This is a work of fiction and a collaboration if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to


Things were settling down into a usual routine after Minako and Rei were hired to work at the factory. Ami was on her back as she was being diapered by Minako who was slowly starting to warm up to the idea of wearing nothing but her shoes, a skirt and a diaper. Currently the blue haired girl was naked and her legs were spread and her pussy was tingling as Minako gently worked powder and cream around it before wrapping her gorgeous ass up in a comfortable diaper.

“How does that feel Ami?” Minako asked as she looked over her handiwork.

“It feels so soft and comfortable,” Ami smiled as the diaper fit snuggly aganist her crotch and ass before her belly growled. “I’m hungry.”

“Allow me,” Minako said as she let Ami lean back and suckle on her breasts. Ami suckled happily as she was feeding upon Minako’s warm breast milk.

Soon Ami burped after having her fill before she noticed something. “Minako have you seen your breasts they’re as large as Bunny’s.”

“And yours are as large as Rei’s,” Minako noted looking at Ami’s large breasts which had swelled up to match Rei’s D cups before looking down at her own which swelled to match Bunny’s E cups.

"Wow you're right, speaking of Bunny." Ami having Minako wipe the excess breast milk off her face.

"Girls you have all been doing so well I was thinking  we could take a beach day I know this little spot where no one goes a few miles from here." Bunny said walking up to her employees talking excitedly.

Both Minako and Ami both squealed excitedly.

"I'll take that as a yes." Bunny said laughing. "Now girls diapers are still required obviously but we have to cover our breasts. So with that in mind I got you girls some new outfits to wear. Come with me and we'll get changed Rei is waiting for us in my office."


The girls walked into the office diapers crinkling to see Rei already dressed in a fairy costume that had a leafy tutu that covered half her diaper with a tube top that only covered her breasts that looked to be made of vines and leaves.

"You're so cute Rei!" Bunny exclaimed putting on her onesie with snaps for an easily accessible diaper change.

"Minako, here's your princess outfit and Ami here's your little sailor girl suit. You girls go get changed in Minako's office I'm gonna have a chat with Rei before we leave."

With Minako and Ami gone bunny walked up to Rei and whispered in her ear. "You have been a bad girl and it turns me on."

Rei blushed at the compliment and returned with, "whatcha want to do about it mommy?" Rei returned softly.

Bunny smiled and pulled Rei's diaper down to her ankles and from her desk pulled out a strap on. Bunny tried to put it on over her damn diaper but it wouldn't fit. Bunny sighed then tore off her diaper leaving her only clothes a strap on and a pacifier. Bunny knew she would drip all over the floor but it was worth it. Bunny bent Rei over her desk and started fucking her moist pussy. Within minutes Rei's pussy was raw from the stimulation and was on the verge of cumming. Bunny finally got Rei to cum and she gushed and started peeing before Bunny could pull out. Rei's diaper around her knees eagerly absorbed all of the cum and piss. Bunny didn't have the protection unfortunately that Rei did. By the time she had gotten Rei to cum Bunny's incontinence  has made her form a near lake of an accident under her high heels.

"Well that was fun. Before we go to the beach clean up my mess." Bunny said in her boss voice.

She put the strap on back and in less than a minute the other girls were back and they watched as Rei mopped up Bunny's accident. "Don't you all look so cute! Once Rei finishes mopping up we can go." While Bunny was getting changed into another diaper she scrutinized her nurse and secretary. Ami's little sailor girl was incredibly sexy. Her little blue and white shorts had her diapers still poking out. Her top shows a lot of cleavage leaving a lot of skin exposed. Minako's princess outfit was as skimpy as revealing as it was elegant. Her lacy baby princess dress has a skirt as long as her nurse uniform and complimented her sexy figure flawlessly.

Rei then came in after mopping up Bunny’s accident and she couldn’t help but feel turned on at seeing how sexy Minako and Ami looked in their outfits.

“You two look so cute,” Rei gushed as they all headed out to the car.

“Thank you very much Rei,” Ami said before whispering. “So how was it with Bunny?”

“She’s the best there is,” Rei whispered back as they got in, “She had me cumming like a geiser.”

“I can’t wait till she does that to me next,” Ami purred as she was getting all wet and horny thinking about how to get bunny to fuck her little pussy.

Soon the quartet were in the car and they were on their way to the beach.


"Here we are." Bunny said as her and the rest of the girls waddled out to the beach and began setting up their umbrellas.

All the girls settled in and Minako decided to go out and play in the shallow water. Minako's baby princess outfit absorbed the water as did her diapers when she reached waist deep level. "Rei come and play with me!" Minako shouted.

"Coming!" Rei yelled back waddling toward the water.

"Minako, Rei's diaper is soaked when you two get out I think all of us could use a diaper change!" Bunny shouted to her nurse who was now splashing playfully with her mechanic.

With the others gone Ami in her sailor suit walked up to Bunny who was tanning in her onesie. "Miss Bunny...I'm wet..." Ami said in her best little girl voice.

"Don't worry sweetie Minako and Rei will be back in a minute and we can get you in a fresh diaper ok?" Bunny said smiling at her little sailor girl.

"I didn't have an accident..." Ami said flipping her electric blue hair aside and laying down next to Bunny. Ami pressed her sexy sailor suit and diaper clad ass against Bunny's body.

"Well I'm glad I brought the strap on that fits over my diapers, I wouldn't want to have an accident on the beach." Bunny said giggling and strapping on a large dildo over her diaper. "Bend over my little sailor girl." Bunny ordered practically ripping off Ami's skirt in anticipation.

"Yes ma'am." Ami said seductively bending over at her waist and pulling aside her diaper. Bunny rode Ami's pussy hard making Ami gasp and cum in seconds but Bunny didn't stop. Ami gasped and lost bladder control pissing all over herself and shaking approaching a second orgasm. Ami moaned and gasped and was on the verge of tears when Minako and Rei came back and seeing Ami getting railed by Bunny's strap on. Ami turned red with embarrassment but it turned her on more. Ami was breathing hard and was having a hard time standing. Minako saw Ami getting fucked by Bunny and was starting to get wet.

"When's my turn miss Bunny?" Minako asked practically begging for it.

"Your next when we get back to the office if you can make me cum while I'm making Ami beg for more." Bunny said taking a finger and wiping off some of Ami's cum and licking if off her finger seductively. Minako wanted Bunny to fuck her so she decided to walk around behind her and unsnapped her onesie so she could get her hands down her diapers. Minako found Bunny dripping wet from anticipation. Rei watched and couldn't help but slip a hand down her diaper and start fingering herself. Ami was first to orgasm shaking her legs could barely hold her up. Rei was so turned on she got herself to a screaming orgasm in moments. Minako after minutes was bringing Bunny closer to cumming but each time she couldn't manage it. Minako desperate to make Bunny fill her diapers with more than just her piss made her pull out of Ami and turned her around kissing her passionately and playing with her pussy lips. Bunny gasped at the sudden passionate turn of events and soon was cumming all over Minako's fingers.

"Well Minako, I think we need that diaper change now I'm kind of hungry too." Bunny said gasping, Minako's hands still deep in her diaper.


Once all the girls were in clean dry diapers it was time for a meal. Minako and Ami were breast feeding Bunny and Rei when they heard the sound of a Ice cream truck near by. All the girls dropped what they were doing and with infantile delight made a dash to the truck. Breasts bouncing, nipples exposed Minako and Rei ran eagerly behind Bunny and Rei. In seconds, Bunny was ordering her ice cream from the girl driving the truck who was speechless at what she saw. The first woman was clearly wearing a thick diaper under her onesie which had stains of breast milk on it. Bunny also still had Ami's breast milk dripping off her chin. Next was Rei who's fairy dress was cute, her diapers were clearly exposed and wet. Rei also looked quite infantile with the pacifier around her neck and breast milk sliding down her chin. Minako was third, the young nurse had her massive E cup breasts exposed with her breast milk still trickling out of her nipples pooling at her feet. Her baby princess dress was half off since her breasts were out and she had a mini skirt that covered her diapers' waist band and that's it. Last but not least was Ami she had a sexy sailor girl outfit on but nothing to cover her thick wet diapers her sailor top was slung over her shoulders with her D cups breasts exposed and also still trickling milk down her bare stomach into her disposable diaper.

The young girl running the truck stared in awe at the infantile sexy women in front of her all she could manage was a confused, "umm can I help you women... Girls...babies?"


On the way back to the office enjoying the ice cream and reminiscing about the day Bunny commented. "We made that cute girl so nervous." She said giggling sucking on her Popsicle.


To be continued...

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