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       " Caught by a Female Security Guard "

                  By BooBooBritches


        I had just moved in to a very nice gated community and was thoroughly looking forward to some privacy.  You see, I have a bit of a strange hobby, I like to wear diapers and dress like a baby, and I felt, that with the privacy this community offered, it would be the perfect fix for me.


         I had been here for just over a month now and was feeling extremely comfortable with my living situation, plus the security here was top notch.  I had met a couple of the gate officers and the day time patrol officers, all seemed very professional and courteous, but little did I know, I was about to meet an officer that worked the swing shift, 3-11:30 p.m., and she would change my life as I know it, from this day forward.


          I was feeling quite frisky so I decided to go to the extremes and totally go the baby route for the evening.  I diapered myself with a very thick, overnight diaper, held up by a couple pink bunny diaper pins, then of course a pair of the most infantile plastic pants I had, I finished off my ensemble with a babyish looking t-shirt and a pair of white booties.


           Now just to make sure I enjoyed the full baby experience, l inserted two Dulcolax Suppositories up my bottom anticipating a full diaper within an hour and a half or so.


           Unexpectedly, about an hour after I had diapered up, my car alarm went off in my driveway, I peeked out the window and didn't see anything so I figured a cat must have set it off, it had happened before.  So I quickly threw on a bathrobe over my tee and diaper and went out the front door to reset my car alarm.


            Once I had reset the alarm, I headed back inside, but froze, when I realized, I had inadvertently locked myself out of my house, I immediately checked all the windows, hoping that maybe I had left one unlocked, unfortunately, I hadn't.


             What happened next I can only assume, that perhaps one of my neighbors saw me prowling around my house and called for security, within a matter of minutes, two patrol cars came from different directions and stopped in front of my house and driveway, both shining their spotlights on me.


             Anyway, one of the officers recognized me and we all had a pretty good laugh when I explained what had happened, the officer that knew me said he would go get the emergency back up key so I could get inside, but told the other officer to stay with me until he returned.


             The security officer that stayed with me was a total knockout, blonde, hazel-green eyes and a body to die for.  While we were standing there talking, she asked me if I would be more comfortable sitting in her patrol car, so we both headed down the driveway to her vehicle, less then half way there, the Dulcolax kicked in and before I had a chance to react, I was standing there, making a messy diaper, in front of this super hot chick.


             She turned and noticed I wasn't following and came back up towards me, but stopped just a few feet away, and I noticed she was looking at my waist area, I then realized that the front part of my robe had come undone and my diaper and infantile plastic pants were totally exposed.  She came a bit closer, then carefully opened my robe a bit more, smiled, then said, "Well, well, well, what do we have here, it seems I've found a little lost baby that's trying to get back in to his mommy".


               Then the humiliation and embarrassment hit me as she looked at me, wrinkled her nose, then gave my bottom a pat and said, " Hmmm, not only is this little baby lost, but I think someone's got a poopy diaper and needs his mommy to change him", just then the other officer got back and the female officer told me, "Don't you move, I'll be right back with your keys".


                After she ran down to her partner, she came back up with the keys as I watched her partner pull away, she then unlocked my door, and motioned for me to step inside, once inside, she told me she gets off in just over an hour and she would be back, and if I knew what was good for me, I'd better still be in that same diaper, she said she was going to take care of me and she would change my stinky diaper, and if I refused, she would let everyone know what she saw, then out of the blue, she helped take my bathrobe off and turned me around, and before I realized what she was doing, she peeked down the back of my diaper, stating that I was a stinky baby, then I saw the flash of her cell phone go off a couple times, and I knew, I'd be in this dirty diaper now for at least another hour, waiting anxiously and excitedly for this super hot chick to come back and be my mommy!!!!!!!!!



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