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The Punishment

Im 24 years old and still live at home unsure of what I would like to do with my life.
My parents told me that if I didn’t have a solid life plan by my 24th birthday that I would be sorry.
My birthday passed and I guess that they were bluffing because nothing happened to me. I finally realized that I wanted to be a photographer and I was starting to figure out a plan but it didn’t seem to work out very well.

One day last week my mom came to me and asked what my plan was for a career and I told her of my plans of becoming a photographer. She was happy to hear the plans but she asked me for the business plan but I didn’t have one for her.
She got very upset with me and started to lift me over her lap and she started spanking me really hard… she spanked me until I was extremely red on my bare bum.

After she spanked me she took my wallet and anything that represented me being an adult and locked it all into another room. I have not found the room yet but then once she locked my stuff came back to my room and told me to stand up so I did. Once I did stand up she started taking off my clothes until I was in my bra and undies and started measuring me from my head to toes, my chest area, arms & legs even my inner thighs and around my private areas. I felt extremely violated but I was too afraid to say anything because I had been spanked really hard before because I had no business plan. Anyways she finished her measurements and then she re-dressed me and then left my bedroom.

One month later I come home from work and I go into my room to find it empty.
My mother walks into my room right after me and grabs me by the arm, she then proceeds to blindfold me and then she lies me down on the floor.
At this point I’m extremely terrified as to what is happening as I feel something really thick between my legs. I try to ask her what is going on but something is in between my lips and feels like it’s stuck so I am unable to talk. After I am able to stand up I lose the ability to walk because it feels extremely thick between my legs and I just fall over so my mother lifts me up and brings me to this thing that is like a cage and places me down and leaves.

Eventually I take off my blindfold once I know that she is gone and I look down and I’m dressed in a onesie with snaps. I feel where my snaps are and I realize that I am wearing 10 Bambino diapers with plastic pants underneath my onesie.
I touch my lips and realize that I have a pacifier in my mouth and if I try to spit it out it just becomes tighter in my mouth.
I cry as loud as possible and my mom comes walking in and she looks at me and says: aww did my baby girl take off her blindfold and realize how she looks?  Well too bad this is your punishment for not being ready to grow up and now you will never have to grow up again as long as I live.

I start getting hungry and she sees this so she goes to the kitchen with me in her arms and she places me in the highchair that was assembled and straps my legs in, then straps me in from the top as well and eventually gets the tray and places that on the top of the highchair. Finally once she is satisfied that I am unable to move a muscle she walks to the counter and purees me some food and makes me dinner. She comes back to me and ties a bib around my neck then proceeds to sit down in front of me.
She spoon-fed me some green stuff that was very disgusting and I kept spitting it out but she kept putting it inside of my mouth.
After mom was satisfied that I finished my dinner she came back with dessert and she started spoon-feeding me some apricots. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom and I was squirming and my mom could see this and she says baby have to do pee pee or poo poo and I look at her and shake my head saying yes. So she says well do what you have to do, you have diapers on and walks away with the apricots. She comes back two minutes later with some purple mush and feeds me it and right away I can taste that its prunes, and I just cant hold it anymore after one spoon she knows what I am doing and smiles. She says baby going poopy in her dydies? Good girl, I laced all of your food with special dose of diuretic & laxatives.

Once she told me what she did, she took me out of the highchair and then took a baby bottle that was sitting on the counter and took me up to my bedroom with the bottle in her other hand. I looked around at what I saw in my room; there was an oversized changing table, an oversized crib, a bunch of shelving, a diaper pail, at least 10 years worth of Bambino diapers along with an oversized rocking chair.

I stared at what my bedroom had become and I started to cry, at this point mom was holding me and she was shushing me and we walked to the rocking chair sitting in my nursery and she held me in her lap while I nursed on the baby bottle of formula that she had made me. Eventually I had fallen asleep in her arms and she placed me in the crib but I didn’t feel her move me. I woke up in the middle of the night wailing not realizing that I had a video screen baby monitor and I got scared when the door open and I saw my dad lift me from the crib and rock me back to sleep after putting my pacifier back into my mouth.

The next day I woke up and I couldn’t stand up and I got scared so I started to cry some more and then both mom & dad walk in and just stare down at me in my fleece onesie sleeper with footies.  While mom is changing my diapers after forgetting to change me the night before she realizes that I leaked out and she had to change the sheets in my crib after putting me into 20 Bambino diapers with my plastic pants and another onesie with a very frilly dress over top that barely covered my diapered bottom.
Dad came up and looked at me and said, oh good were ready and I just sit there frozen and I start to cry at the top of my lungs. Dad comes up behind me and scoops me up and places the pacifier back into my mouth and I instantly lower my crying but I don’t stop. Mom comes up to dad and gives him a bottle of laced warm milk and I instantly fall asleep in dad’s arms.

I wake up and realize that I am strapped into a very large car seat that is just like the ones that newborns are taken home from the hospital in.

I look around and start to cry again and I try to squirm to get out but mom see’s this and just tightens my straps on the car seat and then places a bottle in my mouth and I instantly start to suckle.

Mom decides that while Dad is getting gas that she will check my diapers and sure enough she decides that there almost overflowing so she gets 25 Bambino diapers out of her bag and changes me in the back of the car before leaving for our destination.

I guess I’m stuck like this forever but I am getting used to this but I don’t like this treatment.

I’m very scared of how my family will now treat me but I’m sure that we will see that soon.

Hopefully one day someone will realize how I am being treated and will think that I don’t deserve it and try to reverse it. I guess I’m stuck like the adult baby that I have been forced into until there is a miracle.

Written By:  Curious One2490

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