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Tammy Returns to Daddy


                Daddy and Tammy get the van unloaded and they settle onto the couch and rest for a bit.  Daddy reaches round Tammy’s shoulders and draws her to him.  Tammy rest her head against his chest and lets out a loud sigh.  Daddy giggle silently as he thinks about the things he has in plan for his little girl.

                Daddy then leans Baby Tammy forward and puts his hand on the top of her jeans and pulls them hard back to look at her diaper.  He is unable to see down inside her jean so Daddy says “Stand up Baby and lets check your didee and see if she needs a change before we settle in to supper.”

                Tammy stands up and turns to face Daddy.  Daddy grasps the front of her jeans and unfastens the button and lowers the zipper.  Tammy instinctually wiggles from side to side as Daddy pulls the jeans down to her feet.  Tammy steps out of the pants one foot at a time and has one hand on Daddy’s shoulder to steady herself.   When she is free of the jeans, Daddy reaches up strongly and compresses the wet soggy diaper into her crotch.

                Wow!  Baby did not stop the whole way home did she? Daddy ask.  “No Daddy, I in hurry come home.” Is her reply.

                “Well this is soaked and will not handle anymore so lets get Baby change into a dry didee and ready for supper.”

                With that Daddy stands up and takes Tammy by the hand and leads her down the hall to the bathroom.  Tammy is kinda confused as to why they did not just go the nursery where all the supplies are, but she dismisses it.  Daddy lays Tammy down onto the rug on the bathroom floor.  He then leaves her on the floor to play with the bathtoys that are spread all about the floor.  Daddy is not gone long, and when he returns he is holding a new disposable diaper and a pair of Rubber Panties.  Daddy kneels down at Baby’s feet and begins to loosen the tapes.

                Daddy pulls the top part of the diaper down between her legs and blows a cold breath onto her damp skin.  The sensation is ticklish and erotic as well.  Tammy thinks that Daddy may have ideas of sex running through his mind.

                Daddy grabs Tammy’s ankles, presses them together and raises her hiney off the wet diaper and pulls it from underneath her.  And while Daddy has her hiney off the floor he gives her 4 quick hard slaps on the bottom.  Tammy lets out a yelp of pain and surprise.  “That is for not telling Daddy you where wet when you got here.  You might have had a leak all over my carpet.  Now don’t do that ever again!”

                Yes Daddy I do beter, is all she can whisper to him.

                With that, Daddy slides the fresh diaper under her bottom and eases her hiney down onto it and then applies a generous amount of powder to her diaper area and pulls the front up between her legs.  Daddy flattens the sides and places the tapes tight.

                Daddy stands up and reaches down and takes Tammy by her hands and pulls her up to her feet.  He turns her to the door and swats her swaddled bottom and tells her to go to the livingroom and wait for him.  As she heads off down the hall, Daddy heads to the kitchen.

                Tammy walks to the couch and sits in the far corner and pulls her feet up onto the couch and under her.  She wishes Daddy had turned the TV on so she could watch her cartoons.  She doesn’t know if Daddy would be upset if she turned it on or if she asked him too.  It seems that Daddy is a mind reader as he comes in and does just that.  Daddy turns on the TV and puts it on the Cartoon Network.  Daddy smiles at his baby as he turns to the kitchen.

                Daddy is preparing his surprise for his baby.  Things will be indeed different for her.  He has a plan and he will put it all into motion tonight and Baby will be his from now until the end of time.

                Daddy is fixing a steak for himself to celebrate the return of his girl. And for Baby, well she will have chopped ham and veggie cubes.  Daddy will enjoy some red wine but Baby will have a sippy of milk with a little extra.

                Baby is sitting in the living room watching a Scooby doo movie on the network as Daddy calls for her to join him in the kitchen.  Baby climbs off the couch and waddles into the kitchen and walks to her high chair.  She waits for Daddy to pick her up and place her into her chair.  Daddy reaches for her ribs and lifts her into her chair and fastens the straps so she will not fall out.  Tammy raises her hands high into the air as Daddy slides the locking tray onto the arms of the chair and slides it till it locks.  Tammy lowers her arms and places them on the tray to wait for her supper to be served.

                Daddy places her sectioned tray in front of her and tells her to wait till he says it is okay.  “yesum Daddy” is her reply.

                Daddy places his plate and glass of wine on the table then heads to the fridge to get his girl her sippy of milk.  He places the sippy on the tray and sits down into his chair.  “Okay Baby you can begin to eat your supper.”

                With that Baby picks pieces of her veggies and put them in her mouth and feeds herself.  Daddy takes his time in eating his meal.  Tammy sips her milk though it seems slightly thicker than normal but she really doesn’t care.  She is home and all lis right with the world.  There is very little talk between them.  Daddy seems distracted and Baby doesn’t want to make him angry with her.  A giggle passes her lips.  Daddy quickly turns his eyes to her to see what is so funny.  Daddy sees her fingers chase a cubed carrot across the tray.  Baby’s coordination seems to be going crazy.  Baby’s head is beginning to droop.  Baby begins to laugh at herself and how things seem to be swirling around.  Daddy cant help but watch her as she slowly drifts off to the effect of the sedative he has put into her milk. Baby’s head is now resting against her chest and the laughter has stopped, deep breathing is all Daddy hears from his little one.

                Daddy know his little will be totally out of it for 12 to 16 hours.  He finishes his Wine and dinner.  He will put his plan into full effect tonight.





Part 2


                Tammy groggy as it seems her eyes will not open.  She tries to turn onto her side but cant seem to roll to either side.  She becomes scared.  Now with determination she forces her eyes open.  She can barely focus on the mobile hanging above her head.  Everything seems disjointed.  She can barely feel her body.  The light is dim in the nursery, well she assumes it is the nursery as Daddy would not have the mobile in his room.  Sensations are slowly coming to her.  She feels a tube in her mouth but cant spit it out as it is fasten into her mouth. Her arms are wrapped around her chest.  Tammy is now becoming very scared.  She does not know what is going on. She tries to close her legs but they are wide apart.  She feels a very very thick diaper on her bottom.  She starts to cry.  What has she gotten herself into now?

                Then all the sudden it gets very bright in the room,  She blinks her eyes to try and get them to readjust to the new situation.  She can hear Daddy’s foot steps across the hard wood floor and now she knows it is truly the nursery as it is the only room in the house with wood floors.

                “So baby is awake now.  Did you sleep well? Oh you cant talk with the feeding tube in can you?  Well let Daddy explain what is going to happen over the next few months.  You will be here in the nursery 24/7 mostly secured in the crib as you are now.  Every other day I will take you out of the crib so you can walk and play.  But we are going to work on your potty training to totally untraine you.  But we will also work on your body.  I know you are upset about your tiny titties, well we are gonna do a lot of work on them.  I am gonna feed you foods, drinks and medications like Domperidone to get you to lactating and you will learn to drink your own milk along with your formula.  Does that sound good?”

                “urrragh” is the only sound she can get out past the tube.

                “Now you have got to feel this.”  Daddy says as he walks to the machine placed on the floor next to the crib.  She hears the whirl of the pump and feels the rhythmic tugging on her nipples.

                Your little titties will grow and you will be proud of them as will I. Daddy says as he smiles down on his charge in her helpless state.  Now it is time for breakfast, he goes on to say as he opens a can of Simulac and begins to pour it into the funnel that is held high over the head of the crib.

                “Your diaper is three cloth diapers put on you so you will not need a change for a while sweety.”

                Tammy learns quickly to plug the tube with her tongue so she can swallow the contents of her mouth with out drowning.  She takes the fluid as fast as she can as it does not have a very pleasant taste.  It is funny, but she is no longer scared.  Daddy has told her want to expect and it is every thing she has wanted but was afraid to ask.  But is was also more than she could have hoped.  Daddy was truly looking out for her best intrest.  Though he did not mention her surgery but at this point she did not care.  She is his! From now till the end of time.

                Daddy stayed in the room till all of her breakfast was taken.  He turned on the Television in the room and raised the head of the bed so she could just see the TV.  Daddy leaned down and gave a long loving kiss on her forehead as he stroked her hair.  He then whispered how much he loved his baby. He then left the room.  She knew that it was late morning by which show was on the Cartoon network and Daddy had to go to his office down the hall and get to his work.

                She watched the shows as they came and went.  Daddy would come in about every hour or so and check on her and give her a drink through her tube.  He would smile and ask her if she had wet, and Tammy would gently shake her head yes or no.  In her water was the medication to help her milk production and Daddy knew you inactivity would slow her biology so he also slipped a mild diuretic and laxative.

                Suddenly Tammy hears the machine fire up and the whirling begin.  She feels the suction and tugging on her nipples.  It is not painful.  Far from that, it is erotic.  Tammy feels her needs awaken.  As the rhythm goes on, her sensations grow more and more.  She cant call to Daddy to come satisfy her need.  She can only lay in her situation and endure it.  Her eyes close tight and she sees vision in her head of the things biggies do with each other.  With a massive flash of white in her eyes she feels the diaper grow wet against her skin.  Did she orgasm or did she wet herself?  She is so confused with the things going on in her body she cant tell.  A bead of sweat rolls down her temple and just like that the 20 minutes of pumping is over.  She can relax.  As her body release the stress of the past few minutes she falls gently to sleep.

                Daddy walks in on his girl and finds her fast asleep,  he slides his hand down the front of her diaper and finds that she has wet it on the inside diaper.  He decides he will not wake her to change her and she has plenty of diaper left to absorb any amount she could add to it.  So he again leans in and lovingly kisses her on top of her head and silently walks out of the room and returns to the contract he has drawn up on his computer.

                Tammy is awaken by a deep thirst.  She hopes Daddy will come in and give her one.  She cant voice her needs to him.  She can feel a fimilar rumbling in her tummy.  She looks to the changing table to see the clock.  It is lunch time and Daddy will be in shortly to give her another feeding.  It was then that it occurred to her that what goes in has to come out.  Her eyes fly open wide when it really sinks in.  Daddy said he was going to un-train her.  Daddy not only wants her to be wet but also to loose control of her bottom.  She is mortified.  What can she do?  When Daddy get her out of the bed tomorrow she can run for the door!  But she would loose the man she loves.  She will loose the only other person in her life.  But can she live in that condition?  YES! Yes she will  be all he wants.  She needs to do this for him, and on some level she needs to do I for herself.  She would do it occasionally by accident before but this will be different.  She would feel no shame, She would be proud to be Daddy’s good little girl.

                Daddy walks in the door.  “Ah sweepy head is awake! That is good I did not want to have to wake you but it is time for you lunch.  See this?”  Daddy ask as he hold up a large can of Slimfast.  They give this to folks with a feeding tube because is it is so nutritious.  And it comes in flavors!  So you will love it.”  Daddy walks over to the funnel, opens the can and slowly pours the contents into the opening allowing Tammy time to swallow what has flowed into her mouth. “And it is time for your medication. So here is your milk pill and pee pee and poopsie meds also, so be a good girl for Daddy and take it all.”  Tammy shakes her head up and down to show him she has accepted her new position.

                Daddy is pleased with himself and very pleased with her.  Daddy leans on the crib and states that his girl will never leave him again, that she is his with a devilish grin on his face.  Tammy knows Daddy is playing with her so she tries to smile with the tube being attached to her mouth it is hard so she just squints her eyes.  Daddy giggles and tickles her tootsies.  So he walks out of the room and leaves Tammy to her shows.

                It isn’t long till Tammy feels pressure in her bottom.  She rocks side to side to help hold the contents o her bowels in.  She remembers Daddy’s statement about un-training.  Why is she fighting it?  It is pointless and it is what Daddy wants, and it is up to her to please him.  She relaxes as best she can.  It is a few more minutes and the pressure becomes enough to over power her weight that is pressing her bottom into the diaper and it mass begins to ease out of her and into its new home in her diaper.  It only takes a few minutes for the odor to get to her.  Wow this will have to change if she is to continue this.  If Daddy takes this tube out she will ask nicely for something to get rid of the odor,  maybe it exist.

                It is that time again.  The machine starts its whirling and the cups are at it again.  The feelings are starting to rise in her again. But this time it is different,  She feels and smells the pooh in her diaper and the flood of pee in her diaper.  The sensation are way too much for her! She has orgasm after orgasm into her diaper.  Her mind is reeling.  She lays back and just let go.  More stinky escapes her bottom and she wets like she has never wet before.  She blacks out from sensory overload.

                The machine runs for its time and turns itself off.  She is left totally drained as Daddy walks in to the room.  He lets out a big gasp as his nose is assaulted with the smell she has already grown accustom too.   Daddy gently wakes her girl.  “Baby?”  a gentle pat on the head.  “Baby, wakey we have to get you cleaned up before you get a rash, even though that might be fun for me it sure would not be fun for you.”  Daddy releases her ankle cuffs and she draws her knees up to her.  Daddy picks Baby up and carries her over to the changing table and lays her down.  Daddy pulls the rubber pants down to her ankles and over her feet.  Daddy then opens the oversized pins which hold the diaper on her.  Daddy opens Tammy’s legs and pulls the front of the diaper down between her legs.  Daddy takes her ankles in one hand and pulls the skyward and uses the front of the diaper to wipe the pooh from her bottom as best he can.  Daddy is talented as he takes the diaper in one swoop balls it up and tosses it into the diaper pail as if he has been practicing for weeks.  Daddy takes a number of wipes and cleans her bottom and the sticky goo from her orgasms.  When he is sure he has her clean, he takes  out three more cloth diapers and lays the under her and rubs diaper cream on her bottom and then powders her up good. “This will head off any possible rash if I cant get to your bottom all the way.  Now I will have to look for a deodorizer for your poopies.”  Wow it is as if he can read her mind.

                This will be your life for the next few months till you are the way I want you. Daddy says.  When you leave this room you will be the Baby I have always dream of and you will be totally please with yourself.  Now back to bed with you. It is supper time for us both.  I will feed you and then I will eat my dinner alone.  Daddy no sooner finish what he was saying, he picked her up and carried her back to the bed and tighten the straightjacket holding her arms against her chest and fasten the ankle cuffs to the foot of the crib.  For supper she had two cans of Simulac and one strawberry Slimfast.  Again Daddy mixed her diuretic, laxative and her milk pill.  When she finished, Daddy kissed her forehead and left her to her cartoons.

                She can smell the food in the kitchen and longed for a taste. But she turned her full attention to the television.  It does not take long and she falls asleep.



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