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              " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma "


                              " CHAPTER XI "


               As I lay there, embarrassed that yet, another total stranger was seeing and changing a messy diaper of mine, I figured there was no way this could get any worse, wow, was I ever wrong.  Just as the cashier started wiping my mess with the corner of the cloth diaper, her manager walks in and as she's looking at me, I see her nose twitch while she says to the cashier, " Sorry to bother you but we just got slammed out front and I really need you to re-open your register, so if you could wash your hands and meet be back out front, I'd greatly appreciate it and I'll make your break up to you later ", with one more quick glance and a nose twitch in my direction, the manager turns and walks out of the changing room.


                The cashier extends her apologies to Kelly, and wiping her hands with a baby wipe she also leaves the room.  After the cashier is gone, Kelly laughs and says, " Well Stinky, looks like you chased another girl away because of your messy diapers ".  I couldn't even answer, I knew it wasn't because of my messy diaper, but I was still in shock about the manager seeing me in such a humiliating position.


                 Kelly brought me out of my stunned state when she swatted the inside of my thigh and told me to lift up as she methodically started wiping and cleaning me up while Sarah stood by with a couple of clean diapers and a clean Mickey Mouse print onesie.  Once I was clean, diapered and Sarah was snapping my clean onesie on me, she pulled my baby blue colored sweat pants up, gave my bottom a little love pat and announced that we were ready to go.  I knew I felt much better with a clean dry diaper but still dreaded walking out past the cashier and possibly even the store manager as we walked towards the front of the store.


                  To my dismay, Kelly stopped, with me holding her hand, long enough to tell the cashier thank you and good-bye, and before we could get out the door and back into the mall, the manager walked up to us, handed me a lollipop, smiled and said, " Here you go baby, we give lollipops to all of the good babies, now you try and keep that lil diapey clean and dry like a big boy, if you can ".  All the while she's talking to me, numerous people walk past us and smile at her comments, a couple of them even glanced towards my well padded bottom as if to confirm what they just heard the store manager say.


                   Once we got back in to the common area of the mall, Kelly asked Sarah if she wanted to go to the park and have a picnic, completely ignoring the fact that I'm standing there with them or caring about what I wanted to do.  Sarah says yes to Kelly but tells her they need to stop at the store and pick up a few goodies for their picnic, Kelly nods her head and we all head out of the mall towards Kelly's van.      


                    We stopped at a supermarket and finally, I didn't have to go in, Sarah jumped out of the van and told Kelly she would be right back after she picked up a few items for our impromptu picnic.  While Sarah was gone, Kelly finally talked to me as if I was an adult.  She asked me if I was having fun being a baby and if this is what I thought a baby would go thru on a daily basis, I told her I wasn't sure if this was what a real baby went thru, but that I was having fun, even though some of the situations I was subjected to were quite embarrassing and humiliating.  Kelly laughed and said, well there you go, you're going about it all wrong, and even though you think you're acting basically the same way a baby does, just because you wet and mess your diaper, that doesn't mean you're entirely acting like a baby, if you was, a real baby wouldn't be embarrassed or humiliated just because someone else seen them in a messy diaper or even helped change their diaper.


                     I reluctantly nodded my head in agreement and Kelly just smiled, as if she had just proved a vital point on the art of being a baby.  When I asked Kelly why she was doing this, she straight out told me, that when she heard about me and found out I was visiting Andrea for a couple weeks, she just had to volunteer to help baby-sit me because she had done a lot of reading on the subject of infantilism and she discovered that more then 50% of adult babys, in relation to them being treated like a baby, they also enjoyed the humiliation that came with being an adult still being kept in diapers and treated like a baby, and since she had a bit of a dominating streak in her, she thought it would be a great opportunity to actually embarrass and humiliate the baby-shit (pardon the expression) out of a willing subject. 


                    I was shocked at seeing this side of Kelly, that sweet, motherly, endearing babysitter whom I thought I had come to know in such a short time, but then again, after seeing that mischievious, impish grin she was giving me, I knew, Denny's and The Babys R Us store could very well be the beginning of a long day.  Then I thought back about what she had told Saundra and Andrea before we left, as pertaining to her and Sarah changing my diapers in public just for the purpose of embarrassing and humiliating me, and I realized, even though I had already experienced two diaper changes, both with strangers in attendance, neither had intentionally been done in public.  The first one was in the back of a van backed up against a wall where no one could see unless they actually tried, and the second one was in a private changing room, behind closed doors, and I knew, both Kelly and Sarah had outsmarted Saundra and Andrea when it came to having witnesses see me getting my diapers changed and my bottom wiped, just like a baby, and it also made sense now, Kelly was right by subjecting me to having my diapers changed in full view of others, since a real baby wouldn't care and that was more how I should be, if I truly wanted to be a baby.


                   By time we was done chatting, Sarah had come back with her arms loaded with plastic grocery bags and as she opened the back door opposite of my car seat, she started tossing the bags in the van, she looked at me, laughed and said, "OH Boy, do I have a BIG Surprize for our big baby boo, and speaking about surprizes, it's been almost a whole forty five minutes since we changed you, how ya doin there stinky, do you need your Aunties Sarah and Kelly to change your lil diapeys again? "  Both girls laughed as Sarah jumped in to the front seat, without even subjecting me to one of her infamous diaper checks, not that she would have found anything, I was clean and for the most part, dry.


                    Kelly must have drove about thirty minutes, at least it seemed like that, and when we finally reached what looked like a very nice park, she pulled in to a parking space near the restrooms.  Sarah jumped out first, then got in to the back seat and grabbed all of her grocery bags, Kelly got out, opened the door on my side and unfastened the seat belt on my car seat, and as she helped me out of the van, she gave my bottom a quick pat and a squeeze, looked at me, smiled and said, just checking.


                    We all walked over to one of quite a few picnic tables, all set up in a cluster around two public bar-b-que pits, and I was happy to see the park was basically empty other then a few joggers here and there, but there were no families or kids anywhere in sight so I silently breathed a sigh of relief feeling that at least I wouldn't be embarrassed here, WOW, was I ever wrong.  while Sarah was getting food she had bought for the picnic out of the bags,, she asked Kelly if she remembered to bring my diaper bags down, Kelly said no and immediately ran back to the van, and soon returned with both of my diaper bags.  Sarah went thru both diaper bags and with a self satisfied smirk on her face she said, just what I thought, this little stinker doesn't have a bib, she grabbed one of the grocery bags, and pulls out a colorful, infantile bib with the saying " I'm Mommys Lil Stinker ", when Kelly seen this, she burst out laughing and said, " OH MY GOD, that is so precious, and it describes Baby Boo perfectly".


                    While Kelly is setting up food for the picnic, Sarah walks behind me and expertly ties the bib around my neck, and I realize, this bib fit me perfect and that it was one of those full frontal plastic bibs they have for toddlers, and on me, it came down just to the top of my tummy, making me look like any other baby getting ready to be fed.  Sarah then came around, looked at me and said, " Aren't you just the cutest lil baby with hims little baby bibby on all ready for hims din din ", Kelly laughed and asked Sarah to give her a hand setting up our picnic.


                    Sarah grabbed another grocery bag and started pulling out jars of Gerber's Baby Food, then pulled out what looked like a brand new Baby Spoon, the kind with the hard colored plastic on the end, hands it to me and says, " Here ya go stinky, play with this while your Auntie Kelly and I finish getting your din din ready ", and I think to myself, this is kind of fun, but that thought soon goes head first out the window of my brain when I see a minivan pull up and two young looking, motherly types, get out, both toting an infant, and then they open up the side door and out pop three toddlers, barely three years old, if even that, and I think, Oh No, I'm sitting here with a bib on, both my babyish diaper bags in plain view on top of the picnic table and Sarah is planning on feeding me Gerber's Baby Food, how much more embarrassing can this get and what else could possibly go wrong ...........................................................


to be cont. 


  " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma "


                              " CHAPTER XII "


                I'm not sure if Kelly planned it this way or it was just a fluke, but she left me playing with my baby spoon while her and Sarah fixed them both sandwiches and got their lunch together, thus, allowing more time for the two young mothers who had just pulled up, to get set up and situated on the very next picnic table, and while Kelly and Sarah exchanged greetings with the two young mothers, I couldn't help but notice both young mothers looking at me with a sort of fixed stare.


                 As our two new neighbors went about their business of getting their toddlers situated and fed, Sarah stuck a baby bottle of formula in my mouth and said loudly, " Here ya go Baby, drink this until your aunties get your din din ready ", and I saw both young mothers attempt to stifle a laugh as they both looked my way.  I embarrassingly nursed the baby bottle attempting to look the other way and not make eye contact with the two young girls.


                  It was Kelly that finally broke the ice as she started to explain to the two young girls about me, and to my shock, Kelly told them the truth and did not label me as being slow, she actually told them that I wanted to know what it was like to be treated like a baby for an entire month so they were just obliging me and trying to make it as real as possible, both girls looked shocked at first but then to my surprise, they both laughed and one of them told Kelly, " That is the craziest thing I've ever heard of, but when you think about it, it's also so damn cute and totally funny ", and as I expected, the barrage of questions came almost immediately as both girls came over to our table and sat down, each holding a baby as the toddler played in the sand at the edge of the playground just a few feet away.


                   The girl sitting the closest to me said she was Karen and her friend was Teri, and as Karen looked at me while I sucked on my baby bottle, she asked.............


Sooooo, is he drinking milk or do you have him on formula?


Kelly:  Oh no way is he drinking milk, he has to drink formula, just like any other baby, it's Infants Good Start and we do add a little flavoring, like vanilla or chocolate so it doesn't taste too awfully yucky.


Karen:  That is so cute, but I bet it still tastes yucky, does he take all of his drinks from a baba or do you let him use a sippy cup now and then?


Kelly:  He's still on the bottle, we haven't weaned him yet and we feel the sippy cup would be just way too messy for him, he needs to learn how to hold and nurse his lil baba first before we can trust him with a sippy cup like a big boy.


Karen:   We noticed his cute little bib, does he feed himself yet or do you still have to feed him, and if you feed him, what do you feed him, (and with a giggle, she asks), is he on solids yet?


Kelly:  No, he doesn't feed himself yet, but hims is getting so close so we let him play with his little plastic spoon because hims likes to pretend, and yes, we have him on solids, but mainly Gerber's Baby Food, altho sometimes I wonder why ( as she waves her hand in front of her face and wrinkles her nose).


Karen:  Are you insinuating he makes stinkies in the potty (as all 4 girls laugh)


Kelly:  In the potty, OH MY GOD, I wish !!!!


Karen:  Wait, are you saying he isn't potty trained yet and you still have him in diapers?  NO WAY !!!!!!


Kelly:  Well of course he's still in diapers (as Kelly walks behind me and gestures for me to stand up and as I do, Kelly pulls down my baby blue sweat pants revealing my Mickey Mouse onesie and the obvious cloth diaper peeking out the sides near the insides of my thighs).


Karen;  (As both Karen and Teri laugh), OH MY GOD, you really do have him in diapers (as Karen gets closer and looks, then sticks two fingers inside my onesie to feel the cloth diaper), OH WOW, you're actually keeping him in cloth diapers?


Kelly:  Yes, we prefer cloth over the disposables, the cloth give him more of a babyish look plus it's easier to know when he needs changed.


Karen:  WHEN HE NEEDS CHANGED?  Are you telling us you make him actually use his diapers?


Kelly:  Well of course he uses his diapers, that's part of being a baby and if he truly wants to know what it's like to be a baby, wetting and messing his diapers is all a part of being a baby.


Karen:  WHOA WHOA WHOA, are you saying you not only make him wet his diapers, but you also make him poop in them too?


Kelly:  Well yea, if he's gonna wet his diaper like a baby, he may as well poop his diaper too, it's just another dirty diaper to change, no biggie.


Karen:  OH WOW, this is really way too much, so you're telling us that you actually change his diapers, just like you would a baby, doesn't that become a bit of a hassle, I mean, it's not like you can just pick him up and put him on a changing table (all four girls laugh)


Kelly:  Yes, sometimes, but for the most part, we usually just change him on the floor or on a bench, except at home, we usually change him in his crib there, and yea, it's a bit of a hassle sometimes, but I'm sure you've both shared that feeling when you're changing your babies at times, (Then Kelly pulls my sweat pants all the way down, tells me to sit down and when I do, she pulls them the rest of the way off, feeling them to make sure they're still dry).


Karen:  Oh yea, these little stinkers can pick the most inopportune times to have a blow-out and need changed immediately.


Kelly:  OH WOW, TALKING ABOUT BLOW-OUTS, Baby Boo here can sure match anything your babies can do, and then some, we just changed his poopy blowout just this morning in the parking lot at Denny's.


Teri:  So did I hear you right, he sleeps in a crib at home?


Kelly:  Yes he sure does, and he looks absolutely adorable, especially when we go in first thing in the morning and he's laying there, turning red and embarrassed because we wrinkle our noses and ask him if someone's stinky?


Teri:  (As she laughs) Oh yea, I can sure relate to that experience, especially that look they give you when you wrinkle your nose and call them stinky, but my baby doesn't turn red from embarrassment, she's usually happy to see me and if she is turning red, it's usually because she's grunting and still filling her diaper ( all four girls laugh and agree ).


Sarah:  Hey Kelly, maybe she has a point there, maybe we better start asking Boo if he's still filling his diaper because he's turning red, especially since baby's aren't supposed to get embarrassed, especially for doing something that they do naturally.


Karen:  (Looks at me and smiles) AWWWW, does hims gets embarrassed when hims has a yucky, poopy diapey?


All four girls start laughing and Kelly looks at Karen and to my shock and embarrassment she says............


Kelly:  When you was feeling his cloth diaper, did you happen to notice if he was wet?


Karen:   UMMMM, NO, wasn't really feeling to check for that, are you saying you do diaper checks on him just like you would a baby?


Kelly:  Well of course we do, when we first got him back in diapers, we expected him to tell us when he was wet or dirty and needed changed, but to our surprise, he wouldn't tell us so we had to start checking his diapers just like we would a baby to see if he needed changed.


Karen:  So you're saying when you check his diaper, you actually stick a your fingers in the front to see if he's wet and you peek down the back of his diaper to see if he's poopy?


Kelly:  Yes, we check him exactly like we would a baby, unless of course he's got a onesie on like he does today, then we have to either lean down and smell his bottom or carefully lift his diaper at the thigh and take a peek in to see if he's messy.


Karen:  WOW, I am totally flabberghasted, you girls are really treating him like a baby as much as possible, that's amazing.


Kelly:  Yuppers, you're absolutely right, altho we did make one promise to him.  We told him we would never embarrass or humiliate him by changing his diaper in front of strangers or in public.


Karen:   HMMMM, I'm not too sure you're treating him exactly like a baby then.


Kelly:  What do you mean, what are you talking about?


Karen:  HMMM, Let's see, maybe I can show you easier then I can explain it to you.


Karen then hands Kelly her baby she's been holding and asks her if she could do her a favor, when Kelly answers sure, Karen asks Kelly if she can check to see if her daughter needs her diaper changed and if so, would she mind very much changing her?  Kelly looked at Karen and said, yea, sure, I can do that and Kelly immediately stuck two fingers in the front of the baby's diaper, then said, she's wet and could Karen hand her one of her clean diapers for her.


As Karen was grabbing a clean diaper for her baby from her diaper bag she noticed Kelly carefully lifting, and then peeking in to her baby's diaper at the thigh, Kelly quickly and happily announced that the baby was just wet and not messy.  Karen handed Kelly the diaper and Kelly expertly and quickly changed the baby as I sat there watching, and I knew, I would soon be needing a change myself, and as I started relieving my bladder, I felt my tummy rumble and knew the formula I had just drank was going thru me like a hot knife thru butter, and before Kelly could hand the baby back to Karen, I felt that soft, warm, wet mushy-ness filling up the seat of my diaper, that combined with the warmth of the urine spreading through-out the front of my diaper.


In as much as I was a bit shocked by wetting and messing my diaper in front of these two strangers, my ultimate shock was yet to come.


Karen:  There you go, now do you understand what I'm saying, my baby didn't mind at all that one of my friends, as in you, not only checked her diaper but changed her diaper as well.  Now if you was truly treating Boo as a baby, you would say, Hey Karen, since I checked and changed your baby's diaper, can you return the favor and check Baby Boo for me?  That, would be treating him EXACTLY like a real baby.


Kelly looked stunned for a minute, then looked at Sarah and said, well, she did say we were friends and our promise was not in front of strangers, and since we're friends it's not like they are strangers, plus, I just checked him when we got here and he was still dry and clean then, and with this way of thinking and rationalization in her head, to my total humiliation, Kelly said.............




( All four girls started laughing ) 


Karen:  See, there you are, you're treating him just like a real baby now.  (As Karen walks over towards me)  C'MERE BABY BOO, LET'S SEE IF YOU'RE WET AND IF IT'S TRUE WHAT YOUR LIL BIB SAYS, THAT YOUR " MOMMY'S LIL STINKER "?


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