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BACK IN DIAPERS Part II the convention


Matthew had been with pippa for about 3 months and their mums had decied it was time to go on a road trip. pippa's mum had factored in diaperchange stops but this wasn't to be as while pippa and matthew were watching cartoons the ad matthew had been dreading had aired


TV: in store now new Pampers Little Prince Diaper very absorbent from teen to adult holds alot more than a standard adult diaper  dont for get if you have a entry form for the little princes covention listen out for your phone because little ones it could be you you get a stay in a nursery room that you share with another lucky contestant and for getting through to start 2 years supply of little prince diapers runner up 5 years supply and the winners from both catergorirs will become junior executive with proctor and gamble your office will be equipped with full diaper change faclities and a salalry of up tp $50,000 a year but remember you must get  here in a little price diaper.


Unsurprisingly the phone rang  mrs lane picked it up pampers were on the end and informed her matthew had qualified for the convention.

she went in to the lounge and said matthew with a sad look mummy will be losing you for 2 weeks a your off to the convention matthew gulped hard and started to cry and looked at pippa i cant do this i cant leave you.

Pippa looked lovingly in to his eyes and said since our mummys got together we became one family i will be here till you get back.


matthews mum came over to where they were both sitting raised her top and undid both sides of the nursing bra she brought all those months ago pippa was quick and fell asleep but matthew laid there with tears rolling down his face nuzzled with his mums milky nipple in his mouth suckling his mum was rubbing his head and wispering you get the life you want now sweetheart i will make you a deal if you decide to stay a baby i will support you your whole life if you wish to become an adult again you must be a good daddy to pippa matthew made his decision years ago he had wanted to be a baby again  his whole life but he objected to try and throw his mother of the scent he said to his mum he was going as a bABy he will come back a bABy.


Mrs White Came home and she saw matthew and his mum snuggled to gether on the sofa she came over to pippa she stirred and mrs white took pippa to the sofa and snuggled her to her breast she reached out and rubbed her stepson's diapered bottom and checked him. He was wet she turned to mrs lane and said i picked up the little prince diapers on nthe way back from the store they were on the shevles i have to admit i used one when i got stuck for 3 hours on the freeway. well said mrs lane looks like i have another little girl to change She stuck her hand in between pippa and her mother and slipped it in the diaper she was wearing she looked at her and said tut tut its diaper cahnge time when these to are in bed mrs white replied im old enough to do it my self thanks they leant towards each other and kissed deeply both bABies wimpered abit.


Mrs Lane told her their little boy is flying to the uk to attend the convention in Brighton she told her about the nurseries and how this years little price convention is international and the pampers people have asked if pippa could attend the pampers princess reunion in london so they agreed mrs lane would take pippa to london and mrs white takes matthew to Brighton matthew stirred from his mother and pippa asked her step mum to change her poopy diaper matthew was passed like a new born to mrs white and she offered her breast and he latched on he stopped looked up and said step mummy while i go to brighton will you look after mummy and pippa for me she said of course i will after we drop you off little one she lovingly rubbed his head and he latched back on after 20 mins he unlatched him self and aske for a diaper change mrs white picked the new little prince diaper they had thomas the tank engine on the front  and on the back welcome to sodor choo choo..


Departure day arrived very swiftly and the trip to airport had no hitches so they went to check in the airport had a large check in area with about 30 benches matthew and his family were on a direct flight to Gatwick airport it would take 12 hours but as they were flying in with virgin they had flatbeds to sleep on courtesy of pampers. they boared their flight and were sitting on the plane as the pilot started the engines pippa was reading the leaflet about her part in the pampers princess reunion in london mrs lane asked her to put the pamplet down and prepare for take off mrs white how ever was aranging to curtains to go around hers and matthews seats and pippa and mrs lanes seats to enable if necessary affect diaper changes and breastfeeding while on the flight the staff agreed one in the air the courtains would be fixed they were at the back of the compartment so no one would see them but just incase some one gets up to go to the loo and matthew or pippa were being fed or changed.


3 hours in to the flight mrs lane checked pippa her diaper was wet and she was getting abit hungry mrs lane drew the curtain got a diaper from the changing bag and procced to change pippa once this cramped diaper change happed she called the stewardess who took the used diaper and binned it mrs lane pulled up her top she had no bra on like mrs white for ease of breastfeeding gently took of the taped nipple pad and eased pippa on to her lap and started breastfeeding pippa.

matthew and mrs white were watching the in flight movie when matthew said step mummy i need to do poopy but not in the cabin mrs white took him from the seat and went to the toilet matthew hadn't  used the toilet in along time bit mrs white told him your not using it i am you just pee and poop your diaper mummy will clean you up soon as mrs whit has finishe peeing she opened matthews diaper pused the bulk of the poop in to the toilet cleaned him up and before she went for the spare diaper she took his penis and started rubbing it again with a baby wipe she rubbed him up down and around she wispered in his ear hows this my baby boy she rubbed him and she then dropped the baby wipe with his hard cock in front of her face she eased her lips over his throbbing cock and started sucking matthew was taken back and pulled him self out of her mouth and said what are we doing mrs white replied i have always wanted to suck your cock since i started changing your diapers on my desk at college matthew agreed to oral sex but no more mrs white replied well i was talking to your mum and pippa and i asked pippa if she would be jealous if i fucked you she said no along as she could fuck your mother in return your mum agreed and to prove it heres a video..


The video showed pippa and  matthews mum having oral and toy sex later pippa had her diaper pulled to one side and mrs lane was fucking her with a strap on matthew agreed when they get back to the seats they will fuck when the cabin goes quiet they got back to the seats to find pippas and matthews mums curtain was closed mrs white looked in to find pippa with no diaper and mrs lane giving her oral sex the movie had finished and most of the beds were flat they drew the curtain and mrs white opened his diaper his cock was hard as mrs white had been rubbing his diaper whilst sitting and waiting she took his cock in to her mouth and hungrily sucked it he nearly blew his load but he held it as mrs white stripped off her bottom half and rolled a condom on to his dick and wispered whilst fingering her self come on bABy Fuck mummys dripping wet pussy matthew did not hesitate one bit he buried his cock in to his teacher/stepmothers pussy and he fucked her deeply un till with a muted moan he came and she came he was just enjoying the orgasm he was having when mrs white moved him on to the bed next to her and squatted over his face on the bed mat she just took his diaper off on and she said little one how about a drink matthew had never tried watersports and he saw that it was a new thing so he tried it mrs white normally pissed on matthews mother but today she could have her fantasy fucking matthew and peeing in his mouth she didnt have much wee his mouth took most of it and he swallowed the rest


once he finished her pee it got to a point where he needed to pee him slef he said to her mummy can i pee in your pussy mrs white jumped a the chance he ripped the condom of his dick and placed her butt on the bed mat and as he entered he relaxed his pee squirted in to her pussy and leaked out of it quite a bit of it was matthews left over semen he hadnt blown the mat got soaked but they laid together in their wet ness for 20 mins mrs white asked matthew to wank him self off again when she saw he was ready to blow she pulled him sharply his cock entered her vagina he blew his full load in to her and she said thanks little one mummy needed your cummy


after getting dressed her self she diapered him and put his tracksuit back on it was close to 4 am they cleaned up and went to sleep. 9am the stewardess woke them and said we are serving break fast pippa was up and about and the chief stewardess aske mrs lane if she could change pippas diaper mrs lane agreed and pippa was changed in the isle by the stewardess the pilot by now was preparing to land the fasten seat belts sign was lit and everybody was ready to land.


they got through customs after 3 hours and were at the train station waiting for the booked first capital connect train to arrive the convetion was taking place in the brighton centre with a brand new purpose built nursery centre with the bABies being bused in to brighton the train arrived and as they got on all theycould see were young people with their parents with suitcases and diaper bags one mother was breastfeeding her son his name was matthew also he had come to the convetion from Dunstable he had been his mothers baby for years he was nearly 30 but he had no reason to grow up and become an adult the train arrived in brighton and everyone who was for the boys covention was to board a coach and parents were to leave them in the care of pampers. the nice lady from the drugstore kristen was the bus nanny and she quickly sorted out the other matthews diaper which had been soaked.


that moment matthew lane saw the young ladys waist band she was in diapers herself matthew asked her why are you wearing diapers she replied one i started working with the first pampers princess Jessica anderson we fell in love and we got married and she asked if i would stay in diapers with her and  live with her and her family and her mum breastfeeds me her and her sister liz.

Jessica designed the little prince diaper and she still like me wears diapers today they got to the nursery dorms and the went in side and names were decided who would sleep where the two matthews were put together the first pampers princess allocted the rooms and the rooms were everything a bABy boy could ask for


Each room has blue walls with yellow teddy bear border and each cot was blue with the name of the bABy a dropside and the quilt cover which matthews mum had chosen for him was his favorite the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the corner was a stack of little prince diapers in matt L's size and matt F's luck would have it they were the same size so they needed only one stack they  all made their way to the hall for lunch and the first days briefing jessica anderson told them about what they wear and that they have to use their diapers for everything no1 and 2 matthew had always tried to use the toilet for no2 but now he was being made to poop his diaper and tell his nanny robbie when he had done it.


each bABy Has Classes to attend two compusory classes the decision is yours to make bABy or man and pampers and your bottom. matthew chose i will always be mummys little boy, diapers in public, and the entrants had to see the nurse regualry for check ups in case of diaper rash it got to bedtime compusary 7pm robbie one of the 3 floor nannies came in to the room the boys were in and he brang two bottles of milk and he changed matt f in to the regulation onsie gave him his bottle and put him in his cot matthew felt his stomach cramp after the 3 portions of spagetthi bolognase he had for dinnner he wasnt suprised he need to poop but he asked robbie can i go to a toilet to poop robbie reminded him he was a bABy and bABies use their diapers matthew fround it hard to grasp pooping his diaper deliberatly not like being told to do it in his diaper by his step mother robbie sat down on a bean bag and beconed matthew to his lap matthew was straining his stomach was in pain robbie pulled him on to his lap put a pacifier in his mouth and removed matthews hands from his stomach and gently pushed matthew held on a long as possible but robbie said use your diaper little one of its a spanking and laxatives matthew didnt want a spanking because as it was explained he gets spanked in front of all the other bABies.


Robbie placed his right hand on his left hand with a hugging motion around matthews stomach he squezeed matthews tummmy and the back of matthews diaper started to fill matthew pooped a large amount in to his diaper he started to cry robbie cuddled him and said its ok little one i will change you just then kristen came in as she heard him crying over the monitors and said another stubborn pooper robbie agreed whilst with ninja precions changed matthews diaper dressed him in his teddy bear onsie and put him down and gave him the bottle of milk then kristen leaned over the cot and tucked him in she got a story book and started reading both boys fell asleep kristen leant over matthews cot and kissed him on the fore head he didnt even realise she had kissed him he laid there asleep she collected the empty bottles and walked out turning the light off as she went.


it got to 4am and both matthews were woken by  fire fighters picking them up out  of their cots and were taken outside one of the visiting digintaries had press the fire alarm and 3 stations in a 50 mile radius were alerted all of the boys were taken to green space outside the building the view must of been amazingly wierd for the firefighters as seeing 100 guys in onsies with visibly diapered bottoms as some of them had the flaps down whilst staff checked them. kristen was taking names as her stomach started to make that noise when you need to poo the alarm was turned of and everyone went back to bed kristen cme in to the nursery and said to both boys who were awake matthew f had peed his diaper and kristen had pooed hers she asked are you both ok do you want a drink both boys asked for orange juice matt f asked for a diaper change kristen changed him and as he was getting down he tripped and as he went down he smelt her poopy diaper and saw kristens trousers had  wet and brown patches in the folds of the legs he called to matthew tell robbie we have alittle girl who needs her diaper changed matthew pressed the button on his monitor and robbie said someone will come along in a minute and kristen was to remain there robbie arrived and removed the tea trolley and then left but standing in the dorway was a 55 ish woman who had a diaper bag with kristen across it she told her to get up on the changing table kristen obeyed without question she stuck a pacifier in her mouth and said my baby girl you still work to hard and mummy doesnt see much of you since you moved in with the andersons matthew asked her who she was and kristen said this is my mother she is one of the sponsors she told her speak when spoken to young lady. kristens mother told them about how it took her 20 years to tell them she wanted to wear diapers and she thought her mum would dishone her when she found that out and that she was a lesbian but her mother being she was her only daughter having kristen having 5 older brothers had alwys secretly wanted her baby girl to stay her baby girl she left kristens soiled trousers off and ordered her to stay like that for the rest of the convention she said it would make it eaiser for diaper changes mrs anderson had arrive with her and she came up to the room kristen was going down the hall she saw kristen and said have you been a naughty girl. kristen went red and said yes mummy daphnie i have and my mother changed me in front of the bAby boys im looking after mrs anderson smiledand said just because your staff doesn't mean you still cant be our bABy Girl too.


Matthew and Matt f could not sleep so they talked for three or so hours till wake up time the fire alarm had woken alot of the other convention goers too and they had 3 hours till the buses arrived to take them to the brighton centre 10 mins journey from the dorms robbie and and a gaggle of volunteers got the boys up and bathed diapered and took them down for breakfast at the dorms block uniform was diaper and tshirt but on the bus it would be diaper baby vest & tshirt and dungarees with snap crotch and a coat if it was cold but this was brighton known in the uk as the capitall of sleeze so diaper clad guys were not that unusual the boys had finished breakfast and had been dressed the buses had arrived out side and every body with their coats with mittens sewn in to cuffs and the hats and pacifiers clipped to the jackets left the dorms boared the buses and headed to the brighton centre


once the boys had arrive the convention was in full swing the locals had turned out in their droves to come most of the couples visiting for the day to the stalls and see wahts on offer were making use of the free diapers on offer and changing stations had a queues to them matthew got to see couples with older partners putting the younger partners in diapers and they also took them to the hall to see what acessories were on offer one couple brough an aww soo cute inflatable crib the daddy of the relationship saw matthew watching the crib being inflalted he beconed matthew over and said here littleone climb in with my bABy boy he looked at robbie and he agreed classes dont start till tommorrow this part is for today only. The daddy agreed matthew was adorable robbie gave him one of matthews diapers and said to matthew is it allright if daddy steve here checked his diaper matthew said aslong as robbie supervised matthews diaper was wet but he hadnt pooped it daddy steve was happy as matt f came in to the hall matt f saw daddy steve and shouted uncie steve matthew being a member of the Adult Baby Club in london Daddy Steve was someone he new well daddy steve picked up matthew and put him back in the infalatable cot and he picked up matt f and they had the most amazing cuddle matthew had seen between to guys steve said is my little boys diaper wet or dry matt f replied you know its wet soon as i came trough the door his bABy Boy Ben had made friend with matthew and told him they always meet matt f at the ABC and gave matthew a card from his track top.


Matthew finally saw that just becuse he was put back in to the baby world for wetting the bed but he saw that he belonged to that world he stayed and played all day the comfort he got from the diapers he wore gave him a sense that what he said to his stepmom back in rhode island 5 days ago was the right phrase the day was over and they returned to the dorms and sat down to dinner 101 highchairs 100 blue and 1 pink kristens and the nights entertainment was thomas the tank engine whole series back to back it got to 18:30 and matthew's stomach made that noise when you need to poop kristen was relegated to a baby standing and was no longer staff but mrs anderson had stepped in to her place but matthews bowels had other plans he was sitting and then he started to fart little bubble farts kristen looked at him and encouraged him to soil his diaper 3 other boys were having dirty diapers changed in the corner right there kristen took matthews nervous hand and said to him after pulling her pacifier from her mouth let it go his diaper filled with pee kristen saw it change coulour from cream to yellow and tears started streaming down matthews face he had always had his mum take him to the toilet at the mall or used his potty and pooped now he was bing encouraged to use his diaper his power to hold on lapsed he fell back with some help from kristen and farted quietly but he felt him self follow through mrs anderson was next to kristen and saw him soil the diaper she grabbed the diaper bag and came over to matthew and said come on little one lets dry your eyes she cuddled him as a mother would she laid out the mat and placed his dirty diapered bottom undid his diaper with loving efficancy changed him whilst cooing at him as if he were a baby after she finished she binned the diaper and siad i know at home your a breastfed baby and kristen is too would you like me to breastfeed you matthew whilst sobbing shook his head yest she kissed him on the forehead and they went back to the beanbags and she laid him across her lap and kristen smiled Mrs Anderson pulled her top up one side and undid one side of the nursing bra removed the nipple pad and got matthew to start suckling he closed his eyes and continued mrs anderson noticed it was bedtime picked him up and broke the connection and told him olny till he gets upstairs Mrs Anderson put matt f in his pjayams and said i will breastfeed you next if you wish he said ok deal with matthew first matthew sucked for 20 futher minutes and dropped off she dressed him for bed then put him down.


she went over to matt f's cot and got him to latch on to her other breast she fed him for about 2 hours and once she finished checked his diaper and tucked him in and said there's more of my milk for my bABy Boys Tomrorrow she went next door in to the isolation room now kristens nursery she took kristen to the changing table opened her diaper kristen hadnt used it but she changed her anyway and said bABy girl its your turn kristen took out her pacifier and said mummy ive been waiting all day she latched on to mrs andersons breast and sucked till she fell asleep mrs anderson put her in the cot and said to herself she had never had so much fun breastfeeding as she wasn't normally breastfeeding boys which made her slightly horny. the rest of the covention had mrs anderson feeding the 3 of them reguarly but she had a soft spot for matt f the bABy boy ahe will have to leave behind it got to the last day and matthew and the otherboys were all sitting in the hall and the names of the pampers little princes were being announced 3rd place Lee Wallace from Gibraltar, 2nd place Matthew Farnham From Dunstable uk in 1st place in the pampers little prince convention 2013 and new pampers little prince matthew lane from rhode island usa.


Mrs Anderson said hold on as his name was read out being he won he soiled his diaper fully from the shock and mrs anderson had to change him he had won a life time supply of the little prince diaper and become the first pampers prince and then the annoucer annouced the special prize to the bABy who had shown courage and triumph over being made to be a baby in the convention to kristen she started to cry everybody cheered as all 4 went up to the stage. they got back after the party to the nursey and mrs anderson told her 3 bAbies how proud she was of all 3 of them a and that night gave matt f a special present as she called it was the chance to cum in her vagina being that jessica's dad had passed away some 6 years before she had kristen sleep in matthews cot and she and matt f made use of kristen cot matt f had been out of his diaper for ten minutes as mrs anderson stripped naked matt saw everyhing as she squatted over his penis mat jumped up and laid her on her back his 8 inch cock hard poised at the entrance to mrs anderson pussy he satrted by kissing her he worked his way doen her body till he started licking her clitoris he made his way back up her body she sat up to his cock in her hand and started wanking him off he started to feel as he was going to cum she put in in her mouth and sucked till he was about ready to cum she laid back down pushed up her pussy and he entered her and started pumping she had an orgasm quite quickly and as matt got close he went to pull out she said dont worry Cum in my pussy as i want to remember your cock filling me up he did he shot his load right up her she forgot about him being one of bABies she had looked after for weeks but she was enjoying his cock inside her pussy. they fucked till sun up.


The time came to go home very quickly mrs anderson said goodbye to matt f when his mum picked him up she talked to him he told her he shared his dorm with another matthew and his mother asked are you still my baby boy he said yes and he was runner up but he kept the fact he fucked mrs anderson to him self before left he said goodbye to matthew and kristen he made the decision to be the bABy still as his mother had to find space for ten years supply of little prince diapers.

Mrs Lane Arrived to find matthew having one last breastfeed from mrs Anderson and she thanked her and asked can she repay her fro nursing him she saw kristen in her tshirt and wet diaper and said thank you for showing him being a bABy isnt all bad come here before i go she put her hand in to the new diaper bag she had brought and with mrs anderson watching she changed kristen and told her if she was ever in rhode island again and needs her diaper changed come see her and also stay to play with Matthew, Pippa kristen said do you mean Pippa White the 2011 pampers princess runner up yes mrs lane replied and their friend kerry dawson the next thing we are doing is a mummy bABY barbeque Mrs anderson can u make that possible Mrs anderson said consider it done.


As for the pampers princess reunion lets just say pippa and kerry dawson (Nerdy Kerry) well thats another story for nother time


Love and hugs Baby Matt, Dunsatble UK

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