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Allison’s Minor Felony Part 2

Ok, when the author of Part 1 didn’t respond to my request for a continuation of the story, I decided to take a stab a writing a Part 2.  I hope you like it.  Any feedback or suggestions can be sent to [email protected] Thanks, BabyJT.  If you like to read Part 1 please go to


When the first part of the story ended, Alison was lying in bed crying on her first night of her court ordered six month punishment in diapers for embezzling. She had been stripped of her “adult” privileges such has dating, driving, smoking or R rated movies.  She was also ordered to have enemas daily and be spanked several times a week.


The next morning Alison awoke find a very wet diaper because of a nightmare she had about water. As she awoke she noticed that her pacifier had released itself. Alison rolled over to look at her clock and saw that it was after 7:30. In order to avoid a violation she needed to be at the secured nursery in 45 minutes before her arrival time of 8:30.  She would have to run since she had her license was suspended and the bus wouldn’t have to get her there in time.  It was hard to run with a diaper on but she managed to arrive at 8:29am, just seconds before she would get a violation for being late.  As she walked in she muttered “Boy that was close”.  Matron Emy was already waiting for her.  

“Good morning, Dearie follow me” said Emy.  Alison followed her into the diapering chamber where her wet diaper was removed and then she was instructed to turn onto her stomach.  Alison then received her 2nd spanking and cleansing enema by the machine.  When that was done she was cleaned and re-diapered and she was off to work.  Emy told her to have a good day and reminded Alison to return in twelve hours.  

When she arrived at work she was constantly teased and tormented about her diapered state by her supervisor. She was teased so much that she broke down crying at her desk.  A concerned co-worker notified the secured nursery of what was happening.  A short time later, Matron Emy arrived to settle the matter by threatening charges if the supervisor didn’t resign.  Alison watched as her former boss cleaned out his desk and this made her smile.

Over the next few weeks, Alison adjusted to enemas, spankings and diaper changes.  Matron Emy was impressed with her compliance but, all good things have to come to an end.     At the end of her first month she couldn’t hold back and committed her 1st violation by staying out past her curfew.  The next morning she arrived to find a very disappointed Emy.  Emy said “You have been very bad girl” As a result, you will spend two days in the full time nursery.    Alison’s hands were restrained and escorted by two guards to the diapering chamber.  She was restrained to the table and her wet diaper was removed & then she was spanked bare bottom over Emy’s lap.  After the spanking she was given a fleet enema and diapered.  Emy told her that it was the diapers are to be used for both of its intended uses when in the full time nursery.  Alison was released from the table and told to crawl over to Emy who was waiting at her crib.  The side of the crib was raised, locked and Emy left the room


Allison’s Minor Felony Part 3



When Matron Emy returned Alison was wet and messy and Emy said did baby make a stinky, we’ll have to take care of that after your bottle.  She lowered the side of the crib and picked Alison up and carried her to the rocking chair.  Alison could feel her wet and messy diaper squish when she sat in Emy’s lap and this felt weird as she hadn’t been in a messy diaper before.  The bottle was eagerly accepted and she sucked on the bottle until it was empty.  What Emy didn’t tell Alison was the bottle was filled with diuretic, laxative and sedative.  Alison then climbed off Emy and onto the floor where she crawled behind Emy to the diapering chamber.

Alison was put on a larger diapering machine and restrained.  Alison wondered why this was happening but, couldn’t talk with the pacifier in her mouth.  She soon found out why she was on the larger machine.  Once Alison had her messy diaper removed, cleaned and had a new diaper on the machine did not release her.  Instead, the machine started undressing her and eventually put her in a one piece outfit with snaps at the crotch. The outfit had black and white stripes on it and reins on the back.  Alison had fallen asleep while being changed so Emy put on her booties and carried her back to her crib.  The side of the crib was locked and Emy left the room.

Three hours later, Emy returned to find Alison was awake and wet.  The side of the crib was lowered and a leash was attached to the reins while she crawled to her high chair for her night time feeding of baby food and bottle. After Alison climbed up into the chair the reins were secured to the back of the chair and she was force fed 4 jars of food.  It was while she was eating that the laxative worked and she messed herself.  Without thinking Alison went to check the damaged and when she did she committed another violation.  Emy noticed and started scolding her while she was given an over the knee spanking in her messy diaper. After which Emy said, “You have been a naughty, naughty girl” your naughtiness has extended your stay for seven more days.  I will also have to put baby’s hands in mittens so you can’t do that again.  

When Alison was finished eating, her hands were put in the mittens and she crawled from the high chair to the diapering machine.  Emy had the machine remove her dirty onesie and diaper and left Alison alone.  She soon came back with a cart with an adult sized baby bath on it and a second Matron came in with her.  Emy said this is Matron Julie and she’s going to take care of my naughty baby tonight.  Before I leave we are going to give you a bath.  Julie lifted Alison into the bath and they pushed the cart into the middle of the room to give her a bath in front of the other inmates.  When Alison was clean Emy left for night leaving Alison in Julie’s care.

After Emy had left, Julie had the diapering machine heavily powder and oil Alison.  Then she was diapered and put into a clean onesie before she taken to “infant” section of the secured nursery.  This section is only for the most violent criminals or for those to have committed violations while being an inmate.  Alison was locked into her crib and Julie waited for her baby to fall asleep.  Julie left the room shutting the door behind her.

What Matron Emy or Alison didn’t know was that Julie was Alison’s “birth mother” 35 years ago.  Alison had been given up for adoption since Julie was only 17 when she was born.  The adoptive parents allowed Julie to name her.  It was when Julie took a look at Alison’s file her mouth dropped seeing the exact name and date of birth with her adoptive parents listed as the emergency contacts.   Julie decided she needed to find a way to keep her a baby forever.  She called Emy at home and asked to come in early so they could talk before the start of her shift.  Emy asked if Alison had been bad and Julie told her no but, that she had other information to share.  Emy agreed to come in early.

The next morning Julie broke down crying while explaining to Emy that Alison was her long lost daughter and that she needed to spend as much time with her as possible.  Emy agreed to take a week off so Julie could spend the rest of Alison’s inmate time with her.  For the next week, Julie took care Alison’s every need.  When Alison was sleeping she put hypnotic tapes on her ears to program Alison to want to be babied as a helpless infant.  The programming would make Alison commit a violent crime when she was released from her current sentence.  After that week was over, Alison was released with an ankle monitor with the hope that she would not need to be an inmate again.    She would soon find out that would not be the case.

The day Alison was released from the “inmate nursery time” she returned to her apartment to find a notice from the landlord saying her was past due.  Alison knew she would need to pay that but, she would need her paycheck from work to pay it.  The next morning, she went to work and was stopped in the lobby by the receptionist.  The receptionist handed her the envelope with her check in it and asked Alison to have a seat in the lobby.  The receptionist brought out a box with her belongings in it and sat down beside her.  Alison was then told that she had been terminated by the Board of Directors.  The reason they fired her was because of the embezzling or her absenteeism.  They fired her because Matron Emy forced her supervisor to resign when he teased her.    This angered Alison.  Alison went to the bank, paid her rent and went home.  That night went she went for her diaper change she told Emy what had happened and Emy told her that she would get her job back.

The next morning after changing Alison, Emy went across town to talk to the Board of Directors and that would never happen.  The company had figured that she would show up & had two police officers outside waiting for her.  Emy was told that she was considered trespassing and hat she needed to leave unless Emy wanted to be a baby too.  If a Matron committed any crime, it was immediate loss of job and a permanent stay as an infant in the nursery. Emy left and drove to Alison’s apartment to tell her the bad news.

A short time later, Alison saw Emy pull up outside.  Alison knew it wasn’t good if Emy was coming to her house and she met Emy at the door.  Emy said “Can I come in and talk to you dear”, Alison said yes and opened the door to let Emy in.  After hearing the news, Alison became angry and starting crying in Emy’s arms.  It was then that Emy decided that she needed to punish the people that hurt her baby.

Three months later, Alison had her diaper removed for the last time and Emy asked Alison if she could take her out for her first alcoholic drink in 6 months.  Alison was surprised but, welcomed the idea.  After her final paperwork was done, they left together for a local restaurant.  It was during dinner that Emy asked if she was still mad at her former employer.  She sad yes and that she was being evicted from her apartment because she could not pay her rent.  Alison also expressed that she missed her time in the inmate nursery and the babying she received from Matron Julie.

Emy then told Alison that she would help punish the people that fired her and were the cause of why Alison could not find another job.  The company had given her a bad reference to every place she had applied to.  Alison agreed to her help as long as it wouldn’t hurt the employee that called her the day she was teased.

Emy agreed and Alison called her former co-worker.  The former co-worker told her she was also fired for calling Emy.  She told Alison that she had spoken with the person who is still the receptionist at the company and was told all 12 members of the board were getting on a private plane the next morning to go a conference in New York.  It was then that Emy figured out the best way to punish the board was to sabotage the plane.  They left the restaurant and drove to the airfield where the plane was kept and found the plane parked on the tarmac.

Alison asked Emy how she knew what to do.  Emy explained that before she was a Matron she was in the military as an aircraft mechanic. Emy said she still had her tools in the trunk of her car.  Emy drained the majority of the gas out of the fuel tank and rigged the gas gauge to show full.  Then left before sunrise.  Later that morning, Alison turned on the television in her room to find a news break interrupting the show.   It said the plane had crashed about 40 miles away and all 12 were dead.  Alison smiled the rest of day and went to bed glad knowing the people that hurt her received the fate they deserved.  She was even more excited to know she was would be back in Matron Julie’s arms.

A few days later, police officials issued warrants for Alison and Emy’s arrest on 12 counts of murder.  They both turned themselves in to police.  They were taken to the inmate nursery and diapered and put into onesies.  It was no surprise that Matron Julie was there to take care of them.  For the next 6 months they were held without bail before their trial.  They both were tried and convicted of all 12 counts of murder and Emy was also convicted of 1 of count of sabotage.  At their sentencing, Matron Julie addressed the court and asked the judge if she could be put in charge of their care and that could she have the courts permission to hand diaper and cloth them in the secluded nursery so they have no contact with other inmates.  The court agreed because she Julie handle such violent criminals and sentenced them to life in prison.  Julie was also instructed to start them over as if they were just born.  After the gavel sounded, two police officers escorted Alison and Emy back to the nursery where Julie started their new life by breast feeding them dinner before bed.  Julie was happy to have not just one but, two babies all to herself!!

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