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             " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma "


                            By BooBooBritches 


                               " CHAPTER XIII "


           When Karen got near me, she looked back at Kelly and said, " Now you do understand, that I already know he's probably still dry and clean, but this is what friends do with each others baby, we don't think nothing of checking and if need be, even changing our friends babys' wet or stinky diapers because we know it's all tit for tat and eventually the favor will be returned.  Plus, the babies don't care who checks or changes their diapers, just as long as someone is wiping their little bottoms and getting them dry, clean, fresh smelling and happy, and now, let's see if Baby Boo needs his Auntie Karen to change his lil dipper".


             Before I even realized it Karen was spreading out a changing pad on the ground and patted it, as to motion for me to sit down.  I looked at Kelly and Sarah and they were both smiling and Kelly said, "Be a good baby boy Boo and let Auntie Karen check your diaper, she won't hurt you honey, now do as she asks and sit down".


              As I carefully sat down I felt the mushy mess squishing throughout my diaper and I knew this was going to definitely be a bad one and I peed a little bit more.  Karen quickly patted the bottom of my onesie and I felt an excitement and a rush as the mess smeared a little bit more and I knew I was getting sexually excited, causing me to blush even more.  Karen noticed I was blushing and she said, "UH OH, Maybe I best wait for a minute or two, this big baby is turning red and it looks like he may be starting to fill his diaper for Auntie Karen and he might not be quite done yet".


                 Kelly, Sarah and Teri all wrinkled their nose in unison and started laughing as Karen continued patting my messy bottom and slowly, but gently massaged my tummy while she talked baby-talk to me telling me what a good baby I was and to just relax and finish what I was doing, and that she would change my stinky lil diapey when I was all done.  By this time some of the blush had left my face, even though I was still sexually aroused, and I knew, as soon as she pulled the front of my diaper down, not only would she notice it, but so would the rest of the girls.


                  As I was deep in thought, Karen gave my bottom a solid swat causing a squishy, thud like sound, bringing me back from my dreamlike state and also causing the other girls to laugh once again, and as she was pulling my onesie up near the back of the thigh, she peeked in, then let it snap back into place as she announced, "OH YEA, I DEFINITELY GOT THE BAD END OF THIS EXCHANGE, WHEW, THAT IS ONE MESSY DIAPER AND OH MY GOD, HE REALLY STINKS BAD".


                   Kelly immediately jumped in and said, "That's ok Karen, you don't have to change him, your baby was a cinch to change and I don't expect you to change one of his poopy diapers, I'll go ahead and change him".  I was thinking to myself, wow, that was close, at least a total stranger, I mean, other then Kelly or Sarah, considering I had only known them for a day or two, was going to get the chance to change one of my messy diapers.  It was bad enough that she discovered it and that she knew I actually did use my diapers like a baby, and even more so, that she would probably stay and watch me get changed, but at least, she wouldn't personally be changing my diaper and wiping my bottom, to me, that was a relief, and my erection went down almost as quick as it rose.


                    Just as I was starting to relax, it was almost as if I had been hit in the side of the head with a sledge hammer as Karen pushed me back on the changing pad until I was laying down and she started unsnapping my onesie while she told Kelly, "NO WAY, we made a deal and I don't renege on my deals, I told you if you checked and changed my baby I would return the favor and do the same for yours.  My baby could have just as easily had a messy diaper too and you still would have changed her, wouldn't you have", when Kelly answered, "Well of course I would have, I mean, it's just another dirty diaper, would'nt have been no big deal".


                     Karen said, "Exactly, and since we both agree (as Karen looks down at me laying in front of her, she finishes unsnapping my onesie and says), Alrighty now, let's just take a little lookie-loo and see how much of a mess this big baby has for me in his lil diapey"/


                     Once the onesie is completely unsnapped, she pulls the front flap back, swats my diaper and tells me to raise my bottom and when I do, she folds the back flap of my onesie up so that it's more under my back and not under my messy diaper, then pats the inside of my thigh and tells me to put my bottom back down, and when I do, I feel the mess mush and squish up the back from my bottom and I know that the mess just oozed out the back at the top of my diaper, plus I could also feel it starting to ooze its way out the inside of my diaper at the thighs.


                       Once again I started turning red, but not from being sexually excited this time, no, this time it was from sheer embarrassment, because I knew I just had a messy diaper blowout in front of a gorgeous girl who was getting ready to wipe and clean my dirty bottom just like she would with any other baby who had this bad of a diaper.


                        As Karen slowly pulled back the front of my diaper, peeking inside to carefully examine the damage, She let out a slight gasp when she saw the mess.  She quickly pulled the diaper back up and as she was patting the diaper at my crotch, she looked at Kelly and said, "I know you've got baby wipes for cleaning up his messes, but this diaper change is going to require just a little bit more help then a baby wipe can offer, soooooooo, can you grab my babys diaper bag.  In the side pocket, there's a spray bottle with a mixture of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Soap and water wrapped in two baby wash cloths.  If you can hand me the spray bottle and one of the wash cloths, I think we can get this little stinker cleaned up and smelling a whole lot better", all four girls nodded their heads in agreement and started laughing.


                       As soon as Kelly handed Karen the spray bottle and wash cloth, Karen pulled the front of my diaper down, carefully and methodically wiping the mess away from my penis and balls, she slowly pulled the front of the diaper back, all the time expertly encasing the mess in the diaper as she rolled it down.  Once she had most of the mess and diaper pushed and rolled up as close to my bottom where it touched the changing pad as she could, she grabbed the spray bottle and wash cloth and started spraying the soap/water mixture on my penis, balls and inner thighs area and began wiping me down with the wash cloth.  As soon as she was satisfied that my groin area was relatively clean, she gently patted the inside of my thigh and told me to raise up, when I reared my back up, she took one peek, then told me to lay back down, without pulling the messy diaper from beneath me.


                      Karen explained to Kelly and Sarah what the problem was, "I think your big baby had a yucky diaper blowout, he's got poop clear up his back and also on the back of his thighs and legs, soooo, we're gonna have to take a little different approach at this.  Now if he was the size of a real baby, I'd just grab him by his ankles, lift his legs and clean his bottom that way, butttttttttt, since he's too big of a baby to do that to, I'm going to just have him roll over on his tummy and I'll wipe his stinky little bottom that way, that's how I used to change my clients in the nursing home I worked in, just roll them on their sides and wipe away, but I want this little stinker on his tummy, it'll be just like having tummy time with Auntie Karen", as Kelly nodded her head in agreement, all four girls continued laughing, but as soon as Karen had me roll over on to my tummy, the laughter from the girls quickly turned to nose wrinkles and ewwww's.


                      Before Karen even pulled my diaper down and away from my bottom, I felt her spraying my back and gently wiping it off with the wash cloth, she had cleaned out, and then, as I would have put it, the moment of truth, she slowly pulled the diaper away from my bottom, exposing my thoroughly covered cheeks and bottom and I heard Karen say, "OH MY GOD BOO, this has got to be one of the messiest diapers I have ever changed, WHEW BABY, YOU STINK"


                       Karen quickly pulled the diaper down from my backside wiping the mess as she went, once the diaper was pulled all the way down, she gathered up the messy diaper and carefully handed it to Kelly who was standing by with the plastic dirty diaper bag and after inserting the diaper, she quickly sealed the bag and set it to the side.  Karen sprayed and wiped my bottom, cheeks, thighs and back of my legs and before she had me roll back over, she grabbed a couple diaper wipes, wiped me down thoroughly and once she was convinced my backside was clean, she grabbed a container of baby lotion and sparingly applied it to the back of my legs and backside stating, "WELL WELL WELL, HIMS IS STARTING TO SMELL BETTER ALREADY", as she gives me a gentle slap to my bottom, she tells me to roll back over on to my back, and after I have, she wipes my penis, balls, groin area and the front and inside of my thighs down with a baby wipe, then after she's satisfied that there's no more poop to be wiped, she applies the baby lotion to my frontside, slowly rubbing it on to my flaccid penis, and after this humiliating diaper change, there was no way I was going to get an erection and Karen said, "AWWWW, hims just got the cutest little pee pee I've ever seen and hims smells so good now, just like a fresh little baby".


                        Kelly hands her two of my extra, thick, cotton diapers and Karen folds them then tells me to lift up as she slides the diapers under my bottom, as she pulls them up between my legs, I feel their thickness spread my legs apart and Karen quickly and expertly pins both sides up, but not until she sprinkles baby powder on both the diapers and my groin area.  When she helps me sit up, she pulls my onesie off over my head, being careful not to get any of the mess on me and she tells Kelly, "Sorry, but his onesie is messy on the back from his little blowout, did you have a clean one for him".


                       As Sarah is looking thru my diaper bags, she tells Kelly that was my last clean onesie and hands her a pair of powder, baby blue shorts telling her, "Here ya go, these will match his sweats and help keep his diaper from drooping to awful much", Kelly and Karen both laugh and after Karen holds the shorts for me to step in to, she notices the snaps on the inside thighs of each side and says, gleefully, "OH MY GOD YOU TWO, these shorts are just way too precious (and as she's snapping the shorts), You two really do have him decked out like a baby, and after that diaper I just changed, I can certainly see why you went through all the trouble to get him actual baby clothes and diapers, other then his size, he's no different then my baby, cute and precious at times, and then, wet, messy and stinky sometimes"


                   All four girls started laughing and Kelly motioned for me to sit next to her, then stuck a pacifier in my mouth as the girls all chatted and laughed with each other and I, as if in a daze, totally blocked out their conversation and just concentrated on my pacifier, staring off blankly into space as if I didn't have a care in the world!!!!!




                   " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma "


                               By BooBooBritches 


                                 " CHAPTER XIV "     


         As I sat at the picnic table listening to Karen, Kelly and Sarah chat, I thought back at how this day seemed like it was never going to end and the number of embarrassing situations I had been subjected to.  Dennys, The Mall, The Baby Store and now the park, had it only been 6 hours, it seemed like a lifetime.  I did the math in my head, 6 hours, 3 messy diapers, that were changed, and had they changed me immediately each time I had wet or messed my diaper, I'm sure the number of diaper changes would have increased, and I had no doubt that I would continue to wet and mess my diapers, uncontrollably, just like a baby, what with the formula they were feeding me and the amount of bottles I was going through, they were definitely keeping me hydrated and full.


          I felt Kelly squeeze my hand as she was telling Karen goodbye and how it had been so nice to meet her.  Karen looked at me, smiled and told Kelly, if you ever need a sitter for Baby Boo, just give her a holler, as she handed Kelly, what I assumed was her phone number.  Kelly told her thanks and started cleaning up all of our picnic items, including putting my baby dish, spoon and toys back in my diaper bag. 


           All of a sudden, Kelly stopped, wrinkled her nose and told Sarah, " I think we really need to put Boos dirty diapers in a separate bag in the back of the van, WHEW, THESE REALLY STINK ".  Sarah laughed and quickly nodded her head in agreement with Kelly as she ran up to the van to find a garbage bag she had stored in the back.  When I stood up, Teri, the girl that had been with Karen, walked over behind me, patted my bottom, then said, " Next time little one, I'm the one that's fixin to be changing your diapey and wipin your stinky lil butt ", all four girls laughed.


            As we said our goodbyes, Kelly, Sarah and I made our way back to the van, and as Sarah was getting me situated in my car seat, I looked back at Teri and Karen, they were both sitting there with toddlers on their laps, holding their arms and waving them at me as if to gesture that the toddlers were waving bye bye to us, I sort of waved back and Kelly saw me, she then smiled and said, " AWWWW, don't worry baby, I'm pretty darn sure you're gonna see your little playmates again, I'm gonna ask Saundra if she can set up a play-date for you with them".


             I thought to myself, that's all I need, is to be stuck over at their house for an afternoon playing with toddlers and babys, then again, I thought, WOW, what am I saying, this is what I wanted, what I dreamed of, was I starting to have second thoughts?


             Next thing I knew we were pulling back into Andreas driveway and I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to be back, and then when I saw Saundra coming out the front door, my heart skipped a beat and I actually got so excited I started wetting my diaper.  When Saundra got to the van door on my side, she opened it up and started undoing my safety belt on my car-seat, as I jumped out, with her help, she gave me a big ole hug and patted my bottom, then she stepped back, looked at me and said, " Well what a cute little outfit this is ", and as she opened the back of my shorts and saw I wasn't wearing a onesie, she said, " UT-OH, did someone get his little onesies all wet and dirty, Nanny Kelly has hims in just his lil shorts, a baby tee and a diaper, did you make a poo poo for your Nanny Kelly and Sarah"?


               I just stood there blushing as Kelly jumped right in and told Saundra about our fun day and how her and Sarah had changed two very dirty diapers, one in the back of the van and the other in the mall, and also that they made a new friend at the park and she had changed a really messy diaper blow-out I had and that I had been such a good baby, for every diaper change.  Kelly went on to say that they had gotten so many volunteers to babysit me that it was crazy, but the best one was from Karen, the girl they met at the park who had changed me, she actually wanted to set up a play-date with her toddlers and babysit me some afternoon.  Saundra looked surprized but said, " WOW, sounds like baby had a very busy day out, and a play-date sounds really nice, I'm going to have to look into that sometime this week".


               We all walked into the house and Andrea came up and gave me a big hug, then after patting my bottom, she stopped, pulled the back of my shorts out a bit, stuck her hand in my shorts, patted my butt and announced to everyone that I had a wet diaper, Saundra asked if I needed changed and Andrea said, "No, he's just damp, he should be o-k for while".  When we got into the living room, Andrea spread a baby blanket on the floor in front of the t-v and motioned for me to sit down on it.


                While all the girls talked about my adventures that day, among laughs, gasps and smiles, Saundra looked at me and said, " Well Rob, how does it feel to be treated exactly like a baby, having other people checking your diapers, even changing your diapers, getting your diapers changed where-ever and when-ever you happen to wet or mess them, no matter who's watching, being dressed like a baby, being fed like a baby and being talked to, just like a baby.  Is it everything you fantasized about, is it more then you thought it would be, are you humiliated, embarrassed, does it sexually excite you, talk to me Rob, tell me, is there anything you want that we're not doing"?


                I just sat there, and nodded my head, slowly, and said, " I like what is happening, and yes, sometimes it's embarrassing, but I like that part too, I also like being forced to have to wet and mess my diapers uncontrollably because of what you're feeding me, but I guess most of all, I like being caught in a wet or messy diaper and then being talked to in baby-talk, just like I was a baby, I guess I sort of like the humiliation that goes with the dirty diaper, baby-talk and the discovery that I've been caught".


                 Saundra sits for a minute, thinking, then looks at Andrea, Kelly, Sarah, and me, and says, " Rob, I'm glad you've enjoyed the past couple days, being treated like a baby and all, but Rob, babys' don't get embarrassed or humiliated when someone discovers they have a wet or messy diaper or they're getting their diapers changed, only older kids and adults would, sooooooooo, perhaps we need to go at this whole scenario in a different way, girls, after Rob gets his diaper changed, his din din and a bath, we need to have a little meeting, I'VE GOT A WHOLE NEW PLAN AND DIRECTION WE'RE GOING TO TAKE WITH ROB AND HIS LITTLE DIAPER FANTASY TOMORROW, AND OH MY GOD, NOW IT'S TIME FOR US GIRLS TO HAVE FUN"....................



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