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My name is Robert and I'm in the U.S. military. I'm the only ABDL I know here in real life, but we DO exist! This is a true story for all my fellow ABDL's about my first time getting diapered as an ABDL, and it was by someone special to me. In this case, my boyfriend. For those who dislike themes outside of the heterosexual realm, don't worry there's no explicit sexual descriptions ;)

I recently discovered I was bisexual after meeting a new guy at work. We started off just talking, but when a hangout dinner at a local restaurant as friends started happening every night with just the two of us, I sensed something was different. Shortly thereafter I realized I might be falling in love with him, which initially scared the crap out of me (no not literally #2!). I've only dated women up until this point and had never before been attracted by a man, like wtf! He told me he's dated once or twice, but never a man either. He's smart and real sweet, but is embarrassed about his real age. I'm in my mid twenties and he's probably in his late 30's. He seems to know about my inner child without me saying anything and his actual age matters less and less to me each day. I guess there will be a lot of firsts for us both.

Anyways, it's been over a month and we've grown real close... and yes I mean xxxtremely, lol. Today he came by after work (I was home sick) and I was lying on the couch in one of my Tena Slip Maxi's (the discontinued plastic ones *sob*) watching Powerpuff Girls on Netflix. He had been taking care of me this week, bringing me herbal teas and dinner and comforting me. Since it had been on my mind for the better part of a week, after we settled in for the evening I asked if he wanted to change my diaper. He said "sure" rather enthusiastically and on the inside I was like omg yay! I walked over and gave him a big hug. He reached down with his hand and squished the bulge between my legs and commented that my diaper was full (so hot). I looked into his eyes and childishly said "mhmm." Then he pointed out that I was blushing which I totally didn't realize. He asked which diaper I wanted to be changed into and I said "the thick one!" and pointed to everything I had neatly arranged in a neat stack nearby on the loveseat.

What happened next was something I'd been day dreaming/fantasizing about for years: I got my diaper changed by someone else! I had to show him how to roll the old diaper up and how to tape the new one on properly. Since I'd been drinking lots of water for the cold medicine, I also had him insert a Tena ultimate absorbency maxi pad to serve as a booster so I didn't leak at night. The whole time he kept trying to balance my legs on his shoulder as he attempted to reach around for all the supplies as he changed me which I found hilarious. I guess I'm so used to diapering myself that I do it quickly without thinking about all the steps. The fun part was that I had to practically beg him not to get me aroused when he wiped me down with baby wipes and rubbed baby powder over my diaper area. It had taken all my concentration up until that point and when one of the wipes touched my asshole it was so tempting to say "ohhh fuck it." We haven't done anal sex, though I do have lots of butt plugs and love the sensation. Hmmm... naughty ideas come to mind ;)

After I was all taped up into a Secure X Plus, I asked him if he wanted to pick out some cute plastic pants from my room to put over my diaper. He came back a minute later with some yellow carousel printed ones and gently slid them up my legs. By this time my eyes were closed and I had a big smile across my face. Then he surprised me by rubbing baby powder all over my tummy and chest with his strong hands. It was a very sensual moment and I just wanted to melt.

When he finished he laid on top of me and gave me a kiss and hug. We cuddled afterwards for a while and watched an old 1913 silent movie "Fantômas III" together on my couch; in retrospect, next time I want my cartoons. I told him several times that I've always wanted someone to do what he did and he said he was happy to do it. It really made me smile and sigh with contentment and was real special. I guess he's kinda a Daddy without knowing it and makes me feel safe; he doesn't know about ABDL stuff but is interested. Imma tell him more about it sometime. I always thought I was just strictly a DL and never imagined I could have a little side. I guess I was wrong!

So now I'm curled up in my bed all safe and diapered up with my favorite stuffed velveteen rabbit from my childhood. This is a night to remember. I hope you liked my story as much as I did! Nighty nite everyone :)

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