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My Wonderful Mommy – A Baby’s Diary

I am a big baby who is still in diapers.  There; I said it. And it’s true.  I should have been out of diapers long ago, but my wonderful Mommy has never rushed me to give them up or tries to force potty training on me until I am ready.  She is patient, kind and gentle with me. She even jokes or gently teases me about how I am still in diapers. And I love it because it reassures me that I am still her special baby and she will always love me. Let me show you what I mean.

This morning Mommy peaked into her big baby’s room and found me wide awake and waiting to start the day.  "Good morning sweet angel Diaperboy!" she said as I reached out to her. She lifted me out of my crib into a huge morning hug.

 “Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm” I sighed;” Mommy’s Diaperboy  LOVES Mommy hugs in the morning!”

Mommy rocked her big  baby gently back and forth as I cuddled up with my head on her shoulder and  sighed with blissful contentment as I rocked with my wonderful Mommy.  Baby felt all safe and secure and happy in his Mommy's arms

"What a sweet sweet angel mommy has. How did you get to be such a cutie pie?" Mommy wondered aloud.

“Hehehehehe,” I said with a giggle; "It in my genes, Mommy; I get it from YOU!”

 Mommy giggled right back, "Goodness! Mommy has a very clever baby too! But it seems my sweet clever cutie pie is a very wet baby this morning!" said Mommy as she  patted baby’s thickly diapered bum.  “My baby may be even more wet than clever! It’s a good thing Mommy put extra diapers on him before putting him to sleep! Always double-diapered right Swee Pea? Should mommy get her baby all cleaned up and into dry diapers to start the day?"

“Mmmmmmm; that would be wonderful Mommy!!!  Baby love my diaper time wif Mommy!!!” I agreed, adding with a grin, “Always double diapers for Mommy's big baby!”

Mommy smiled warmly at me as she carried me to the change table and lay me gently down.  And her big baby lay happily there, gazing adoringly up at Mommy as she gently lifted me by my ankles to raise my soaking wet bum off the changing table.  "Goodness darlin! It's a good thing you woke up when you did! These diapers weren’t going to hold one more drop!"  says Mommy, me baby  gently and smiling as she slid off my baby pants and unpinned my sopping wet nighttime diapers.

”Hehehehehehe,” I giggled; “baby glad Mommy found me when she did!!” 

“My big baby was extra heavy this morning!” laughed Mommy. “Mommy had a struggle lifting you out of your crib,” teased Mommy she cleans you all up with baby wipes fresh from the warmer.

 “That shows Mommy how much her Diaperboy baby needs her!” I explained with absolute sincerity, adding, “Mmmmmmmm nice warm baby wipes feel sooooo nice on baby’s skin.”

“There we go sweetie; all clean. Now, we better get two diapers on you for today," says Mommy as she took two diapers out of the bin under my changing table.  She lay the first one out flat then folded the second diaper in at the sides to make an extra thick soaker panel and placed down the middle of the first one.  Next she folded in the sides of the outer diaper then fanned out the back creating an “Angel Wing” fold.

Mommy’s angel Diaperboy smiled happily and clapped my hands with delight hands when Mommy announces that I would be wearing double diapers today even though she always double diapers me and has even bput me in triple diapers at night on occasion. "OK. Mommy!!" exclaim baby happily.

Mommy lifted me by my ankles again and slid my soft, dry diapers under me, saying with a laugh as she always does with every diapering, “First Mommy puts her baby on his diapers...."  Then she drew the front up and over baby’s tummy and began to pin them on me, making sure they were  all nice and tight, just the way Mommy and her baby like them.

“Then Mommy puts his diapers on her baby!!!!”  I exclaimed, completing mommy’s gentle tease with a happy giggle.  Mommy laughed and smiled down at me; she loves the sweet sound of my baby giggles. And I love the sight of Mommy's smile (and her gentle touch as she diapers me!).

“Now it's time for baby's snap pants my darlin!” Mommy stated with a smile. “Do you think the tickle spider will wake up to help?”  Baby needs to explain here that Mommy and I play a special game when she puts snap-on baby pants over my diapers.

I grinned and said, “YAY!!!! Snap Snap game!!!!!”  Then with a giggle adds, “That tickoo spider never very far away is she Mommy?”

“No she isn't! She's always napping just out of sight!  In she comes!”

The very thought of the tickle spider made me giggle and squirm as I and looked around to try to see where the tickle spider was hiding.  Baby burst out laughing as Mommy’s tickle spider crawled up my right leg to my baby pants and began to snap!

“SNAP!” I shouted as Mommy and the spider closed the first snap of my baby pants.  Then the tickle spider jumped to the second snap and I laughed and shrieked SNAP!!!! as Mommy and the spider closedthe second snap!  Mommy’s Swee’ Pea watched closely ... and finally that tickle spider crept ever so slowly to the third snap.  I squirmed and giggled as the spider ever so slowly crawled to the top snap and joyfully shouted “SNAP!!!!!” as Mommy and her spider secured my baby pants on the right side.

Mommy said, “Yay!!! Now the tickle spider plots her route to baby’s left side.  Which way will she go??? Down your leg?”  Baby holds hs breath and watches closely. “Up your arm?  Across your cute tummy??”Baby squirmed with anticipation.  Suddenly, the tickle spider lept into action! She ran down baby’s leg to his toes.

"Oooooooooooooo" I shrieked and giggled and squirmed in rapturous delight!

That spider tickled baby’s  foot and hopped to my left leg where she dashed up to the snaps on my baby pants as Mommy laughed at her baby boy’s excitement.  “Here we go!” said Mommy, as she and the spider snapped the first snap.

“SSSSSNNNNNAAAAAAPPPPP!!!” I gasped,laughing so hard I could barely breath!

The tickle spider jumped to the second snap and, gasping for breath and giggling I managed to shout “SNAP!!!!!!”  Then the tickle spider crept ever so slowly to the last snap and.........Did a little spider dance before stopping to SNAP Mommy’s Diaperboy  all snug in my baby pants!

I had to take a deep breath as I watched  the tickle spider closely and shouted “SNAP!!!!”  clapping my little hands with delight as Mommy and her spider finished securing me in my double diapers and snap-on baby pants. “That was FUN Mommy!!!! That the funnest diaper change EVER!!!!!!!!!” I said as Mommy carefully checked to makes sure my diapers were tucked neatly in under my snug vinyl baby pants.

Then, with her big baby all fresh and dry, Mommy lifted me into her arms and kissed my forehead. “Mmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm” I sighed as I snuggled as close as can be to my wondeful Mommy and gave her the biggest, tightest happy baby hug ever! “Baby love my Mommy ttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss much,” I exclaimed releasing my hug long enough to hold my arms out as wide as I could.

My wonderful Mommy said right back, “Mommy loves you sooo much angel.”  And that is how our day began.



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