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**This is a different type of abdl story, not much of sexual talk & stuff, just a fun fantasy, that Ive thought up in my head to share- Enjoy!!



Chapter 2


As we got back to our room, I hadnt even noticed how wet I was, but I was pretty soaked. Daddy touched my diapers & was so impressed to see that I had a lot more space to wet. He reminded me that I wouldnt be getting out of these diapers til I messed anyways & reminded me we had to be out the door by 8AM. With that said, I was handed my 2 nightly bottles, & my mittens put on & locked onto arm cuffs & headed to daddy’s bed for now. My 1st bottle is usually only milk laced with a laxative & the 2nd bottle has a high dose of diuretic, sedative, multi vitamins, & a dose of female viagra, which helps with my training. I have 30 minutes to drink both bottles & be in bed for some fun time with Daddy. So I finally finished & was waiting for daddy to get out of the shower so we can have our nightly fun, but daddy loves to take a little longer just to get the sedative working, he enjoys playing when Im almost asleep, he says it makes me more compliant & easier to take direction. I was getting drowsy as he got into bed & brought his “pacifier” for me to suck on… as I sucked on his pacifier he would play with my diapers but as hes trained me, I was not allowed to orgasm at least if I wasn’t messy I wasn't allowed. I am usually worked up until Im ready to cum then let me calm down, no matter what I dont take my mouth off my pacifier. After about 5 minutes, he’ll start to play with my plug & take it in & out to tease me then insert my vibrating plug & bring me up again, Daddy has a good stamina & he doesnt cum for at least 20-25 mins, sometimes even longer but no matter how sleepy I am I am not allowed to fall asleep, if I do, I will be awaken with a nice spanking. Eventually Daddy cums & I have been worked up about 3 times, & daddy asks if I need to mess? If I do, he will allow me to mess & he will let me orgasm before I finally fall asleep but if I dont, then he will work me up one more time as Im falling asleep & strap my actual pacifier gag to my mouth & put me in the crib. Of course I go to bed massively horny, but rules are rules.


This evening I woke up in the middle of the night to mess. Though I am half asleep, I dont move much other than my fetal position which Daddy put me in, Daddy somehow knows that I am messing, he will get me another small 4 oz bottle with milk laced with more sedative, diruetic & lax to encourage me to fall back asleep & be ready for another mess in the morning & then will come over & motivate me to keep messing all while he rubs my diaper on the outside. He helps by rubbing my belly as well & when he realizes there is a good amount of mess in my diaper he will start rubbing my little girl area & work me up til I orgasm & tell me what a good messy girl I am. Once I have calmed down from that orgasm & I finished my mess, he will work me up again, making sure that I am messy & cumming from my mess because that is the ONLY way I am allowed to orgasm. By now I am falling asleep again but thats how he likes it, its easier to get me to still have an orgasm but half asleep so I dont complain about the mess til the morning as I am only allowed 2 changes a day. Once I did my second cum, Daddy allows me to go back to sleep for the next couple of hours.

AS I wake up in the morning, I am again horny, usually from the egg daddy left inside of me last night before I fell asleep. He usually will wake me up with it vibing inside of me. So I wake up groggy, somewhat sleepy due to my sessions in the middle of the night but daddy doesnt care, its time to wake up anyways & get ready for the day. As I wake up daddy comes on over & rubs my diaper & takes out my paci gag while I pull out his cock for me to suck & get my morning protein from, he knows I have another messy brewing inside of me from the 2nd bottle I got in the middle of the night, so he has me worked up for another orgasm while He’s rubbing my diaper & Im sucking him off. During that time I cum 3 times by the time he spurts into my throat. I am then taken out of the crib & made to crawl to the high chair for breakfast, everything was set- scrambled eggs, bacon & 2 pancakes with a bottle of orange juice- laced with diuretic, multivitamins, more of daddys protein, my female viagra & a hormone to help me eventually produce breast milk. My mittens are still on as I am not allowed to feed myself so I wait for daddy to feed me…. the only thing I am able to
do is pick up my bottle. During breakfast I am to mess again, Daddy likes it for me to relate everything around me to a messy diaper. The reason for this is because during my vanilla life, though I used to wear diapers, I never liked to mess & therefore he made sure that changed once we were together, I was to learn to love a messy diaper & that was one of the ways he did it… that a lot of things around me revolved around a messy diaper. Luckily, I messed during breakfast & avoided myself a suppository & then an enema.


Once breakfast was done, daddy took me to bed to have another orgasm session for the day as I was horny again & knew I wasnt going to be able to do anything until tonight anyhow. I was taken to the bathroom where I was ready to take a shower, but one of Daddies favorite games was to tease me for a change in the bathroom but not before I made sure I had a really big orgasm, & if it wasnt good enough for him, then we had to go again. Usually I would orgasm twice before I finally got a change, usually by this time I was begging for a change because I felt so gross, but my new life was this way & I had no say in anything I did any longer.


So I was changed, given a shower & got ready for the day. Daddy made sure I was in 4 diapers today & because of the thickness he put me into a cute mickey mouse onesie with a overall skirt over it with some mary janes. We were ready to go by 7:45 & waiting for the bus. Once we got there the 2 buses were waiting for us all to board & go back to the rec center. Today the buses decided to take us on a tour around West Town, they took us into the subdivisions so we can see the different houses, apartments, townhouses & the dorm building. I didnt understand what that was for but I figured I would soon find out. West Town was huge, there were about 5 parks, all with playgrounds & 2 different pools. Seriously it was its own town from how big it was. Many of the houses that were built didnt have fences & if they did, they were 3-4 foot fence, usually to keep the dogs in the yard. Mr. Don said there was no need for fences as we didnt need privacy, we all knew what was going on in each others houses, we all accepted nudeness or anything else that may go on in someone elses house. Just as we were passing by one of the houses, there was a sissy dressed in his little girls dress which was very short along with her very thick diapers & sucking on a pacifier, waddling around trying to clean the kitchen, while his mommy walked in, in black leather & a whip in her hand, they seemed to have some sort of conversation & the sissy got down on her knees & started crying. What was going to happen next, we’ll never know because the bus kept on going.

We passed by the other areas & were introduced to the townhouses, & a subdivision that had 4 buildings that were about 5 stories each. Each building had its own pool on the top & there were approximately 30 apartments in each building, so they were pretty big & private. Eventually we made our way to the rec center. As we got off the buses, Mr. Don & his staff was around waiting for us to arrive. The majority of the staff were “graduated” babies, who wore overalls with diapers & a onesie that had the company logo on it. The of course he had 4 other “adults” with him which were people he has come to trust over time & were all part of the board, which was still growing. They were all Daddies/ Masters or Mommies/ Mistress.


As we walked into the rec center, we all went into the main room & were seated, Mommies & Daddies in regular chairs, while babies were strapped into “booster” chairs. All the adults got adults drinks, while babies got a large bottle of apple juice, which we were told had a good dose of diuretic in it. When that was said you can see the smile on the parents faces. They knew that no matter what we would be wetting, which is what was expected as babies anyhow. We were all allowed free refills. So either we would ask for another bottle or the mommy or Daddy would request another one & we were expected to drink it.


The meeting started shortly after with Mr. Don welcoming us back. Briefly talking about the packages the adults received the day before, which made no sense to all of us babies. Then the subject was changed & he explained to everyone that a weekend at Pamper city at the moment wasnt really a vacation but more of a business venture for the adults, as he was trying to slowly build this amazing city for like minded people like all of us. This was an opportunity for Daddies & Mommies to start their own business, & at the same time be around for their babies, & give others work, where we would all be accepted & able to work in diapers without any backlash from the vanilla world. Just be in our own element without the judgement of others. Learn & gain experience in a fair way. Eventually once the city was established then it would become a vacation spot for ABDL families, & it would all be decently priced, so everyone can enjoy.


Next, Mr. Don spoke about schools… yes! Mostly for the little’s. Two types of schools, either one for the ones who will remain little as per their parent, meaning either Pre K/ Kinder even 1st grade or for those littles or diaper lovers that come alone, without a mommy or daddy who want to get a higher education, the city will offer an actual community college. For those that will attend the school, have the Dorm building which will be available to live in over in one of the subdivision we saw on our way in.


Knowing Daddy, I know I wouldnt go to college, he wants me to be a baby forever. I’ll end up in Little school though. Then probably work part time at his company. But for the most part I know he wants me as a baby, wearing 24/7/365- I know I still have alot of training to go through, because I have only been with Daddy for a little over 6 months. I didnt start fully wearing until about 6 weeks after I arrived to live with Daddy.


Please email me with feedback. I want to know you are interested. Thnx

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