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Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny a Love story part 1:


"When will they get here?" Kara asked impatiently going back to suck on her pacifier nervously. Kara was 18 years old but she never took her pacifier out of her mouth unless she had to otherwise it went right back in. Kara was Nurse Joy's only daughter and no matter how hard they tried Joy never could help Kara keep her panties dry. Eventually they both just gave up. Kara instead of being resentful of her situation embraced her role as the big baby girl she was.

"They will be here soon, remember the Tangelo islands are very far from Viridian city. Officer Jenny and her daughter Kyla will be here soon don't have an accident from excitement."

"Too late mommy I'm too excited. You said she's six months older than me, that's a lot she's gonna be like my big sister." Kara babbled excitedly her pacifier popping in and out of her mouth as she talked. Kara was a small girl in stature barely five feet tall.

"Well the main reason she's staying here until she gets her own place is because Kyla is just like you sweetie." Joy reminded her infantile daughter.

"I can't wait we're gonna be best friends." Kara said day dreaming twirling her long pink hair on her fingertips that rested on her large breasts. Kara only wore a diaper around the house when she was with Nurse Joy it was just easier and Kara loved the feeling of just being in diapers like a baby anyways.

Just as Kara was day dreaming about what fun they would have, there was a knock at the door. Kara got up and waddled over to the door incredibly fast. She flung it open to see two women towering over her. Without words Kara rushed out and hugged both of them. She took her pacifier out just long enough to quickly say.

"You must be miss Jenny and Kyla. Mommy told me so much about you two."

"Hey there little one, you're Kara aren't you?" Officer Jenny said bending forward her double d breasts swaying in Kara's face. She was practically entranced all she could do was nod in response. 

"Welcome Officer Jenny and Kyla! I assume the trip was fine." Nurse Joy greeted them excitedly and helped them with their bags.

"It was ok someone got a little cranky when she needed a diaper change on the boat ride over." Jenny said patting her daughter Kyla's diapered ass. "Though that was five hours ago and she could use a fresh diaper before she gets cranky." 

"I wasn't cranky mom!" Kyla whined folding her arms in her stroller.

"You were too now hush and suck on this while we change you girls or you'll get a spanking." Jenny said authoritatively to her daughter. Joy and Jenny locked eyes for a few moments while their girls talked. Joy always thought Officer Jenny's were very attractive in general but she seemed special. They didn't know it but Jenny was thinking the same thing as Nurse Joy. Her authority and strength turned her on making Joy's panties moisten.

"Yes mom." Kyla said slipping the pacifier in her mouth begrudgingly. 

"Well it's getting late let's get their diapers changed in the nursery and get to bed. Officer Jenny you'll be down the hall to the left and girls you'll both be sharing Kara's crib."

"Yay!" Kara exclaimed happy to have company and a friend like her. 

"Wait you have a nursery?" Officer Jenny asked taken aback.

"Of course silly I am a nurse after all." Joy said with a wink and a smile.

Officer Jenny blushed. Joy's delicate womanly demeanor made Jenny burn with desire for Joy, but it wasn't appropriate.


Later on as Jenny and Kyla got settled Joy and Kata began to show them around. As they did Jenny then saw a door that was open slightly and by the looks of it it held a secret. Once the tour was done Jenny peaked in and saw a room with every kind of sexy lingerie imaginable.  There were even sex toys and a strap on. Jenny was getting turned on by this side of Joy.
"I see somebody found my hidden room," a soft voice said causing Jenny to nearly orgasm as Joy stood behind her.
"You mean this is yours?" Jenny asked.
"Its mine and I was kinda hoping you and I could get to know each other better," purred Joy as she unconsciously had a hand in her panties which were starting to get soaked from her cum. 

"You really mean it?" Asked Jenny.
"Of course I do," said Joy, "I didn't tell you this but I think youre hot."
Jenny blushed as Joy said that while close to her ear and it got her turned on. She then found her own pussy getting wetter as her desire to be in Joy's panties burned brightly before she unzipped her skirt revealing her Blue thong. She turned and began to kiss Joy who in turn started to kiss her back. The two women were in the heat of the moment as they stripped each other naked and were licking and sucking their breasts and fingering each others pussies. Naked and except for their hats and high heels Jenny listen Joy easily onto a table and started sensually fingering her with two fingers. Joy gasped a feeling Jenny's fingers caress her nipples and inside her. Jenny felt Joy start to lactate under her fingers. Slippery with breast milk running down her stomach Joy began to feel an orgasm approaching fast. Joy and Jenny should have been more careful but passion can be careless. Joy and Jenny had left the door open and two baby girls to their own devices. Soon Kara came looking for her mommy Joy with Kyla in tow. Stomachs rumbling and full diapers arounds their hips. The cracked door slowly opened and Kara called out.

"Mommy what are you doing?!" Both Kyla and Kara said shocked. 

"Oh girls you weren't supposed to be out...out ouuuugghhh, that feels soooo good." Joy said squirting all over Jenny in front of both of their diapered daughters who were supposed to be in their crib. Waves of pleasure spilled over Joy's naked body. Lactating and moaning she came while everyone watched. Kyla and Kara first were in shock ,but soon they began to like the idea as Kyla and Kara were becoming fast friends. They knew if their mommies liked each other that was more likely to keep them together.


After a long period of awkward silence but Joy's gasping and a dripping sound. Kyla broke the ice and naively asked. 

"mommy when is dinner?" 

To be continued...

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