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The Babysitter part 1


Rosa shuffled slowly out of her car having just arrived at the address of her newest client. She sighed with relief having found the location after being briefly lost. After bending over to pick up her diaper bag she stood up straight and walked up to the door. Before she could knock a beautiful woman in her late 30s answered the door.

“You must be Rosa come on in!” The woman exclaimed excited to see her.

“Yes I can’t wait to see Mimi.” Rosa said walking in. She walked along side the mother realizing that even without her high heel shoes which made her six foot tall and a little extra. She dwarfed the small woman she was being hired by.

“Oh little Mimi is just going to love you.” She said getting out a list for Rosa. “So it says here you are a registered Nurse and a wet nurse as well!”

“Oh yes, I just love kids especially babies.” Rosa said smiling.

“Well it’s a good thing you have large breasts, Little Mimi does need to breastfeed often. She’s getting quite big she just had a birthday yesterday too.” Mimi’s mother said.

“Don’t worry I’ve got it under control.” Rosa said smiling starting to nudge the worried mommy out the door.

“Oh Mimi just went down for a nap about an hour ago she should be ready for a diaper change about now.” She said walking out the door closing behind her.

Finally alone Rosa took a deep breath and was about to relax when she heard something stirring up stairs. It must be Mimi she thought. Rosa grabbed her diaper bag and headed up to the nursery. Reaching the door to the Nursery Rosa quietly opened the door.

To Rosa’s shock there was a nursery but everything was at least three times the size it should be. Confused Rosa approached the oversized crib and leaned over the railing to find not a one year old baby but a young girl. Rosa gasped as she realized this is Mimi the “little Mimi” she was supposed to take care of couldn’t have been younger than sixteen. With her gasp Mimi slowly started to wake up. When she realized her new baby sitter was standing over her she smiled.

“Hai I’m Mimi, who are you?” Mimi said letting the pacifier fall out of her mouth and hang by its clip.

“Rosa, but you can call me Ms Rosa or aunty Rosa.” She replied her babysitter instincts kicking in.

“Ok Ms Rosa,” Mimi said standing up in her crib and hugging Rosa’s waist. Rosa now seeing Mimi standing realized she was even smaller than her mother. Mimi was not five feet tall with B cup breasts. Her face was hidden by her long pink hair as Rosa looked down at the little girl.

“So, your mommy tells me you just had a birthday. How old are you?” Rosa said smiling and speaking softly looking into Mimi’s sparkling golden eyes with her own.

“Mommy says I just turned one and a half.” Mimi said smiling up at her new friend.

“Oh how cute.” Rosa said realizing she meant she just turned 18. Rosa was about to ask another question but before she could Mimi’s demeanor changed she stopped smiling and a frown began to form on her face. Seconds later she was crying like a baby. “Mimi what’s wrong?!” Rosa asked panicked.

Mimi only kept sobbing and didn’t acknowledge Rosa’s question. Rosa was unsure what to do when she realized Mimi is just a big baby and babies cry for only a few reasons. Rosa placed her hand on the front of Mimi’s diaper. It was warm, deftly she slipped her hand down the front of Mimi’s disposable diaper, it was soaking wet. That must be the problem Rosa thought. She picked up Mimi and carried her to the changing table. She thought once she started changing her she would stop crying but as soon as she popped off the diaper tapes Mimi got more upset. Rosa moved fast but after taking off her old diaper Rosa couldn’t help but notice Mimi’s beautiful perfect ass. Rosa quickly changed her diaper and seconds after she taped it on Mimi started to calm down. Rosa thought maybe she doesn’t feel safe not wearing a diaper. A security diaper if you will.    

Rosa picked up the freshly changed Mimi who was still whimpering in her arms. Rosa tried to calm her down and remembered how her mommy said she was probably going to be hungry. Without a word Rosa un buttoned her top and took off her nursing bra. She placed her nipple on Mimi’s lips. Mimi’s eyes grew large with hunger as she saw her babysitter’s massive breasts. Mimi immediately latched on and started to suckle. Rosa thought this is going to be an interesting weekend with an oversize baby to take care of. Rosa smiled at Mimi who looked up at her while she suckled, breast milk streaming down her face and chin, Mimi didn’t care she was in heaven. Rosa smiled back and a thought crossed her mind. She pictured herself changing Mimi’s diaper and something surprised her she was getting turned on by this. Rosa realized she was enjoying this more than she should and when her gaze met Mimi’s breast milk dripping face again she was practically dripping wet with anticipation.

To be continued…

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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