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The Babysitter part 2

          Rosa was already enjoying herself as she was taking care of little Mimi. She could tell that she was already starting to love Mimi like she was her own daughter and she was dripping wet even more.

“So Mimi how does it feel to suckle on my warm milk?” Rosa asked Mimi gently as she was gently cuddling her.

“It feels lovely and cute,” Mimi replied as she returned to sucking on her Babysitter’s massive breasts.

‘She’s so cute and gentle,’ Rosa thought as she continued to let Mimi nurse till she was full before speaking, “What would you like to do now?”

“Can we play?” Mimi asked in the cutest voice possible.

“Sure we can,” Rosa said as she followed Mimi. She saw that Mimi was making her way to her toy chest in nothing but her diaper and played with her blocks.

‘She looks so sexy,’ Rosa thought as she unconsciously ran her hand down the front of her pants to rub her slit.

Rosa then closed her eyes as she began dreaming about how sexy Mimi was. She could already picture herself rubbing Mimi’s breasts and back as she licked and sucked on her breasts and her diapered ass was rubbing up against her hot wet crotch. She was enjoying herself before Mimi’s crying brought her back to reality.

She could see that Mimi’s diaper was soaking wet this time and she decided to change her on the floor.

“Time for a diaper change Mimi,” Rosa said sweetly to Mimi as she removed Mimi’s wet diaper and as she did so Mimi peed all over Rosa.

“Sorry,” Mimi said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Rosa smiled removing her outfit leaving her in nothing but a nursing bra and panties as she resumed putting Mimi in a fresh diaper.

“Miss Rosa,” Mimi spoke, “That was my last diaper. We’re out.”

“Oh dear looks like we’ll have to get more,” Rosa said, “How would like to go shopping?”

Mimi smiled widely at that idea.

Rosa put on a simple white dress and got Mimi dressed in a T Shirt and shoes and they went to go shopping at the address that Mimi’s mother wrote out for her. When they got to the Address Mimi was smiling while Rosa was at a loss for words at how secretly exited she was at seeing it was a hidden ADBL Store.

“It’s so beautiful,” Rosa breathed as she took Mimi inside.

When she got inside it was like Paradise for Rosa as the store was literally filled with everything an ADBL could dream about. Rosa was getting so horny she was dripping in her panties.

“Let’s go shopping Miss Rosa,” Mimi chirped as she and Rosa went shopping around for diapers and they found some cute ones that looked great on Mimi and as they went to go get them Rosa was getting hornier and wetter.

Rosa got enough diapers for Mimi to last for a month and when it came time to change Mimi again this time she took her to the bathroom and laid her on the changing table and this time she was so horny she wet her panties.

‘oh dear looks like I’ll have to throw these out,’ Rosa thought, ‘They were granny panties anyway.’

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