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This is a work of fiction and a collaboration if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to [email protected]  or [email protected]

Diaperlot Chapter 1

In a Faraway land. There lived a prosperous kingdom and it was ruled by a beautiful sexy queen. The queen who was named Aurora had large firm and natural F cup breasts, a slim figure and a big beautiful ass that screamed fertility idol with long golden hair that went down to her knees. Currently Aurora was wearing a blue dress and doing some paperwork when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Aurora said as the door opened showing one of the servant girls.

The servant girl was in a classic maid outfit wearing a very short skirt and she had thigh high stockings on. She walked to Aurora and bowed down to her gently.

“Your highness,” The Servant girl said, “It’s about your daughters. They’ve gone to town and wanted me to tell you that they’ll be coming back later this evening.”

“I see well I can’t keep them sheltered forever you know,” Aurora spoke, “Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?”

"Oh yes I suppose, it's not much of consequence but the evil queen is up to no good again."

"What did Amanda try to do this time?" Aurora asked casually.

"Well she tried to spoil all the milk in town but accidentally turned some of the cows green." The maid said still kneeling. 

"Seems the spell my family put on hers 100 generations ago is still going strong." Aurora said giggling at Amanda's failure.

"Spell your highness?" The maid asked confused.

"Oh you don't know? Well long ago to deal with the evil kingdom nearby who kept trying to enslave us all. Instead of killing them, we decided to humanely cast a spell or two on them." Aurora paused sealing her paper work. "You see the spell does a few things. First the mind is regressed to an adolescent state she thinks like a 12 or 13 year old version of herself normally would. She also is completely incontinent, the spell magically diapers her and takes care of all her needs. As a result the ruling family nearby is pacified and much easier to deal with since their plans are usually quite infantile." Aurora said smiling at her young maid.

“I see your highness,” The Maid spoke before speaking up, “By the way do you need anything else?”

“No need,” Aurora said as the maid left.

Meanwhile in town Aurora’s daughters, Reina, Rita, and Yukie were pointing and laughing at Amanda after they easily foiled her latest so called plan. Reina, Rita, and Yukie were Queen Aurora’s daughters and Princesses of the land and like their mother they had long beautiful free flowing hair and gorgeous curvy bodies. Reina Rita and Yukie had large firm and natural E cup breasts and big asses and they were wearing dresses that showed off their gorgeous hourglass figures.

“Check it out,” Rita laughed, “Little miss whiny pants tried to humiliate us but humiliated herself instead.”

“She should go back to the bedroom before she humiliates herself even more,” Reina added pointing.

“Try not to soil yourself in the process,” Yukie giggled pointing at Amanda.

"Shut up you guys are stupid!" Amanda said tears of frustration running down her cheeks at another failed plan. 

"Look her little diapers are leaking!" Rita chided pointing out the pee running down Amanda's legs. Amanda gasped and hiked up her queen’s dress which was really just a frilly black ballerina style dress that covered half way down her ass. Her diaper was in fact leaking down her legs into her stiletto heels. Amanda liked the look of the dress and the high heels they thought they made her look sophisticated and older. But really they made the 19 year old diaper wearing evil queen look cute rather than sexy and intimidating. Most of what detracted from her intimidation was her fluffy white diapers poking out the back of her skirt not to mention the jeweled pacifier necklace. Frustrated and dripping wet the spell on Amanda took affect and magically out of nowhere a fresh diaper and changing supplies appeared and invisible hands laid Amanda down and changed her diaper and shoved the pacifier in her mouth against her will. When she was finally changed Amanda conjured a portal back to her castle and shouted. 

"You'll regret this you'll know how it feels to be me!" Amanda shouted as the portal closed behind her.

Amanda stepped through the portal back into her bedroom. The castle’s cold dark floor was even colder on her wet feet after she took off her heels. 

"I'll get them for cursing my family." Amanda shouted echoing in the dark castle halls. "I'll make them know how it feels to be humiliated for generations and never be out of diapers at nineteen years old!" Amanda shouted her magic pulsing from her anger shaking the castle. Amanda shouting and crying like a toddler caused her powers to spike with her emotion. Red energy pulsed around her cracking the floor beneath her. 

"Why do I have to be like this because my family was stupid so long ago!" The energy around her swirled and grew as she walked over to a map of the neighboring kingdom. A planned formed in her juvenile mind as the energy pulsed and roiled growing bigger by the second. "I'll make my own curse that will make them wet their pants!" Amanda shouted slapping her hand down on the map she slipped her jeweled pacifier in her mouth and suckled as the magic seeped from her aura onto the map. After the spell was cast the magic faded and Amanda sighed and released her pacifier from her mouth. "If this spell works everyone in the kingdom will wet their panties and they will know how it feels to be like for once." Amanda went off through another portal to see her spell at work.

Back at the Kingdom Reina, Rita, and Yukie were laughing all the way back to the Castle as they were making wisecracks about Amanda.

Amanda arrived at the castle of the good kingdom magically stepping out of her portal she was standing near Reina, Rita and Yukie. Amanda stumbled out just in time to see her spell take affect all three of the princess's moan and stains appear on their dressed simultaneously. All three gasped as they weren't alone everyone around them was wetting themselves uncontrollably. Amanda had won for the first time. She thought it was the end but it was just the beginning her rage caused her own curse to seep into the magic she used to curse them. Now would begin the downward spiral of regression.

The Three princesses were crossing their legs and whining in an attempt to try and hold the pee in only for the attempts to fail.

“What’s happening?” Cried Yukie.

“I don’t know,” Rita spoke, “We gotta find mom and fast.”

“Before we leave stains all over ourselves,” Reina practically yelled as the princesses bolted for their Mother Aurora and fast.

Bursting into the queens quarters they found to their shock Aurora was laying on the bed sucking a pacifier. Her diaper was soaking wet and she was masturbating furiously. "Whatever spell Amanda did is affecting mom really hard what are we gonna do?!" Reina squealed.

“We need to go check on the rest of the village,” Rita said trying to keep a level head.
“Well we need to do something and fast,” Yukie said as the princesses then went to see the village only to find similar results. Some of the women were in training diapers, some were already wet but most seemed to be okay.

“How is this happening?” Reina asked.

“Amanda’s magic must be causing this,” Rita spoke, “Perhaps we better find out the source of the curse.”

“We better find her and fast,” Yukie said as the princesses continued running and seeing the effects the curse was having on the village women. They eventually managed to find Amanda who was watching the curse do it’s job.

“Amanda’s curse has made us infanti-infant-infi,” Reina began trying to think of the right word, “It’s making us think and act younger than normal.”

“That explains it,” Rita said, “And I’m beginning to feel urges that I never felt were this strong before.”

When they found Amanda they could already see she had a smug look on her face.

“Amanda fix this right now,” Reina demanded.

“And why should I?” Amanda retorted. “Your ancestors humiliated mine and cursed my family for generations. Now it’s your turn to suffer.”

“What did we ever do to deserve this?” Reina cried.

“Your ancestors cursed the women in my family to pee ourselves for centuries and thanks you we’ve been humiliated and laughed at constantly,” Amanda all but shouted.

“Well that explains why you’re so angry at us,” Yukie said trying to reason with Amanda. “I get why you’re so angry but why take it out on us?”

“Yeah it’s not our fault that you got cursed,” Rita spoke.

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