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The baby sitter part 3


Without her wet panties Rosa had no underwear to replace them. She decided she would just go without and put on another pair of panties when she got back to Mimi's house. Rosa was looked down at the small woman on the changing table. Sexual thoughts were racing through Rosa's mind she placed a hand on the front of Mimi's diaper and gently massaged it. The new diapers felt extremely comfortable and felt amazing against her pussy. Mimi's diaper was fresh and dry much to Rosa's disappointment. Rosa was conflicted she was so wet she had to throw out her panties but she didn't feel right taking advantage of her. Right now though her desire for Mimi's body was too great to ignore. Rosa stood leaning over the changing table and pulled Mimi's small frame close pressing her thick newly bought diapers against her thighs. Mimi started gently rubbing her diapered pussy against Rosa's legs. Mimi started to moan softly her long pink hair bouncing gently up and down as her diapered caressed Rosa's leg. Rosa gasped and could hardly contain herself she kissed Mimi passionately and untaped her diaper. Mimi returned her sexually charged kiss in turn but when her diaper started to come off she began to whimper and tear up.

Rosa snapped out of her lust for Mimi and realized she was taking advantage of her and quickly taped her diaper back on and picked her up holding her by the shoulders and her diapered butt. Consoling her Mimi began to calm down.

"I got scared Ms Rosa, I'm sorry." Mimi said holding back tears hugging Rosa tightly. Mimi's legs hugged Rosa's hips and again Rosa was fighting her lust and desire to be inside Mimi's diaper. Once Mimi calmed down Rosa felt Mimi's diaper fill up as it expanded and slowly warmed.

Rosa had to get this lust for Mimi out of her mind. "Hey sweetie why don't we go out to lunch and get some ice cream."

Mimi's mood instantly flipped and squeezed Rosa with excitement. "Yes Ms Rosa can we go now!" Mimi said hopping down from Rosa's grasp and jumping up and down her diaper crinkling loudly.

"Of course Mimi lets get going."


Rosa and Mimi arrived at a small chain restaurant and were sat by the hostess. Neither of them had brought up the recent diaper changing incident. Rosa was blushing bright red just thinking about what happened. Rosa ordered a strong mixed drink to take her mind off what happened. She ordered Mimi a large water.

"Ms Rosa, when you were rubbing my diaper earlier it felt good I felt tingly." Mimi said innocently wondering about the moment.

Rosa thought about changing the subject but decided to ask a question instead. 

"How long have you been in diapers Mimi?" Rosa asked.

"Since I was 14, I graduated high school then because I was homeschooled. Mommy said I was too little to go to college. After that mommy started treating me like I was younger and younger until I was back in diapers. But I love wearing diapers though and diaper changing everything about it." Mimi said happily slipping her pacifier into her mouth.

"So have you ever been with many people besides mommy?" Asked Rosa curiously.

"No I love mommy, I don't see many people bedsides her and now you but I think we're gonna be best friends! I love you Ms Rosa." Mimi said through her pacifier.

She's a virgin thought Rosa, she probably gave Mimi her first kiss. At least it was a good one Rosa thought slipping back to that moment. She blushed and started to get wet again. Her drink arrived and she gulped it down. "I love you too Mimi." Rosa said starting to feel the alcohol.


After a while their food arrived and after eating and chatting more it was time to get ice cream. Rosa was tipsy when they walked to the ice cream shop near by. Mimi was so excited she wet herself so much her diapers were soaked.

When they finally ordered and sat down Rosa watched as Mimi licked her ice cream cone. It may have been the alcohol but to Rosa it looked like Mimi was licking that ice cream cone for her to see. Rosa was again dripping with anticipation. The alcohol dulled her reason enough for her to want to throw caution to the wind.

"Mimi I think you could use a diaper change." Rosa said seductively. "Or maybe baby is hungry?" Rosa caressed her breasts she saw Mimi's eyes go big at the sight of Rosa's double d's and started to drool a little at the thought of nursing.

"What about my ice cream?" Mimi asked.

"I've got something far better than ice cream." Rosa rushed them both to Mimi's house. Rosa carried Mimi up the stairs to her changing table and pulled her close squishing her soaking wet diaper against her pussy. Mimi had never felt this feeling before she gasped and moaned with intense pleasure. Rosa slid her hand into Mimi's diaper and after a few seconds of touching Mimi orgasmed nearly instantly. She moaned and gasped and kissed Rosa deeply massaging her tongue with her own. Rosa took Mimis diaper off and to her surprise Mimi didn't start crying. Rosa sat down on the soaked open diaper with a squish. The warmth of Mimi's pee turned her on even more as she started rubbing her pussy against the wet diaper while kissing Mimi. After several orgasms Rosa decided it was about time for Mimi's diaper change. Rosa cleaned them both up and taped a fresh diaper on Mimi. Rosa then grabbed another diaper and started taping it on herself. Much to Mimi's surprise and delight Rosa stripped everything except her diaper. Rosa snugly diapered carried Mimi to her crib and laid down in it with her. Mina laid on top of Rosa and soon was fast asleep nursing.

The end

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