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Princess in pull ups: Working as a Disney Princess part 1


Ava adjusted her skirt and her pull-ups. She had worked for Disney World for a few months now, she had been hired in the Winter but Summer had come in with It took her winter dress that concealed her pull ups so well. She had always dreamed of being a princess as a child and jumped at the chance to play princess Aurora. It sounded like a dream come true. But it was turning out to be a lot more work than she had imagined especially trying to hide her training diapers. Her current pull-ups discreet but Ava had such a large ass for her size she had to special order training diapers just to fit her voluptuous hips. Ava had larger than average C cups and those fit her costume just fine but her ample buttocks often caused her dress to be a tight fit.

In fact Ava had grown so paranoid of someone discovering her secret she had taken to changing her diapers three times per shift and oftenduring her breaks as well. Not realizing this was actually making her more dependent on having diapers for protection. Ava had just clocked in for her shift today. She was working at Epcot walking around taking pictures with her co worker Charlotte who was playing Pocahontas. Charlotte was a tall beautiful Native American woman with an incredibly large E cup breasts and jet black hair that ran down past her tiny nipples. Ava had worked with her quite a while and do her well. She was a good friend and like Tinkerbell...that rumor spreading bitchwas running around telling everyone Ava was a diaper wetting baby. Until she got fired for sexual-harassment plus it wasn't a diaper it was a training diaper and that mattered to Ava. But things were better now Disney was very understanding of her situation but unbending in their wardrobe requirements. Charlotte was unaware of Ava's padded state and she hoped to keep it that way. Ava was very embarrassed about her lack of potty training. She never could quite keeping her skirt dry no matter how hard she tried. It's simply appeared that big girl panties weren't in the equation for Ava she would have to stay in training diapers indefinitely it would seem.

Charlotte snapped Ava back to reality when she came walking back over to her after getting her picture taken.

"Ava are you doin' ok you seem a little out there today." Charlotte asked a little worried.

"Yah, just hot is all." Ava said knowing it was a lie.

"Well, make sure you drink a lot of water it's gonna be hot." Charlotte said smiling at Ava sweetly.

"I hate this summer dress." Ava said subtly letting Charlotte something was bothering her.

"Why? It's so much cooler, plus you get to show off those curves." Charlotte complimented her friend, but then she did something unexpected. When she commented on Ava's curves she playfully swatted her ass. Though instead of spanking a hand full of Ava's ass cheek, Charlotte got a hand full of soaked training diaper. There was an audible plop sound made when a wet diaper is spanked. Ava froze and turned redder than the feathers Charlotte wore as part of her costume. Ava felt as though she could have died from embarrassment. Charlotte was shocked and gasped when she saw a hand print start to appear on the ass of Ava's dress where her training diapers had leaked. Ava started to cry and Charlotte quickly took Ava took one of the hidden employee only bathrooms at the park. 

Charlotte felt like Ava's older sister protecting her from being embarrassed. It made sense to Charlotte as she was nearly a decade older almost 33 to Ava's 25. Charlotte took off Ava's Summer princess dress leaving her in only her bra and Princess pull ups. Ava, tears still streaming down her face, buried her head between Charlotte's massive E cups. Charlotte shushed her gently to calm her down.

"It's not a big deal Ava, sometimes even princesses need a little extra protection." Charlotte said consoling her younger friend and patting the front of her soaked diaper.

"You don't." Ava said bawling. "I bet if I felt your under your dress I'd feel dry panties!" 

Charlotte grabbed Ava's hand and slipped it under her dress. As Ava expected she felt dry panties.

"I knew it, I told you..." Ava stopped when she felt something warm running over her fingers. Charlotte was wetting her panties for Ava. Charlotte's pee gushed out seeping down to the floor and Ava's arm. Charlotte gushed for almost a minute before she finally dribbled to a stop. 

"See every princess could use a little protection now and then." Charlotte said pulling Ava close squishing their breasts together. 

"...Thanks. I really appreciate it." Ava said relieved in more ways than one. 

"Of course, now let's get cleaned up and get back to work in 20 minutes." Charlotte said smilingly wickedly. Charlotte's legs slid up Ava's sensually.

"Ok on a few conditions. I need a new pull up, you need new panties and only if you play mommy." Ava said removing Charlotte's top and placing her lips on charlottes nipple.

To be continued...

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