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Princess in pull ups: Working as a Disney Princess part 2


Ava sighed contently as Charlotte pulled a training diaper up her long slender legs. Charlotte got Ava's pull up on but she still had a lot of work to do before they were gonna be ready to be off their 'break'. Ava only now that she had her training diaper on wasn't naked. Charlotte stood up and examined Ava trying to decide where to start. Ava blushed as Charlotte carefully examined her she decided to start from the top down. First she fixed Ava's hair that got disheveled when Charlotte grabbed it during a tremendous orgasm. After her hair came her face and makeup. Ava had tear stains and milk from Charlotte's breasts all over her face. Charlotte wiped away all the milk and reapplied some quick make up. Next on Charlotte's list were Ava's breasts and stomach. Breast milk had gotten all over Ava during the breast feeding session they had. It should have only been dripping down her chin but a breast feeding session changed from feeding to playing when Charlotte's hand went into Ava's wet diapers. The feeding had virtually stopped but the flow of milk continued uninhibited. Playing soon had become grinding and fingering. While the two princesses had hands each other's pussy Charlotte's flow of breast milk was being smeared all over their bodies. Last on Charlotte's list was Ava from the diaper down. She had a fresh pull up on but her legs were sticky with milk and pee of her own and Charlotte's. Ava was now clean and ready to get back into her dress but now it was Charlotte's turn. Ava decided to take the opposite route and start from Charlotte's dripping wet panties and legs. Charlotte, in an effort to make Ava feel better about her incontinence, put Ava's hand on her pussy and wet herself for almost a minute. As a result her panties were ruined and had to be thrown away. Ava cleaned Charlotte's legs and pussy carefully and sensually. Now naked Charlotte was at least clean from the waist down. Next was Charlotte's chest which much like Ava's was smeared and wet with milk. Ava cleaned Charlotte's stomach and breasts finishing with her small perky nipples. Ava was about to move on but Charlotte continued to lactate. 

"How do we make it stop?" Ava asked with a worried look.

"We can't but it shouldn't be put to waste." Charlotte said as she said smiling and bouncing her huge breasts a little. Ava couldn't argue with that logic and almost hypnotically was drawn to Charlotte's nipple latching on instantly.

After feeding until Ava was very full Charlotte was still lactating some but Ava had reached her limit. 

"It's ok I have a daughter who still breast feeds so I'm used to dripping a little." Charlotte said wiping off her nipples and putting her nursing bra back on. "She's a hungry girl but I've never fed a baby girl as big as you though." 

Ava blushed and wiped the milk from her chin. "I haven't had breast milk since I was breast feeding from my mom as a baby. It...just...just tasted so good I just couldn't help myself." 

"It's ok normally I have to use a pump  twice a day to keep from lactating everywhere. Since you like it so much maybe you shouldn't pack a lunch anymore I could feed you." Charlotte offered smiling at Ava. 

"Really! You mean it! I'd like that." Ava said who was overcome with excitement but realized and tried to be nonchalant at the last second.

Charlotte winked and smacked Ava's diapered ass.

"Comon' Princess Aurora we gotta get new dresses these are soaked." Charlotte told Ava to wait in the bathroom while Charlotte called Disney's costume department. She told them where they were and how a guest had spilled drinks all over their dresses and needed new costumes. Charlotte also had the cast member pick up her backpack from her locker. Within minutes there was a knock at the door and a hand held out two bags. Charlotte took her dress and put it on before Ava. Charlotte looking through her backpack retrieved what she was looking for. A small vibrator that slips inside and silently vibrates. Charlotte pulled down Ava's pull up and inserted the vibrator inside her. The soft hum tingled inside her training diaper. Ava loved the feeling it created. 

Once the girls were dressed and ready they were about to go back to work but on their way out Ava nearly fell over. Ava gasped and moaned softly under her breath as she leaned on Charlotte heavily. She was having an orgasm already. After about a minute Ava was composed enough to stand albeit on quivering knees.

"It's only been on for two minutes and you already came. It'll be almost two hours before we get a break to change you, are you sure you can handle it?" Charlotte asked concerned.

Ava sighed trying to focus. "I came twice actually and as long as my diaper can hold it I can handle it." Ava said sounding more like she was trying to convince herself more than Charlotte.

To be continued...

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