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Diaper Fashion Show

A young woman of around 21 years of age was getting ready for her big moment. Today she was going to be modeling a new Vegas themed dress. She wasn’t alone though for she had her pet White Tiger by her side ever since she was a cub.

“This is it Sasha,” the young woman said to her pet as the tiger nuzzled her gently, “Our big moment. If this works we’ll be able to model this show to prevent big cats like yourself from being poached.”

Sasha the Tiger rubbed her master gently before she moved back as she let Audrey get ready. Audrey had long blonde hair that went down to her back. She had long curvy legs and an hour glass figure wit D cup breasts, blue eyes, and she had a cute round bubble butt that showed off her figure. Right now she was currently wearing a white tiger striped pullup for the fashion show that was going to be hidden under the dress that she was to wear due to having almost no bladder control since she was a baby. No matter how much she tried Audrey couldn’t keep her bed dry or her own panties for that matter so she stayed in dapers and would be in them for the rest of her life but she didn’t mind though. She quite liked the diapers.

Later on it was time for the fashion show. Audrey was nervous as she was walking onto the runway but what she didn’t know was that when she got nervous her bladder would start to leak.

‘Keep it together Audrey,’ Audrey thought to herself as she walked onto the runway as she hoped and prayed her pullup could hold all her warm wet pee.

Fortunately the crowd was interested in Audrey’s Tiger themed Vegas Silk Dress which was themed after a white Tiger to draw attention to the plight of the jungle cats. She enjoyed being in the spot light but then it was time to go and as soon as she made it back stage she was fighting the urge to hold her bladder but she passed out from trying to hold it in which didn’t go unnoticed by another model.

The model in question had long raven black hair tied up in a bun and wore a Chinese themed Kimono made of Silk and it was in an Asiatic Lion theme. She also had a pet Asiatic Lioness by her side named Nala and she was very tame and concerned for her master.

“We better take her home to her place,” the Chinese model spoke, “Sasha is sure to get worried about her owner Nala.”

Nala the lioness understood as she helped her owner take Audrey home.

Later on when they got home Audrey was still passed out and wet so Leona the Chinese model decided to try and wake her up and get her out of her dress. As she got to Audrey’s bottom she felt the tell tale sign of a pullup under her dress but Leona understood since she had a secret of her own but first she decided to wake Audrey up gently.

Audrey looked up to see Leona a fellow model who was from China as her beautiful E Cup breasts were hanging in her face. She looked down and blushed to see she was naked save for a fresh dry tiger striped diaper.

“Leona I…well…um,” Audrey blushed but Leona spoke.

“It’s okay Audrey,” Leona said, “I understand your situation and so do the rest of the models who have a Jungle Cat as a pet. You can’t help it. How about you rest and I spend the night here.”

Audrey nodded at that idea as she fell asleep while Sasha curled up beside her while Leona went to curl up next to Nala and use her as a pillow.

Diaper Fashion Show 2
Next Morning Audrey woke up to her face being licked by her pet tiger Sasha as she groaned gently. She woke up to see that the tiger print diapers she wore were soaking wet and the tiger stripes faded into a black and yellow mess of color. 
Before Audrey could say anything Leona appeared with some tea and soup. 

“Morning Audrey,” Leona said, “Is my little baby hungry?” 

“Leona? Where are your clothes?” Audrey asked getting a good look at her as Leona was completely naked save for her lion themed diaper. 

“I don’t wear clothes around the house aside from my diapers unless I really have to,” Leona said before looking down at Audrey’s diaper, “Oh dear. You look like you need a new diaper.” 

“That we can agree on,” Audrey said as Leona had Audrey open her legs. Once Audrey opened her legs Leona untapped the wet diaper from Audrey and gently cleaned and powered her before applying a new fresh dry diaper to cover her, “The new tiger themed diaper feels so warm and comfortable. Almost like I’m wearing silk.” 

“Well I’m sure we can explain it when we go into work today,” Leona said.  


"Hurry gals and change. You're both on in 5 minutes!" The stage coordinator director shouted to Leona and Audrey. 


"We gotta get changed fast were both wet. And we can't model in dirty diapers."  Leona said rushing them to the changing tables. Once in fresh tiger and leopard print diapers they were ready for the runway.


"Good luck out there Leona." Audrey waved off her friend who crinkled every step. Leona's tight ass bounced enticingly with every step in her leopard gradient printed disposable diaper. 


Leona dressed only in her diaper and heels stepped out on stage as the first model for the diaper fashion show. The crowd cheered and thousands of pictures were taken of every crinkling step she took. Leona started to feel a little strange as she walked down the run way. She dismissed it as nerves and continued her hip gyrating walk. 


Audrey watched from backstage anxiously waiting her turn. She wished she could use her diaper as the anxiety was adding stress to her feeble bladder. But she was incredibly happy as her charity was going to save a lot of big cats and diaper a lot of people who need it. Though she immediately grew concerned while watching Leona suddenly double over at the front of the run way.


Leona gasped she felt a pulsating going through her whole body. Arms wrapped around herself and bent at the hips, Leona trembled, her pupils dilated and her senses suddenly jumped to new heights. Leona was suddenly overwhelmed with sensory information. Her nails grew a half inch and became incredibly sharp. Her canine fangs elongated a half inch giving her sharp fangs. Leona's little bladder control completely failed her and flooded her diaper. She could smell it, she could smell that Audrey was about to wet herself too. Her leopard print began to quickly fade as her diaper swelled and absorbed liquid gushing out of Leona. While the pattern faded from her diaper a slight tinge of leopard print began to slowly spread and cover the skin of her shoulders. She began feeling her ears start to stretch and change becoming more pointed and catlike. A pressure began building at the base of her spine and seconds later she heard her diaper rip as a tail erupted from her back. Her ordeal at an end Leona was able to breathe normally but was a new woman. The rate of camera flashes drastically increased as Leona unbent herself standing tall newly transformed. By the look of her most people thought she transformed into a quarter leopard. Somehow her diapers had transformed her. Feeling stronger and more confident Leona let out a cat like roar that started the audience. But then turned her back to the cameras soaked leopard print diaper hanging heavily from her hips she looked at the soaking wet diaper and looked back up at the cameras and blushed like she didn't realize, that she the strong confident part leopardess that she became had filled her diaper like a baby. Her tail whipped back and forth as her soaked diaper crinkled walking back to down the runway.

To be continued...


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