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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                    " CHAPTER XV "


     Saundra quickly fed me and gave me my bath for the night, and to my surprise, put me to bed in just a diaper, plastic pants and a tee.  I was surprised she didn't put my jammies or a onesie on me, I wasn't even given a night bottle, this was all very strange considering how I had been treated the first couple nights?  I tried to sleep but was kept awake by all the chatting and laughing going on in the next room, plus my tummy kept rumbling and I knew, that I had wet my diaper already, not a lot, just enough to make it feel damp and warm.


      For reasons unknown to me I had a very restless night, I had messed my diaper sometime during the night, not sure when, I don't remember waking up to do it, and to boot, Saundra had not come to bed at all, I was most definitely concerned and for sure, puzzled.  I eventually dozed off and fell into a deep sleep but had the strangest dreams, I dreamt that Saundra, Andrea and all of their friends were chasing me while jeering and yelling at me, I couldn't quite make out what they were yelling, but it all seemed very demeaning and cruel.


      When I woke up, Saundra was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me, when I looked back at her she smiled and said, "Well Baby Boy, I'm not sure if you're ready for today, but, based on what you told me last night, I think this new approach we're all taking is going to be, shall we say, Right Up Your Alley.  First off though, let's get you out of that nasty diaper, YOU STINK !!!!!! "


      Saundra pulled my covers back and we were both assailed by the smell of a dirty diaper as it wisped into the room, but then, to my surprise, Saundra swatted my bottom, grabbed my hands and pulled me to a sitting position, on the end of the bed, then as she was helping me to my feet she said, "First things first though, you need to get in the bathroom and take a shower, you're nasty".  As she swatted my bottom again, she ushered me to the bathroom and to my embarrassment, both Andrea and Kelly were sitting in the living room as I waddled past them with my diaper drooping almost to my knees from the weight of the wet. messy, humiliating piece of cloth pinned between my legs, as I went past them, I saw both of them wrinkle their nose and laugh as they pointed at my loaded diaper.


      Once I was in the shower, Saundra turned the water on, un-pinned my diaper and was gone with the messy wrap, the pins, my plastic pants and my tee, and i was left there to shower and clean myself up.  I had to admit, the shower felt awesome as I just stood beneath the pulsating water for awhile and thought back on what had occurred the past couple days.  It seemed that my baby treatment had come to an abrupt end, I wasn't sure why, Saundra didn't seem upset or mad, it's just something I couldn't quite put my finger on, something was definitely different.


       When I had finished my shower and was done drying myself off, I wasn't sure if I should go back to our bedroom or just yell for Saundra, I decided to play it safe and hollered for Saundra.  She was there in less then 30 seconds and asked me what I wanted, I was shocked and quietly told her, I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do, she just laughed and said, "WOW ROB, a grown man and you need my help to get you out of the shower, DAMN BOY, WHAT ARE YOU, A BABY?"  I just stood there with the towel wrapped around me, stunned, Saundra looked at me again and smiled as she said, Rob Honey, your clothes are laid out on the bed, go get dressed and we'll all go out for breakfast".


       Unsure of what was happening, I walked out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom past Andrea and Kelly, who were still sitting on the couch talking, only this time, neither said anything to me and both totally ignored me as I walked past, I was most assuredly confused, but no where near confused as I was when I got to our bedroom and saw the clothes laying out on the bed, my jeans, a button up shirt, my socks, shoes, and to my surprise, a pair of underpants, regular mens tighty-whities, not the boxers I was accustomed to, Now I was definitely confused and knew, the baby treatment was over, although I wasn't sure why or if I had said something that upset everyone or anyone.


       Once I was dressed I walked out into the living room where all 3 girls sat on the sofa chatting while the babies played on the floor, Saundra looked up at me and said, well there you are, about time, we was beginning to think you forgot how to dress yourself, as all three girls laughed.


        Sit down Rob, we'll try and explain what's going on, we're sure you're very confused by now.  I sat on the recliner across from the couch and Saundra gave me a cup of coffee to drink as she started explaining everything to me.


First off Rob, you are no longer a baby nor will you be treated like a baby, you have outlived that part of your fantasy. 


After talking with you last night, we've all come to the conclusion that you prefer the embarrassment and humiliation that is associated with wearing diapers and being caught in a wet or messy diaper, and since babies don't have this experience or sensation, you can no longer be a baby.


So, from here on in, you will once again be my boyfriend and when ever we go anywhere or meet anyone, that is how you will be introduced.


You will wear adult clothing such as you are wearing now, you can take your own showers, although, there will be times I will jump in the shower with you, if you know what I mean, as Saundra gives me a wink and the other two girls laugh.


Since you are an adult, you will be required to make it to the potty on time, just like an adult, we bought you brand new underwear and we don't expect to see any skid marks or pee stains on them.


Now Rob Dear, that is all the good news, are you ready for the bad news, you are, good, oh, can I freshen up your coffee while we finish, awesome, hang on a sec.


Here you go Rob, just like you like it, just a teaspoon of sugar, you like it, good, now, if you're comfortable, let's get this little chat over with so we can go get some breakfast.


The bad news for you Rob, is basically, you are going to have to be very careful you don't go potty in your undies.  I told you we were stopping the baby treatment, diapers and such, BUT, WE ARE NOT STOPPING YOUR SPECIAL DRINKS.  You drank them before as formula in your baby bottles, now you will drink one glass every morning with your coffee, and we'll just call it your daily energy drink.


I'm not sure you fully understand what this means Rob, what I'm trying to say to you is, we are still going to give you a drink, daily, that will make you have to pee and poop, ALMOST, uncontrollably, however, with only one drink a day, of our mixture of diuretics and baby laxatives, you won't wet or poop uncontrollably, but you will feel a greater urgency to get to a bathroom a whole lot quicker.


Not even we are sure how long you will have once the sensation to go hits you, but we all know, it's sure going to be fun watching and wondering if you're going to make it or not, but that isn't even the really bad news Rob.


The really bad news is this, if at anytime, we find pee stains or skid marks on your undies, of God forbid, you wet or mess your pants, even if it's just a tinkle or a little wet fart, no matter, any of these acts by you will end with you being ridiculed and teased for acting like a baby who doesn't know any better, and I promise you, the level of humiliation and embarrassment you will feel will be like nothing you have ever felt before.


Now, with that all said, let's go get some breakfast...........


Oh, and Rob, that daily energy drink you'll be drinking, will still work on your system after you've have eaten or drank anything, almost immediately, so with that said, if you need to go potty before we leave, you best do it now, after breakfast we're going shopping at the mall, you remember, where Kelly and Sarah took you yesterday, and maybe, just maybe, we can stop in and visit the new friends Kelly told me you made yesterday, won't that be nice? 


to be cont. ?


" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                         " CHAPTER XVI "


         I was stunned as I stood in the bathroom, trying to pee, but nothing seemed to be working, at least on command anyway.  As I zipped up my pants I felt a little dribble in my brand new briefs and I immediately thought back on what Saundra had just finished telling me.  It wasn't much longer that Saundra, Andrea, Kelly, the babies and I all ended up back at Denny's for breakfast, fortunately it wasn't the same one we had ate at yesterday, where Kelly's mother worked.


          As strange as it seemed, I felt somewhat uncomfortable sitting at the table without a diaper on, but fortunately, the urge to use the bathroom never occurred while we were eating.  Once we finished our breakfast and we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, Saundra whispered in my ear and said, " Do you need to go potty before we head out, trust me, you don't want to potty in your pants with the three of us girls near you, you won't like our response, and what we do and say to you if you do ", I slowly shook my head no, I didn't need to use the restroom yet and told her I would be ok, she just looked at me and smiled when she said, " We'll See ".


           It felt strange getting in the van and fastening my own seat belt, I noticed that the carseat they had for me was gone.   When we arrived at the mall, I knew right away this was the exact same mall we had went to yesterday and already I felt a nervousness that was beyond the queasy feelings I was also feeling in my stomach now and I was wondering if perhaps I was coming down with something.  Little did I know, the queasiness was a reaction to the special drink they were planning on giving me every morning.  Unlike the drink I took before, which made me wet and mess my diapers uncontrollably, this drink was designed to also make me wet and poop, but it came with a warning, little did I know, the queasiness was a message from my stomach to my brain telling me I should locate a restroom as quick as possible.


            As we were all getting out of the van, the queasiness in my stomach turned more into a pressure and I knew I needed to locate a restroom, quickly.  I told Saundra I had to use the restroom and I was off like a bullet, almost running into the mall and thru the food court to the public restrooms, if I would have had the time to look back, I would have seen all 3 girls laughing at my embarrassing situation.  Fortunately I made it to the restroom in time, but as I was seated, taking care of business, I noticed the small yellow stain on my underwear where I had dribbled earlier and I thought to myself, if they don't notice until we get home, whatever humiliation and teasing they had planned for me would at least be done privately, what I didn't realize was, when I was wiping myself, I probably should have done a more thorough job and as I was walking out of the restroom, like most guys, my underwear was wiping my butt a bit more thoroughly with each step I took. 


             When I exited the restroom, all three girls were standing in the food court with the babies, waiting for me.  When I got next to Saundra, she smiled and asked me if everything was ok and did I make it on time like a big boy, I just laughed a bit and told her, Yea, I made it on time and everything was just fine, She smiled at me and said, " Cool, Let's go do some shopping then ".


              Walking thru the mall I heard Kelly telling Saundra and Andrea that the Baby's R Us store we went to yesterday was straight ahead, as she pointed it out, and I was thinking that hopefully, since I was her boyfriend now and not her baby, I could tell her that I'd wait for her in the arcade and not go shopping with them at the baby store, that way, if the cashier and manager from yesterday were working today, I wouldn't have to face them.  This plan was quickly shot down by Saundra when she said, " Rob, that is so rude, the least you can do is go in and say hi to the new friends you made yesterday, I mean, she did offer to change your diaper, plus, you can show them what a big boy you are now, now that you can say to them, NO MORE DIAPEYS FOR ROBBY ", as Saundra gave my bottom a quick pat and said, " C'mon now, let's go, it'll be fun and I'll even let you pick out some cute onesies for Jessica ".


               We walked into the store and I immediately looked over to where the cashiers and cash registers were, but thankfully did not see the cashier that almost changed my diaper yesterday, and I quietly breathed out a sigh of relief.  Kelly and Andrea both grabbed shopping carts, putting a baby in each one, as Saundra and I followed them, Saundra looked at me and asked if she should grab one to, just in case I found something I might want, I assured her, there was nothing in this store that would interest me at this time, she just laughed and said, " YEA, RIGHT ", even though she was treating me like an adult, she still knew of my infantile desires and had no plans of letting me forget them.


               We followed Andrea and Kelly through the store as they took their time shopping, they were having fun looking at the new cloth diaper patterns, the All In Ones, Pocket Diapers and the Curity Prefold Diapers.  It was amazing to me how many different style of cloth diapers there were available now, in my days, the only choices a mother had were Birdseye or Curity flat cloth diapers that you had to fold to fit the age and size baby you were diapering, and plastic pants and diaper pins were a must have to go with the cloth diapers.  Now days however, the plastic pants were sewn right in to the diaper and most diapers were secured with either velcro or snaps, yuppers, diapers sure have changed since I wore them?


               In my daydreaming reverie I didn't notice the store manager walking towards us until she was standing next to Kelly.  Saundra and I came up to them while they were talking and just as we got there both of them started laughing.  The store manager looked straight at me, smiled and said, " Well Now, I hear someone is being potty trained and doesn't need to wear his little diapeys no more, SUCH A BIG BOY YOU ARE NOW ROBBY, and guess what, Mindy is on her break and I'm sure she'd love to see you all again ( as Kelly explains to Saundra and Andrea that Mindy is the cashier who almost changed my diaper yesterday ), if you all would follow me, I'll take you back to the break room so Mindy can say hi to all of you and see what a big boy Robby has become".


                Reluctantly I followed the small caravan back to the break room, and unfortunately, Mindy was sitting with two other girls, and when she saw me, she got a big smile on her face and immediately told the two other girls, " OH WOW, this is the big baby I was telling you about, Hi Robby, c'mere and give me a big hug ", Saundra gently pushed me towards Mindy and as soon as I got close enough, she stood up, gave me a hug and patted my bottom, she immediately stopped patting my bottom, leaving her hand resting firmly on my bottom, looked at Kelly and said, " WHY ISN'T HE WEARING HIS DIAPERS ".  The store manager immediately jumped in and told Mindy, and the other two girls who were now snickering, Today is Robby's first day of being potty trained.  Mindy smilingly replied, " AWWWW, Hims is getting to be such a big boy, it seems like just yesterday I was changing his stinky diapers and wiping his yucky bottom ".  Everyone in the break room started laughing, that is, everyone except me.


                I'm sure I felt another little dribble in my pants, but ruled it out as just a nervous twitch.  After Kelly had introduced Saundra, Andrea and the babies to Mindy, her two co-workers and the store manager, the store manager looked at Saundra and said, " We all know how trying and messy potty training can be, if Robby has an accident and needs to get changed into some dry and clean training pants, you're welcome to bring him back here and use one of our changing rooms, we sure wouldn't want to see him walking around in wet, stinky training panties".


                 Saundra immediately responded by saying, " We really appreciate your offer, but we should be ok, Rob assured all of us that he was an adult and not only did he not need to wear diapers anymore, but also didn't need to wear training pants, so basically, all he's wearing is mens tighty whities and he has absolutely no protection at all if he does happen to have an accident, but then again, without the extra padding and absorbancy of training pants, if he does tinkle or poop, it'll show through his underwear and jeans almost as soon as he does it, and the smell will likewise be noticeable almost immediately ", all the ladies smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.


                  Kelly jumped in and said, " Well all, it's been really nice seeing you again but we need to get going, we still have some shopping to do here at the mall plus we need to stop at the grocery store and get some shopping done there as well, Saundra and Andrea agreed and as we were all saying our goodbyes, Mindy called me over to her and whispered in my ear, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, " Robby, you be a good boy and try and keep those pants dry, but if you can't, and you need someone to help change your lil undies, you come back here and I'll be more then happy to get your little butt back into diapers where it belongs ", as she winks at me and gives my bottom a quick little pat and a gentle rub, all the girls wrinkle their noses and laugh, and I feel another slight dribble in my pants.


                   As we walk out the break room door, Saundra pats my bottom also, but then, as if almost an automatic reaction, pats my crotch, stops, looks at me and says, " OH MY GOD ROB, is it my imagination or are your jeans a little bit damp in the front ".  The rest of the girls stop to look at me and Saundra, and Saundra says, loud enough for everyone to hear, " ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME, DID YOU JUST STAND IN THIS ROOM AND PISS YOUR PANTS LIKE A TWO YEAR OLD BABY, MY GOD ROB, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH YOU, IT'S NOT LIKE I PACKED YOU A DIAPER BAG WITH EXTRA CLOTHES IN IT, DAMN ROB, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, C'MON LITTLE BABY, LET'S GO BUY YOU SOME NEW PANTS SO YOU'RE NOT WALKING AROUND  THE MALL IN WET PANTS EMBARRASSING ALL OF US..........................


"Two Incredible Weeks In Oklahoma City"


                       " CHAPTER XVII "


          As embarrassed and humiliated as I was, I hurried along with Saundra as she literally took my hand and was pulling me through the store and out into the common area of the mall.  She headed straight for the Old Navy Store and as soon as we walked in a salesgirl approached us and asked if she could help us find anything (which I thought was strange because I never had that good of service at Old Navy before, lol).  Saundra immediately explained my situation to her and how I had wet my pants, just like a two year old toddler, so she needed to buy me some dry underwear and pants or shorts.


           The salesgirl smiled and snickered, then said yes, she'd be happy to help us find something, dry, for me to wear.  She showed us the mens boxers and Saundra told her that she preferred to keep me in briefs because they were more absorbant and more like training pants, the girl just laughed and said yea, she agrees.  After Saundra selected a package of briefs, she stopped for a minute, then grabbed three more packages, which I thought was odd since I had plenty of underwear back at Andreas house.  We then went over to the mens pants and shorts section of the store and Saundra and Andrea both picked out some really funky looking pants for me, and then Kelly held up a pair of baby blue, and a pair of pink shorts.  Saundra quickly said yes and tossed two pair of light pastel colored pants into the cart with the shorts Kelly found, along with the four packages of briefs.


             The salesgirl smiled and asked if that would be all and Saundra stopped, thought for a minute, then asked if she had any type of clothing bags or backpacks, when the salesgirl responded yes, we followed her over to that area of the store.  Saundra and Andrea looked at quite a few different style bags, then both finally agreed on a infantile looking RugRats backpack.  Saundra looked at me and said, " Since we're not carrying around a diaper bag for you with a change of clothes, what with you being a big boy and all, you can tote around this backpack with all of your clothes and undies, just in case you can't get to the restroom, and you decide to go potty in your pants like a baby, at least we'll have some dry clothes to put on you when you tinkle or make a stinky ", Andrea and Kelly both laughed as well as did the salesgirl.


               As soon as Saundra paid for our purchases, she immediately tore all the price tags off of the pants and shorts, then opened the four packages of briefs and stuck everything in to my new backpack.  Once the backpack was secured firmly on my back, Saundra thanked the salesgirl and we all headed out the door, me still in my damp pants and underwear, the salesgirl just smiled at me as we left the store.


               Much to my delight and surprise, we did not go back to the Baby's R Us store so Saundra could change me into some dry pants, instead we left the mall, moved the van to a quiet, deserted area of the parking lot, and then Saundra opened the rear of the van, told me to hop up in there and proceeded to change my pants.  As Andrea stood next to her with a plastic bag for my wet pants and underwear, she, and I both, noticed Saundra getting out four pair of briefs.  Andrea must have knew immediately what Saundra was planning to do, but I was confused. 


                After Saundra had pulled my damp pants and underwear off, she handed them to Andrea, who just wrinkled her nose as she took them and put them in the plastic bag.  Saundra immediately pulled up a pair of briefs on me, I mean like, she didn't wipe me off with a baby wipe or use baby powder or anything, which really confused me.  Saundra then pulled up another pair of briefs over the first pair, then another and another, until she had all four pair on me.  As she was pulling up my pants, which barely fit over the four pair of briefs, she explained to me, " Rob, to begin with, four pair of undies will make it more absorbant and more like training pants, WHEN you make a little tinkle or poopy accident, the extra protection will allow us to not have to change you right away, 2nd of all, you probably noticed I didn't wipe you with a baby wipe or use baby powder on you, Rob, adults and big boys don't need to have their little tushies wiped and powdered by their girlfriends, because they're supposed to know how to use the potty by themselves, and last but not least, the only reason I pulled your wet pants off of you and redressed you in dry pants is because if you did it by yourself, you'd have to stand up and I didn't want to take the chance of someone seeing you and you getting in trouble for indecent exposure ", with this said, Saundra smiled at me, looked at Andrea and Kelly and said.........................




To Be Cont.

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