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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                         CHAPTER 1


            I guess, like any story, I should start at the beginning, winning the lottery was something I always felt would happen, just like getting married.  I thoroughly enjoyed my life as a single guy, but the nightclub/bar scene was, if at best, getting monotonous, the same people, the same bars, night after night, every weekend, it almost made me look forward to Monday's, even though my weekend usually started on Thursday night and ran through to Sunday night.


            The one thing I didn't tire of was shooting pool, I loved the game of nine-ball and was actually quite good at it.  I spent Thursday night shooting on a bar league, Friday and Saturday nights partying, and Sunday night shooting in pool tournaments around the city.  So, as you can see, my weekends were pretty well booked up, dating was something that hadn't occurred to me, that is, until I met Sharon.


              Sharon was a cocktail waitress at the bar where I shot pool tournaments on Sunday nights.  One Sunday night while she was serving me a Miller's Lite, she asked me why I never came in on Friday or Saturday nights, I told her that I partied at different bars and it had never occurred to me to party here, I just never felt this would be a good partying bar.  Sharon smiled and told me, that not only was it a good bar to party at, but that they also had Karaoke on both Friday and Saturday nights so it was also a fun bar.


                I had tried Karaoke before and wasn't too awful bad, I mean, I could carry a note and I liked singing the oldies, especially Elvis, so I told Sharon, I might give it a try this weekend, but no promises, she said that if I did stop by, try and make it on Saturday, that was her birthday and she was taking the night off to party and celebrate.


                Saturday had finally came and I was chilling with my friends who were discussing which bar they wanted to go to, and it occurred to me, it was the same old routine, they were talking about the same old bars and the same old scene, so out of the blue, I stunned all of them by telling them I had a date lined up for the night.  They all laughed and of course, gave me the third degree, as in, with who, where was I going, when did I meet her, is she hot, does she have any friends, then finally I told them, I would tell them all about the date later, but for now, I was going on my own so they didn't need to know where I was going or who I was going with.


                 This pretty much slowed down, if not ended all of their questions, and they finally came to the conclusion that they would have to go partying without me.  Once they had all left, I figured I had about five hours to kill, since I hated getting to a bar too awful early, so I decided to baby myself and play a little choo-choo.


                  Now before I go any further, I guess maybe I should explain what I mean when I say baby myself and play choo-choo.  I am, what you might call, a closet Infantilist, basically what that means, for those of you outside the circle, or how I like to say, outside the playpen, I have a fantasy of being treated, exactly like a baby, in and including being diapered and changed.  I'm pretty sure of when, how and why I developed this fantasy, it was from a traumatic event that happened to me when I was in my early teens, but then again, that's another story for later on.


                   I baby myself by putting on a diaper and a tee-shirt, then drinking from a baby bottle while watching television or surfing on-line.  Now if you're wondering if I actually use my diapers, as in the same way a real baby would, the answer is, absolutely yes, I mean, duh, that's what a diaper's for, right?  Now as far as playing choo-choo, that's a little something I created, after watching my sister's two toddlers playing and toddling around.  


                   I'm sure all of you have seen a baby or toddler scoot across the floor on their bottom, now picture this, if you can, what do you think that would feel like if you was to do that, except, do it with a loaded diaper, as in, totally messy.  Trust me on this peeps, the sensation of scooting your bottom across the floor in a sticky, yucky diaper, it is absolutely mesmerizing, I mean, the sensation and feel of the messy diaper squishing all over your bottom and crotch area, along with the scent and odor of baby powder mixed with a freshly pooped diaper, the entire feeling leaves me almost paralyzed with a euphoric type emotion, but enough about all that, let's get back with the story.


                   I finished up playing choo-choo with a well needed shower, making sure I used my Old Spice body wash, since the aroma of a dirty diaper, if not dealt with properly, it could linger within the pores of the skin or in the hair, and I surely did not want anyone, especially Sharon, thinking I smelled like a dirty diaper.


                   Once I had showered and got dressed, I glanced at the clock, just after nine p. m., and thought, perfect, the bar would already be busy and I could slip in inconspicuously and maybe find a seat at the bar or even an empty table near a wall, I never was one much for the spotlight, this way I could just sit and watch Sharon for awhile before perhaps asking her for a dance or buying her a birthday drink.


                   When I arrived at the bar, I was right about it being busy, I don't think I had ever seen it this busy, but then again, I had never come here on a Saturday night before.  Finding a seat, even at the bar, was proving to be a challenge so I just stood at the end of the bar, waiting patiently for one of the three busy bartenders to take my order so I could at least drink a beer while I stood there.  I had only been waiting a couple of minutes when Sharon walked up to me, she said hi, took me by the hand and led me to the table she was sitting at, and apparently, she had already told her friends about me because as soon as I sat down, a couple of her girlfriends looked at me and said, " It's about time you got here, we had a hard time saving your seat ", I humbly apologized and told them it took awhile to get cleaned up and ready.


                  One of the girls sitting at the table smiled at me and said, " Well duh, all you had to do was call us and tell us your address, we would have been happy to come over, give you a bath, get you all dressed up, and smelling nice and pretty for the party ", I'm not sure I turned red or not, but I certainly felt flush when she said that and it didn't help any when Sharon jumped in and said, with a wink, " OH YEA BABY, I think I'd like giving you a bath and dressing you, afterwards, for going out partying, or for bed ", I'm only glad all the girls at the table were laughing, at least they didn't have time to look my direction to see how red or embarrassed I was.


                   After about an hour passed, I have to admit, I was having fun, it was definitely a different kind of fun and crowd then I was used to, perhaps it was because Sharon and her friends were constantly trying to embarrass me, or at least it seemed like that, or maybe it was just that I was being kept in the limelight and I wasn't used to that, either way, I knew I was having a good time.


                    This next part, I'm not sure why, but why is it girls always have to go to the restroom in groups, these girls were no different, it wasn't long before they all made a beeline for the ladies room and left me and a couple of the other guys sitting at the table, by ourselves, for the first time tonight.  One of the guys, Bill, I think, mentioned to me that I was a lucky guy, as he went on to explain, Sharon didn't make it a habit of dating customers and that before I got there, all she could do was talk about me to her sisters and friends.  I was a bit shocked when he said sisters, and I asked him which ones were her sisters, he said it was the two sitting opposite Sharon and right next to me, their names were Teri and Debbie, but she also had another sister that wasn't here yet, her name was Jeanie.


                     I was a bit shocked, but then again, I could see it, all the sisters were definitely hot and sexy, although I thought Sharon was the sexiest, and I told Bill this, he agreed but then went on to say, he wouldn't mind dating any of them, and if they offered to bathe and dress him like they did me, he'd agree to it in a heartbeat.  I agreed with him explaining that when they had said that to me, it just shocked me and I wasn't sure how to respond to it, we both laughed and agreed, he'd a probably responded the same way.


                      The girls got back to the table and they were all laughing when Sharon told me she had a surprise for me, and before I could ask what, the Karaoke Announcer called my name, and with a lot of goading and encouragement from Sharon, I headed up to the stage where I discovered Sharon had not only put my name in, but had also picked the song for me to sing to her, it was " Can't Help Falling In Love " by Elvis.  I must have done a pretty decent job on the song because the audience applauded ( but then don't they always applaud at Karaoke, Lol ), but the biggest shock was when Sharon came up to the stage and planted a big kiss on me, and this really got the audience applauding, I could only guess that Sharon had told everyone that this is what she was going to do if I showed up. 


                      Needless to say, that first night with Sharon was most definitely not the last, her and I developed a relationship that, little did either of us know, would develop into a lifetime of happiness and marital bliss, and yes, I would eventually have to come out of the closet and tell her about my fantasy/fetish of wanting to wear and use diapers like a baby, and in doing so, I would also have to tell her about the traumatic incident causing this strong desire, that would make a full grown adult  man, want to toddle around in wet and messy diapers, and what her initial reaction would be, and how I would have to make a life changing decision between Sharon, and wearing a messy diaper.


but that's a story for another time, do I dare continue this story or not, just like wearing a messy diaper around Sharon, it's not my decision, it's up to you, the reader, if this story should go on..................               


 " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                         CHAPTER 2


                  Alrighty then, the story goes on.  As I was saying before the previous intermission.................


               Sharon and I did become an item and we had, if not a long, at least a very satisfying courtship.  I was 29 years old when I met Sharon, she was just a couple of months younger then I, and we hit it off almost immediately.  I remember the first night we actually talked, about anything other then what I wanted to drink.  I had mentioned to her that I was shooting in a 9-ball tournament at another bar on Monday night and told her if he wanted, she could come and watch, and then we could go out for a late dinner afterwards. she told me she couldn't guarantee anything because she was unsure of what she had planned, but she would try and make it.


                 Monday night came and I was in about the middle of the tournament when I noticed Sharon walking in with one of her sisters, I quickly waved to them and they came over and joined me at my table.  I told Sharon how happy I was that she had made it and she smiled at me and said, " DITTO ".  I finished the tournament in 3rd place, I should have taken 1st but was having a hard time concentrating with Sharon watching me, I mean, I know she had watched me before when I shot at the bar she worked at, but this time, it just felt different.


                  Once the tournament was over, I sat with Sharon and her sister, Teri, and we all had another drink.  I then asked both girls if they wanted to go out for a bite to eat, Teri declined, stating she had to get home, I guess she worked early in the morning and she needed to get home and go to bed, on the other hand, Sharon said she had the night off and graciously accepted my invitation to dinner.  Now keep in mind, this was 1979 and the fast food industry hadn't invaded every city yet, especially where we lived, so eating out usually meant a sit down restaurant.  There was a truck stop style diner in our town and almost, everyone, literally ended up there, usually for what they called bar rush, when the bars closed.  


                    Sharon and I had beaten the bar rush, by about 2 hours, so when everyone else was coming into the diner, we were on our way out.  We had decided that neither of us wanted to go to sleep yet so I invited Sharon over to my apartment for a couple beers and a little chat, and maybe a bit more, depending on how everything went.  Sharon and I talked through the night until the sun came up, about literally everything you could think of.  We even talked about each others fantasies, Sharon went first and her's was relatively easy, at least it seemed so to me.


                      Sharon told me about had she had gotten married right out of high school and how she now had two kids, a 9 year old girl and a 8 year old boy, and how she lived with her two sisters, Teri and Jeanie, and their kids, both girls, 18 months old.  Sharon had split custody of her two kids with her ex-husband, he had them through the week and she had them on weekends, a deal they both agreed to since the schools were much better in the part of the city he lived in compared to where she lived.  Now don't get me wrong, Sharon and I didn't live in a slum area mind you, it's just the school district where her ex lived was a lot better.


                       Sharon told me her fantasy was to find a guy that could accept her kids as his own and provide a secure, safe home for both them and her.  From what I understood, her ex had left her for their babysitter and it had really hit her hard since her babysitter was once one of her best friends, and now, all she was looking for was an honest, secure, trusting relationship.  I thought to myself, wow, her fantasy was something that everyone should get and have without saying, it was nothing compared to my fantasy of being treated like a baby, and I thought, how in hell can I word this so I don't lie to her and lose her trust, but yet, still tell her what my fantasy is, since it was now my turn and she was sitting, smiling and waiting patiently for me to tell her.


                       After some careful thought, I finally told Sharon, my fantasy was to find a woman that could show and give me the love, I, for some reason never got from my mother, a woman that would baby me when I needed it, and Pamper me ( keep in mind, Pampers had just been introduced to the diaper scene and they were not exactly a household word yet, this was when they still needed to be pinned on, before the tape tabs were added to them ).  Sharon thought about it for a bit, then smiled at me and said, " Rob, I would have no problem babying you and giving you the love you missed out on as a child ", and before I could explain in more depth and detail, Sharon leaned over and kissed me, followed by the biggest, snuggliest ( not sure if that's a word, but I like it ) hug I've ever had, and I knew, not wanting to spoil the moment, I'd have to go a bit further in to detailing out my fantasy, at a later date.


                        Sharon spent the night and most of that day with me, and I have to admit, I was a perfect gentleman, although, before we went into my bedroom, I excused myself by telling Sharon I needed to pick up a bit, feigning off the old messy bachelor ploy, but was actually hiding and stashing all of my baby items and diapers in a trunk ( which I wanted to get moved to the spare bedroom eventually ), in my already overfilled closet.  Then just as I was stuffing the last of my baby items into the closet, without warning, Sharon walked in to my bedroom, and laughingly said, " Damn Rob, stop being so bashful and secretive, trust me, I live with two toddlers and there isn't any mess or surprises you have in here that could be worse then what those two little baby's can come up with ".  I just chuckled a bit and thought to myself, if only you knew, and then I thought, but then again, you will know eventually, the last thing I want to do is keep a secret from you, especially with you looking for a relationship that was up front and honest.


                         Now let me tell you about a little bit of a ruse I used to use, on almost every girl I dated, and this just sort of kept me single and free because every girl I asked, always laughed and said, I don't even know you yet, then would quickly say, NO.  It was more out of habit and since no one had ever taken me serious, I decided to ask Sharon if she would marry me.  Now keep in mind, this was our first date and as usual, I expected a no answer and we would both laugh, Sharon thought for a minute, then smiled at me and said, YES, she'd love to marry me, especially if I thought I could give her what she had been fantasizing about, I just sort of nodded my head yes, I could do that, but not sure if that nod was more out of being shocked or it was because I felt exactly the same way Sharon seemed to feel, it was no doubt, a double case of Love at First Sight.


                         Sharon and I had been dating for a couple of weeks when, what I will call, our first embarrassing incident occurred, and I had thought I covered it up pretty good with a logical explanation.  My side of the bed, sits right next to a window and I usually sleep with my window open, anyway, one morning Sharon, who was sleeping next to me, woke me up and said, " OH MY GOD ROB, DID YOU WET THE BED ", I immediately sat up in bed and felt that the sheets were damp, not soaked, but damp enough to know something was amiss.  I looked at Sharon, felt my shorts ( which were barely damp ), and told Sharon, it must have rained last night and that was why the bed was damp, Sharon just nodded her head, reluctantly, and said, " Yea, I guess it must have ", she then leaned over, gave me a kiss and said, " WELL, go ahead and get up and I'll get these sheets in to the wash while you're taking a shower, I nodded ok and thought to myself, WHEW, that was too close, I mean, I had wet the bed before, but that was usually when I had a diaper on and just didn't bother to get up and go to the bathroom, guess I best lay off the late night beers from now on, especially with Sharon sleeping next to me now.


                         Sharon and her sisters kept themselves busy planning for the upcoming wedding, they definitely showed they were more excited about it then I was.  Now don't get me wrong, I most definitely wanted to marry Sharon, I mean, at 29 years old, I was the last of my siblings to get married, a brother and two sisters were all married before they turned 21 and I saw the pressures married life brought to them, so waiting till I was 29 I thought was a pretty good plan, I hadn't planned on getting married until I was ready and now, I was ready. 


                         The reality of me getting married hit home when Sharon announced that her parents were coming in to town to meet me and she asked if I would mind if they stayed here for the week, in the spare bedroom, leading up to the wedding, and then a week more while we were on our honeymoon.  What could I say, I had to say yes, but now, I had to figure out what I was going to do with all of my baby items I had in a trunk in the closet I had finally gotten in to the spare bedroom.  Sharon had never found them ( to my knowledge ) because this was a big walk-in closet and  I kept the trunk well hid in the corner by piling a bunch of coats on top of it, only now, I didn't dare take the chance, seeing how the trunk didn't have a way to be locked, I just couldn't gamble that one of her parents might get nosy and start snooping, so I had to find a place to store my trunk while they were staying here.


                         Since I was getting married, I felt it was about time I got a job, I couldn't count on playing pool and hustling, especially since now, I was going to be responsible for others, so Sharon talked with her boss and got me a job at the bar as a part-time doorman/bouncer and bartender, and since I knew most everyone there, the job suited me to a tee.  One day I told Sharon that I needed to get the spare bedroom rearranged so her parents would have room for their clothes and things, but I had to bartend this evening, so it would have to wait until I got a day off to straighten things out. 


                          Sharon must have taken my comment as a hint that I wanted her to get the spare room ready for her parents, so while I was at work, she went about tidying and cleaning the spare room.  Sharon had the night off and about a little over half way through my shift, her, Teri and Jeanie all walked in the bar, I was surprised at seeing them all together but still happy at seeing them, it had been a real slow night and with no sports on the television, I was extremely bored. 


                           I gave Sharon a quick kiss and said hi to her sisters, who were both smiling at me, or better yet, grinning at me, not sure why, but it just felt weird, if you know what I mean.  After getting the girls a drink, I asked Sharon what she had been up to, she smiled at me and told me she had a surprise for me, when I asked, anxiously, what is it, Sharon said, " Teri, Jeanie and I got the spare bedroom all ready for  mom and dad, we got all the linen and blankets washed, dusted everywhere, and even hooked up a spare television that Teri had in there for our parents to watch ". 


                           I immediately started wondering just how thorough they had been with their cleaning and before I could say anything, Sharon winked at me and said, " OH YEA, and that ugly old trunk you had in the closet, don't you worry your little head about it, my sisters and I took it over to their house and put it in the garage, just for safe keeping, while our parents are in town, we'll bring it back for you after they leave, that is ( as she winked at me and her two sisters giggled ) IF YOU STILL FEEL YOU NEED IT AND YOU AND WANT IT BACK "?




 " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                         CHAPTER 3


             What could I say, I just stood there dumbfounded, but thinking to myself, as the girls chatted, if Sharon did open the trunk, and she saw my adult size baby outfits, plastic pants, assorted baby supplies, diapers, and my collection of various magazines that dealt with infantilism, pictures of men in diapers, being changed, out of both wet and very obvious messy diapers, plus lots of pictures of men dressed in diapers and being breast fed, I wondered, why isn't she mad, or at least upset.  


              I decided not to ask her any questions about the trunk, or it's contents, until her and I were alone, I knew for sure, if Sharon and her sisters looked in the trunk, it would be embarrassing enough explaining it to Sharon, let alone trying to explain it to all three of them.  I still had about three hours before I closed the bar, and after one drink, Sharon said she was headed home to spruce up the apartment since her parents were due in town tomorrow morning, Teri and Jeanie said they were heading home too, they had to make sure my mystery trunk was where no one could get in it and snoop around.  When I heard Teri say, mystery trunk, I thought to myself, could it be, they hadn't opened it and if so, then perhaps Sharon had no idea what was inside it, I felt a small sigh of relief as I gave Sharon a kiss goodbye and watched the three of them head out the door.


               By time I closed the bar up at two a. m. and had gotten home, Sharon was sound asleep so I fixed a sandwich, grabbed a Pepsi and sat down to watch a little television.  Not finding much on, I finished my sandwich and Pepsi and decided to grab a quick shower, then get some sleep, since I had no idea what Sharon had planned for us tomorrow, other then taking her parents out to dinner, I was pretty clueless as to what Sharon was going to do.


                When I woke up, must have been about ten or so, Sharon was gone, but she left a note stating that she went shopping, the coffee was on and there were donuts in fridge.  I went ahead and grabbed a cup of coffee but passed on the donuts, then sat down to read the morning paper.  Sharon got home about an hour later, I had just finished with the paper and was chilling and watching the soaps on t-v, I loved watching the soaps because they tended to attract the baby oriented commercials, back in those days, it was Ivory Snow, Dreft Baby Detergent, Birdseye Cloth Diapers and Gerbers style baby plastic pants, just to mention a few.  


                 Sharon came in and asked me to help get the rest of the groceries out of the car, I of course went out and was surprised by how much she had bought.  She told me she was also stocking up for her parents for the week they would be staying here while we were on our honeymoon, I just smiled and said, whatever you say hon.  I started helping Sharon empty the shopping bags out on to the kitchen counter and was surprised when I grabbed a bag with assorted jars of Gerber Baby Food.  I asked Sharon about it and she said that her mom would probably be babysitting Teri and Jeanie's girls and she wanted to make sure she had food to feed them while they were here, then Sharon went on to say, with a wink, "  Why, did you think I bought them for you ", and she just laughed.


                   I stood there, acting like I was busy helping her as I wondered, Wow, what would make Sharon say something like that unless she knew or suspected something about my secret fantasy.  


                   Sharon's parents got in just before noon, they had flown in from Phoenix and rented a car at the airport.  Sharon's dad could fly anywhere he wanted for free, with his wife, Sharon's mom, he worked at Frontier Airlines and free flights anywhere on the mainland was one of the perks of being employed there.  


                  I remember when they walked in, by this time I was watching Alfred Hitchcock's, " The Birds ", always did like that movie, but then again, I was a horror movie fan, which when you think of it, was kind of strange, since Sharon hated horror movies, as a matter of fact, there were a number of thing Sharon and I didn't agree on, things which I would soon find out, after we were married.


                   I stood up and shook his hand as Sharon introduced us, I remember him saying, until we get to know you a little bit better, why don't you just call us Mr. and Mrs. M. for now, let's save the first names till later after we all get a bit more acquainted.  For the life of me, I can't ever recall someone talking to me like that, but instead of showing resentment or making a smart ass remark, for Sharon's sake, I shook his hand and said, " No Problem Mr. M., it's nice to finally meet you and Mrs. M. ", Mr. M. looked at Sharon and said, I think you just might have found yourself a keeper here, I admire a young man who is not only humble, but who also shows respect, it's nice to meet you too Rob.


                   Sharon looked about as happy as I had ever seen her and I was glad I made her proud of me, I guess, sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut and not be a smart ass, at least, it did this time.  The next week was a whirlwind of activity and before I knew it, it was Sunday morning, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, the day we chose for our wedding.  Now let me tell you a bit about our wedding, there was nothing traditional about it, we hired a Justice of The Peace, the ones that will marry you anywhere, and we got married in the bar we both worked at.  I had no problems with this since our bosses, Robert and Rita agreed to pay for the entire wedding including the honeymoon.  It was a biker wedding and I remembered, the front of the bar was lined up with Harley's, a mixture of both Sharon's and my friends, I was even shocked to see a couple of my ex girlfriends in the audience, guess they couldn't believe what they were seeing either, since I had probably asked them to marry me at one time too.


                     The wedding went off without a hitch and Rita had arranged for Sharon and I to stay at the Breckenridge ski resort for the week.  Since it was the middle of the summer, there was no skiing going on, but the town of Breckenridge itself was an amazing little tourist town, set up to be profitable both summer and winter.  It was the third or fourth night there when Sharon woke me in the middle of the night and said, " OH MY GOD ROB, get up, you wet the bed again" , and as I groggily scooted off the bed, I mumbled to Sharon, what do you mean again, I've never wet the bed before.  Sharon thought for a second, then said, " Never mind Rob, just get up, I'm going to have to spread some towels over the wet spot since we don't have any sheets or clean bed linen to change the wet sheets, and Rob, maybe you had better start thinking of what you're going to say to the maid when she comes in to clean the room tomorrow and changes the sheets".


                      I wasn't sure if Sharon was joking or not about the maid, but I did know one thing, or at least tried to rationalize a good excuse for me wetting the bed.  Since I had not been able to play baby games or choo choo for some time now, perhaps I was regressing in my sleep to fill the void I was missing during my conscious hours, made sense to me, only problem was, how could I possibly explain it to Sharon this way, without telling her I like to wear, play around in, and use diapers, like a baby, yea, I could just see me trying to explain it that way to Sharon, she'd have our marriage annulled before I could drive back down to Denver.


                      The next morning when the maid came in, I was in the bathroom taking a shower, and had just finished my shower when I heard Sharon talking with the maid.  As I put my ear to the door, I could hear Sharon explaining to the maid that she was sorry about the sheets and the bed, she then went on to tell the maid that I was incontinent and I had run out of clean diapers.  If Sharon could have seen me, she would have seen my mouth wide open and a shocked and embarrassing look on my face, I just couldn't believe Sharon had told a complete stranger that I wore diapers.


                       When I heard the maid leave and the door closed, I walked out with just a towel wrapped around me and gave Sharon a puzzled look, she just looked at me and laughed, then said, " OOOOH, I take it you heard what I told the maid, Rob, what did you want me to say, I mean, you wet the bed like a little baby so I just figured if I told her you ran out of diapers, she'd understand that more then if she knew the truth ", and just as Sharon said that, there was a knock on the door and before I could run back in to the bathroom, Sharon yelled, " COME IN " 


                        Just as I stood up to run to the bathroom, the door opened and the maid walked in carrying, what looked like, a plastic sheet and some clean towels.  Sharon saw the look of terror on my face and told me to sit in the chair until the maid was done with the bed.  Once the plastic sheet had been put on the bed, and the rest of the bed made up, the maid smiled at me, then told Sharon, " There we go, that should help protect the mattress in case your husband has another potty accident, oh, and I came up with an idea for your husband since he ran out of clean diapers, if you don't mind me intruding ".


                         Sharon said, " No Problem, any help you can offer will be gladly accepted, since we made your job a lot harder this morning ".  The maid smiled and said, " It's ok, you'd be surprised at how often this happens, it's nice to see someone who's willing to do something about it, most people just check out without saying a word, finding soiled or wet sheets that way, it's 10 times worse then if someone tells you up front about the potty accident, like you did.  So, if you don't mind, just give me a sec. ", as she walks out of the room, and a couple minutes later, she returns, explaining, " We've had these in the laundry room forever, someone left them here, but they've been cleaned, so they should help you out, and I noticed she was holding a large bundle, of what I first thought, were more white towels, but after she set them on the bed, I knew immediately, THEY WERE CLOTH DIAPERS AND WHAT LOOKED LIKE PLASTIC PANTS, and suddenly, that look of terror on my face, turned to a look of humiliation and total embarrassment and I noticed Sharon had the biggest grin I've ever seen her have..............



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