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" More Trick then Treat "

             ( A Halloween Story )


              By BooBooBritches


                  " CHAPTER 1 "


          I remember it like it was yesterday, my girlfriend, Samantha and I were sitting around talking about what we wanted to do for Halloween this year.  Since it was early September, we knew we still had plenty of time to come up with an idea.


           Our usual Halloween activities were spent with friends, partying at out local watering hole.  Neither of us were much into dressing up in costumes but we did enjoy watching everyone else who dressed and participated in the bars yearly contest.  This year however was completely different, it seems the bar got a sponsor from the girl that did Karaoke there and they were offering a substantial prize for best, authentic costume.


             When my girlfriend Sam (short for Samantha), saw the poster advertising a $1,000.00 first place prize, with substantial cash prizes for 2nd and third places, her wheels started turning and the ideas started popping out of her head like a machine gun.


              Now before we get very far in to this little tale of woe, I need to tell you, for as long as I can remember, I've had a secret desire to wear diapers and be treated like a baby, and with Sam having her own apartment, my secret was safely stashed away in a large suitcase in my closet, accessible at my every whim, whenever I wanted it.  


              Meanwhile, back to the conversation Sam and I were having:


Sam :  You know Robby, if we could somehow win 1st place, or any place for all that matters, we could use the prize money for our new apartment we're planning to get after Christmas, with what we each make, there's no doubt in my mind we could live comfortably, together.


Rob :  I hear you Sam, but you know the people that dress up for Halloween at the bars are totally committed and coming up with anything, even remotely good enough to win would be a long shot.


Sam : I know Robby, but just think, if we did win it would be so awesome.


Rob :  I know Sam, but I just don't want you to get your hopes up, I know how easily you can get disappointed and I hate to see you sad.

I'll tell you what, if you can come up with an idea that I think might have a chance, I'll support you 100% and do whatever I can to help you(I had no idea that my promise would soon turn out to be the implement that would cause me and my secret fantasy to be exposed, literally).


               Sam seemed happy with my response and we didn't chat too much more about it that night, however, she did remind me that she was coming over Monday morning to debug my computer for me(it had been running really slow and she was a genius with computers).  I told her no problem, but that I had to go to work early that day so I'd probably be gone by time she got here.


                A little about Sam, and me, Sam was a living doll, she had a figure to kill for, with blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. 

She's a Licensed Practical Nurse studying for her RN License, she's currently working in a nursing home but wants to eventually work in a pediatric ward at the local hospital once she's an RN.  She's making fair money but will do much better when she gets to the hospital.


             As for me, I make pretty decent money, I've been a General Manager for the biggest flea market and 9-screen drive-in movie theatre in the state for almost 5 years now.  I'm approximately 6'1" and weigh 210 lb's, have black hair and hazel eyes and a pretty decent build, if I don't say so myself.  I know that between us, our combined incomes could let us live a very smug lifestyle when we do move in with each other, my only problem was my secret fantasy, I knew, deep down inside there would never be a way I could confide in Sam, I could never handle the rejection and sadness if, and when she walked away.


              Little did I know, Sam's Monday morning visit would open a can of worms, or should I say, closet, that would set up our future, for our Halloween plans and determine my destiny for an undetermined period of time, not to mention, cause me to experience some of the most humiliating days of my life?


" More Trick then Treat "

        ( A Halloween Story )


         By BooBooBritches


            " CHAPTER 2 "


         I had to be at the drive-in early Monday morning to sign in our weekly delivery of supplies for the concession stand and flea market, so before I left my apartment I made sure everything was cleaned up and in good condition, didn't want Sam thinking I was a slob I even checked (what I called)my fantasy suitcase, in my bedroom closet, making sure it was snuggly packed away behind a lot of other boxes. 


          Once I felt everything was securely put away and in a tidy condition, I left Sam a short note on my computer screen(got to love those stick-um note pads).............


Hey Sam, just wanted to say I Love You and thanks for helping me with my computer, help yourself to anything you want, there's cold soda in the fridge.........Love, Rob   


            Now, there were only a couple things wrong with the note I left for Sam.....

 1:  I had no idea that her best friend and co-nurse, Jordan was

      coming with her?

 2:  I had no idea that when I said, "Help yourself to anything

      you want", would require her to look through my

      apartment and closet for a suitcase she could lend to Jordan?

 3: I had no idea, both Sam and Jordan would be opening my

     suitcase, together, to see if it would be adequate for Jordan.


            I had a short day after working a very long week-end(they all are), and when I got home, I noticed that my note I left for Sam had been replaced with a note she left for me..........


Hey Baby, just wanted to let you know your computer wasn't that bad, just a couple bugs, but got it fixed and is running a lot faster now. 

Jordan asked me to ask you if you had a spare suitcase she could borrow, she's going to Vegas for the weekend and her suitcase is just to ratty, let me know, see you soon baby, Love You, Sam


             After reading this note, I immediately went into my bedroom and opened the closet door, just in case, everything looked the same, it didn't look like anything had been disturbed or moved, breathing a sigh of relief, I went back into the kitchen and prepared to fix me an early dinner.


             Shortly after eating my dinner I flipped the t-v on and was surprised to see Jerry Springer on, I usually didn't watch t-v this early in the day, but was just killing some time until Monday Night Football came on, it was The Bronco's and The Raiders and being a die hard Bronco fan, I was looking forward to the game, especially after Denver losing to Seattle last week, I was hoping this would be their bounce back game.


              Springer was actually boring, more staged then anything these days, definitely not like the good old days when Jerry Springer first came on the air.  While I was sitting there, totally bored, the phone rang, it was Sam.........


Rob :  Hey Babe, was just thinking about you.


Sam:  Really, now what could have been running through your little



Rob :  Oh, not a lot, was just reading the note you left, so when did

           Jordan need that suitcase, I've got a spare one she can use.


Sam :  Really, WOW, that's great Rob, she needs it by Thursday,

            she's spending a 4 day weekend in Vegas, did you mind if we

            came by and picked it up Wednesday, on your day off?


Rob :  No, that would be fine, it'll give me time to clean it out and 

           make sure it's been aired out for a couple days.


Sam:  Really Rob, I swear, you're the only person I know that thinks

           his suitcase needs to be aired out, what you been storing in

           there, your old socks underwear? (ha ha ha)


Rob :  You know what I mean, and wait, how did you know that's 

            what I had in there? (ha ha ha), GOT YA!!!!!!!


(After a moment of awkward silence, on Sam's end)


Sam :  Very funny Rob, so Jordan and I'll be by on Wednesday, after

            noon, we both have to work tonight and tomorrow night at

            the nursing home, see you Wednesday baby, but will call you 

            tomorrow sometime after I wake up, Love Ya............


Rob :  Ok babe, see you in a couple days and talk tomorrow, Love 

           You too.


            After hanging up I breathed a sigh of relief, she downright scared me when she mentioned I was storing my underwear in that suitcase, if she only knew how close she was, I mean, when you look at it, diapers are just another form of underwear.


             The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, The Bronco's destroyed The Raiders, no surprise there, and I thought about having some fantasy fun tonight, but was just too tired after getting up so early this morning to accept that delivery, so I figured, since Sam wouldn't be here until after noon on Wednesday, I could play baby games and choo-choo tomorrow night, as long as I woke up and took a shower before Sam and Jordan got it, it would be all good.


              I took a quick shower and as I sat down on the edge of the bed, nearest the closet, my heart skipped a beat as I noticed, on the floor, near the foot of the bed, one of my pacifier's, one that I was pretty sure I had put back in the suitcase, and as I sat there, holding the pacifier, my mind started to wander.


                Could I have forgotten this one pacifier and not put it back in the suitcase, and if not, then, could Sam and Jordan have went through my suitcase today when they were here, and if they did, why didn't Sam say anything while we were talking on the phone together?


                Not only was I confused, but I was totally worried and most definitely scared, and if Sam did discover the contents of my suitcase, how could I ever face her again?


to be continued................


" More Trick then Treat "

       ( A Halloween Story )


        By BooBooBritches


           " CHAPTER 3 "


       After an extremely restless night of sleep, I got up and before doing anything else, I checked my phone messages, breathing a sigh of relief, I saw there was none.  At least, in my mind, if Sam had discovered my secret suitcase, she didn't have any plans of bringing it up to me, at least not yet?


        I decided not to brew any coffee, I would instead pick up a large cup at Circle K on my way to work.  I hadn't planned on going in at all today, but decided to go in and get some paperwork done(the advantage of being the manager, making your own hours), plus, I knew I needed something to get my mind off of the mysterious pacifier incident. 


         I must have been at work for about two hours when Sam called, which shocked me because I know she worked last night and I figured she would sleep most of the day, what with having to be to work again tonight. 


Sam:  Hey Baby, I thought you had the day off?


Rob:  Yea, I did, but decided to come in and get some paperwork

           done just to get it out of the way, I figured you'd be sleeping

           all day.


Sam:  Well baby boy(this was the first time she ever called me that), to

            be honest, I haven't been to bed yet, Jordan and I went out and

            got breakfast this morning and to be honest with you, we're

            both sitting in your apartment right now.  I thought you would

            be home so we popped in to grab that suitcase for Jordan.


Rob:  ( I sat there, holding the phone, stunned, realizing, that my

          decision to go to work today might have been the worse idea

           I've had in a long time, and I just prayed, they had not opened

           the suitcase yet)  Ummm, well, how long are you two going to

           be there, if you can give me about fifteen minutes, I'll come

           home real quick and help you get the suitcase out, there's a

           couple things I need to get out of there before Jordan takes it.


Sam:  Ok Baby, we can wait for you, if you insist, but it's really no big

           deal, I promise not to let Jordan see your old socks and

           underwear, or is it porn you have stashed in there. (ha ha ha)


Rob:  Ha ha Sam, very funny, just wait until I get there to help you, ok,

          sheesh, the way you're acting you'd think I was trying to hide

          something from you.


Sam:  Ok, ok Rob, sorry, didn't mean to upset you, we'll wait until you

           get here before we open your suitcase (and I hear Jordan in the

           background yelling, HEY SAM, CAN YOU GIVE ME A HAND WITH

           THIS SUITCASE, IT WEIGHS A TON).  Then I hear Sam laughing

           as she tells me, Ha Ha Rob, just playing with you, we'll wait for

           you, Love You Baby Boy!


           I can't even remember getting my paperwork put away and driving to my apartment, that fast, before, but I knew, my future, my pride, my dignity, my very existence, depended on me getting to my apartment before Jordan and Sam got curious and opened my suitcase, if they hadn't done so already.


           When I pulled into my apartment complex, the first thing I noticed, was Sam's car parked in the visitors parking area, so I knew, both her and Jordan were still here.  After parking in my assigned space, I walked to my apartment, quickly, but not anxiously, I didn't want to look too rattled.


            Just as I was about to open my door, Sam flung it open and gave me the biggest, most passionate hug I've had in a long time, and as I spun around, I spotted the suitcase on the coffee table, and it looked as if the zipper for the main compartment had been unzipped.


             Then to my shock, Sam gave my bottom a quick pat and said, "How's my baby boy doing this morning?"  I was surprised and told her I was doing just fine and made mention that she was sure in a frisky mood.  She just giggled and said she was just happy to see me and she was happy I came home to help her and Jordan with the suitcase. 


              My mind immediately went into overload again when she reminded me of the suitcase and I walked over to the coffee table where my suitcase was sitting, imagine the look of relief on my face when I saw that the suitcase I had been terrified of them finding was the wrong suitcase, as a matter of fact, even though it was the same color, I knew this wasn't even my suitcase.


Jordan:  Hey Rob, hope you don't mind if I seem impetuous, but I went ahead and brought my suitcase over so we could trade for the weekend, Sam thought you could go ahead store the stuff you had in your suitcase in mine until I brought yours back, the only problem with my suitcase, as you can plainly see, the zipper's broke, I could never take this one to Vegas with me.


Rob:  Oh wow, no, that's ok, I see what you mean, but you really didn't have to bring your suitcase over, I can just toss my stuff in the closet, it'll be alright there until you get back, I'm sure.


Sam:  Don't be so silly Rob, Jordan was just being considerate, plus, we didn't expect you to throw your stuff on the floor in the closet, we wouldn't want anything to get dirty, now would we(as Sam winked at me and Jordan giggled).


Rob:  Seriously girls, it's no big deal, really, just give me a minute or two to empty my suitcase and you can have it for as long as you need it.


            I left a smiling Sam and Jordan and turned to walk into my bedroom, but when I opened my bedroom door, I froze in my tracks, and just stared at my bed, and the open closet doors.


            Sam came up behind me, patted my bottom once again, then said, " Baby Boy, I think you and I need to have a little heart to heart talk, and I could have sworn I heard Jordan giggling in the background?   


to be continued...............  

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