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" Caught by a Female Security Guard "


                                CHAPTER 2


                         By BooBooBritches


            I stood there, scratching my head and wondering what the hell just happened.  I mean, did a super foxy chick just do a diaper check on me and call me baby?  I know I should have been in seventh heaven, but for some reason, I couldn't decide if I was more scared or more embarrassed over the entire incident I had just went through.


            There was no doubt in my mind that she took pictures of my dirty bottom, I saw the flash of the camera, but I also knew there was no way she could threaten to expose me without the fear of losing her job, there had to be some sort of confidentiality clause she had to sign to be working security here, at least, I thought there would be?  I decided, mainly out of embarrassment, to go ahead and get out of this messy diaper and take a shower,I felt I'd had enough excitement for one night, plus I seriously doubted that she would even come back, as hot as she was, I couldn't see her wasting time with someone like me, especially considering how she saw me, dirty diaper and all.


                I finished changing my diaper and taking a shower within about thirty minutes and chose to forgo another diaper, just in case she was serious and came back, the least I could do if that happened was to look a bit more respectable and adult like.  It was almost 11 and I knew her shift ended at 11:30, and I don't know why, but I almost felt like a little boy waiting for Santa Clause, the anxiety and excitement was there and I didn't know why, other then the fact she was hotter then all hell, but something just kept gnawing at me, something that felt so surreal, yet almost whimsical and fairy tale like.


                I decided to fix me a pot of coffee, just in case she did happen to come by, at least I'd have an adult beverage to offer her, which I chuckled to myself, and thought, would be more sensible then formula.  As I sat there, nursing my coffee and watching the clock, I felt a slight rumble in my tummy and remembered the suppository I had inserted earlier and just figured it was the last remnants of what was left, but nothing to worry about, that first round with the dirty diaper pretty much did the trick and I seriously doubted there was any cause for concern, the supp had surely done it's job already.


            I was certainly surprised when I heard my door bell sound off, just a bit past 11:30, and as I opened the door, there she was, in all her glory and beauty, still dressed in her security uniform so I figured she had come here straight from work.  When she saw me, she looked a bit surprised herself, at first, but then that surprised look quickly turned to an angry look, and as she walked in, she shook her gorgeous head back and forth, almost as if she was disappointed, then said, " I thought you and I had an understanding, did I not make myself clear enough when I told you that I wanted you still in that diaper when I came back"?


            I looked at her and laughingly said, " Are you serious, I can't imagine that you actually wanted me to stay in that thing for an hour or so until you came back, that's kind of gross don't you think? "


Security Lady:  Who do you think you are, to stand there and have the nerve to tell me what you think is gross, if I remember correctly, you were the one locked outside of your house, wearing a shitty diaper and looking like a lost little baby waiting for his mommy to change his boo-boo and make it all better.


Me:  Whoa, whoa, whoa ma'am, can we sort of start over, I think we kind of got off on the wrong foot here.


Her:  Yes, I think we did, you and I definitely need to get a few things clear here if we plan on taking this any further. 


Me:  Um, ok, not sure what you mean by that, but just as a peace offering, first off, can I offer you a cup of coffee, it's fresh, just made it?


Her:  Ok, that sounds like a nice start, but I am serious about having a very personal conversation with you, tonight, now that you've disobeyed me and got out of your diaper.


Me:  Ok, we can chat about that if you want, although I'm quite certain there are far more better conversations to chat about. 


Her:  I'm sure there are, however, I came here tonight for one reason and one reason only, and you have ruined that for me, so yes, we will discuss what I witnessed earlier as it would pertain to you.


            As I listened to her talk, there was no doubt in my mind that this was a very educated person, just by the way she annunciated her words and when she spoke, the words just sort of floated off her lips, almost as if she was speaking with me telepathically, most hypnotic and enticing.  I must have been daydreaming because I heard her ask what my name was, and I just sort of stuttered....."it's um Robert, but, but, every one just calls me Bob".


Her:  Well nice to meet you "Bob", hope I didn't interrupt your little daydream there, you seemed a little bit distant for a minute or two, oh, yea, by the way, I'm Tara, Tara Wilde(as she extended her hand out towards me).


Bob:  (I slowly took her hand, shaking it and noticing how soft it felt)  Nice to meet you Tara Wilde, so, how did you want your coffee?


Tara:  (Laughing)  Tara will be good enough, for now, I just thought you should know my last name also, just in case we run in to each other somewhere else in the complex, out there, as far as you're concerned, I'm Office Wilde, oh, and my coffee, two spoons of sugar will do, I like it hot and sweet(as she winked at me).


            As I handed her the cup, she sat down on the sofa, and when I turned to get my cup and walked back in, I started to sit on my recliner chair and she quickly said, "No No No, you sit over here, next to me, I want both of us comfortable when we have our little conversation", as she patted the sofa next to where she was sitting.  When I sat down, I must have been blushing a little bit because she just smiled and said, "Now Bobby, there's no need to blush, it's not like I haven't already patted your little tush and seen you in a poopy diaper, if you was going to blush, that would have been the time to do it".


Bob:  A yea, listen, about all of that, it was just something I like to keep in private, if you know what I mean?


Tara:  Sure, I know exactly what you mean, but Bobby, you wasn't in private, you were outside, on a public street, and even though it is a private complex, the fact still remains, you were walking around outside, in just a bathrobe, and a very messy diaper, not exactly what I would describe as normal and adult behavior, now is it?


Bob:  The fact that you even saw me was just an accident, and please believe me, I've never gone outside dressed like that before, it was just a chain of unfortunate events.


Tara:  Yes, I'm sure it was, and yes, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind it was an accident, I saw that little accident in the seat of your pants(as she wrinkles her nose and laughs).  The only problem is, now that I know your little secret, what do we do about it?


Bob:  What do you mean, what do WE do about it, it's just something I do in the privacy of my own home, it really has nothing to do with you.


Tara:  Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, apparently you don't realize the gravity of this little situation of yours, you see, I am not planning on giving you any say or choice in this, you will do as I say, or, well, let's just say, sometimes phones are stolen and private photos become public domain, if you know what I mean?


Bob:  WHAT THE HELL, are you trying to blackmail me with those bogus pictures you took, all I have to do is claim they're photo-shopped and then it will be you that suffers the consequences of your actions.


Tara:  Slow down there tiger, there's a much easier way for you and I to get through this, but first, I need to ask you some questions, then if you agree, or disagree, after you've answered my questions and heard my proposal, I'll happily delete the pictures off my phone and we can both go our own ways, but still friends, I hope?


Bob:  Hmm, ok, that sounds fair, I think, but I have to have a guarantee that you'll keep your promise.


Tara:  (Ha Ha)  Ok, no problem there, here(as she hands me her phone), you hang on to it until we're done talking, and then if you chose to go your own way, I'll give you my password and you can delete the pictures yourself, then I'll just set up a different password later, fair enough?


Bob:  Yea, that sounds fair, so what exactly did you want to ask me?


Tara:  Well first off, do you have to work tomorrow?


Bob :  No, as a matter of fact, I don't, I'm off on weekends so no work until Monday.


Tara:  AWESOME, me too, that means I don't have to rush this, I can chose my questions carefully and take my time.


Bob:  Ok, if you say so(laughs), before we start, did you want a refill on your coffee?


Tara:  Oh yes, please, that would be great, and don't forget, it's two......


Bob:  I know, I know, two spoons of sugar, you like it hot and sweet.


Tara:  Awww, such a good little memory(I just looked at her, that almost sounded like baby-talk), so Bobby, oh, you don't mind if I call you Bobby, do you?


Bob:  (Laughingly)  No, that's fine, if you must, I've been called way worse then that, so, come on, what's your first question, let's get this puppy over and done with.


Tara:  My, my, my, in such a hurry, but ok, enough teasing, for now.  I guess the first thing I would like to know is, was that your only diaper or do you have a secret layette hid somewhere in this house?


            That first question shocked the hell out of me, and I knew, even though I had her phone, I didn't have the password yet so I had to keep up my end of this agreement and answer what ever questions she was going to ask, and I thought, might have to make another pot of coffee, this could be a long night......


" Caught by a Female Security Guard "


                                CHAPTER 3


                         By BooBooBritches


                After handing her the cup of coffee, I myself drinking my third cup now, answered her, that yes, I did have extra diapers, but what did she mean by layette?


Tara:  You're such a silly boy, a layette is any clothing, that includes diapers, that a baby needs, such as onesies, plastic panties, diaper sets, rompers, sunsuits, those cute little Oskosh B' Gosh overalls, jammies, and pretty much anything else a baby needs or wears.


Bob:  Um, I see, well, I kind a got maybe one or two of those things, but they're really not made for that, I just thought they were kind of cute.


Tara:  Really, what exactly do you mean by they're not made for that?   What exactly is THAT?


Bob:  You know, they're not really for baby's, it's adult clothing.


Tara:  (laughing) No Bob, I don't know, are you saying that you found mens clothing that looks infantile and would pass as baby attire?


Bob:  No, not exactly, I mean, they do look infantile, well, at least childish, but they're not exactly mens clothing, if you know what I mean?


Tara:  (With a smirk on her face)  Really, so Bob, are you trying to tell me that you wear womens clothing, as well as diapers?


Bob:  NO NO, it's not like they're really womens clothes, I mean, they're sold in the womens department but it's not like it's bras or dresses or anything like that.


Tara:  (laughing)  Ok, Ok Bob, don't get all panicky and wet yourself, maybe instead of you trying to explain them to me, you could just show me, and while we're on the subject of you wetting yourself, maybe you better grab a couple of your didy's too, you know, just in case?


            I was definitely confused and wondering where she was going with all of this, and why would she think I'd actually wet my pants, in front of her, I can pretty much guarantee that is something that would never happen, at least, not intentionally.  I know she saw me earlier tonight in a messy diaper, but that was due to a chain of incidents beyond my control, and as long as I had just a miniscule of control remaining, she'd never see anything like that again.  I must have been daydreaming because the next thing I know, Tara's standing over me, extending her hand, as if beckoning me to stand up and go with her.


Tara:  C'mon Bob, show me where your baby items and diapers are, we don't have all night.


                    As I reluctantly stood up, Tara took my hand and led me back in to my bedroom, where, unfortunately, my dresser drawers with my diapers sat wide open and in view of whoever came in to my room.  She then asked me to take a seat on the edge of the bed as she turned and walked over to my bureau.  I was shocked when she started opening drawers, revealing some undershirts, my tightie whiteys, socks, and finally, a drawer holding all of my plastic pants and various styles of diaper pins.  The top of my bureau held my baby powder, baby lotion and an obviously half used tube of Desitin Diaper Rash Cream.  


                A slight smile came to Tara's face when she saw the Desitin, then she grabbed one of the cloth diapers, felt it, then set it back in to the drawer with part of it still dangling out.


Tara:  So, these are basic supplies a baby needs, where are your baby clothes that go over your didy's and plastic panties?


                I didn't say anything but unconsciously looked towards the closet and that was enough for Tara to follow the clue as she walked over and slid open my closet door.  Although all I could see was her back, I heard her rummaging around through the closet and suddenly, I thought I heard a gasp coming from her.  When she turned around, she was holding numerous hangars with my baby outfits on, she had a couple onesies, a matching diaper set, shorts and tee, and a number of pairs of womens decorative shorts, all very childish and infantile looking.


Tara:  Hmmm, looks like someone has more then just a potty training problem, does the big baby like wearing Mommy's clothes too?  I couldn't help noticing that none of these shorts have zippers in the front so they could only be womens shorts, and, since none of them have snaps in the crotch, that also eliminates baby shorts.  Now Bob, I can thoroughly understand why you would want to wear them, they do look infantile enough, but if you expect to wear them around me, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on them having snaps in the crotch, for two reasons, one, it'll be so much easier changing your diapers, and two, I won't have to explain to any of my girl-friends why you're toddling around wearing womens shorts and clothes.


                    As Tara gives me a wink.............


To Be Continued..........


" Caught by a Female Security Guard "


                                CHAPTER 4


                         By BooBooBritches


            I looked at Tara, with most definitely a confused look on my face, and Tara obviously noticed it because she smiled and said, "I see you're a bit puzzled, well don't you worry your little head about it, baby's are always puzzled, especially those cute little toddlers, you know, between 18 and 30 months old, that age when they're learning so much about everything, including potty training, which apparently, you are going to need a little help with, but it'll be ok, Mommy Tara's here to help you with your little journey to try and make sure you get potty trained right this time." 


Bob:  I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about but I think there's been a monstrous mistake assumed here, I am very much potty trained, as you so politely phrased it and I don't need anyone's help with any journey, this is just something I occasionally do to relax.


Tara:  Oh, really, so let me see if I thoroughly understand this, to help you relax, you like to put a diaper and plastic pants on, like a baby, go outside, where who knows who is watching, make up excuses to meet girls, in this case, moire, then actually stand in front of them and shit your diaper, like a baby, and you're telling me you don't have a problem and this is how you relax?


Bob:  Oh my God, it's not like that at all, I told you what happened was an accident and an unfortunate series of events.  I really did accidentally lock myself out of my house, and I did not do it to meet anyone, let alone you, and I tried my hardest to hold it while I was talking with you but I just couldn't, and lastly, I was not standing there outside, next to you, relaxed, I was mortified and scared and if I could have ran away, I would have in a heartbeat.


Tara:  Ok, let's say, for just a minute, I believe you, explain a couple things for me then.  To begin with, when I first discovered you were wearing a diaper and those cute little plastic baby pants, you made no attempt to deter me from investigating further, or even pulling your robe tighter?  Next, you actually let me come in to your house, and not only did you stand there, and let me do a diaper check on you, like I would any other toddler that smelled as bad as you did, but you let me take pictures of you in your poopy diapers and pat your bottom, just like a baby, then, I come back after work, and even though you're not in your stinky diaper anymore, you still let me in your house, show me all of your diapers, diapering supplies and (ahem), questionable so called baby clothes....


            I started to say something in my defense but she hushed me up immediately..........


Tara:  Finally, you sit there and tell me that you're potty trained, Bobby, I don't know of an adult anywhere that can't hold it for 10 to 15 minutes, even if they had to poop really, really bad?  If you really had to pee, that would be something else, I could see that, but to actually poop yourself, especially standing in front of someone else, really Bob, that doesn't sound like someone that's potty trained to me, that sounds more like an 18 month old filling his diaper, no matter who's around, and Bobby, one other little thing about you pooping your pants(as Tara holds up the package of remaining Dulcolax Suppositories I left sitting on top of the dresser)looks to me like that is exactly what you intended to do and you didn't care who was around or whether you were comfortably inside your house or toddling around outside, JUST LIKE A BABY?


Bob:  I know what you think it looks like, but please believe me, it's not like that at all, it's just that sometimes I.......


            Tara interrupts me by putting her fingers to her lips and says "SHHHHH,


Tara:  Hush, let me do the talking, I know what you're looking for and I know what you need.  I noticed you a month ago, while you were moving in, and I thought how cute you were and tried to figure out a way to get to meet you without jeopardizing my job.  When we got the call of a possible prowler and I saw it was you, I swear to you, my heart skipped a beat, and then when I saw your plastic pants and what looked like a bulky diaper peeking out of your robe, I questioned myself about wanting to meet you, but Bobby, when the odor of a dirty diaper twitched my nose, and then when I got to actually do a diaper check on you, as if you were just a toddler, and saw a very messy diaper, I knew, this was my doorway in to your life, as strange as it may have seemed.


            Once again I started to respond but she just shushed me again......


Tara:  When I got back to my post, I pulled out my laptop and searched "Adults in Diapers", I was like, WOW, I had no idea, I mean, there is a whole sub-culture group dedicated to acting and wanting to be treated like a baby, and I knew, based on the style of plastic pants you were wearing and the baby style diaper pins you had holding your diaper up, which I saw when I did a diaper check on you, that you might very well be one of these people, which I learned are referred to as infantilists.

            That's when I made up my mind to get involved with you and your lifestyle.  Like I told you, I thought you was cute already, but the thought of you toddling around the house in your diapey, Bobby, that thought and image was just way too cute, and I knew, I wanted to be a part of it.


            I looked at Tara, stunned by what I was hearing, this was almost like a dream come true, but I didn't know if I was ready to share this intimate part of my lifestyle just yet, I was already embarrassed about the way she saw me earlier, and that was being covered up by a robe, I wasn't sure if I could just sit next to this incredibly good looking lady and just wet, and, or ever worse, mess my diaper with her looking on and knowing what I was doing, I knew that some guys got off on the humiliation factor of our fetish, but that was something I had never experienced nor wanted to, it just didn't excite me.


Tara:  Now Bobby, I can see the wheels turning in your little head and you're sitting there questioning my intentions.  To be truthful, I've always wanted a baby, my three best friends all have little ones and sometimes when we're all together and they get to talking about basic child care and diapers and such, I am like, so totally lost, but now, you've opened up a door to me, less all the pain of giving birth, just the benefits of having a cute(ahem)little baby, I can dress up and show off to my girlfriends, and Bobby, don't get me wrong, I don't look forward to changing your messy, stinky diapers, but it's something I'm pretty sure I can deal with, and if I need help, I'm sure my girlfriends can show me the in's and out's of proper diapering and changing techniques.

           With that all said, here you go(as Tara hands me a piece of paper, I open it up and read the contents, "1HotMama4U", I look at the paper and then back to Tara), that's the password to my phone Bobby, as promised, if you wish to use it and go in and delete the photo's I took of you earlier tonight and forget any of this ever happened, including what I've told you, then we can both go about our own ways and other saying hi in passing, we'll leave it as just two ships that passed in the night.


            I looked at Tara's cell phone, still clutched tightly in my hand, thought about what she had said, then without typing in her password, I handed her phone back to her and said..........


Bob:  Ok, let's say, I'm interested in what you had to say, two things, first, what exactly did you have in mind and last, but certainly not least, I really don't want anyone else seeing me dressed in diapers and being treated like a baby?


Tara:  (smiling)  Bobby, first off, why don't I just show you what I have in mind(as she gets up and walks over to my dresser drawers and pulls out the diaper she left dangling there, a couple diaper pins, the baby powder, Desitin and a pair of plastic pants, then she turns and looks at me, winks and says), as for anyone else other then me seeing you in diapers and treating you like a baby, WE'LL SEE? 


To Be Continued..... 

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