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                 " CHAPTER 1 "


            By BooBooBritches


       I'm not too sure how I ended up in this little predicament I currently find myself in, but I have mixed feelings about it.  I do know I was definitely fooled and duped, but then again, had I not agreed to play this little scenario out, involving my fantasy, or for all that matters, even told Lori, my girlfriend, about my fantasy, I would be kicking back and enjoying a nice, relaxing, fun summer, with just my Lori and her family.


        First off, my fantasy is a bit of a, shall we say, different lifestyle.  I've had a fantasy about being treated like a baby and to be put into diapers.  Being an 18 year old young man, who has never been around infants or toddlers before, I'm not too sure exactly what being babied would entail, but I do know that I would most definitely like finding out, just the thought of a cute girl pinning me into a soft, cushiony, thick cloth diaper gets me totally excited.


         Lori and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend since we were both 15, just a shade over two years now, and I've managed to keep my fantasy a secret.  We both still live with our parents, her with her mom and sister, along with her baby, and me with my family.  I had a part time job at a local neighborhood market as an apprentice butcher and always managed to give my dad money for rent, as well as getting discount deals on groceries and meats.  Lori worked with her mom in a local nursing home as a nurses aide, her mom was an RN.


          When I finally told Lori about my fantasy, she giggled a little bit and told me she thought that I would look cute toddling around in a diaper, what she didn't tell me was that she told her best friend, Brenda, everything, and yes, she even told Brenda about my fantasy, so for quite awhile it was a running joke between the three of us, which I didn't mind, I was loving the attention, even if it was in a joking way and not actually and physically putting a diaper on me, and between the two of them, they were always playing jokes on me and embarrassing me when they got the chance. 


           I remember a couple times they would try and embarrass me publicly.  One particular time I was at the local pool room shooting in a pool tournament ( the place was packed ), and while I was in between matches, Brenda walked in, holding a perfectly folded baby diaper with two blue, ducky diaper pins stuck in it, handed it to me and said, " Hey Rob, Lori knew this was going to be a long tournament and she didn't know if you brought a diaper change with you so she asked me to drop this off, oh, and she said she'd call you when she got off work ", I am here to tell you, I turned fifty shades of red that day, and wow, did I ever get teased the rest of the tournament, especially by the girls who were playing and watching the tournament, but whatever it was and for whatever reason, for some reason, I shot my ass off and took first place in the tournament, and yes, when it was all over and I left, I took the diaper with me, I had left it sitting on the table I was sitting at for the entire tournament.


           When I got to Lori's house that night, I told Lori what happened and how embarrassed I was and gave her and Brenda back the diaper and the diaper pins, both girls were laughing hysterically and to my surprise, Lori's mom, Helen came in and told the girls to stop teasing me as she picked up the diaper and looked at it, and I wondered, did Lori also tell her mom about my fantasy, and if so, who else had she told, I do know that when I glanced up at Helen from where I was sitting, she was holding the diaper, playing with the diaper pins and looking at me with a smile on her face.


To be continued.....





                 " CHAPTER 2 "


               By BooBooBritches


          After fooling around with the diaper and the pins for a bit, Helen looked at the girls, then me, and said, " There's no way this diaper would ever fit him, he needs the kind we have at the nursing home, they'd be more then big enough ", the girls started laughing and Helen gave me a wink and said, " Just kidding you Robby ".


          They all thought it was funny that I was blushing so much and I knew I must have been red as a beet when Lori said, " AWWWW, there's no need to blush Robby, baby's aren't supposed to get embarrassed ".


           I knew right then and there, this had the making of a long, long summer and if I was going to stay here, I would most definitely have to keep my emotions in check, especially about being a baby and diapers, but with Cindy and her baby girl, Shimbie Athena, I knew it wasn't going to be easy.


            I guess I should explain why I would be staying at my girlfriends families house for the summer.  My parents were in the process of selling our house so they were having it remodeled, and while it was being remodeled, our new house would not be available for moving in until late Sept. or early Oct., so my father felt it would be a great time for him to take the family and go back to where he was raised for the summer.  I for sure didn't want to spend the summer in Nebraska so my father talked with Lori's mother and they both agreed I could stay with them for the summer, and since I was only working part time, my father gave Helen $600.00 for miscellaneous expense I might incur throughout the summer, food, etc.


             As far as Helen trusting me staying there with Lori in the same house, she knew that I came from a non-touchy type family and we all hesitated as far as all of that kissing, huggy type stuff goes.  As a matter of fact, it was just about a couple months ago when Helen took me to the side and told me that Lori had came to her and questioned her as to why I didn't like kissing, hugging and holding hands, like a daughter would ask her mother I imagine.  Upon hearing this, I tried to explain to Helen how I was brought up and she reassured me, that she would think no less of me if I did give Lori a kiss and a hug now and then, so as far as trusting me being in the same house as Lori for the summer, this was not a concern Helen even considered.


              Anyway, we had been a couple of weeks into the summer when Lori and Brenda started in on me again about being a baby and wanting to wear diapers.  I hadn't worked for a couple days and it was looking more and more like I would be getting time off my job most of the summer and one day while we were all just sitting around watching t-v, Lori sat down on the couch next to me and said, " I've got a surprise for you, that is, if you want it ", and both her and Brenda giggled a bit.


Robby :  So what have you two thought up this time?


Lori :  Nothing really, it's just something you told me that you wanted

           and dreamed about for a long time.


Robby :  Really, so why is Brenda sitting over there giggling like a

                little schoolgirl?


Lori :  Well, probably because she's volunteered to help me grant you

           your lifelong dream.


Robby :  Ok, and just exactly would that be that you would need her

                help with?


Brenda :  OH WOW, come on now Robby, you know exactly what Lori's

                 talking about, plus, we both think it would be kind of cute to

                 see you in just a diaper and a t-shirt, now quit being a baby,

                 OOPS, I mean chicken, and let Lori put a diaper on you.


( both girls start laughing as I was about to make a horrible mistake and

   in a feeble attempt, try to call their bluff )


Robby :  Ha ha you two, ok, I'll make you two a bet, and no backing out,

                even after it looks like you're going to lose.  I'll let you put a 

                diaper on me if you have one big enough to fit me, what I

                mean is, if you have a REAL ADULT DIAPER, but only on one

                condition, it has to be Brenda that puts the diaper on me, only

                because she's already 18 years old and Lori is only 17 years

                old.  But after Brenda has put a diaper on me, Lori can put a

                t-shirt on me so she can get the chance to see me in just a

                diaper, oh, and one other small detail, it has to be an adult 

                cloth diaper, it can't be one of those flimsy Depend style

                diapers that you use at the nursing home, those don't even

                look like real diapers, plus, just so Brenda doesn't see any of

                my anatomy, I get to wear my underpants underneath the



Lori :  ( HMMMM ) OK, Let me see if I've got this right, you're willing to 

           let Brenda put a diaper on you, but not me, even though you're

           going to wear your underpants anyway, and you are the one that 

           gets to pick what type of diaper it is you're going to wear.

           ( HMMMM ), well to begin with ROBBY, I'll make you a bet, the 

           bet is,  If you let us BOTH put a diaper on you, without any

           underwear, I mean, DUH, BABYS UNDERWEAR IS THEIR

           DIAPERS, and you have to stay in that diaper until we discover,

           you need a diaper change or we decide to take it off of you.  If

           you agree to the terms of this bet, not only will I clean your

           room all summer long, but once I've turned 18, I'll grant you your

           fantasy whenever and wherever you want it, no questions

           asked, that is, of course, if you win the bet and outlast Brenda 

           and me.  BUT, if you take your diaper off, at any time, for any

           reason, without the consent and ok from Brenda or myself, you

           will lose the bet and you will become our slave, for the summer,

           dressed in just a diaper under your shorts, and a t-shirt, no

           matter who is visiting us, including all of our girlfriends and my

           mom and sister, and you'll have to do whatever Brenda and I

           ask you to do, no questions asked.


           As I sat there pondering what Lori had just said, I thought to myself it was a WIN WIN bet and either way I'd get to wear diapers for the summer, although I wasn't crazy about the fact that others, even Lori's mom and sister might see me in a diaper, but then again, that would happen only if I lost the bet and since I felt I was smarter then both Lori and Brenda put together and I would be totally in control of the bet and the scenario, there was no way I could lose this bet, not to mention the fact that Lori would never find a cloth diaper big enough to fit me to begin with, Yuppers, this was a bet I could no way lose and to this day, I still remember those dreadful, fateful last words I said to Lori and Brenda as I laughed at them ...................................

                             IT'S A BET, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU TWO GOT !!!!!!!!!!!!


To Be Cont.....




                 " CHAPTER 3 "


               By BooBooBritches


          After accepting Lori's bet, feeling pretty good about my chances of winning, I just kicked back on the living room couch and watched Lori and Brenda disappear in to Lori's bedroom.  While I was watching the t-v I couldn't help but over hear Lori and Brenda, talking, then giggling, then talking again, over and over, and I could only imagine what those two were up to.  I figured they were trying to find a sheet or a big towel they could try and pass off as a cloth diaper, and when they did, I would just laugh at them and tell them, nice try, but you lose.


           After about 15 minutes or so, they both came out of Lori's bedroom carrying some pink bunny diaper pins, a bottle of baby powder and some baby lotion.  Lori handed the items to Brenda and then went in to her moms bedroom.  Brenda walked over and sat down next to me on the sofa, placing all of the baby stuff on the coffee table in front of us, then looked at me and said, " This is going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait to see you toddling around in just a tee-shirt and a thick, fluffy diaper."  I just looked at her and laughed as I said, " Yea right, Tell me Lori's not in her moms room scrounging around for something that MIGHT look like a cloth diaper big enough to fit me."


            Brenda giggled and said, " You're right, that's exactly what she's doing, and when she comes out here, we can get you started on your way to being a baby, just like you have fantasized about, but we both decided we wouldn't do everything babyish to you right away, we both agree you need to start off by taking little BABY STEPS ", and after saying that, she laughed some more. 


            When Lori finally did come out of her moms room, she was carrying a large bundle of material, it was white and looked a lot like cotton, the same type of material baby diapers were made out of, and I also thought I seen some type of plastic folded in with the cloth.  I thought to myself, wow, she sure is trying hard, but, unfortunately, just having white cottony fabric and trying to fold it to make it look like a diaper wasn't going to be good enough, and I promised myself to give a big atta-girl for effort, right after I told her, YOU STILL LOSE.


             Once Lori had gotten closer I noticed what looked like seams that were sewn in to the fabric,  with what appeared to be pink thread, and I thought, she really did go out, fake diapers and all.  When Lori sat down on the sofa on the opposite side of me, leaving me seated in between her and Brenda, she patted the white material which was on her lap and said, " WELL BABY BOY, are you ready to let your mama and aunt Brenda get you in a diaper so you don't make any potty accidents on moms sofa? "  


              I looked at her, then back at the pile of material she was still patting, on her lap, and said, " I've got to give you credit Lori, you and Brenda tried real hard, but if you remember right, I told you it had to be a REAL ADULT CLOTH DIAPER, not just a pile of material folded up to look like a diaper ", and as I looked into Lori's eyes I just sort a snickered a bit.  Lori, all of a sudden, got this tremendous smile on her face, and I felt my tummy spin a little bit, her smile was almost devilish, in a mommy sort of way, and as she stopped patting the material on her lap, she quickly took my hand in both of her hands, holding it firmly, but yet gently, then started patting the top of my hand as she said, " You are absolutely right Robby, You did say it had to be a real cloth diaper, and not one of those flimsy disposables they use at the nursing home, ummm, let me rephrase that, you are partially right, you said it had to be a real cloth diaper for adults, and that's what this is".


             " The part you are wrong about is, well Robby, how long has it been since you actually visited and went in to a nursing home, I mean, I know you've picked me up from work a couple times, but did you ever really go inside?  Well Robby, if you had, you would have seen that we don't use disposable adult diapers on our clients anymore, we switched to cloth diapers and plastic or rubber panties almost a year ago, we felt by doing so we could be more eco-minded for the community.  Oh, and one other little tidbit for you Robby, I can't work as a nurses aide until I turn 18, so I'm stuck working in the laundry and WHEW, all those diapers tend to get stinky, so between you and I, I'm not looking forward to you being in a stinky diaper ".


              Both Brenda and Lori laughed as Lori let loose of my hand and started spreading out the material she had on her lap,  and to my utter dismay and surprise, Lori spread out what appeared to be an authentic, pre-folded adult cloth diaper, which appeared to have extra layers of material sewn up the center of the diaper giving it that thick, cushiony look of a baby's pre-fold diaper, and I was right, all of the seams of the diaper had been sewn with a hot pink like color thread, making the diaper look even more girlish and infantile, but what surprised and shocked me the most, was when Lori shook out a pair of plastic pants, more then big enough to fit me, even if I was doubled diapered, and the pants were identical to the ones I had seen on the baby rack at the store, they were clear and the leg holes were in the front, just like the Gerber's Plastic Baby Pants.  I must have been sitting there with my mouth wide open, staring at the diapers, plastic pants and Lori, because I barely noticed that Brenda had stood up and was now towering over me as she said, " C'mon little one, let's get your diapey and plastic panties on, Baby's gonna have a very busy afternoon".


                I immediately thought, OH MY GOD, this is really going to happen and I can't back out now without looking like a total fool who had a chance at their fantasy but blew it because he was a coward, but maybe I can save myself from a little embarrassment, so I asked Lori,

" Since you two are definitely going to put a diaper on me, can I at least have the chance to go to the bathroom before you do it so you don't have to worry about having to wash out any diaper before your mom gets home and finds out what we've all been doing ".


               Lori looked at me, then at Brenda, back at me, then said, " Hmmm, you might be right about that, let me talk it over with Brenda and I'll let you know in just a sec. ", they both walked into the bathroom and once again I heard a lot of giggling and chattering going on between the two, then when they walked out, they were both still smiling and giggling, then Lori looked straight at me and said............




to be cont....




                          " CHAPTER 4 "




            Yes Robby, that look you've got on your face tells both Brenda and I that you know exactly what I'm talking about.

( As Brenda and Lori gently pushes me down to where I'm laying on the sofa, and as soon as Brenda lifts my legs around so that my entire body is now on the sofa, she starts undoing my belt, then unbuttons my pants and as she is pulling the zipper down, Lori is fluffing out the diaper and shaking out the plastic pants, again ).


Brenda :  OK Baby boy, lift your little bottom so I can get your pants and

                 your undies off, we need to get a diaper and some plastic

                 pants on you before you have an accident on Lori's moms



Lori :  OH MY GOD Brenda, that's the last thing I need, I mean, how

            would I explain to mom that my boyfriend ruined her sofa by

            wetting his pants, HELL, it would be easier to explain why he's

            wearing diapers.


            As both girls laugh, Brenda gives both my pants and underwear a tug, at the same time and as they slide down my legs, I hear Brenda gasp, then whispers something to Lori, then Lori is looking at my underwear, and they both start laughing again as Lori looks at me and says.....

           " WOW ROBBY, from the look of your underwear, you really do need diapers ", and as Brenda pulls my pants and underwear all the way off, Lori, reluctantly, picks up my underwear and proceeds to show me the skid-marks in the seat and the yellowish stains on the front, then she holds her fingers up to her nose and declares, " YUCK, I HATE POOPY DIAPERS, AND POOPY UNDERWEAR ", Both girls laugh as I turn red from embarrassment.


            Once my pants and underwear have been set down on the floor by the sofa, Brenda looks at Lori and says, " There ya go girl, he's all yours, or did you need me to show you how to pin his diaper on too, now that I've taken off his poopy pants? "  Lori just laughs at Brenda and says, " I think I can handle this from here on in, can't be much different then when I change Shimbie, just a much BIGGER diaper, oh, and for your information, I never said I didn't change poopy diapers, I just said I didn't want to, and Lord forbid little Robby here poops his diaper, now that might make me not want to change him, a wet diaper is one thing, but that big of a poopy diaper, WHEW, I don't think so."


             Lori tells me to lift my butt up as she scoots over to where Brenda was standing, and when I do, she shoves the thick, cloth diaper under my butt, and before she pins the diaper up, she rubs my bottom and groin area with baby oil, then sprinkles baby powder on the diaper and me, and with the pink bunny diaper pins held in her lips,, she slowly pulled the thick diaper up between my legs, then pinned one side, and then the other.  Once she was satisfied with the fit and snugness of the diaper, on both my legs and waist, she took the plastic pants and using her hand in the pants holes, one at a time, threaded them up my legs, and when she got them to my thighs, she patted my bottom and told me to lift up, then finished pulling the pants up over the diaper.  As soon as she finished, Brenda told me to stand up and helped me to my feet, Brenda then explained to Lori, on how to check the plastic pants and make sure the diaper fabric didn't wick, which would cause my diaper to leak and not only get my t-shirt and shorts wet, but would also get the furniture wet, Lori was very attentive as she listened to Brenda and watched as she checked my plastic pants at the waist, and then each leg at the thighs.  Brenda had experience with cloth diapering, all Lori knew was how to use disposables, so this was a learning experience for her, even if Brenda was only a 1/2 year older.


               When the girls finally let me sit down, Lori went in to her bedroom and came out with a large baby blanket, obviously something left from Cindy's baby, Shimbie, she then jokingly laid it at the end of the sofa and said, " Just in case you feel the need to cover up, but you can't do it yourself, you have to ask Brenda or I for your blankie, then one of us will decide if you really need it or not.  If however, you want it just to cover up the fact that you're wearing a diaper, ha ha ha, nice try Baby Boy, baby's always run around in just a diaper and you're going to be no different.  What's that Robby, short?  Ha Ha Ha, well duh Baby Boy, you didn't wear any shorts over here and since I don't think your tight fitting blue jeans will go on over your diapered bubble butt, looks like you're going to have to just run around in your lil diapey, HA HA HA, JUST LIKE A BABY ".


               In all the excitement with Brenda and Lori teasing me about my underwear and then putting a diaper on me, I had almost forgotten I had to pee, and by now, I had to pee really bad.  When I mentioned this to the girls, they both laughed, almost simultaneously, the Lori said, "WELL DUH BABY BOY, we don't have to let you go potty, silly baby, you're wearing your potty.  If you have to pee, then just go ahead and use your diaper, and if one of us think you're wet enough, after doing a diaper check on you of course, then one of us will change your diaper, it's that simple.  Now, unless you want me to dig up one of Shimbie's baby bottles and fill it with REAL BABY FORMULA, then feed it to you while your head is resting on  my lap and I'm patting your cushiony bottom, if I were you, I'd just sit there and watch t-v and be real quiet, you know, what they say, if we can't hear you we tend to ignore you, just as if you were a baby taking a nap ".


              Lori then tells Brenda she has some chores to do in the kitchen, washing and drying dishes and then she has to get supper started for her mom, Brenda smiles at Lori, then looks at me and smiles and says, " AWWWW, so are you, like, wanting me to baby-sit for you for awhile "

Lori smiles and says, yea, but if he wets his diaper, let me know so I can change him, I am so going to tease him about peeing in a diaper like a little baby, Brenda laughs and says, oh, don't worry, for sure I'll tell you, there's no way I want to change his diapers.


               Once Lori disappears in to the kitchen, Brenda comes over and sits on the sofa next to me, and as she sites down, I know I can't hold it any longer so I slowly start to wet my diaper until it's a non-stop stream, causing my diaper to not only feel wet, but also feel warm, both in my crotch and groin area and my bottom and up my back, and I'm amazed at how thick and absorbent these diapers are as it thoroughly soaks up all my pee.


               Brenda notices how still I'm sitting and how quiet I am, she then glances down at the crotch of my diaper, and a smile slowly forms on her face as she pats my crotch and says, " Well well, looks like you took to wearing diapers quickly, you sure didn't waste no time in making a wet diaper.  That's good, but yet, it's not too good ", and as I look at her,  " I ask, what do you mean, I thought you and Lori wanted me to wet my diaper, I mean, that's what you both insinuated ".


               Brenda looked at me, smiled and said, " Robby, all we said was we didn't want you to have an accident on Lori's mom's sofa, you're the one that wants to wear diapers and see what it's like to be a baby, and now that you know what it feels like to sit there in a wet diaper, I've got some bad news for you.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but Lori took your pants and underwear with her, I think her intention is to wash them, so, all you have to wear here, is a diaper.  Lori is also waiting impatiently for you to wet your diaper, not only does she want to change you, but she also wants to talk baby-talk to you and tape your reactions, she wants me to video-tape your diaper change, and, I'm not too sure what she's planning on doing with the tape, you do know how she loves embarrassing you ".


               As I sat next to Brenda, trying to take in all she was saying, I realized, Lori was planning on using the tape to black-mail me or embarrass me in front of both her and my friends.  I must have had a look of panic on my face because Brenda patted my diapered crotch once again and said, " You do realize Robby, I think I can help you get out of this, but you're going to have to do exactly what I say and you are definitely going to have to trust me.  As I nod my head in agreement, I tell Brenda, " Whatever it takes, just tell me what I have to do to stop Lori from changing my diaper and having you video-tape it ".


               Brenda looked towards the kitchen to make sure Lori was staying busy and not listening, then leaned close to me, strangely enough, with her hand still patting my wet, diapered crotch, and said,

" Do you remember when Lori said she doesn't change poopy diapers but she had no problems with changing wet diapers ( I nodded a questionable yes ), all we, or you have to do, is make a messy diaper, and I guarantee you, not only will she not change your diaper, but she'll beg me to change you, and I promise you Robby, I'll tell her I don't want to change you either, she'll have no choice but to let you get up, go to the bathroom, take your diaper off yourself and take a shower ".


               I thought about it, and it sort of made sense, had I not been so caught in a trap, I would have thought it out better and remembered that I didn't have any clothes over here, I had not went and got my suitcase yet, was planning on doing that tomorrow.  I looked at Brenda, then said, " Your plan sounds good, with just a couple of exceptions, one, I really don't want to sit here and poop my diaper in front of you, and two, even if I was ok with it, I DON'T HAVE TO POOP ".


               Brenda just laughed and said, " HELL, is that all that's worrying you, to begin with, I'm not going to look in your diaper to see your poopy butt, I'm just going to yell at Lori that I think her Baby Boy stinks and she should check his diaper, and two, silly baby, just because you don't have to poop this very minute, doesn't mean I don't have a way to make you poop, within an hour, one small problem Robby, and you had best put a lot of thought in to this, if Lori finds you in a wet diaper, she plans on changing your diaper, and that means, she's going to change you in to a dry diaper, but it will still be, ANOTHER DIAPER, and you might still be in that diaper when her mom gets home, but, either way Robby, Lori's way or my way, you had best make up your mind quickly, Lori's mom will be home in about two hours, that would be just enough time for you to make a messy diaper, Lori to check it and then you to get a shower in before Lori's mom gets home, but, the choice is yours "


               I look at Brenda and just as I'm getting ready to answer her, Lori sticks her head out of the kitchen and asks, " Did you guys want something to drink "and before I know what's happening, Lori walks in carrying a Pepsi for Brenda and a baby bottle for me as she asks Brenda, " Can you do me a favor and feed Baby Boy his baba as she hands the Pepsi and baby bottle to Brenda, then looks down at my padded crotch and gets a sly smile on her face as she sticks two fingers in to the waist of my diaper, AWWW, Hims gots a wet tushie, but hims will be ok till mommy gets dinner ready, I'll change you then Baby Boy, you're just a wee bit damp ".


               As soon as Lori walks back in to the kitchen, I look at Brenda and ask, " O-K, what do I have to do ", thinking to myself, with what Lori just said, Brenda was absolutely right so maybe, just maybe, Brenda's plan might work.


                Brenda looks at me and smiles, then says, just lay down and suck on your baba Baby Boy, I'll be right back with what we'll need to keep you from getting caught and changed out of a wet diaper ", and I'm not sure, but that wink she gave me as she said that, sent a chill up my spine, almost as if, like, I was being set up or something............


to be cont....................




                          " CHAPTER 5 "


           While I lay there, with the nipple of the baby bottle, rubbing against my lips, not really drinking or tasting the milk, at least that's what I figured was in there, I wondered if I just might have bit off more then I could chew.  I knew one thing for sure, Lori was adamant about teasing me while she changed me out of a wet diaper and I would do anything to avoid that humiliation, even if it meant crapping my diaper.  I knew she would be able to smell it and might even take a peek and see it, but at least she wouldn't be wiping my butt and baby talking me as if I was no more then just a little baby.


            Brenda came out of the bathroom after about five minutes, explaining to me, that she had to go potty, just like a big girl, not everyone could just sit or lay around and go potty in their pants, like a baby and other people she knew, as she gave me another one of those spine chilling winks. 


            She bent over me and told me to lay still, this wouldn't take too long at all if I cooperated and trusted her.  I nodded my head ok and the baby bottle kind a shook up and down along with my nods, then as quick as she could, Brenda had my plastic pants pulled down to my knees and had gotten one pin of my diaper undone, then as she pulled the front of the diaper from the side that was unpinned over to the side that was still pinned, I heard her rip open, what sounded like three packages, then, without warning, after putting vasaline on her fingers, I felt her fingers go in to my bottom, not once, but four different times, and I am here to tell you, each time it felt like her fingers went deeper and deeper in to my bottom.  Once she had finished, she wiped her hand on the edge of my diaper as she pulled it back up tight, then re-pinned it, she then swatted my thigh and told me to lift my butt and when I did, she pulled my plastic pants back up, making sure the diaper was tucked in, just like she had shown Lori before.


            She stood up, told me I had best get to drinking my baba and she would be right back, she had to go wash her hands because they smelled like pee, from handling my diaper.  As she walked away I took what was actually the first taste of what was in the baby bottle only to discover that Lori had given me formula, and it tasted absolutely yucky.  When Brenda came back in from washing her hands, she looked at my bottle and said, " Am I going to have to feed this to you, I thought you was a big enough boy that you could hold your own baba, I guess I was wrong, OK, Baby Boy, lift your head so I can sit down and feed you your baba ".


            Once Brenda was situated, with my head resting in her lap and her holding the bottle, forcing me to nurse it, Lori came in from the kitchen and said, " AWWW, That is just too precious, Baby Boy is being fed his baby baba by his Auntie Brenda, OH MY GOD, and she's patting your diapered bottom just like she does her baby nephew when she baby-sits him.  So Brenda, is my Baby Boy got a wet diapey yet or is he still just a little bit damp "?  Brenda quickly sticks two of her fingers in to the waist of my diaper, then in to the diaper at my thigh, and as she pulls it back and peeks in real quick, she says, " He's still just a little bit damp and it doesn't look like, or smell like ( as she wrinkles her nose ), he's made a poopy diapey yet ", both Lori and Brenda laughed and Lori said, much to my shock and surprise, " Well, let me know if he wets any more or if he makes a poopy, I don't want him sitting around in wet or poopy diapers, sure wouldn't want him to get a bad diaper rash, I'd definitely have a hard time explaining that to mom ", both girls laugh again and Lori goes back in to the kitchen.


            I look at Brenda as if to say, WTF, and Brenda immediately sees the concern on my face and says, " Robby, don't worry, trust me, the last thing Lori wants to see or have to explain to her mom is you sitting in a dirty diaper, just have faith in me and I'll get you out of this, you only have to put up with her teasing for about another hour, by then, you'll be turning red and grunting, just like a two year old, and when Lori sees you actually fill your diaper, right in front of her, she'll head for the kitchen yelling for me to take care of you as she disappears around the corner, that's when I'll tell you to go take a shower and hand you a plastic bag for your poopy diaper and plastic pants, you'll be embarrassed for a couple of minutes, at best, but no where as long as you would be if she actually got the chance to change your wet diaper, she could, and probably would stretch that in until after her mom came home ".


            I thought about what Brenda had just said and asked her, " What do you mean until after her mom comes home, why would she do that if she didn't want her mom to know, and why would she wait until she was home for the night, knowing there would be no way I could hide it because sooner or later, her mom would ask me why I haven't gotten up to go to the bathroom all night "?


            Brenda was quick with a reply and what she said, once again made sense, it seemed almost everything Brenda told me made sense, almost as if it had been a programmed script, but then again, I thought, there's no way these two girls could be that smart or devious, and when Brenda told me, Lori wasn't worried about her mom tonight because it was her bowling night and she would only stop in for a quick bite to eat and then be gone again, giving Lori all the time she could possibly want to change my diapers and tease and embarrass me.


             With that kind of logic, it all made sense, and it didn't even occur to me, what was I going to wear after I messed this diaper, especially with Lori's mom possibly sitting next to me on the sofa, where she always ate her dinner, When it was all said and done, there was a lot that should have clued me in to what was going to happen, if I had just put some thought and reasoning in to the entire situation, and most of all, I should have remembered the old saying, Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts, even if those Greeks did look like Brenda and the gifts were  Gently Inserted, Time Release Suppositories, each one timed to dissolve an hour apart, one at a time, for the next three hours !!!!!!!!!


to be cont.




                          " CHAPTER 6 "


             As I lay there thinking about the situation I had gotten myself in to, I questioned myself.  Was this what I really wanted, I mean, in my mind, I pictured it all to be so much easier and go a lot more smoothly, had not anticipated the humility or embarrassment factor, didn't think it would be so hard and humiliating to give yourself totally up to someone and trust them to take 100% care of you, like you were a baby.


              What I hadn't thought about was, I had barely scratched the surface of total infantilism, I mean, all that has happened was they put a diaper on me, and Brenda gave me, what she said was the equivalent of butt medicine, I was no where near experiencing what was yet to come.


               I looked up at Brenda, who was watching t-v and patting my bottom, as I nursed my bottle, and I felt like this was the safest place on earth, and that there was no way Brenda would ever do anything to hurt or embarrass me, and with that thought in my head, I dozed off to sleep, still nursing my baba.


                I'm not sure how long I had been asleep, Brenda woke me up with her yelling at Lori and as she stood up, letting my head rest on the pillow, she quickly grabbed the baby blanket they had brought out earlier and tossed it at me, saying, " QUICK, Cover yourself up, Lori's mom and Cindy just pulled up in to the driveway ".  As Brenda was yelling at Lori, letting her know her mom was home, I started to get up and Brenda immediately said, " NO NO ROBBY, YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT, they're right outside the door ", and she quickly tucked the baby blanket tightly around me.


                As I lay there, scared and confused, not sure what I needed to do, the front door opened just as Lori came out of the kitchen, and Helen and Cindy walked in with Cindy carrying a sleeping Shimbie.  Immediately, Lori's mom looked at me and said, " WELL, what do we have here, don't you girls think you could have found a better blanket to cover Robby up with ", as she felt the edge of the baby blanket.  My heart was beating about 500 times a minute when she touched the blanket, I just knew, she was going to pull it off of me, leaving me exposed in just a diaper and a t-shirt.  Cindy walked over to the sofa where I was laying and said, " Since you're using Shimbie's blankie, you won't mind if she shares it with you ", and before I could reply, Cindy laid Shimbie down on the blanket, between my legs, as if she was laying in my lap, Cindy even swatted my legs and told me to spread my legs so they could form a human cradle for Shimbie, so she wouldn't roll off of the couch.


                 When Cindy spread my legs apart, I felt a rumbling in my tummy and I'm not too sure, but it felt like something leaked out of my anus, but I figured it was just the way the wet diaper was squeezed when she spread my legs.  Helen sat down by my feet, as she kicked back and said her feet was killing her, she had a busy day at the nursing home and they ran her ragged.  So here I was, laying in a wet diaper, my tummy rumbling like crazy, making me realize the butt meds Brenda gave me were starting to work, Shimbie sound asleep between my legs, and Helen, Lori's mom sitting at the end of the sofa, by my feet.  I didn't want her to sit on my feet and I also didn't want to put my feet on her lap so I just sort of scrunched them up a little, giving my already spread legs, more of a bow-legged look, and this also caused my tummy to feel queasy and rumble a lot more, I knew if I was going to try to keep from messing my diaper in front of Helen and the girls, I'd definitely have to stop moving so much and find a way to get my legs back together so it would squeeze my butt cheeks tighter, preventing any messes from coming out.


                  Little did I know, that when the suppositories kicked in, it wouldn't matter how I was laying, standing, sitting, whatever, when it was time, my diaper was going to fill up and there would be nothing I could do to stop it, regardless of who was around, the end result would be inevitable.  Helen yelled for Lori to bring her a beer and I just knew, she wasn't going anywhere for awhile, if I could just hold out.  Curious as to how long I was going to be in this compromising position, I asked Helen what time she had to go bowling, she looked at me, kind of with a puzzled look on her face, and said, " BOWLING, I haven't been bowling in two years, no sireee, I'm just going to sit here and kick back the rest of the night, I have tomorrow off so I'm going to toss down a couple of cold ones too, oh, did you want a beer Robby, I'm sorry, excuse me for not asking, told you I was tired ".


                     I quickly passed on the beer, that was the last thing I needed, my diaper was already wet, but now, I definitely had more pressing matters on my mind.  I looked for Brenda, but she was in the kitchen with Lori, I heard Lori and Cindy arguing, something about one of Shimbie's baby bottles was dirty and sitting in the sink, Cindy was sure she had washed them all before she and Shimbie left for the day.  Just then, Shimbie rolled over in my lap and as I stuck my arms out to make sure she didn't roll off the sofa, Helen did the exact same thing, we both looked at each other and laughed because we were thinking so much alike, but then, out of nowhere, I felt a warm  mushy feeling in the seat of my diaper and I knew what had just happened, I could only hope that no one would notice and I could yet, find a way out of this predicament.


                    After about five minutes passed, and I had pushed another mushy load into the seat of my diaper, filling it even more, I was thinking I just might get away with this if I kept very still and did not move, but then out of the blue, I watched as Helen wrinkled her nose, then yelled to Cindy, " HEY, Cindy, I think Shimbie just made a boom-boom in her diaper, WHEW, SHE STINKS, can you come in here and change her, I don't think Robby wants to lay there smelling a poopy diaper, DO YOU ROB "?


To Be Cont.

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