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Our New House Guest Pt 1
By Johnny
In 1969, I was 11 years old and still in diapers and plastic pants. Although I was
probably too old to still be diapered every night and sometimes in the day too, my
parents were totally fine with encouraging me to just stay in my diapers and plastic
pants until my bladder sphincter finally matures. Don’t be a slave to the toilet they would
tell me. This bad bladder issue has run on my dad’s side of the family for generations
and so the whole family has been used to people running around in diapers for a long
time. I can remember seeing photos of my grandmom wearing bulging rubber pants at
about 10 years old and my dad in a pair of tight stretched, white rubber pants, at about
age 12 in home movies. My mom has also been quite used many wet diapers and the
familiar sound or crinkling plastic pants since she had her First Communion and four
Easters in diapers and rubber/plastic pants. Mom was so disappointed in her first
diapering, 2 Easters before her First Communion. After that, she was set on a mission
to improve the diapering methods for the whole church. Now, my mom is in charge of all
diapering for 6 churches in the area, so of course, I get the best diapering possible.
It was a warm September day and I had just gotten out of bed and was out in the back
yard with my dog, wearing just my flip-flops, a soaked, bulging diaper panty and shiny,
blue plastic pants that were all puffed out in front, back and between my legs. I could
see myself in the glass of the sliding door, I adjusted the leg bands and made a plastic
rezovoir between my legs of my plastic pants because I knew that I had to piss one
more time before breakfast. Looking in the glass, I spread my legs a bit and let loose of
one more gusher that immediately saturated my already soaked diapers. I looked
between my legs and could see a pool of light yellow pee filling the crotch of my plastic
As I walked back in the house, with a pee puddle sloshing between my legs, my mom
was on the phone talking to my Aunt Gracie, while pouring milk in a cereal bowl for me.
As I waddled by, Mom handed me the bowl and then gently shoved me into the hallway
so I couldn’t hear their conversation. As I ate my Frosted Flakes, I could hear Mom say
something about diapers and plastic pants, I was sure they were talking about me.
Suddenly Mom peeked around the corner as she was hanging up the phone and stared
down at the pint of piss pulling my plastic pants down almost to my knees. “II’m glad
that you’re eating breakfast standing up today, young man.” Mom said as she chuckled,
this made me laugh too as I moved my hips back and forth getting the pee to slosh
around in my plastic pants.
“We’re going shopping, so get out of those then I want you to put on your best Safety
Pants today. OK?” Mom said. Mom referred to my daytime diapers as “safety pants”
since I was put back into diapers and plastic pants at age 5. With my mother’s
knowledge, I have been able to diaper myself since I was 8. My mom uses a pinless
diapering method not just for me but for all the kids at church too. I wear tight stretch
panties that usually holds at least 6 folded diapers as a booster in the crotch. At this
time, there was a wide variety of quality, infant plastic pants on the market, many had
high stretchability rates, almost like rubber. Long ago Mom found out that some of the
3T and 4T sizes easily fit over older children and even adults. After adjusting the fat
crotch of my diaper pants, I reached into my plastic pants drawer and pulled out my
favorite pair of almost clear, 3T plastic pants. Always careful to pull the legs and waist
bands up at the same time, I manipulated them up over the booster bulge with just
enough room to cover the diaper panty waist band on top and then adjusted the all
important leg bands. The smooth plastic pants fit tightly on all sides. As I looked into the
full length mirror, I pressed my hands against the slick, tight plastic in front and began to
rub making my plastic pants squeak like a balloon. “this’ll do.” I thought, liking how tight
the smaller 3T size fit me. I then put on a pair of gym shorts that regularly showed my
bulging plastic crotch between my legs, especially when I sit and went back downstairs.
Mom was waiting for me on the porch, she instantly pulled down my shorts and OK’d
the the tightly packaged bundle and said “That’ll keep you dry for the day, so let’s go.”
And we took off in the car.
“First we’re going to pick up some new, youth sized plastic panties, then we’re going to
my seamstress to pick up the new diaper pants that I had made for you, if we have time,
we’ll stop by the park. We finally pulled up to the park later that afternoon, I had already
peed myself twice I only had room for one more, any more than that and I’ll start
leaking. When we got closer to the fountain, Mom pointed at a couple of kids playing in
the fountain pool and said “Look Honey.” The kids were about 8 or 9 and were obviously
wearing diapers and plastic pants. I quickly shed my own clothes and joined them in the
cool water which immediately made me max out my diapers and plastic pants. Then
when I sat down some pool water poured in through my but crack. If it wasn’t for my
tight plastic pants holding up my over soaked diapers, they would have fallen down past
my knees. When I came over to Mom to get toweled off she reminded me that this is the
second time today that my diapers were over flowing. “You;ll sit on this towel on the way
home, oh by the way, your cousin Ginny and Aunt Gracie are coming to visit and then
we’re going on a little vacation.”
I was excited that my aunt and cousin were coming and even more excited about a
vacation! When I got home Mom made me put on one of the new diaper pants that she
just bought. They were like fancy training pants with a bikini cut with two snaps on each
side and all of the layered padding in the crotch, where it belongs. Along with a 6 diaper
booster the diaper pants were really substantial for overnight diapers but it was only
6:00. She then pulled out a pair of brief cut, 6 snap, youth sized L plastic pants that
when I snapped them on they easily puffed out away from the huge diaper. I looked in
the mirror and felt my new diapers and stylish plastic pants and thought that this feels
good and I know I won’t leak for a long time and I put them on myself. Though I diaper
myself, Mom still picks my clothes and she laid out a short cut t-shirt and a pair of snug
sweat pants. I knew what she was up to, she wanted everyone to see that I was still in
diapers and plastic pants. The snug sweat pants not only showed off every contour of
my diaper but my plastic pants would also stick out of the waist on top and with the
short t-shirt, I was like a diaper billboard. But I didn’t even care I liked my diapers and
plastic pants and I was glad to not be a “slave to the toilet.”
When Dad got home he picked me up and hugged me then set me down, pulled down
my sweatpants and said “Look what we got here! It looks good on you, Son.” Referring
on my new diapers and plastic pants. “Looks like you can pee all night in them.” I
assured him that I would. During dinner Mom told me that the reason I’m in night
diapers so early is because when my aunt and cousin get here we’re going to the drivein
movie! “Oh Boy!” I exclaimed. I love going to the drive-in, I go all over in just flip flops,
t-shirt and my diapers and plastic pants. They have a playground and there’s usually
some other older kids in sagging vinyl hanging out there. I always eat lots of popcorn
and drink lots of pop and pee my diapers a lot. After dinner, I peed myself for the first
time in my new diapers.
Shortly after dinner My Aunt Gracie and cousin Ginny showed up in a cab from the
airport. Aunt Gracie came in and immediately picked me up and hugged me and then
squeezed my protruding, vinyl covered butt and said “It;s good to see you, Johnny and
this is your cousin, Ginny and this beautiful 12 year old girl with long auburn hair slowly
walked through the door. As she walked by me and sat on the couch, I could distinctly
hear the rustling of plastic pants. Now I know what they were talking about on the phone
they were disgusting that Ginny needs to be in diapers too! Auntie and Ginny then went
into the guest room to “freshen up”, which meant change Ginny’s diapers. After about
10 minutes, Dad pushed opened their door to say, “Let’s go!” Ginny stood there in just
her fresh, bulging diapers and a pair of shiny, pink plastic pants that bulged out even
more. When she saw me standing there, staring, she instantly covered her mosquito
bite breasts giving me a good long look at her diapers and ballooned out plastic pants
before the door was slammed in my face.
On the short trip to the drive-in, poor Ginny didn’t say a word, I knew she was
embarrassed because I saw her in those huge plastic pants. So as soon as we parked, I
got out of the station wagon and pulled my sweatpants off then pulled out the waistband
with a snap to grab some air and puff out my own plastic pants I then stood there so
everyone could see me, just then the excitement made my bladder release another
flood, when I slightly bent my knees everyone could tell that I was pissing myself on the
spot. Mom chuckled “Johnny’s wettin’ his pants!” and everyone laughed Just then Dad
got out to get me my first large pop. When I got back in the car, Ginny smiled at me and
Mom gave me a pat on the head.

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