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Solria’s Diapered Adventure

It has been 3 years since Etna and Delsin

Married their little girl Solria was busy watching TV seeing Mommy stay as champion that was yesterday's match "wow mommy look you won!"

Etna smiled "yes sweetheart I did win that match it was pretty easy" The red headed lady who is now the Omutsu region Champion, Etna Firus

 Meanwhile Mira was playing outside in just a diaper, her breasts had slowly been developing turning her into a C cup.

"Go Torterra!" The girl called out sending out the huge Pokémon with the typing of grass and ground

A team flare grunt waddled over her hair curled with a little wisp to it "Mira I challenge you to a battle!" She didn't have any pants just a diaper with a team flare symbol Mira giggled "sure I want a challenge!"

The grunt sends out a Houndoom

Mira sends Torterra out.

Solria hears the roar of both Pokémon "look mommy and daddy!" The little one got up and toddled away out the door to watch her Aunty's battle, her little diaper slightly wet Solria had been changed recently.

Etna waddled behind she had been trying to teach Solria to be a proper young lady "Solria do not run you will trip."

The 3 year old ignored mommy "go Aunty go go!"

Delsin couldn't help but laugh at this "Just leave her Etna she's 3" he says scratching his head "Where's Tyrunt?"

Solria's Tyrunt sat outside with her daddy's Tyrantrum, a huge and a dark red, Very imposing to younger trainers but to their daughter he was the most playful fossil Pokémon ever

Mira's Torterra used earthquake!

Taking out the weak Houndoom without a problem

Solria sat and watched even though she's 3 the little trainer has already got her heart set a certain starter Pokémon!

Mira kept winning wanting to make her niece be even happier

"Aunty you gonna win!" She cheers on watching intently

While Delsin and Etna sat indoors

"Mira getting better she's almost perfect she could give you a run for you spot Etna" Delsin laughed

"Don't joke Delsin I would surely curl your tongue before I beat you in a battle" Etna smirks a little but outside Mira yells 

"Return Torterra and go Golem!" The huge rocky creature rolled out and looked menacing to the opponent.

The grunt pouts sending out her Magcargo

"Use Flamethrower!" The magma snail shoots a power stream of fire attacking the golem

"No way Earthquake!" She calls out having

Golem stomped on the ground causing a huge earthquake to knock out the flaming snail Pokémon "its super effective!" Mira cheered winning the match and some money 

"Yay I win!!" She throws her arm up happily

Solria bounces up and down and giggles "yay you won auntie!"

Solria’s Diapered Adventure 2

A few hours later Solria found herself on the floor being changed by mommy

"Mommy I want to play!" She squealed as she was cleaned up

"Stop drinking so much honey and it will be quicker each change" Etna powdered and re-diapered the little dragon baby who's purple eyes shone in the light

Malva a member of the elite 4 in Kalos had flew in from her home to see her nieces, her nephew in law and her grandniece

"Hello are you all being good?" Malva asked checking Etna's diaper 

"Yes aunt Malva" Etna asked as her aunt's Pyroar sat beside them with Solria taking notice "Pyroar!" Solria squeals in delight snuggling up to the large lion Pokémon

"Aw she's so precious I heard she has a Bagon egg" Malva smiled opening up Etna's diaper

"Yes Aunt Malva My Charizard was blessed by Delsin's Salamence" The lady blushed and shivered being wiped down by her aunt

"What brings you here aunt Malva anyway?" Etna shivered some more being powdered and re-diapered this time

"I wanted to see my Grandniece" Malva scratched her red hair and looks down at her diaper with a team flare crest on the front of it before cooing at Solria "so where's your eggy honey?"

Solria giggles "eggy is in my crib all nice and warm!" 

"Aw that's sweet" Malva's diaper grew even more yellow close to leaking "I guess I better a change right now?"

Delsin was outside training his Pokémon "Tyrantrum use dragon breath!!" He roars the elite four member was practicing for a battle he had lined up against a tough trainer from another Region "good boy now Primeape use brick break!" The pig monkey Pokémon does so

Breaking a pile of bricks with its hand

Meanwhile Malva was being changed by Etna "Aunt Malva you told me as a young girl not to eat or drink too much" the red head got her way this time as she clean, powdered and re-diapered her Aunt Malva.

Solria waddled away from Pyroar "Great Aunty Malva come see my room!"

The adult giggles and stood up kissing Etna's forehead "thanks sweetie I was sitting in that for hours"

Etna smiled "it's quite alright Mira is sleeping she had a long battle and needed a nap"

"Aw really okay then" Malva followed behind Solria who was very excited to show her great Aunty the Bagon eggy and her room

It was a bright orange color with cute stickers of Pokémon slapped on the walls

"Wow it's very cute Solria!" Malva exclaimed

"Tanks!" The 3 year old ran over to her crib showing off her Bagon egg "dis is eggy he gonna be a great Pokémon that's what daddy and mommy says!" She was very excited to become a trainer some day!

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