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" Caught by a Female Security Guard "


                                CHAPTER 5


                         By BooBooBritches


            The next thing I know, Tara's pushing me backwards on to the bed and without saying another word, she starts to unfasten my pants, pulling them slowly down my legs, all the while, smiling and cooing at me.  At one time I go to put my hands across my crotch area but Tara just swats them away and says, "No No Baby Boy, you be a good baby and let mommy get your little diapey on so you don't make a yucky ole mess all over your nice little beddie bye".  She then pulls my tightie-whities down to my ankles and just before she pulls them completely off, she inspects them and smiles as she tugs them the rest of the way off and tosses them in to a pile on the floor with my pants.


            I look up at her, wearing just a shirt now, and as she looks back at me, I turn my face away in embarrassment, laying on a bed, naked in front of a foxy babe.  She must have noticed because she says, as she pats the inside of my thigh, "Lift your butt Baby, oh, and Bobby, there's no need to be embarrassed, I'm going to be seeing a lot of your tush and your cute little pee-pee, from what I remember my friends all saying, baby's get their diapers changed all the time, at least, like 4 or 5 times a day, plus I'll be giving you your daily baths every morning, so we can get all of those nitie-nite stinkies off of you, we don't want you smelling bad when we meet other people, now do we?"


            I looked at her but was speechless, it's pretty hard to put up any kind of a defense, considering the position I was currently in!  Tara then slid one of my diapers under my butt and as I laid down on the soft padding, I think I smiled a bit because Tara looked down at me and smiled to.  I thought that this was the most awesome feeling in the world, feeling that soft padding beneath my bottom, but when Tara brought the front of the diaper up between my legs, tugging on it as she draped it over my crotch, then pinning one side tightly, I looked at her as she pulled the other diaper pin from where it was pursed in her lips and when she tugged on the other side, tightening the diaper nice and snug, pinning that final pin in to place, I just thought to myself, now this was the most awesome feeling ever.  Then Tara, almost as if she'd been doing it her whole life, shook out my plastic pants, then threaded each leg through the holes and as she pulled them up over my legs, over my knees, she then held out both of her hands, taking my hands, then helping me stand, with the plastic pants just above my knees, and with a gentle tug, she pulled the plastic pants up over my diaper, making sure that the diaper was completely tucked in at the waist and at the thighs.


            As I stood there, in just the diaper and shirt, Tara took a couple steps back, looked at me, and said, "OK Baby Boy, let's see if we can find some pants to slip on over your diaper, we don't want you running around with your little diapered butt hanging out for all to see, now do we?"  


            Tara started looking through my closet and came out with a pair of sweat pants I usually wore when I jogged.  


Tara:  Here you go Baby Boy, these look like they should fit over your little dipper(as Tara had me hold on to her shoulders as I stepped in to the pants and she pulled them up over my diaper, as if she was dressing a toddler), There we go, Hims is just a precious little baby now isn't him?  Now Bobby, before you say anything or ask any questions, you and I are going back into the living room, we're going to get another cup of coffee, and we're going to discuss, your future, with me, and what I expect from you from this day forward, Nod your head if you understand?


            I nodded my head, humbly, and I knew, deep down inside, that if this was indeed what I really wanted, then I needed to listen to Tara and obey her, without question, and I could only hope, she and I could keep this between us and confine it to my house, or at worse, maybe even her home on occasion.


Tara:  Now Baby Boy(as Tara hands me a cup of coffee, and with her coffee in her hand, sits down next to me on the sofa), Let's go over a few basic rules I have for you and some of my expectations.  To begin with, your diapers and baby items are no longer your property, they are now mine, to use, on you, when and where I want to.  Unless I put you in diapers, you are not to wear them, for any reason, the first time I see or catch you in a diaper that I, or someone else of my choosing didn't put on you, then this whole affair is over with, and Bobby, any and all video's and photo's I have of you, dressed and being treated like a baby, will become public domain on Face Book and any other online sites I can think of.


            I started to say something but Tara just shh'ed me again and said, she was not finished yet.


Tara:  Effective as of right now, other then when you're at work, which you and I will be talking about later, you will for all intent purposes be treated, and act like an 18 month old baby.  That means, I will dress you, change your diapers, bath you, feed you, whatever I choose to feed you, and basically make your every decision, as a little person, because you're not capable of making safe and wise decisions yourself, oh, and Bobby, if and when I choose, I WILL START POTTY TRAINING YOU, but that's a long way down the road, and to be truthful, I seriously doubt you can handle being treated like a baby for as long as it's going to take to get to where I can safely potty train you!


                So just to kick this little scenario off right, we are both going to sit here and chat until you need your diaper changed, and just to make sure you wet your diaper like a little baby, I'm going to keep giving you coffee, oh, and Baby Boy, if you need to make poopies, that's ok too, that's what little baby's do, and from now on, you're no different then a little baby.


            Tara stands, sets her phone down on the coffee table in front of me, then just before she goes in to the kitchen to make another pot of coffee, she says, "That phone is for you, you already have my password, if anything I've said up to this point bothers you and you are having 2nd thoughts about going through with this, use the phone to delete the pictures, then I'll leave you and your diapers be, but Bobby, this is the absolutely last chance you have to back out, if when I get out of the kitchen and have finished making another pot of coffee, and the phone is still laying on the coffee table in front of you, and you're not holding it in your hand, I will then assume that everything is a go, and we will continue onward with our newfound lifestyle and relationship, with you as a baby and me as your mommy.......... 


To Be Continued..........


                  " Caught by a Female Security Guard "


                                CHAPTER 6


                         By BooBooBritches


            Tara had been in the kitchen about five minutes when she walked back in to the living room, and the look on her face was one of utter disappointment when she saw me holding her phone.  She just feigned a little smile and said, "So, it appears that my offer to you was either not appealing enough or perhaps you just don't fine me attractive, either way Bob, I'm sorry this couldn't work out, I had so looked forward to having my very own little baby to take care of and nurture."


            I looked at her and as I handed her phone back to her I smiled and said, "I didn't delete anything or even use your password, I was just being a gentleman and handing you your phone back to you.  I'm very interested and excited about your proposition and I know I would be a fool to pass up on such a chance to actually get to fulfill my lifelong fantasy, it's just, well, to be honest with you, it scares the hell out of me, I mean, I want this so badly, but yet, the idea of giving up my adult life, in it's entirety, just terrifies me".


          The next thing I knew, Tara sat next to me, gave me the biggest hug and tightest squeeze ever and said, "To begin with "Baby Boy", don't ever be scared of anything that could happen to you with me here, I'd never let anything bad happen to you, and second of all(she said this laughingly), I doubt it would scare the hell out of you, it might scare the piss or shit out of you, but then that would be ok, you've got a diaper on and that's what it's for, so if that is the case, you just go ahead and pee and crap your little baby brains out."


            I just looked at her, sitting there laughing, and I knew, right then and there, I had made the right decision by trusting this lovely lady and I anxiously awaited and looked forward to our future together.  We sat there for about an hour just chatting, about nothing in particular, when I felt the coffee I had been drinking all night starting to put pressure on my bladder, and I must have wriggled or something because Tara stopped talking, looked at me and said, "Baby Boy, our first rule of this little scenario you and I are about to partake in, is, if you have to go potty, be it number one or number two, there is no holding it back, no matter where we are or who we're with, you have to just let it go like a little baby would, without any hesitation or thoughts about it."


            She then stood up, grabbed both our coffee cups, went in to the kitchen and soon returned with both cups refilled, looked at me and said, "Baby Boy, did you go potty, are you wet and need mommy to change you"?  She sat the cups down, sat next to me and without hesitation, stuck two fingers down the front of my diaper then said, "Hims such a good baby, him still has a dry didy".  She then sat back, smiled and said, "OK Baby Boy, I think it's time we went over a few basic rules if you're going to be my baby, oh, and by the way, you've had your last chance to back out, there's no backing out now, if you decide to stop our little affair now, it will be at the cost of ALL of your pictures going public, now, just sit there and listen to how it's going to be from here on in for you."  


               Once again I felt that dreaded trepidation I had felt earlier but knew there would be no turning back now and whatever the rules Tara decided to come up with, I would have no choice but to abide by them and could only hope they would not involve any outside involvement, both physically and mentally. 



            Since you already know my first rule, which I will remind you of along with the rest of the rules when I present a written copy for you to sign, sort of a contract if you prefer.  It's gonna read something like this.


Rule One:  If you have to pee or poop, you will do it in your diaper regardless of where we are or who we're with, just like a baby, and under no circumstances will you attempt to hold it in!


Rule Two:  Apparently you must have already figured this out, you will be kept in diapers, just like a baby, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, unless I allow you out of them, like maybe, sometimes for work, maybe?


Rule Three:  If for even one minute I think you're holding it in and not using your diapers like a baby, I will not hesitate to give you both oral and other unmentionable ways, of diuretics, laxatives and if need be, suppositories and enemas, and Baby Boy, if I have to give you a suppository or an enema because you're not pooping your diapers the way I think a baby should be, I'll make damn sure to give it to you just before taking you out!


Rule Four:  You are not to remove your diaper, at any time, for any reason.  Your diapers will only come off if you're being changed or given a bath, or I feel you need a little air time for your bottom if you have a diaper rash, and Baby Boy, only I will decide who bathes you or changes your diapers if I can't get to it!


Rule Five:  You will be treated like a baby in every way possible, and in turn, you will act like a baby, in every way possible.  If you don't know how, we'll read some books together and worse case scenario, I can get my girlfriends to bring their babies over for a play date with you so you can learn how to act by watching them and the girls can also give me clues and advice about infant and toddler care!


Rule Six:  It should be apparent to you that there will be times when other people, namely, my girlfriends, will be seeing you in diapers and being treated like a baby, Bobby, at no time will I ever try to hide the fact that you're in diapers and you use them for their intended purposes, or that you're basically no more then one of their little babies, and if one of them sense that you might be in need of a dry or clean diaper, you will let them do what they need to do, even if it includes sticking a finger down the front of your diaper to see if you're wet or peeking down the back or in the sides of your diaper to see if you're messy and poopy, and one of my friends just loves to turn a baby over her knee and sniff their bottom to see if they pooped.  OH MY GOD BOBBY, If she does that to you I am going to absolutely lose it, that is going to be so damn cute and funny(Ha Ha Ha).


Rule Seven:  Obviously I won't be able to watch you all of the time so there will be times when I will either take you out of diapers so you can be an adult for awhile, or if you've been misbehaving, I'll just go ahead and get you a babysitter to take care of all of your infantile needs while I'm out or at work!


Rule Eight:  While we're on the subject of work, I'll let you keep working, for now, but keep this in mind, if for one second I think you're looking at another girl or pussy footing around on me at your job, your job will end immediately and you will become my permanent, full time baby.  Oh yea, I forgot to tell you Bobby, this job I have here as a security guard, is only because my mother makes me work here so I can understand what it's like to have to earn my own spending money.  My mother owns this complex, lock, stock and barrel, my father passed away a couple years back and left it to her, so you see Bobby, not only do I don't have to work, but if I decide it, neither do you, and mother will support me in anything I ask for, guess you could say, I'm a bit spoiled and now I'm looking for a baby of my own to spoil.  Mother would never forgive me if I got pregnant, but if I came home with you, she'd just smile and tell me, you brought him home, you take care of him!


            I sat there, stunned at what I just heard, and I knew, regardless of what the rest of the rules were, there was no turning back for me, I was now trapped, for better or for worse, and I could only hope, that it would be for better as I felt the front of my diaper getting warm.......................


The End?

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