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 " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                       " CHAPTER XVIII "


                       By BooBooBritches


         I hopped into the back seat of the van and watched as Saundra, Andrea and Kelly helped strap the babies into their car-seats, thinking to myself and feeling a bit envious of the babies, wondering if maybe I preferred the baby treatment more then the embarrassed boyfriend treatment I was getting, knowing deep down that I enjoyed both and wondered if there was a happy medium between the two?


           Kelly jumped into the back with me, leaving the babies in the middle seat and Saundra and Andrea in the front seat, as we headed for The West-Gate Mall so Saundra and Andrea could finish their shopping.  The drive only took about fifteen minutes, it was amazing how quickly the morning had passed, it seemed like we had just eaten breakfast when I realized my tummy was growling and apparently I was feeling hungry again, at least I thought that was why my tummy was growling and rumbling? 


            As we all got out of the van, Andrea asked Saundra if she wanted to go to The Medical Supply store first and Saundra told her no, she would rather walk through the mall and do some shopping first, and that they could go their last, just in case they thought of something else I might need ( as Saundra looked at me and winked ).  As we walked around the mall, my tummy started rumbling more and more and I asked the girls if they wanted to stop for lunch, they all agreed and so we headed for the food court.  I wasn't sure what I wanted so the girls all decided to eat at Taco Bell, definitely one of my favorite spots.


             Kelly took the babies and grabbed a table while Saundra, Andrea and I went up to the counter and ordered, I got a medium coke, two tacos and two spicy bean burritos, the girls got a mixture of items and after I paid for everything, we headed over to the table Kelly had got for us.  Just as I sat down, my tummy let out a loud rumble, loud  enough to get the attention of all the girls, Saundra looked at me and asked, You alright Rob, to which I quickly and embarrassingly replied, yea, I'm fine, just hungry I guess, Saundra and Andrea looked at each other and just smiled.


              We took our time eating and sat there for about 45 minutes and just before we started to get up to leave, I felt a little pressure on my tummy and attempted to let out a little fart, to my surprise and utmost embarrassment, I released a little bit more then just gas as I felt the seat of my pants get a little sticky and messy, the sound of a muffled fart escaped, and I knew right away that I had just messed my pants.  What amazed and scared me was that I had very little control over it, I mean, it didn't feel like I had to poop, but I did, quite effortlessly.


               Andrea mentioned that while they were near the restrooms, maybe they should take the babies in and do diaper checks, knowing that both were probably at least wet and needed changing.  Kelly agreed and swooped up one of the babies, leaving the other to Andrea, as both were leaving with their charges, Saundra looked at me and asked if I was going to go to the bathroom also, seeing this as a chance to get away with possibly getting out of, at least the messy pair of shorts I had on, I told her, Yea, I had best go, and quickly excused myself.  Just as I was headed in to the men's room, Saundra tapped my shoulder and motioned for me to follow her into the family's room, I must have looked puzzled because Saundra immediately said, " Rob honey, I really think you should go in here with me, you don't want to be changing your poopy pants in front of all those other men do you"? 


               I was stunned, as I started babbling and tried to say, what are you talking about, Saundra said, "Rob, I could tell by the way you was walking that something was wrong, and as I got closer to you, I smelled the problem.  Now honey, you may not be able to tell by watching someone walk or even be able to smell poopy pants from a distance, but trust me, when you've been around enough potty training kids and babies in diapers that I've been around, it's really no big deal to spot these little signs, plus Rob, believe me honey, you really do stink!!!


                As she handed me my makeshift diaper bag, she closed the door behind us, but didn't lock it, which I hadn't noticed.  She then sat down and asked me if I needed any help changing my stinky pants, when I quickly responded no, she said, "You do realize Rob, I would much rather be changing your poopy diapers right now rather then admonishing and humiliating you for being an adult who still messes and wets their pants like a little baby, but since your latest preference is to be humiliated and embarrassed, you got it", and as I got my pants pulled down to my ankles, just getting ready to slip out of them so I could change underwear, the door opened up and a young looking blonde with a baby on her hip and a diaper bag strapped on her other arm, strutted in, looking surprised she said, "OH MY GOD, I AM SO SORRY, PLEASE EXCUSE ME", and as she started to turn and walk back out, Saundra immediately stood up and said, "No No, Please, come on in, we're not using the changing table, it's all yours".


                 I was so shocked by Saundra's invitation for this complete stranger to come in just as I was attempting to change, I just stood there with my pants down to my ankles and in my obvious overly bulky shorts, not knowing exactly what I should do.  The blonde immediately said thank you to Saundra and set her baby on the changing table, explaining to Saundra that her baby had one, really, bad diaper and was in need of a dire change immediately before she ended up with a total blow-out.  Saundra just laughed and said she knew the feeling, motioning towards me, then went on to say that me, her boyfriend, was too big to just lay on a changing table, plus it was easier to pull down my poopy pants if I was standing.


                 I just stood there, not believing what I was hearing Saundra say to this complete stranger, who kept nodding her head as she stripped her baby down to his diaper, once she had the baby in just a diaper, it must have donned on her what Saundra had been trying to tell her, as she stopped, looked at Saundra, then at me and said, "Excuse, Me, are you telling me your boyfriend messed his pants, just like a two year old" ( as she wrinkled her nose )? 


                  Saundra immediately picked up on the renewed interest of this stranger and proceeded to tell her all about me, all but the fact that I liked to be babied and loved being embarrassed and humiliated.  Saundra made it look like I was just having problems and she was determined to treat me like the baby I was acting like.  


Saundra :  I swear, sometimes I think I should put him back in diapers, it

                   would probably be so much easier and a lot less 

                   embarrassing for me.


Blonde :  Are you saying this is not an isolated incident, I mean, like, 

                 does your boyfriend mess his pants all the time?


Saundra :  Oh My God Yes, he not only messes his pants, but if I 

                   don't get him to the potty in time, he wets his pants too, 

                   I swear to you girl, it's worse then trying to potty train a

                   two or three year old toddler, at least with them, they're

                   easier to clean up and their little accidents are more 

                   acceptable because at least they're trying to learn how to

                   go potty like big boys do.


As I stood there, pants still down at my ankles, embarrassed and humiliated, Saundra's cell phone goes off


Saundra : (Looks at the blonde) Excuse me for just a minute 

                  please, HI, Oh, Hi Andrea, yes, we're in the family room,

                  Oh, cool, well come on in, the doors unlocked, yea, I'll

                  explain it when you get in here, O-K, see you in a bit.

                  (Looks back at the blonde), Sorry, that was my friends, 

                  they are using the changing tables in the ladies room to

                  change their babies, what's that, ha ha ha, oh yea, I 

                  guess you're right, we all had a baby to change.


As the blonde starts to change her baby, she pulls his diaper down and both her and Saundra let out a EWWWW and both wrinkled their noses simultaneously, the blonde sat about the task of changing and cleaning up her baby boy.  


The door suddenly opens up and Andrea and Kelly walk in with the babies, as both girls see me standing there, with my pants down, in just my underwear, they both start laughing and Andrea immediately asks Saundra, "Well Well, what do we have here, looks to me like someone is waiting for their turn on the changing table", as she looks over at the blonde who is finishing up her baby's diaper change, all FOUR GIRLS start laughing.


Saundra :  Yea,  I'm not sure if he's waiting for the changing table,

                   but he's definitely waiting to be changed, and I guess I'm

                   gonna be the one that ends up changing him, Jeeze Rob,

                   I would think that someone your age would be old enough

                   to change their own pants.


Blonde : Pardon me for being so direct, but I personally would think

                that someone his age shouldn't have to change his own 

                pants because someone his age shouldn't still be messing

                his pants.


Andrea :  Well Ma'am, you got that partially right, except you forgot,

                 he's still wetting his pants too, this will be his second

                 change of clothing since we left the house this morning,

                 the first time he wet his pants at another mall, in front of



Saundra :  (Looking at the blonde) Unfortunately, Andrea's right, and

                   come to think of it, I had to change him then too, in the

                   back of the van, just like we do the babies.


As Saundra walks over to me, turns me around, and with two fingers, pulls the back of my underwear out, just enough to peek in, then let's it go with a snap, gives my bottom a solid swat, then looks at the girls and says, "EWWW, HIMS A YUCKY LITTLE FELLA AND HIMS GOTS A POOPY BOTTOM".


All four girls wrinkled their noses and laughed at the same time, then out of the blue, the blonde says, "I'm not sure just what your agenda is with your boyfriend, but if my boyfriend was doing that, especially in front of my friends and complete strangers, I can friggin guarantee you I would have him back in diapers so fast, his little ass wouldn't know what hit him".


Saundra looked at her, then at me, and said, "I hear what you're saying, but I'm going to be nice and give him one more chance to act like an adult" ( and as I listened to her talk I could feel my tummy rumbling more then it was before ), Saundra motioned for me to hop up on the changing table ( it's size was the equivalent of a small sofa ).  As I hopped up on the changing table, reluctantly, what with this blonde stranger still in the room with us, Saundra immediately grabs the waist band of my underwear and pulls it slowly down to my knees as she tells me to lift my bottom.


After getting some baby wipes from Andrea, Saundra carefully and quickly wipes my bottom, then pulls my underwear the rest of the way off, and with me still naked, she tells me to get up off the table and as I stand up, Saundra gives my bottom a couple hard swats and tells me I need to be more like a big boy and I have to stop messing my pants or she's going to put me back in diapers and hire a babysitter for me the next time she has to go shopping, and just when I thought she couldn't embarrass me anymore then she just had, she asks me if I need to go potty and tells me to sit down on the toilet and try, right there in front of everyone.


Needless to say, as much as my tummy was rumbling earlier, the thought of me actually using the toilet in front of this blonde and the other three, scared me more then the thought of being caught in messy pants again, and as hard as I tried to go potty, I just couldn't do it, not with everyone watching me.  After about ten minutes, sitting there listening to the girls talk with the blonde and hearing how she would handle my situation, Saundra looked at me and asked, "Did you go potty", and before I realized what she was doing, she lifted me up off the toilet, looked in and said, "HMMMM, looks like you didn't want to use the potty like a big boy, O-K ROB, c'mere, as I walked over with her back to the changing table, she grabbed my bag and pulled out another four pair of briefs and told me to sit down, when I did, she slid each pair on me, one at a time, and when she had all four pair on me, she told me to stand up, just before she pulled my underwear up, she sprinkled baby powder in them and said, as she was pulling them up........






    " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                            " CHAPTER XVIIII "


                            By BooBooBritches


            Once I was completely dressed, all the time with the blonde, watching, Andrea and Kelly grab the two other babies, take my hand, then walks all of us out of the family room back into the food court.  If only I could have heard the conversation going on between Saundra and the blonde stranger, I might have felt a little bit better off about her seeing me get my messy pants changed and would not have been so embarrassed or humiliated about it.


Saundra :  Thanks a lot for helping me out Cindy, Oh My God, that look

                   on his face when you came in and then when I pulled his 

                   sweats down and left him standing there in front of you in

                   just his messy undies, it was priceless. 


Cindy :  Oh no problem Saundra, I had a blast, it was so hard to try not 

               to laugh too much, but I didn't want to give it away that we

               knew each other, and wow, the way he turned red, if he had

               been grunting at the same time, he would have looked just

               like a baby filling their diaper.


Saundra :  Oh God, I know, I was hoping he wasn't having a stroke, but

                   anyway, thanks again, you were awesome, oh, and if I need

                   your help for anything pertaining to Rob, can I count on you



Cindy :  Oh yea most definitely, and maybe next time, I can help you

               change him, but, only if he's wearing diapers, I don't change

               big boy undies.


               As both girls laugh, they say goodbye to each other and I notice a bit of a smirk on Saundras' face as she walks out with the blonde and her baby and says, " O-K Kiddo's, let's go to that medical supply store and see what type of fun clothing we can find for our big boy here ", as she swats me on my bottom, for some crazy reason, this causes my tummy to rumble some more, almost as if it was programmed to do that every time someone swatted or patted my bottom.


                The medical supply store is on the opposite end of the mall where we came in at, so as we amble over to the store, everyone taking their time and window shopping as we go, I feel my anal sphincter open, almost uncontrollably, and I realize a small amount of poop just oozed into the back of my pants, not a lot, just enough to give my bottom that sticky, yucky feeling.  I hadn't realized that the special formula I had been drinking the past couple days was still having an affect on me, little did I know, this special formula Saundra concocted would last up to 4 or 5 days after i stopped taking it, a small detail Saundra had failed to disclose to me when she started feeding it to me.


                When we got to the medical supply store, Kelly agreed to stay in the common area of the mall with the babies while Saundra and Andrea took me inside to do some shopping.  I noticed right away when we got inside, this beautiful redhead behind the counter talking with a cute little brunette, they both looked at us as we entered and asked if they could help us with anything, right away Saundra told them no, we were just looking, much to my pleasant surprise, they both smiled and the brunette said, " Okie Dokie, if you need help finding anything, just holler ", Saundra smiled back at her and said thank you.


                 We walked around the store for a bit, then Saundra headed straight for the adult diaper section, which unfortunately, was very visible from the counter where the two salesgirls were chatting.  Saundra and Andrea started picking out various styles of cloth diapers, then holding them up to my waist, as if they were measuring them for me.  The salesgirls must have seen this because the brunette came over immediately and asked if there was something she could help them with. 


                 Without batting an eye, Saundra immediately said, " Well Yes, as a matter of fact, there is, our big boy here has been having trouble keeping his pants dry and clean so we thought about maybe buying him some protection so he doesn't get so embarrassed when we take him out ".  I must have been turning ten shades of red when the brunette looked at me, then at my waist and said, " I see, is he wearing any protection now ", to which Saundra said, " Yes, sort of, he wet his pants earlier at another mall so I bought him some new underwear and we just sort of put extra ones on him, sort of like training pants, and then about an hour ago, he messed his pants so I had to change him and put another four pair of undies on him again, so we was just thinking, instead of taking all these wet and messy pants up and down, off and on, it just might be easier to get some real protection for him, at least that way, he'll be easier to change and there wouldn't be as much of a mess like there is when we have to pull them all the way down his legs to get them off ". 


                 The brunette looked back at my waistline, then asked, " Do you know his waist and hip measurements, if not, I have a measuring tape and would be happy to help you size him up for some proper protection, and when I say protection, we are talking about adult diapers and not just pads, am I correct "?


                  Saundra shook her head yes and thanked the brunette for all of her help, and as I felt my sphincter open up and release another small amount of poop, I also felt a warmness in the front of my pants and thought, OH MY GOD, I'm WETTING MYSELF TOO, JUST AS THE BRUNETTE KNELT DOWN AND RAN THE MEASURING TAPE OVER MY CROTCH, FROM THE BACK TO THE FRONT, LOOKING BACK UP AT ME AND WRINKLIN HER NOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                               " CHAPTER XX "


                            By BooBooBritches


           I stood there, froze, like a deer in headlights, knowing that I had not only wet my pants again, but I had also messed my pants, again, and to make matters worse, not that I thought they could get any worse, there was a cute little brunette measuring me for diapers, and I knew as she ran the measuring tape from the back of my butt to the front of my crotch, thru my legs, it would soon be obvious to her that I had messed my pants, if it wasn't already.


           When the brunette finished measuring between my legs, she stood up, wrote down the results, then began to run the measuring tape around my waist and hips, recording each measurement carefully, just when I thought she was done, she announced she needed one more measurement, as she told me to turn around, she measure my bottom, from my left hip to my right hip, telling Saundra that she needed that measurement so she could fit me in the correct diaper and it would have the needed pocket space required to contain any yucky messes so I would be less likely to have a diaper blow-out.


            Saundra and Andrea both laughed at this comment, asking the girl to further elaborate on what she meant by pocket space.  As the girl started explaining to Saundra and Andrea, going in to explicit detail, Saundra gave me a little wink, knowing this explanation would indeed prove to be embarrassing. 


             The brunette, once again turned me around so my bottom was facing the three girls, then held out her measuring tape, once again, and ran the tape from one side of my bottom to the other, telling Saundra, " This area is what is known as the Pocket Space, it's the area of the diaper that engulfs the baby's bottom, if you'll excuse me for using the term BABY ", Saundra immediately responded saying, " NO, That's fine, he's been wetting and messing his pants like a baby so he might as well get used to being called a baby ", all three girls chuckled and the redhead at the counter must have heard Saundra's comment because she giggled a bit too.


              The brunette went on to say, " Anyway, like I was saying, The Pocket area is the designated area, that contains the baby's poop, by the cloth rising on both sides and in the back, it sort of gives out a balloon effect, allowing the diaper itself to form a pocket that covers the baby's bottom where the poop is expelled, and add to the fact that our particular style of cloth diapers not only have elastic on the waist band where the Velcro securely fastens the diaper closed, it also has elastic leg bands so there's less chance of leakage, of any kind, at the legs and inner areas of the thighs, thus allowing the pocket area of the diaper to contain any mess your big baby might make ".


                I don't think my face could have got any redder, all the time the brunette was explaining the pocket area to Saundra and Andrea, she was continuously patting my bottom, each time she held the tape up, as if to give a visual demonstration of the exact area that defined the pocket area, and much to my embarrassment, each time she patted my bottom, not only did it smear the mess I had already made, but my sphincter released a little more poop with each firm pat, almost as if she was hitting a start and stop button.


                 Then out of the blue, the brunette turned me back around, looked at Saundra and asked, " I know he's not wearing a diaper, YET, but, Would you mind awful much if I did a quick diaper check on him, I noticed when I was measuring him, he didn't smell too good ".  Saundra, trying to act surprised, but smirking a bit, said, " Really, I'm not doubting your word, or your sense of smell, but he's had a very stern warning of what would happen if he continued to wet and mess his pants, Rob, you be a good boy and let this nice lady check your pants to see if you made a boo-boo ".


                  Standing there, totally embarrassed and humiliated now, and knowing what this cute little brunette was about to discover, I reluctantly turned around, with my bottom facing all three ladies, then as if every bit of what little manhood i had left, was ripped from me in a heartbeat, I felt the brunette pull the back of my pants open, and I knew she was peeking inside because I heard her say to Saundra, as she released my pants and let them snap back, EEEWWWW, I THINK YOUR BIG BABY MADE A BIG, OLE, YUCKY MESS IN HIS PANTS, HE IS REALLY MUDDY AND HE STINKS ".


                  Saundra didn't waste any time confirming what the brunette had told her, she immediately and carefully stuck a finger in the back of the waist band of my pants and peeked in, then on just a hunch, she turned me around and stuck two fingers in the front of my pants also, and without missing a beat, she announced to anyone within shouting distance, including the redhead behind the counter, " OH MY GOD ROB, NOT ONLY DID YOU JUST STAND THERE AND SHIT YOUR PANTS IN FRONT OF THIS NICE LADY, BUT YOU PEED IN THEM TOO, JUST LIKE THE TYPE OF BEHAVIOR I WOULD EXPECT FROM AN UN-POTTY-TRAINED TWO YEAR OLD, YOU SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED AND ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!  Well Rob, guess what, since you act like a baby and obviously would rather use your pants to go potty in then use a restroom, I'm going to go ahead and give you just what you want, you act like a baby, I'm going to put you back in diapers and treat you like a baby, and then Rob, you can poop and pee all you want, no matter where you are or who you're with, because that's what baby's do and as of now, until I decide differently, YOU WILL BE TREATED LIKE A BABY, AND ROB, DIAPERS ARE JUST A PART OF BEING A BABY, YOU ARE IN FOR A WORLD OF SURPRISES AND DISCOVERIES, JUST LIKE A BABY.


                Saundra looks at the brunette and says, " We'll go ahead and take six of the extra-thick, night-time diapers, and would you happen to have anyplace I can change him, I really would prefer he wears diapers starting immediately, at least that way, when he stinks and smells yucky, I can explain to anyone near enough to smell him, that he's got a really bad diaper and needs changed, it would sure be easier and make more sense then explaining why my boyfriend is standing there in poopy underwear.


                 The brunette just laughed as she wrinkled her nose and told Saundra that yes, she could use one of the fitting rooms they had in the back of the store, and as she was saying this, Andrea went out of the store in to the common area of the mall, then came back with Kelly and the babies and without hesitation, handed Saundra the babies diaper bag saying, " You're probably going to need this, it has the baby wipes and some clean wash cloths, he smells really messy, SHOOEEEE, I can smell him from here ".


                  Saundra grabs the diaper bag from Andrea, then grabs my hand, forcefully, turns towards the brunette and says as she wrinkles her nose in over exaggeration, " LEAD ON, THIS LITTLE STINKER ISN'T GOING TO SMELL ANY BETTER UNTIL HE GETS HIS NEW DIAPEYS ON ", as everyone in the store starts laughing, including the foxy redhead behind the counter, as she wrinkles her nose and waves bye-bye to me, as if she was waving bye-bye to a baby.............................. 


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