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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                     CHAPTER 4


                  By BooBooBritches


          What could I say or do, I just sat there in the chair, totally shell-shocked, I mean, I couldn't believe that not only did Sharon go there, but she did, with a complete stranger in the room.  Sharon acted, towards the maid, that it was no big deal that she and the maid would be standing there talking about cloth diapering, as it pertains to me, and with me sitting in the room, as if I wasn't there, or even worse yet, as if I was no more then any other baby a mommy would talk in front of. 


            Every once in a while the maid would look over towards me and smile, but especially when she was holding up the plastic pants and asking Sharon if she thought they would fit me.  Sharon surprised me by saying, " Let's see, c'mere Robby, let's see if the plastic baby panties this nice young lady brought you are going to fit ", before I could even respond, Sharon was across the room and helping me out of the chair, and as I reluctantly stood, with the towel still wrapped around me from the shower, Sharon held the plastic pants up to my waist to check the fit.


             Suddenly, Sharon, to my utter embarrassment, turned to the maid, with me still standing, and said, " I'm not sure if I can get a good fit on him, what with him standing there with a towel wrapped around him, the pants almost look to big for him ".  The maid nodded her head as if in agreement with Sharon, then said, " I really think they would fit him, especially for bedtime if you had to double diaper him.  If you want to go ahead and try them on him to make sure, I don't mind and I can wait, I'm on my break anyway ".


               I looked at Sharon and mistakenly said, " ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME, THERE'S NO WAY YOU'RE PUTTING A DIAPER ON ME WITH HER IN THE ROOM WATCHING ".  


              Sharon immediately responded with a scary ass glare and said, " Just who in the hell do you think you're talking to in that manner, you're the one that wet the bed last night, and if you had been wearing your diapers and plastic pants, the bed sheets would not have gotten wet and possibly stained with your pee, IS THERE ANY PART OF WHAT I JUST SAID THAT YOU WANT TO DISPUTE OR ARGUE ABOUT ", and when Sharon said that, I knew, she, and probably  her sisters too, had looked in the " so called mystery trunk ", and now, not only was my secret out and known to Sharon and her sisters, but, also a complete stranger was going to know about it, and even worse, this stranger just might be the first, adult female, since I was a baby, to witness me being diapered.


               I stood there, looking at Sharon, with an almost pleading look on my face, but I knew, I had blown it.  Perhaps if I hadn't reacted so quickly and yelled at Sharon, I might have been able to talk her out of what I knew was inevitably soon to come.  I bowed my head and softly told Sharon that I was sorry I yelled and would she possibly reconsider trying the plastic pants on me until after the maid had left. 


                Sharon thought for a minute, looked at the maid, then said, " I hate to ask, considering how much trouble and extra work we've been for you, not to mention how much of your time we've wasted, but would you mind awful much if I asked you to wait for just a few more minutes while I get Robby here diapered, just so I can see if his plastic baby panties fit him properly, and that way, if they don't fit, you can take them back and give them to someone else some day, that might have a need for them ", the maid smiled, then said, " It's no problem at all, and as far as the panties go, you can go ahead and hang on to them, we've had them so long, we'd just toss them anyway, and perhaps, maybe you can find a way to alter them to fit him, maybe even over a thinner day-time diaper, so if you two don't mind, I'll just stay and watch you diaper him, that is, if he doesn't mind ".


                 Sharon smiled, then said, " Thank you, but don't worry about what Robby thinks, he knows that when it comes to his diapers, he has no more rights then any other baby and he also knows, that since baby's have no modesty and don't care who sees them getting their diapers changed, that he does not have that right either and he is subject to be changed at any time, any where, no matter who's watching ".  I stood there, not believing what I was hearing, I mean, we had never even discussed diapers before, let alone all this crap she was feeding the maid, and as I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face, she just looked back at me and winked.


                 My heart started beating like a jackhammer when Sharon took my hand and led me to the bed, but just before I sat down on the bed, the maid yelled, " WAIT, I'VE GOT SOMETHING ELSE YOU MIGHT NEED IF YOU WANT ",  so there I stood, in just a towel, waiting, for the maid to come back, and when she did, I was even more surprised, as she handed Sharon what looked like a half of a plastic backed sheet, I found out later it was what they called a draw sheet and it was made for people with bed-wetting problems, if they let the motel know when the guests register, the motel would make sure one was on the bed, the maid went on to explain to Sharon that if she wanted, she could use the draw sheet as a changing pad since it had a plastic backing on it.


                 Sharon thanked the maid, spread the now called changing pad on the bed, then told me to sit down on the edge of the bed, on top of the changing pad.  Once I had sat down, Sharon pushed me on to my back, then with a smile, got ready to put a diaper on me in front of a complete stranger.  When I glanced at the maid over my left shoulder, she was just standing there smiling, then Sharon, asked the maid if she could watch me for just a sec so I didn't roll off the bed, then walked in to the bathroom.  She came out quickly with a bottle of baby powder, then grabbed two of the diapers off the dresser that the maid had brought, and to my utter surprise, got a set of matching baby diaper pins out of her purse.


                  Once Sharon was back at my feet, the maid started to back away and Sharon told her, " You can stay if you like, I'm sure you've seen baby's get their diapers changed before, this baby's just a little bit bigger, but when all is said and done, it's just a diaper and he's just a baby ".  The maid smiled and told Sharon, OH YEA, I've seen lots of baby's get their little didy's changed, have even changed quite a few myself, before I got this job I worked in day-care ".


                  Sharon smiled, nodded her head in agreement with the maid, then without so much as a warning, looked at me and said...............


" OK BABY BOY, LET'S GET YOUR LIL DIDY'S ON SO YOU DON'T MAKE A NASTY BOOBOO ON THE BED ", as she ripped the towel off of me leaving me fully exposed, to both her and the maid.........................




 " My Wife Won The Lottery "


          CHAPTER 5


      By BooBooBritches


            Not only was I surprised when Sharon yanked the towel off of me, leaving me fully exposed to this cute maid, but she took to diapering me like she had done it all her life.  When she swatted my thigh and told me to lift my butt, I'm not sure why, perhaps it was just an automatic response, but I raised my butt up off the bed, just enough for her to slip the double diaper under me, and as I glanced up at her, there was something, endearing and enchanting about the way she held the two diaper pins, pursed in her lips as she looked down at me and gently pulled the thick diaper up between my legs.  


             It felt almost as if everything was happening in slow motion as Sharon tugged the diaper up from the back, then smilingly fastened the diaper pin to one side, then with a gentle tug, tightened up the diaper and fastened the other side.  I had put myself in diapers numerous times, but couldn't really remember ever having a diaper fit so good and feel as snug as this one did.  Once Sharon was satisfied with her diapering skills, I watched as the maid handed her the plastic pants, and when Sharon shook them out, she looked at me and said, " OK Baby, Let's get your plastic panties on just in case you decide to make a big booboo in your little didy ".


              I was surprised that neither Sharon or the maid laughed, they just smiled as if they would when they diapered any other baby.  Sharon playfully threaded my legs through the holes in the plastic pants, then with a gentle pat, she told me to lift my butt again, and as soon as I did, Sharon tugged and pulled the plastic pants up over the diaper, then she stood me up, and methodically checked the waist band and each leg making sure none of the cloth stuck out of the plastic pants.  


              Sharon then turned to the maid and said, " WOW, these fit as if they were tailor made for him, both the diapers and the plastic panties ( I knew I was tired of hearing both girls call them panties, it seemed to feminine to me ), would you mind getting into the top drawer and handing me one of his t-shirts, we can't have him running around in just his diapeys ".


              That caused both girls to laugh and as the maid handed Sharon the shirt, Sharon thanked her for not only handing her the shirt, but for all the diapers and plastic pants she gave us, most important of all, for her time and her help in getting me properly diapered.  The maid told Sharon it was no problem at all and how much she appreciated Sharon letting her stay and help, and that she had never seen a baby as big as I was and if someone would have told her this was how her day was going to be, she would have never believed it, as she walked over and gave Sharon a hug, then asked Sharon if she minded if she gave me a hug.  When Sharon said go for it, not only did the maid give me a big hug, but she also gave me a swat on my overly padded bottom and with a wink, she said, " Now you try to keep your little bottom dry for mommy ", and as she headed out of the room, Sharon thanked her again.  Once she was gone, Sharon told me she's going to have to leave her a very generous tip, I could only nod my head in agreement.


                  Sharon handed me a pair of sweat pants and told me that these were the only pants that would fit over my diapers.  I reluctantly put them on as I asked Sharon why I had to wear diapers, I mean, as in right now and not just for bed.  Sharon just smiled and said, "  Robby, If I remember right, you told me you wanted me to put you in a diaper and pamper you like a baby, well Robby, you're in a diaper, and as far as pampering you like a baby, I've already done that.  I diapered you in front of someone else, just like a mommy would her baby, and since you didn't try to physically stop me, I guess you'll continue to be my baby until I say different, and Robby, baby's wear diapers all the time, not just at bed time ".


                  Sharon insisted on going out for breakfast and I objected almost immediately, needless to say, my objection fell on deaf ears, Sharon shut me up quickly when she said, " If you don't stop fussing about going out, maybe I'll just pack a diaper bag to carry along with me and then you'll really know what it's like to be treated like a baby ".  I was stunned, I mean, here I was, diapered by the girl I love, my fantasy come true, so why didn't it feel the way I thought it would, something just felt missing.


                 As you might have already guessed, Sharon won the argument and we went out for breakfast.  The breakfast was nice, in a little sidewalk cafe on main street, I liked the idea of sitting outside, especially since I was feeling self conscious about sitting there in a diaper, it just felt like every time someone looked at me, I thought they could tell I was wearing a diaper.  


                 We sat for about an hour enjoying our breakfast and when we were done, Sharon wanted to walk down main street and do a little window shopping, I knew that arguing with her about it was futile so I figured we would be back to the room a lot faster if I just went along with the plan.  What I hadn't anticipated was, in all the hustle and bustle back in the room when Sharon found I had wet the bed, and everything that followed, it had occurred to me that I hadn't done my daily morning routine of using the restroom.  My tummy growling and rumbling was reminding me, in a not so pleasant way, that I would be needing to find a Mens rooms real quick.


                 Sharon must have noticed my fidgeting as we were walking because she stopped and asked me what was wrong.  When I told her that we either needed to get back to our motel room or I would have to find a restroom real quick, she just laughed and said, " Well Duh Robby, you're wearing a diaper, if you've got to pee, just go ahead and wet your diaper, it's no different then you wetting the bed, except with your diaper, you won't get everything else wet ", Sharon sort of giggled when she said that and I tried to explain to her, that I needed to do more then pee.


                  Sharon looked at me kind of funny and smiled, then said, " OH MY GOD ROBBY, are you telling me you have to poop, that is so precious, well Robby, guess what, baby's poop in their diapers all the time, and since you wanted to be treated like a baby, then I think you should act like a baby and use your diaper for all of it's intended purposes, and Robby Baby, that includes making a big potty in your diaper as well as wetting it. "


                  I was stunned, was Sharon actually expecting me to mess my diaper, I mean, here on main street, with all these people passing by, there was no way that was going to happen, I was even more determined now to find a restroom. We must have walked a couple of blocks when my tummy rumbled and I was hit with a horrific cramp, and I knew that if I didn't find a restroom soon, the inevitable would happen and I would be filling this diaper.


                  We had just turned a corner when I spotted a sign that said " Public Restrooms " and I felt a sigh of relief.  When I told Sharon I would be right back and pointed towards the sign, Sharon grabbed my arm and said, " Robby, listen to what I'm going to tell you and pay real close attention.  You told me what your fantasy was and I intend to make it come true, and if that includes changing your stinky, poopy diapers, then so be it, but I promise you this, if you choose to go use that restroom instead of your diaper, this will be the last time I ever put you in diapers or treat you like a baby, the choice is yours. "


                  I was confused and not certain of what I should do, I did know one thing for sure, I had to make up my mind quickly, the cramps were starting to get intense.  Sharon looked at me and with that I'm not kidding look, she said, " Well Robby, should we keep walking or did you want to go use the big boy's potty ", I mumbled to her to keep walking, knowing that diapers were always going to be a part of my life and if I wanted to keep Sharon, I would have to do it her way, she just smiled and said, " I thought so "


                 We walked to the edge of town, then crossed the street for the walk back, Sharon taking her time and stopping at almost every store front window.  We were a little bit more then half way back to the motel when a brutal cramp hit me, and I knew, as much as I tried to hold it back, my attempts would be futile.  Just as Sharon started to walk towards the next store, I froze, and without so much as a hint of what was about to happen, I felt a warm, mushy mess slowly filling up the seat of my diaper and when I looked at Sharon, with my big, brown puppy dog eyes, she just smiled and said, " AWWWW, See Baby Boy, now that's not too bad is it, and just think, you'll get used to making wet and poopy diapers in no time at all, and just like a baby, you won't even think twice about it."


                I just stood there, as the mess just kept coming non-stop, and when the last cramp hit, I felt a splat hit the seat of my diaper and I knew, that even though I'd messed my diaper before, in private, this new sensation of doing it in front of Sharon and publicly, was absolutely exhilarating, and as much as I was embarrassed about doing this totally infantile act in front of the woman I love, I also felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


                We had walked for about half an hour, since I had messed my diapers, when Sharon pointed at the outdoor cafe we had ate breakfast at and said, "Before we go back to our room to get your stinky butt changed, let's stop and get a Mocha-Latte, I told her that I didn't think that was a good idea, as I looked down towards my crotch area, she just laughed and said, " DANG ROBBY, do you think you're the first baby that's ever had a poopy diaper in public, trust me, I can't even smell you so just sit your butt down while I go get us a couple of Latte's ".


                I was still standing next to the table when Sharon came back out with our drinks, she sat the drinks on the table, then walked over to me, pulled a chair out and told me, " SIT DOWN, RIGHT NOW "

and as I sat down, I felt the mess squish across my butt cheeks and up my crotch, and as I looked at Sharon when she sat down next to me, I could have swore I saw her nose wrinkle as she looked back at me and smiled.....................



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