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Chapter 3

Malva smiled "that's all well and good Solria"

She carries her niece downstairs where Delsin wanted to speak with his daughter

"Huh what did you want daddy?" Solria asked

"I wanted to tell you why you’re so special to me and mommy"

"Huh okay!" The 3 year old plopped herself down onto the floor Delsin was holding an old book with a young girl on it named Ryoko

"Who's that on the front?" The red headed Toddler asked

"Oh this is Ryoko our ancestor the founder of the Omutsu region sweetie"

He carried on speaking to Solria about the story of Ryoko

"She was 14 when she founded this land her Salamence marked the ground just outside our house our family actually came from Hoenn."

It was a lot to take in for Solria before she understood not soon after Solria could recite all that Delsin told her.

"So my purple eyes I gots from Mega great granny Ryoko?" Solria started putting two and two together "an I gots eggy because Ryoko gots a Salamence!"

"Ryoko walked around topless most of the time until people came over to live here" Delsin explained to his daughter

"Huh really that funny daddy!" The little one giggles sucking the thumb.

“But once her Fiancé moved to the region they got married at 18" Delsin petetted Solria's Tyrunt known as Rexy "Daddy leave Rexy he's mine!"

The little one screeched before taking Rexy back

"Fine missy anyway soon our family multiplied we are known as the Firus the family born from the dragon queen Ryoko!" He announced happily.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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