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I ordered some cloth pull on diapers and I had to have them shipped to my friends house since I live with mom and stepdad when she called me to tell me the package had arrived when I got there I opned the package and she said how cute they were and before I knew it I was modeling them for her after that I left wearing the pink one with nursery prints on it over it I was wearing vinyl pants with cut prints on it I forgot I was wearing it and I was at home for few hours when I told. My mom I was having tightness in my chest I have a history of heart problems I didn't want to go to the ER but she dragged me there a d I was wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants before I knew it I was being wheeled on. Gurney to I.C.U.when I was taken into the room I had to put on a diffrent gown I was wearing one already. But I still. Had my pants on and I was thinking I have to hide what I was wearing I went I to the bathroom and put on the gown and took off the astic pants and put them in a bag with rest of my. Clothing putting them in the middle so they wouldn't. Be seen I told my mom that tomorrow to bring clean underwear

The nurse was in the room when I said that later on my mom had left and the. Nurse came in and said they needed to see my insurance card I said ok and got out of bed and went to the bag where my clothes and wallet were when I bent down My gown opened up in the back she I got my wallet out and handed her the insurance card she said are you incotinent I saw your diaper when you bent down I was embaressed and said I have over active bladder and sometimes don't make it in time she said that was not in my chart and I told her how embarrass I was and haven't seen a doctor she said I could be given a catheter But I needed to wear something and said I heard you tell got mom to bring you clean underwear I told her no catheters to uncomfortable she left and came back with a dispoable diaper and told me I would have to wear it if I wouldn't use a catheter I said ok. And thought I would be putting it on myself but the next thing I knew this nurse was diapering me I was not allowed to do it myself I was in the hospital for three weeks and I wet my diapers and everytime I told them I needed a new diaper the nurse had to change me remove my diaper and put a bed pan under me for BM I left the hospital wearing a diaper the brand they used was tranquility thanfully they homered my wishes and did not tell my mom what I was wearing she visited everyday I was really embarrassed about having my diaper changed by nurse's. But I have been an adult baby since I was 14 years old now 37 and even though I was embarrassed I also enjoyed it but next time I go to the hospital I will make sure I am wearing regular underwear and by the way I did see my doctor 

and have been offically diagnosed with OAB 

Baby Tim and this is my true story


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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