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Well I've always had a thing for diapers as long as I can remember but have always struggled to share my kink with girlfriends.  My current partner started out with a little more shall we say acceptance and at times would endulge me in my passion. But slowly she began to tire but one particular day she decided to indulge me. The alarm bells should have been ringing but my excitement clouded any concerns and soon I was fully nappied and locked into my trousers.  As we left the house and started to drive off in the car she informed me that she had left the keys on the side just inside the porch and that I was now helpless in my nappy untill we got home. Again alarm bells should have been ringing but my erection in my nappy stopped all other faults. We drove about 10/12km to where my partner had some horses. At this point I reluctantly got out of the car and started helping with the daily tasks when all of a sudden I started to cramp and cramp bad to the point I was doubled over and suddenly sweating in an attempt not to fill my nappy. I had never really shit my pants in front of my girlfriend mainly just wet. My girlfriend shouted across what's up baby, you look like your about to fill your pants. I couldn't respond the fight with my stomach and the cramps was becoming more intense and I was loosing. Just as my bottom gave out and I fully pushed out gallons of mushy soft poop into the waiting nappy my girlfriend patted my bottom almost pushing the flow back up my bottom. oh my baby your filling your pants, a grown man sitting his nappy.  The humiliation of the taunt wanted me to bite but I just held my tongue and lowered my head. Phew..wee you stink she said, well stop mopping nappy full of shit or not we got jobs to do. Off you go take the feed down the field she bellowed. How can I move I seemed routed to the spot, the slightest move and the warm slush seemed to find new places to rush into within my nappy. My bottom and genitals were floating in a warm mushy liquid that was rampant horrid on my nose or to anyone within 10ft. As I emptied the feed into the feeder I turned round to see my girlfriend drive off shouting enjoy the walk home!!!
Omg she's left me here locked in this shitty,smelly nappy and now I've got to walk home of which means going through a popular town  people,  worse I knew so many people what chance of getting through unnoticed?

As I stood there watching my partner drive away, locked into my trousers with my ass totally sealed in a soiled nappy the realisation of my situation hit me.  I was totally babyfied in the fact that I had soiled my nappy and was helpless to escape this situation untill I had walked home, the walk would take 1 to 2 hrs, As I waddled up the field another wave of cramps hit and even more mess flooded into my nappy and worse I was wetting too!!
As I recovered I started out as I walked up the field I had to decide which route offered the quickest but least likely hood of mixing with people and being discovered, bad enough that the bulge was evident but now I could smell my mess and it was strong on the nose. Somehow the smell made me feel more ashamed and filled me with fear as any close or any near encounter the other person would know I had shit my pants and the draw of eyes from the smell would soon tell the person I was in a nappy and a soiled one at that! The first part of the route was uneventful even though I was walking on total fear and scared of any shadow in case I bumped into or passed nearby anyone. However as I edged the town, disaster.  By now I was half way in and my nappy had settled and I was starting to enjoy the feeling and was daydreaming of being changed when I walked round the corner and bumped into an old aqquaintance called Jenny.  And I mean bumped. As we both recovered from the startle jenny just looked down at my pants then upto my eyes and came straight out with "hi how are you, and I take it it's you making this ghastly smell..smells like someone has shit there pants" before jenny had even finished I was bright red!!
I stuttered and lowered my head. " where you off" jenny followed up with, I replied home. Well I think you best come to my place and clean up don't you? Now I was done for, I looked at the ground and said no its okay I'll make my way home. Jenny again said no you can't walk home in dirty pants. At this point I was so red and humiliated that I just lifted my top to show the lock on my trousers. Jenny started to giggle and then said haha locked into a dirty kinky boy. Come on ill give you a lift home walk with me and tell me what all this is about, as we turned she gave me a big pat on my butt which just squashed more soiled mess up around my balls..

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