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Caught Chapter 2


Chapter 2


The weekend was interesting to say the least.  I per my wife’s request informed her of all my activities to include wearing a diaper nightly and a pair of her underwear daily.  Friday night I drank a glass of wine and ignored my afternoon dehydration thus waking up to a wet diaper in the middle of the night. The diaper protected the bed appropriately and this was a significant relief for sure as I really didn’t want to wash sheets and mattress pad that day.  Sunday morning I did wear a diaper while doing some household chores just for the feel of it that morning.  I had woken up that day dry and just kept it on.  Ironically this was after again ignoring my rules of dehydration and no fluids after afternoon.  Eventually that morning I had to pee so just let it go in my diaper and continued to work around the house for a couple of hours while still wet.  I then took a shower that morning and put on her panties as instructed.   I spent the rest of the day doing the chores needed in the yard, feeding animals, trimming the bushes and then mowing the yard.  I was getting more and more nervous as the day progressed, as I knew my wife was to return later that evening.  I devised a plan to show how I felt about her, so then went into town (while still wearing her panties again as instructed) and purchased an expensing bottle of wine, some flowers and then went home to prepare a dinner for her.  She had called and stated that she should be home later that evening and would be back in time for dinner.


I went all out with dinner, cooking a little chicken cordon bleu, some steamed vegetables and a Caesar salad.  She loves a red wine best so I bought a great bottle of  Merlot (her favorite).  I put on some soft music and then waited.  In spite of what I had done I was oh so very nervous, because even during our conversations she gave no hint of any kind as to her feelings toward my activities, but only acknowledged them when I told her about what I had done over the last couple of days.  So there I sat in the dining room looking at one of our photo albums when I heard the door open.  She walked into the house through the living room and headed directly to the bedroom to drop off her bags.  I didn’t know whether to follow her there or just wait, I opted to wait.  It seemed like an eternity while she was in there, I heard the toilet flush and then she came out of the bathroom walked into the dining room looked at the table setting and exclaimed “Wow you went all out, what’s the occasion?”  I just stated that I was trying to put myself to good use and no matter what she said, I was glad that I had married her as well as that I was ready to accept whatever she wanted to do at that point.


 She walked over and kissed me on the cheek then sat down on the chair across from me and asked me to open the wine.  I did so and dished up her meal.  While doing so she asked if I was still wearing her underwear, which I stated “yes” and she asked which ones?  I told her the light blue ones with teddy bears on them.  She said “Good Choice” They were briefs so the fit about a good as any could for a guy.  We ate in silence with only an occasional comment on the meal and the weather.  I asked how her mother was doing and she gave be all the details.  When we finished dinner I cleared the dishes and grabbed the wine from the table.  I was headed to the front porch when she grabbed my arm. She pulled me closer to her and just hugged my leg.  I held her head against my side and told her I loved her.  She then stated that she loved me as well.  She stated that she did a lot of thinking about my issue while away and also did a little research of her own on the internet.  She said that she was more informed and looked at things in a new light particularly with my history.  She stated that she married me for who I am and that is was for richer or poorer, sickness and in health no matter what she discovered about me.  I immediately began to relax, took a big sigh and kissed her on the head.  She stood up and gave me a hug, then grabbed my arm and guided me into the bedroom.  She had me stand at the edge of the bed where she reached down and undid my pants slid them off of me and grabbed my buttocks with her panties on then exclaimed that I actually looked rather sexy with those particular ones.  My eyes got really wide and I couldn’t help but wonder what this was all about.  Then she pointed to the bed where there was a wrapped present about the size of a small suitcase or carry on bag.  


She and I sat down on the bed and we began to discuss the issues and determine my preferences to include whether there was a desire to poop in the diapers,  (which I honestly do not care for), the type of diapers I preferred and what I did if I leaked etc.  I expressed my preferences for items and I told her I preferred cloth and plastic pants, which replicated my history.  She wanted to know a lot more about what I had been doing in the mean time during our marriage when the diapers occupied my thoughts, so I told her about all the times I sneaked a chance to wear them while she was gone.  She asked how I hid them from all my family and friends, I guess I had become pretty good at covert operations or so she stated.   She then pointed to the package and asked me to open it and see what it could be.  I was a little nervous at first but a little excited.  As I opened it I noticed there was inside a large blue diaper bag with penguins on it and inside there was a package with all kinds diaper changing supplies to include powder, ointment to avoid diaper rash, several sets of diaper pins and a large changing pad.  There also were several packages of wipes as well as a mattress pad for under the sheet.  She then took me by the hand and led me to the back porch next to the washer and dryer where she showed me a brand new large diaper pail about the size of the kitchen garbage can.  She asked me if that was all I needed and I figured she had it about covered, She took me back into the bedroom where she asked me if I had a clean diaper, I stated yes and brought it to her.  I only had 3 total and I had used the other 2 on the last 2 nights so I was only left with one with one pair of white plastic pants.  I had a pair of plain white diaper pins as well.


My wife then had me sit down on the edge of the bed where she stated that there would need to be some ground rules as to how this would take place in the future to which I agreed given the overwhelming appearance of acceptance I perceived.  I was very curious to know these rules for future encounters.  First of all I did explain to her that I did not want to be diapered 24/7 nor did I want to wear every night., but only when I was stressed.  She stated that she usually knew when that was happening so would offer the suggestion if I was reluctant if for no other reason than to keep the bed dry.  I thought that was fair given the expense of the new mattress we had.  We made rules that if I woke up in the middle of the night wet, I was to wait till she was awake for a change or if she was stirring I could gently wake her up as well, but is she was in deep sleep to leave her alone because she needed sleep for work.


She then directed me to lie down on the bed and she would put the diaper on me for the rest of the evening.  I obliged like every good husband would and then the procedure commenced that would be the procedure for the future.  She pulled her panties off of me then I raised my hips, she slid the diaper under me in the appropriate place, I put my hips down and she pulled it up between my legs pinning the diaper in place.  She then directed my legs through the leg holes in the plastic pants, I pulled my hips up again and she pulled the pants over my hips.  She had me stand to admire her work and after she was satisfied she gave me a swat on the butt and exclaimed that this could actually be fun if we did this right then finally exclaimed that is this is what it took to keep me happy in the relationship we would continue particularly since it was much less of a problem than her sister had as her husband was actively having an affair and she didn’t know what to do about it.  I asked whether anyone knew about my issues and she assured me that this was our secret.  


We then sat on the bed and she pulled her tablet computer out and asked me to lie down beside her to see what she had found.  To my surprise she had done a great deal of research over the weekend. And had come across several websites dealing with this fetish.  She stated that she had purchased all the items she had shown me from the drug store near the house where her mother lived and got some curious questions about her pregnancy status, however she stated that it was a gift.  All were satisfied with the statement.  She did however state that she couldn’t bring herself to go to the medical supply store where I had stated that I had purchased my first diaper.  She then said that the evening was set to look online for the rest of the supplies I would need.  We decided that 1 weeks worth of diapers should be sufficient as that would allow for a change in the middle of the night if needed as well as if needed a couple of days in a row.  We decided to get liners to allow for a long night and greater absorbency with thick nighttime diapers.  We then spent the next couple hours looking on line for different diapers and plastic pants.  We decided to get 5 new cotton Birdseye diapers with liners from one vendor then looked at several sites for plastic pants because she wanted to choose which ones I would wear and liked the print ones as well as the pastel ones.  She chose a polka dot pair, one with bears, one with butterflies, one with turtles, one with race cars a yellow pair and a blue pair.  It took a long time to decide, but time well spent.  


About this time she needed to get ready for bed, but she stated that first she needed some attention, which I was easily able to detect.  I started to remove my diaper, however she stopped me.  This was the final rule.  I was to give her any sex she desired with my diaper on, not intercourse.  Hmm. I thought, this would be interesting, so I agreed and she slowly began to kiss me passionately then rolled me onto my back and kissed me again.  She stood up and removed all her clothes one piece at a time allowing me to enjoy the show.  I was obviously excited, however with my current attire it was not evident until she reached over and felt my throbbing member in the diaper.  I attempted to sit up and she aggressively pushed me back onto my back and jumped on top of me.  She kissed me then took charge.  She directed me to do things she stated were her fantasy in the past, however she was reluctant to follow through or ask because for fear of it being “different”, but with what I had revealed to her she became very open to entering a new arena of fantasy.  She then knelt over my face with her moist sweetness directly over me then allowed me to please her in ways never attempted in our past relationship. I won’t go into much more detail, as this is not a story about her, needless to say she ended with a mind-blowing orgasm while I gave her oral sex (By the way her love canal produces the sweetest taste, which I love to savor, so it was mutually beneficial.).   I was still throbbing un noticeably then she asked if I was wet,  I was not and she ran into the bathroom, grabbed the lube and came back forcing me to lie down again.  She put a generous amount on her hand and reached into the diaper giving me an amazing hand job while kissing my lips and rubbing my chest with her other hand.  After I released, she called me a naughty boy and swatted my diapered bottom.  I tried to get up, but she pulled me closer and we fell asleep in each others arms, her naked and me wearing nothing but a diaper.  Wow I thought never in a million years did I have any idea that this would be how it ended up with us.  I fell asleep with this wonderful woman in my arms content to know that I truly had met the woman of my dreams.

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