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Caught Chapter 3


Well here it was 2 weeks after our last encounter, no diaper since then, but tonight my wife was again out of town at her mother’s house taking care of a few necessary things.  With my wife’s mother’s medical issues, which were getting more challenging as time progressed, she was away for a 3-day weekend predicted to assist with some family needs.  We had made preliminary agreement for me to take care of a few things at the house and I needed to go out for few supplies.  


After shopping, I got home late Friday evening and accomplished all the Honey-do”s as required.  Then after throwing some things on the bed I purchased I found a note that my wife left for me under the pillow.  The note read, “ Will miss you and hope you don’t get to lonely without me, to keep all thoughts of me I have put a little surprise under the bed”.  There was a present there that was wrapped with a big blue bow and another note, which stated, “please save this one for Sunday when I return.”  I was however instructed to use previous supplies as I saw fit.  I reheated some leftover pasta from Thursday’s dinner then poured a couple glasses of wine.  I went to the bedroom and I took out one of my other diapers and put it on for the evening and ate in front of the TV watching a movie.  


I was apparently sleepy and fell asleep on the couch in the living room way before the movie ended.  I awoke a couple hours later to a snowstorm on the TV and went to bed.  Given that I was wearing a diaper, I didn’t even go to the bathroom to get ready.  I fell asleep immediately still feeling a little groggy after the wine and needless to say I slept like a “baby”.  I woke up about 6 the next morning to a surprise.  Apparently I wet so much that I overflowed the diaper and the sheets were soaked.  Luckily I had put down my plastic sheet under the regular sheet and mattress pad.  I immediately pulled the pad and sheets off the bed and put them in the laundry.  While doing laundry I took a long shower and got ready for a trip to the gym.  


My wife and I both like to stay in shape and working out is a must.  I can really appreciate what it does for her gorgeous body and she appreciates that I do the same as well.  After the work-out, I then spent the rest of the day working on the car doing a few needed things it needed.  I own a 72 Chevelle that I restored from a junkyard car.  I changed the oil, spark plugs and put in a new fuel filter.  Started it up and it ran like a dream.  I ate lunch and I then went for a long drive up the canyon.  (Oh yes I was wearing my wife’s panties as instructed.)  I drove the loop through the canyon thoroughly enjoying myself then drove home.  I parked the car in the garage and went inside to find an empty house again.  I decided to watch another movie.  This time I was able to watch the whole thing and retired to the bedroom.  It was late so I did as instructed and put on another diaper, made the bed and retired.  It was Saturday night and I was alone again.  This was actually getting a little old, however I understood the needs of family.


I awoke to a surprise only a couple of hours later, no I was not wet, however the bed was warm, as my wife had returned home early and snuck into bed naked beside me.  How I did not notice was strange, because I am usually a light sleeper, but she was there.  I was needless to say pleasantly surprised.  I tried to ask her what happened and why she was home early, but she put her finger over my lips to quiet me.  I got the message.  


She pulled back the covers and reached into my diaper, which was still dry, then whispered that this would not do.  She then pulled my plastic pants off, unpinned the diaper and pulled it from beneath me. After the diaper was positioned appropriately she then straddled me and we began an amazing lovemaking session.  We climaxed together and as I filled her with my juices, she collapsed on me as we kissed ever so deeply.  The experience was amazing, and we just lay there in each other’s arms for what seemed like an hour me just caressing her back and her kissing my neck.


We both fell asleep in the position but she shortly afterward woke to my snoring.  She whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me.  She then knelt over me and stated that she needed to pee, she reached between her legs, spread her labia and the let a mixture of her urine and my cum run down all over my now flaccid member.  It ran over my hips and down into my diaper.  She had earlier confirmed that the mattress protection was in place under the sheet.  When she was done she grabbed a corner of the diaper and wiped herself off, climbed off of me then pulled the diaper up between my legs and pinned it in place.  She then grabbed the pair of plastic pants and pulled them over my thighs and my hips, she looked me in the eye and said, ”now it’s your turn”, and “I’ll be back when you are done.”  She winked at me, put on a robe and went into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea.  I really did need to go so it didn’t take much to relax and allow the flow into the newly placed diaper.  I lay there completely relaxed and content particularly since my lovely wife had returned early.  Given that the diaper was already full of her urine that she so graciously given earlier, even the plastic pants I was wearing were no match for the amount of wetness manifest and it leaked all over the place. I was a little embarrassed, but did not move.  My wife returned with her tea and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me right in the puddle left behind by our combined efforts.  She was somewhat surprised initially then after realizing this situation was ½ her own fault she stood up turned to look at her now wet bottom, showed it to me and then began to get the giggles and could not stop laughing at the situation.  I began to laugh as well, just a little snigger at first and over the next could of minutes we were both laughing at the situation hysterically.  


We got up and removed the sheets, put them in the washing machine then took a shower together.  We spent a great deal of time thoroughly washing each other while caressing and kissing.  After the shower we worked together to place new clean sheets and mattress pad on the bed.  She then asked where her present to me was and I pointed to the closet where I had put it earlier on Friday.  She went in to retrieve it and brought it over.  I opened it to find a thick nighttime diaper and a pair of new blue plastic pants with a cloth cover.  The cover was hand sewn by my wife, with a note embroidered on the backside.  It said, I love you in the middle of a big heart.  I immediately took my new present and unfolded the diaper.  She sat down beside me with the diaper, spread it out and motioned for me to lie down and lift up my but.  I complied with her request and she slid it under me, pinned the new diaper in place and then put the new plastic pants on me with the cover.  She had me stand up to admire her work.  We were both impressed.  She took me by the hand back to the bed and we lay down beside each other.  She faced me, kissed me deeply then rolled over. She grabbed my arm, pulled it around her, slid closer into me reached back patted me on the diapered but and we again fell asleep in each other’s arms.  

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