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Swipe and Wipe


                My first mistake was ever downloading that damn hook-up app. Second, using a photo from the internet to represent myself as more "impressive" down below than I really am. Finally, and most direly: I shouldn't have matched myself with a woman who promised to dominate. I thought that meant she'd take charge and show me a wild night... not take over my life and change me forever!


                "You've got to be fucking kidding me? I've seen some bad cases of LBDS but 'THAT" is pathetic.? She laughed when I took my pants off.

                "LBDS?" I asked nervously, covering my shame with my hands.

"Little Boy Dick Syndrome... but that little stub isn't even a dick... it's a little sissy clit." She sneered at me, and slapped my hands away and pinched my pathetic member with two fingers. "Where's that COCK from your profile? "

                "I...uh... got that from the internet."

"Obviously!" She snickered. "So not only are you a little no-dick sissy, but you also like to look at real cocks online?"

                I started to protest, but suddenly she pounced on me, and pushed me onto her bed. "That's okay little girl, I can still give you what you need" She growled as she forced my arm over my head and into the cuff attached to the headboard. She moved to my other arm and did the same, and before I knew what was happening my legs were also bound to the legs of the bed. I had tried to fight, but I was no match for this strong, beautiful woman.

                She sat on my hips and looked down at me as I fought the urge to cry. "Be a good girl, or I'll just snip that little thing right off!" I froze... I believed her threat. Her eyes told me it was not a joke or a game.

                As she climbed off me I looked into those eyes, cold but strong, brown and sparkling with delight as she contemplated what to do with me. She ran her hands down her side, caressing her leather bodysuit. Teasing me... but I was too scared for my little cock to even try and put on a show.

                I watched as she rummaged in her dresser for a minute, then turned back to me with a pair of electric clippers in her hand. "Little girls don't have dirty pubes around their tiny clits." She said and flicked the switch. The razor hummed to life and she started to mow my lawn, taking her time and repeatedly looking up at me to be sure I knew who was in charge. Within a matter of minutes, the hair I had taken years to grow had been stripped away from my crotch, she even smoothed out my sack and trimmed those hairs until I could feel the smoothness as she ran her hand over me.

                "Now to get you dressed more appropriately!" She announced and pulled out a disposable diaper. "Little sissy babies with no cocks must need diapers!"

                "I don't need a diaper!" I protested, some long-forgotten potty-training-trauma forcing me to declare that I was a big boy!

                "Really? And just how do you expect to get to the bathroom?" She asked with a smile. I pulled at my restraints, and sighed. She laughed softly, then unfolded the diaper and slid it between my legs and under me. The soft lining tickled my bare privates as she pressed the front of the diaper over my crotch and taped it in place. "That'll keep you dry until we're ready to continue."

                She got up again and rummaged in her magic draws and produced a rubber ball gag which she brought over to me and held the ball in front of my lips. "Take it." She ordered and I opened my mouth for her to shove the large ball in my mouth. She wrapped the leather strap around my head and buckled it behind me. "Good girl. Now be quiet while I find us a real man!"

                Mistress Shaz - as she had listed herself online - sat in a red leather chair facing me and pulled out her phone. She showed me the screen as the hook-up app loaded, and I watched as she started swiping her finger across the screen as she looked for another match... a better one than me.

                "Yes, he'll do!" She announced and swiped her finger the other way. The phone chimed and I knew a match was made. Just pressed a couple more buttons and I knew she was giving her match her address just as she had given me. 'Sucker' I thought. Who knew what she'd do with the next guy!

                "I'm going to go have a drink and finger myself a bit since you're not the man you claimed to be. I'll be back when our new friend arrives."


Part Two


                "Wakey Wakey Baby" Mistress Shaz said as she patted my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked up at her and a man. A very handsome man. My little dick twitched and I hoped no one noticed. His blue eyes gleamed in the evening light and he smiled. "Hey there little one."

                "I want you to watch us." She instructed as she propped an extra pillow under my head before she sat next to me on the side of the bed. "John, come make Mommy happy."

                John - the new man in our little world, smiled at me again, then moved to stand in front of Shaz. He said nothing, but got down on his knees and buried his face in her lap and began to pleasure her with his tongue. She leaned back and moaned. "Finally, a real man."

                This went on for more than an hour as he sucked and licked and mumbled and squeezed her breasts as he worked downstairs. When Ms Shaz finally came, she did so loudly - at least partially for effect I assumed and her buddy shuddered as she climaxed.

                "okay, okay, time for you to cum!" She panted as she pushed his face back away from her. He stood up and wiped his face with the back of his hand. She unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles as his large eight-inch man-cock sprung outward, rock-hard and throbbing. My eyes went wide having never seen such a dick before.

                "Nice, let's get HER ready for you." She said with a nod of her head directed at me.

"What?" I groaned into my gag, though the muffled sound that made it past the gag wasn't decipherable. By way of answer she unbuckled my left ankle, and then the right as John positioned himself at the end of the bed and began to climb up my body, between my legs.

                "Mistress says you need some cock, and I love a good, tight boy pussy, so win/win." He smiled. I shook my head 'no' but he laughed. "Did you sign the 'anything goes' agreement she had me sign at the door?" I nodded meekly. "Then, it's time for anything!" He pushed my legs further apart and ripped the diaper off me. Soggy stuffing sprayed over us as the diaper gave way and Mistress laughed "I knew you'd be a pissy baby for me." as my face turned red with shame. I had been tied to the bed for hours before I gave in and pissed the diaper before nodding off while waiting for her return with the promised friend. "Want a wipe?"

                John took the wipe from her offered hand and rubbed it over my cock and balls and between my legs to my ass. "This is all the lube you're getting!" He snickered as the cold cloth brushed over my hole. He tossed the wipe aside and grabbed my legs and forced them up over his shoulders.

                "Oh Fuck!" He moaned as he forced himself inside me with one rough thrust. I screamed into the gag but he just smiled. "So fucking tight. You're a virgin, yes?" I didn't answer, and he didn't really care. He started to fuck me, slowly, pulling his long dick back out some, and then pushing it into me again. I moaned in pain and my eyes clenched shut as hot tears streamed from them. But he just kept fucking me.

                Luckily for me, he didn't last nearly as long as Mistress Shaz did and after a few painful minutes he groaned and I felt him cum inside me. He took a few more deep thrusts, emptying his load inside me, before he let his massive cock slide out.

                John gathered himself, wiped shit, blood and cum off his dick with another baby wipe that had been offered to him, then kissed me on the forehead. "Good girl." He said softly. He and Shaz made small talk - mostly about my pathetic cock - as he got dressed before excusing himself from the room.

                Mistress let John show himself out, as she turned back to me and began to gently clean my bottom and crotch again. She hummed softly and kept saying "Calm down now baby." and I slowly was able to. When I was clean again she released my wrists and helped me to stand up.

                "Did you learn your lesson about pretending to be a man when you are just a little sissy girl?" She asked. I nodded that I had.

                "Good, but we still need to deal with the fact that you lied to me and sent me photos of a lovely cock you could not deliver. I think a good whipping is in order." I shook my head no and tried to speak into the gag, but she stopped me with a slap to the face. "Don't you know yet that I am in charge?" I nodded yes and protested no more as she turned me around and bent me over the side of the bed.

                Her hand was strong, and her slaps firm as she spanked my already ravaged bottom and I was in tears by the tenth slap. But she had more in store.

                "Ever felt the sting of a wood paddle?" I shook my head no and pleaded with my eyes, but she turned my head back away from her and brought the paddle down hard on my cheeks. I whelped into the gag and flinched, but a hand on my back put me right back in place for the next whack. She wasted no time, swinging fast and hard as I screamed into the gag and cried from my eyes.

                Twenty, thirty? I wasn't sure how many times she hit me with the damn paddle before she finally stopped and pulled me back to my feet. She made me face her and look into her eyes as she scolded me. "You are MY little sissy girl and you will do what I say and take what I give. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" I nodded that I did and she softened her expression a bit and released the straps on my gag and pulled it out of my mouth.

                "The bathroom is through there. Take a shower, dry off and put on one of the diapers you'll find in the closet. You have twenty minutes."

                I ran to the bathroom scared to defy her, but thankful to be away from her abusive hands. I took a painful shit and pissed, then got into the shower and cleaned myself up, paying extra attention to my backside. As sore and burning as the cheeks were, my goal was to get the very idea of John's cum out of my mind though I had already been cleaned with wipes and toilet paper.

                When I felt I was clean I climbed out and dried off quickly unsure of how much time had gone by. I opened the closet and found the diapers and reluctantly put one on.

                She was waiting when I shyly walked back into her bedroom. She led me to her walk-in closet and I saw the blanket and pillow on the floor. "Go night night now sissy baby."

                "I should get home." I answered in almost a whisper.

                "Oh, you are home. Now lay down or I'll introduce you to one of my other spanking implements."

                Without another word and I got down on the floor and laid on the blanket and pillow. "Good girl." She said, and turned off the light before closing the door. I heard the slide of a lock and sighed as I realized that I was stuck and completely under her control.

                It took me a long time to get to sleep as I worried about the future and what my new Mommy/Mistress had in store for me next.

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