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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


By BooBooBritches 


                         " CHAPTER XXI "


         As I waddled behind Saundra and the brunette I could hear Andrea and Kelly snickering and I knew, I must have been quite a sight, waddling like a two year old with a load in his pants.  The sticky feeling I had between my legs must have been what Andrea always meant when she talked about "Peanut Butter Thighs", it definitely made one walk with a waddle.


          The brunette opened a door to a changing room after handing Saundra one of the extra thick, night time, pocket diapers, the room had a large table near the back wall, the table looked like a large changing table, it had a plastic covering and appeared to be padded.  Saundra patted the table and motioned for me to get up on it, as I did, and scooted back to the center of it, I could feel the mess in my underwear squishing around my bottom.  Saundra told me to lift my legs after swatting my inner thigh and as I did I noticed the brunette still standing at the door, she looked at me and wrinkled her nose, then said to Saundra, " The table has a disposable changing pad on it just in case he's too messy, If there's nothing else I can help you with, I'll leave you to change your baby in privacy ", Saundra quickly answered back, " Thank you, I think I have everything I need, but you don't have to worry about this big baby needing his privacy, baby's don't care about anyone seeing them get their little bottoms wiped and cleaned ", both ladies laughed as the brunette left the room, leaving the door open behind her.


            Saundra slowly, but carefully pulled my sweat pants, and then my multiple pair of underpants down my legs and eventually over my ankles, and then completely off, wiping my legs and thighs with a baby wipe as she went.  Once Saundra was satisfied that my bottom and my thighs were thoroughly cleaned, she started wiping my crotch area, when she was done, she told me to lift my bottom once again and carefully positioned the thick cloth diaper under me. 


             Before she pinned the diaper up, she just brought it up to where it was covering my crotch area, then sat back on the chair that was in the room, and said, " You do realize Robby, that it is going to get extremely humiliating and embarrassing for you, even more then you've already been through, but, I can give you a way out, if you want it.  ( I nodded my head, asking her what she had on mind )  What I'm trying to tell you Rob, if you agree to the bet I have in mind, and you by some chance happen to win that little bet, I'll go ahead and treat you like my baby, but will keep it in the privacy of Andrea's home and will not attempt to embarrass you any further.  However, if you lose and I win the bet, I, along with Andrea, Kelly and all of her friends, will humiliate you, embarrass you and tease you as much as we possibly can, publicly, without breaking the law or getting into trouble, this includes dressing you in just a onesie, your baby jammies or a romper set and taking you out, to eat, to shop, or just to the park, but trust me on this, I can guarantee, by time we get done, there will be no doubt that you are wearing and using your diapers just like a baby would, regardless of where we are, who we're with or who's just standing by and watching.  So Robby, did you want to hear the terms of the bet? "


              As I nodded my head once again, I told her, " Yes, I'll listen to what bet you want to make, but I sincerely doubt you could humiliate or embarrass me any more then what you already have."


              Saundra just smiled and said, " O-K, here are the terms of the bet, since we'll be trying out these new pocket diapers, and I'm kind of curious to see if they really can hold a mess and prevent messy leaks, as promised, plus the fact that you've sworn to me, over and over again, that you've tried suppositories and they have absolutely no effect on you, I came up with this idea for a bet.  I'm going to insert suppositories up your bottom, then pin your new pocket diaper on, if you can hold it like you said you could and go two hours without going potty in your diaper, I will give you the greatest fantasy wish you could ever imagine and will keep it in the privacy of home.  However, if you do go potty in your diaper within the allotted two hours, you must do whatever Andrea, Kelly, any of her friends or I ask of you, without question or hesitation, for the remainder of your stay here with us. "


                  Now before we go much further in to the story, let me explain about the suppositories.  The ones I've experimented with in the past have been those cheap ones you can get at any pharmacy, the ones that come 50 in a container for $3.98, what I didn't know or realize was that Saundra had attained some of the suppositories they use in nursing homes and hospitals, the Dulcolax brand, these I have never tried so knew nothing about how potent they were and how quickly and

efficiently they worked.


               Without knowing, what I just told you, I foolishly agreed to Saundra's terms of the bet. 


               Saundra smiled at my agreement to the bet and quickly went about what she had planned, as she was opening the little foil wrapped bullets of ecstasy, she looked at me and said, " So, the most you' have ever used at one time was four, ( when I acknowledged that and told her that was correct, she went on and continued opening more of the foil wrapped bullets and said ), I'm going to be as fair about this bet as I can (and with an evil smirk on her face she said), since the most you've ever used at one time is four, I'm going to insert only four in to your bottom, that way, if you've been telling me the truth, you should be able to keep from going potty in your diaper for the next two hours. "


                I felt Saundra putting a Vaseline type substance on me, covering most of my bottom and crotch area, then without any warning at all, she inserted two fingers into my rectum and started twirling them around, telling me that this would open up my rectum more and make the suppositories easier to insert.  She then took the first suppository, then the second and inserted them in, then she followed once more with two fingers being pushed deep in to my rectum and once again started twirling her fingers around, she finally inserted the last two suppositories in to my rectum, then for the third time, inserted two fingers, pushing the suppositories even further up in to my rectum.  I immediately thought, WOW, maybe the suppositories I experimented with didn't work too well because I hadn't pushed them deep enough in to my butt to make them efficiently work, if that was the case, I knew I would be in trouble.  Little did I realize, I was in trouble regardless, these suppositories were made to work quickly and thoroughly and no amount of holding back would stop or deter these from their  assigned task.   


                 Once Saundra had successfully inserted all four suppositories up my bottom, she expertly went about dusting me with baby powder and pinning the thick, cloth diaper on me.  She then told me to stand up and as I slid off of the table I could feel the thickness and softness of the diaper and thought to myself, wow, these diapers are awesome.  Once I was standing, Saundra pulled out the baby blue shorts of mine out of the diaper bag and proceeded to have me step in to them, after pulling them up, snugly over my diaper, Saundra checked me all around to make sure the shorts were on snug and the diaper was intact and not showing above my shorts, what I didn't know, but am sure Saundra did, was when ever I sat down, my diaper would be very visible through the legs of my shorts, the same as a two year old's would be if they were to sit on a floor with their legs opened out to the sides.


                  I stood there as Saundra placed my dirty underwear in a plastic bag and packed up the baby wipes, Vaseline and baby powder in to the diaper bag, we then headed back out to the front of the store where everyone was waiting for us, upon seeing me, Andrea and Kelly just covered their mouths and gasped, OH MY GOD, and the brunette and redhead just smiled, what I didn't realize but am sure Saundra noticed, and Andrea and Kelly definitely noticed, was, just exactly how these diapers made my shorts balloon out giving me the appearance of that typical bubble butt you would see a toddler have.


                  Saundra told the brunette thank you for all their help and the brunette quickly offered Saundra a business card asking her if possible, could she give them a call and let them know how and if the pocket diapers worked out, Saundra once again thanked her and told her she'd be happy to keep in touch and would definitely let her know how well they worked, possibly even before they left the mall, as Saundra just laughed.  The brunette said, " WELL NOW, if that's the case, please bring him back here, you can use one of our changing rooms to change him, and that way we'll be able to see first hand just how well they work, as she looked at the redhead and both nodded their heads in agreement.  Saundra smiled and said, that sounded like a good plan, but for now, they were headed for the food court to catch a late afternoon snack, told the salesgirls bye, grabbed my hand and followed Andrea and Kelly back in to the common area of the mall.


                 Once we got to the food court, me looking much like a toddler, waddling with my thick diapers, Andrea and Kelly grabbed a table and sat the babies and me down while Saundra went up to the counter at McDonalds, Saundra returned a few minutes later, handing Andrea and Kelly their food and drinks, then setting a Happy Meal in front of me consisting of chicken nuggets, french fries and apple slices, and without missing a beat, Saundra pulled out a large sippy-cup from the diaper bag and poured my Dr. Pepper from my Happy Meal in to it, I did not see her slip in the fast acting diuretic powder as she put the lid on it and gently shook it.


                  We sat at the table for probably about thirty minutes before I felt the first of many tummy rumbles, and the more I ate, the more my tummy rumbled, so to block out the effect of the suppositories and the tummy rumbles I concentrated more on drinking my Dr. Pepper, not realizing I was setting myself up for a double whammy.  As I drank my D. P., I felt myself wetting my diaper a little bit and my hand immediately went down to my crotch to see if my shorts were wet, knowing I didn't have plastic pants or a onesie on to protect my shorts from getting a wet spot.  Saundra must have seen me reaching down to feel my shorts because she looked at me and said, " Robby, did you just go potty in your diaper ", I immediately said no, I did not, and Saundra said, " I think you did, do I have to do a diaper check on you like I would a baby ", I once again and quietly, immediately said no, I DID NOT, as I felt my tummy rumble once again and was now feeling an almost immediate urge to poop my diaper.


                   Saundra stood up, walked over to where I was sitting, then sat down beside me, and without a hint or a warning, she stuck two fingers in to the top of my shorts and the front of my diaper and said in a normal tone, not trying to hide it, " Robby, I thought you said you didn't go potty, baby boy, your lil diapey is wet. "  I immediately said, you asked if I went potty, not if I was wet, Saundra, Andrea and Kelly all laughed as Saundra said, " SILLY BOY, if you wet your diapers, that's the same as going potty, you don't have to poop to go potty, now stand up so I can do a proper diaper check on you ".


                   When I stood up, I once again felt my tummy rumble not understanding why these suppositories would have this quick of an affect on me then the ones I had used before, Saundra immediately turned me around and with out missing a beat, pulls the back of my shorts and my diaper open just enough so she could peek in, then releasing them with a little snap back, she says loudly, well, at least you're not poopy, but you did make a pee pee in your lil diapey, and you know what that means Robby, you just lost your bet.


                   I vaguely heard what Saundra was saying, I was looking at these two girls, they seemed to be in their early twenties, and was sitting just two tables away and there was no doubt in my mind that they not only heard everything that Saundra had said, but they had also watched Saundra do a diaper check on me, and both were grinning from ear to ear.  I, on the other hand, realizing that even wetting my diaper meant using my diapers to go potty in, just cost me the bet, but I also knew, there was probably no way I could have won the bet anyway, and just before I sat back down, Saundra gave my bottom a firm pat and said, " You're diapers not wet enough to change just yet, you should be o-k for awhile, plus, I have a funny feeling that you're gonna be in dire need of a diaper change before long anyway. 


                  If Saundra only knew how right she was, because when she patted my bottom just now, I knew the first of the suppositories had done their job and felt that mushy, yucky feeling slowly oozing in to the seat of my diaper and I knew, this was just the start as I sat down again, hoping to quell and slow down the remainder of what I would soon experience in the seat, or better yet, make that, THE POCKET OF MY DIAPER, and I got just a slight whiff of what I had done............. 


" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                          " CHAPTER XXII "


          After getting a small whiff of the small mess I had just done in my diaper, I knew it wouldn't be long until Saundra knew what I had done, not to mention Andrea and Kelly, plus the two twenty something girls sitting near us.  What happened next, as Saundra, Andrea and Kelly chatted, while feeding the two babies, not only surprised me, but shocked me, beyond any feelings or sensations I had felt up to now.


           Whatever it was that Saundra had shoved up my rear, was having an affect on me unlike any I had ever felt.  The suppositories I had played with before usually allow me the comfort of going when I was ready, and other then some minor discomfort, it was usually no more then just having the feeling of having to release gas, but these suppositories Saundra had used, I mean, WOW, not only did I feel I had to go, and I mean, RIGHT NOW, but these were giving me stomach cramps, and the longer I waited and tried to hold it, the worse the cramps got, then without so much as a hint or a warning, it felt like my whole bottom opened up as I felt an enormous load of mushy poop explode into my diaper.  The poop just kept coming as it oozed up the back, the sides and up over my penis and into the front of my diaper, I couldn't move because no matter how I moved, the mess was there and kept spreading around as it squished all over the inside of my diaper, and surprisingly, it felt that the pocket of this diaper had done an excellent job of containing the biggest part of the mess, as I felt it squishing around my butt cheeks and up and down the crack of my butt.


           In my shocked, trance like state, I did not notice how Saundra, Andrea and Kelly were looking at me, but my stupor was soon disrupted when Saundra said, " Robby, are you doing what I think you're doing, c'mere baby boy, let's take a quick little peeky-poo, I think someone just make a stinky potty in hims lil diapeys ".  As I turned around in the chair to go stand next to Saundra, the mess in my diaper squished and spread even more, up the sides, now spreading to my hips, and what I didn't realize, was as I turned in the seat, I exposed my legs to the two young girls sitting near us, and they had a perfect view up the legs of my shorts to see the bulk, thick diaper I was wearing, and they could even see, quite clearly, the brownish, shadow effect at the edges of the diaper, which clearly indicated that at worse case scenario, I had wet the diaper, and possibly even had messed it.


             When I got in front of Saundra, she gave my bottom a firm couple pats and the return sound of the splats told her all she needed to know, but she still insisted I turn around, and as I stood there in the food court, unfortunately facing the two young girls, who by this time were smiling and giggling, Saundra pulled the back of my shorts and the back of my diaper out at the same time, and as she peeked in, she let out a gasp, then without missing a beat she swatted my bottom again, three or four times, causing the mess, and the smell to spread even more, then said, quite loud, as she wrinkled her nose, " OH MY GOD ROBBY, what did you do in your diaper, c'mon you little stinker, we need to get you home so I can change you, SHOOOEEEEEE BABY BOY, YOU STINK! "


             Andrea and Kelly both got up and started getting the "OTHER" babies ready to go as Saundra packed the remainder of my Happy Meal in the bag, then after handing me my sippy-cup, she asked Andrea and Kelly if they were ready to go, and when both said yes, she took my free hand, holding it firmly, and started walking out of the food court, stopping only briefly to apologize to the two young girls, explaining that EVEN BIG BABYS HAD POOPY BLOW-OUTS AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIMES, the girls just wrinkled their noses and laughed as I waddled by, hurriedly, trying to keep up with Saundra.


             When we got to the van, I overheard Saundra telling Andrea that she thought about taking me back to the medical supply store to change my diaper, but she wanted me sitting in a poopy diaper for awhile because the next phase of my babying included what all babies go through eventually, diaper rash, Andrea just laughed and agreed with Saundra as she winked, telling her Good Point.


              Before I was allowed to sit down in the van, Kelly spread a couple towels on my seat telling me, " There ya go ya big baby, if your little diaper leaks or oozes any messes, at least it won't ruin the seats.   Then just before I sat down, Kelly gave me a healthy swat on my bottom telling me to get in.  When I sat down, I felt more of the mess squishing around my bottom and genitals, and as if that wasn't enough, without warning, once again, I felt my bottom erupt with another wave of poop filling my already full diaper, spreading up over my penis and balls even more so then it had before, and as if totally surrendering to this encasing, mushy, squishy ness of my diaper, I felt my bladder completely release and could feel the warmth of the urine as it trickled down over my scrotum, pooling up here and there as it hit the messy dams of poop which had formed in different areas of my diaper, almost like a stream running over the rocks and through the bushes of an arid landscape, until the urine had pooled in the seat of my diaper, and I thought, wow, Pocket Diapers huh, good name.



               " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                                 " CHAPTER XXIII "


               I was pretty much ignored on the ride home, other then an occasional nose wrinkle from Kelly and a couple of YUCKS from Saundra and Andrea.  The mess in my diaper had spread all over causing a squishing sensation with every move I made, regardless of how little I moved.  The suppositories Saundra had stuck in my bottom had really done their job and were causing me to cramp up, giving me the feeling that I still needed to poop, had I tried this type of suppository before, I would have never made the bet with Saundra, these were for sure, The Ultimate Pooping Bullets.


                 Once we pulled into Andrea's driveway, Andrea and Kelly casually got the other babies out of the van while Saundra took her time with me, giving me a wicked little smile and twitching her nose as she called me STINKY. 


Saundra :  O-K Stinky, let's get you inside and get you started on your

                   new baby life, OH YEA, Trust me Stinky, what we did with

                   you before was nothing compared to what a baby goes

                   through on a daily basis, you have so much to learn, and

                   now, due to our little bet, you are going to get to

                   experience, first hand, the life of an eighteen month old



                   Saundra helped me out of the van and with a gentle swat to my bottom, led me into the house, but instead of taking me into the bedroom or the bathroom to change me, she spread out a plastic back baby blanket on the living room floor and told me to plant it, swatting my bottom and pointing to the blanket.  When I went to sit down, carefully, Saundra just laughed and gave me a little push, causing me to land firmly on my bottom, creating a splat and squish sound.  When I started to ask Saundra is she was going to change me, she put two fingers to my lips and said, " SHHHHH, You're only eighteen months old now and eighteen month olds don't talk like grown-up's, if you want to say something, you need to do it the same way an eighteen month old toddler would, in just 3 or 4 word sentences, but all in baby-talk words.  Let me give you an example, for instance, if you wanted your poopy diaper changed, you would say something like, MOMMYYYYY, I STINKYYYYY, and then I'd check your diaper, wrinkle my nose, and say, C'MON YOU LITLE STINKER, LET'S GET YOUR LIL DIAPEY CHANGED. "


                   As I sat there, I realized, not only was I going to be treated like a baby now, but I also had to act like a baby, and I wondered, if this was meant just for the house, or would I be forced to act like this publicly.  Saundra stood above me, with her hands on her hips, as if to say, WELL, ARE YOU GOING TO TRY IT, and I thought to myself, if I'm ever going to get out of this nasty mess I'm sitting in I had better give it a try.  I quickly looked around the room to see if Andrea or Kelly was watching and seeing them nowhere around, I decided to give my baby-talk a shot, what I hadn't realized was, the baby monitor for the nursery, where Andrea and Kelly were tending to the babies, was still on and they could hear everything Saundra and I were saying. 


                   I looked up at Saundra, with her hands still on her hips, like an impatient mommy, and I said, as quietly as I could, " Mommy, I go potty, I stinky ".  Saundra smiled and said, " AWWWWW, did mommy's big baby make a yucky yuck in hims wittle diapey, lie down on your back baby boy, let mommy check your wittle diapey real quick ".  As I carefully laid down on my back, Saundra bent my knees a bit, giving her better access to my diaper through the legs of my shorts and when I felt her stick two fingers in my diaper, at the inner part of my thigh under my shorts, she pulled her fingers out quickly, and with my knees still up, she patted my bottom a couple times, wrinkled her nose and said, " EEWWWW NASTY, HIMS GOTS A YUCKY-YUCK MESS IN HIMS LIL DIAPEY, HIMS SUCH A LIL STINKER YES HIM IS ".


                    About this time, I looked up to my left and saw Andrea and Kelly standing there, both wrinkling their noses and giggling.  Andrea looked down at both Saundra and me and said, " Saun, I thought you were cooking dinner tonight, your boneless bar-b-que ribs have been marinating all day and you also need to get the baked potatoes on, with a little luck we'll have supper ready by time Dave gets home, if I was you, and you really wanted Rob to experience what a real baby goes through, I'd go ahead, just this time only, and leave him in that shitty diaper until after we're done eating supper, by then he should have developed a pretty nasty diaper rash, then you can give him his nitey-nite bath when you change him and get him ready for bed.  Since we'll all be eating our supper outside on the patio, we can set his blanket up out there, being out side and all, the smell won't be as bad, and if he really gets ripe, we'll just move his blanket a little further away from our table ".  All three girls laughed and Saundra swatted my bottom one more time before she got up.


                    Saundra looked at both Andrea and Kelly, and laughingly said, " WOW, Are the sales girls at the medical store going to be happy, they're sure going to get to see how well their pocket diapers work, under the most extreme conditions, HELL, I'm kind of curious myself, I mean, I know he's got a loaded diaper, but they seem to be holding up well, there's no signs of leaking out anywhere. "  Both Andrea and Kelly agreed and Kelly asked Saundra if she wanted her to get me a bottle, since she had just fixed bottles for the other babies, Saundra told her,  " yes please, and let's go ahead and use his special formula mix from now on, that'll for sure keep him in baby mode for the remainder of his stay with us ", all three girls quickly nodded their heads in agreement and smiled.


                    As I looked up, laying there on my waterproof baby blanket, Kelly brought me in a pink baby bottle, not handing it to me or allowing me to put it in my mouth by myself, but kneeling down next to me, and as she wrinkled her nose, she stuck the bottle in my mouth and held it there until I started sucking on it, she then, also patted my bottom a couple of times, then told me to hold my ba-ba as she got up and went into the kitchen with Saundra and Andrea, but first turning on the t-v and putting it on the cartoon channel.  The mess in my overly used diaper had already caused me to start itching and was definitely starting to feel uncomfortable and I thought to myself, was I actually going to have to cry like a baby to get my diaper changed, but then thought against it when I realized, Saundra had no plans on changing me until after supper, so I thought that if I didn't move around too much, there would be a less chance of diaper rash and the mess in my diaper wouldn't feel as bad, What I hadn't realized was, the areas of the skin where the mess and urine was most in contact with by the diaper being pressed against the floor and blanket I was laying on, would be the most likely areas where I would develop a diaper rash, and yes, I would soon get to experience that part of being a baby since I had now been in this messy diaper for almost 1 1/2 hours and would remain in it for at least another 2 to 3 hours.


                     I must have fallen asleep while sucking my bottle and watching cartoons, because the next thing I felt was Andrea gently patting my bottom telling me to wake up because she needed to set my blankie up outside.  As I sat up, I felt the mess in my diaper shift, oozing up the front of my diaper and spreading around my penis and balls.  I stood up and slowly followed Andrea out the back door and on to the patio, Andrea spread my blanket on the grass, just off the patio, but a fair distance from the patio table and chairs.  I noticed before I sat down on the blanket, there appeared to be a prominent wet spot, right where I had been laying before, and without even thinking about it or caring who was watching, I immediately felt the back of my diaper and felt the damp, wet spot, thinking to myself, WOW, these diapers are awesome, with all the wetting and pooping I did, and it's just barely damp.


                     What I hadn't realized was two small details, one, both Andrea and Kelly had watched me feel the back of my diaper, and two, if I could have looked between my legs at the bottom of my diaper, I could have seen the brown shadow in the seat, and the brown edges of the diaper at the thighs that would indeed, clearly show anyone who was sitting away from me, when I spread open my legs, that I had messed my diaper, and was apparently content to sit there in it, just like a toddler who would think nothing of trotting around in a poopy diaper.


                      When the supper was ready, I was starving, hadn't eaten anything since the skimpy Happy Meal I had at McDonalds, and I was looking forward to the ribs and baked potato dinner.  Too my shock and disappointment, Saundra sat a plastic plate of cut up hot dogs, with catsup on the side of the plate, and some type of macaroni salad down in front of me, forcing me to spread my legs apart so I could reach the plate, she also gave me a baby spoon and said, eat up Stinky, I'll get you some more when you finish that, and as she wrinkled her nose, she said to Andrea and Kelly, " WHEW, I'm sure glad I don't have to sit next to him while I eat, it's amazing how babies can eat with a load in their pants and not be bothered by the mess or the smell, butttttt, I guess that's just part of being a baby, and she looked back at me and smiled.


                       Getting frustrated because the baby spoon wasn't exactly the ideal silverware to be eating this meal with, I finally just gave up and started using my fingers instead because I was hungry, one time I looked up and noticed all three girls sitting at the table and watching me and smiling, but being hungry, I just kept eating, using my fingers, getting catsup and macaroni salad everywhere.



                       As I was eating, Dave got home and when he came on to the patio, he just looked at me and smiled, and it was then I noticed, right behind him was one of Kelly's friends, Megan, I remembered her from my first couple days here, and all of a sudden, I had a queasy feeling in my stomach and as she saw me, I started blushing and turning red because she would soon know I was sitting here in a really, messy diaper.  It didn't take long, she started to walk towards me, then stopped, and I noticed she was staring down, at what I thought was my plate, but soon found out it was my shorts she was staring at, and before she got any closer, she said, "  UMMMMMM, Kelly, you do realize he's sitting there, and he's eating while wearing a really, really, messy diaper ( and as she got closer, she stopped, waved her hand in front of her face, and said ), OH MY GOD KELLY, WHEW, HE IS RIPE !!!!



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