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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                            CHAPTER 6


           We must have sat there for about thirty minutes when Sharon had finally finished her Latte and said, as she wrinkled her nose,  

" OKIE DOKIE BABY BOY, we better be getting back to our room now, you're starting to get a bit ripe, I can smell you from here ".  I immediately looked around to make sure no one was listening and once I had determined no one heard Sharon's comment, I stood up and started to walk away when Sharon yelled at me, " Hey Baby, you didn't finish your Latte, hurry up and guzzle it down, no need to waste it ".  I walked back to the table, grabbed the Latte and chugged it down, then said to Sharon, " Can we go now, are you happy ", Sharon laughed and said, " MY OH MY, we sure are snippy, considering someone's standing there in public, in a tinky, messy diapey ", as she laughed and grabbed my hand as if I were a two year old toddler.


            The walk back to our motel room seemed a lot longer then it had when we walked it this morning, probably because I was waddling more then I was walking, and every step I took, the mess in my diaper seemed to squish around even more.  I was amazed how the seat of my diaper stuck to my bottom, even as I walked, I was very aware of the stickiness on my bottom and crotch and I know a couple of times I put my hand behind me to try and pull the sticky diaper away from my skin only to have my hand swatted by Sharon as she said, " ROBBY, quit grabbing your butt like that in public, that's yucky ".


             When we got back to the motel, I was just starting to feel better knowing I'd soon be back in the privacy of our own room and maybe Sharon would let me jump in the shower to clean up, but as luck would have it, as soon as we turned the corner to go in to our room, there stood the maid at our door, with an armful of what looked like more cloth diapers.


              We walked up to the room and Sharon smiled and greeted her, and the maid told Sharon that these were the rest of the diapers and plastic panties that were left so she thought she'd bring them up to us before we checked out on Monday, which I thought was odd since this was only Friday.  Sharon thanked her for the diapers and plastic pants and as she used the key card on the door, she let me go in first and then invited the maid to come in also.


               Once we had got in to the room, Sharon told me to go sit down on the chair and wait until she got done with the maid, who's name we found out was Susan.  Sharon and her looked over the diapers and pants Susan had brought in and Sharon told her that these were great and she really appreciated them, then Sharon offered Susan money for the diapers and Susan turned her down saying it was nothing, just stuff that had been cluttering up their laundry room.  Sharon then told Susan that she didn't want to seem ungrateful or rude, but she had to get me changed (pointing to me and wrinkling her nose) because I had a really bad diaper and I was stinky.


                 Susan just laughed, wrinkled her nose and said, " YEA, I thought I smelled something when I followed him in to the room, I just didn't want to embarrass him, or you, by saying anything ".


              Sharon thought about what Susan said for a minute, then looked at me, winked, and said, " You know Susan, if you really don't mind, I don't think Robby would be the least bit embarrassed if you wanted to stay, and maybe help me change him, I mean, after all, he just sat at that little outdoor cafe down the street for almost an hour, in that messy diaper, and it didn't seem to bother him at all when ever anyone walked by, if they could smell him or not, so why would he be embarrassed by you seeing and helping to change him, that is, if you wanted to "?


              Susan quickly replied, " WOW, I was hoping you'd let me stay, I'm still fascinated about someone his age, and as cute as he is, being in diapers, plus, to be honest with you, I wasn't sure this morning if you two were just playing a joke on me or not, but smelling the way he does, there's no doubt in my mind that he really does wear and need diapers, so I feel a lot better about giving you all of those diapers we had, and yes, I'd love to stay and help you change him ".


              I just looked at Sharon with a puzzled look on my face, but knew almost immediately what she was up to when she told Susan, " I'd love to have the help, and trust me, even though Robby is an adult, I told him that if he was going to wear diapers and wet and mess them like a little baby, I was going to treat him exactly like I would a baby, and since baby's have no modesty and don't get embarrassed when they have their diapers changed, that he shouldn't either, but before you decide to stay Susan, I have to be honest with you about Robby.  The only reason Robby wears diapers and I treat him like a baby, well, it's because he wants to, it's sort of like his fantasy to be treated like a baby, so anyway, I just thought you should know, I didn't want you feeling you were tricked or duped in any way ".


             Susan stood there, thought for a minute or two, looked at Sharon, then me, back at Sharon, then finally at me, and said, " I'm very glad that you told me, I had a feeling it was something like that but didn't want to offend you by saying anything, just in case it wasn't.  So tell me, when you treat Robby like a baby, does that include, almost everything that would involve a baby, like baby talk, bottles, formula, babysitters (as Susan gives Sharon a wink that I could see), and if it does include everything, I'd love to help you give him his baby fantasy, at least for the remainder of the time you'll be staying here, I have the rest of the weekend off, if that's ok with you "?


               Sharon just laughed and said, " Are you kidding, heck yea it's ok with me, and if you're willing, you can even baby-sit him for me, that would give me a chance to do a little shopping without having to worry if he's gonna be pooping his pants while we're out ".


              Both girls laughed as I sat there turning red from embarrassment, then Susan looked at me, then Sharon, then said, as she wrinkled her nose, " Well, what are we waiting for, he sure isn't gonna get to smelling any better, and from what I remember about baby's and poopy diapers, the longer they sit and squish around in them, the messier and nastier they are to clean up and wipe ", as Susan takes the initiative and takes my hand, leads me to the bed, asks Sharon to spread out the changing pad, then looks me in the eye, as she's still holding my hands, and says...................


             C'mon Stinky, someone smells like he has a tinky bottom, Let Nanny Susan take a little peeky-weeky

( as she forcefully spins me around and I feel her grabbing the back of my sweat pants and then my diaper and pulling it out, she peeks in, looks at Sharon and says ), OH MY GOD SHARON, what a yucky, messy baby he is ( she then spins me back around so I'm facing her, pulls my sweats down, looks me straight in the eye as she pushes me back onto the changing pad and the bed, causing the mess in my diaper to squish and spread out even more, then she says ), What a yucky messy baby him is, yes him is, hims just a messy little feller, c'mon baby boy, let's change that poopy didy, You Stink!!!!!!!! 


 " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                    CHAPTER  7


         So there I was, I hadn't been married for even a week yet and my new bride was already letting a complete stranger change my diaper, and a really messy diaper at that.  As I looked up at Susan from my compromising position, I thought, this wasn't exactly how I pictured my fantasy, I had been hoping for a more motherly approach from Sharon, but then again, maybe Sharon was portraying the mother, the perfect mother.  She had me in diapers, she made sure I used my diapers for their intended purposes, and now it seems, she has even arranged for a babysitter for me, when I thought about it in that way, then yes, maybe Sharon was giving me my fantasy, it just wasn't quite how I dreamed it would be.


           I was abruptly brought out of my daydreaming reverie when Susan, patted the inside of my thigh and told me to lift my butt up.  When I did as she requested, she pulled my plastic pants down and with a highly over exaggerated gasp, she waved her hand in front of her nose and said, " OH MY GOD, what a stinky little baby, PEEEU, hims is just a messy little fella, yes him is, awww, look, hims is blushing and turning all red, c'mon Mister Tinky Bottom, be a good baby so your Nanny Susan can change your stinky, yucky didy and make you all sweet smelling, just like a

yummy-yum, precious baby boy ".


            As I listened to Susan's gibberish baby talk, I glanced over at Sharon and she was just smiling and oohing and aahing as she watched Susan change my diaper and talk to me as if I was no more then a real baby having their diapers changed.


            When Susan unpinned the diaper pins, she carefully pulled back the front of the diaper, making sure she wiped my crotch area and penis with the, relatively clean part of the diaper, and as she wiped, she kept pushing the messy part of the diaper further towards my bottom, folding it over as she went.  Once she had most of the front part of the dirty diaper bunched up and under my penis, she told me to lay still, and to my surprise, she actually grabbed both my legs in one hand and lifted my bottom off the changing pad and then continued wiping the mess off my bottom as she held my legs up in the air, just like she would a real baby.


            Once she had finished wiping my bottom, she pulled the dirty diaper out from under me, then let my legs back down, and there I lay, completely nude and bare ass naked, at the mercy of my lovely new wife and her new found friend.  Sharon handed Susan a clean diaper and Susan, once again, quickly lifted both my legs and expertly slid the diaper under my bottom, when she had let go of my legs, placing my bottom gently back on to the clean diaper, I felt the softness and cushiony feeling of the diaper, Susan then, with one pin in her mouth, expertly pinned up one side of the diaper, and then the other, after tugging it and pulling it tightly and snuggly. 


             Susan then asked Sharon if she had plans to go out anywhere in the near future and when Sharon shook her head no and answered, I don't think so, Susan suggested that they just leave me in a diaper, with no plastic panties or sweat pants on and told Sharon that she could put the changing pad on the floor for me to sit on and watch t-v while they sat and chatted for awhile over a cup of coffee, which Susan volunteered to run out and get.  Sharon nodded her head in agreement and thanked Susan for changing my stinky diaper.


              When Susan left, Sharon looked at me and said, " Well Robby, how does it feel to be treated like a baby, did you like when Susan changed your diapers and talked baby talk to you, is this what you envisioned your fantasy to be like "?


               I thought for a second, as I sat on the floor, in front of my new wife, in just a diaper and a tee-shirt, and I told her, " I wasn't sure if this is what I had fantasized about and I was really embarrassed and somewhat humiliated when Susan was changing me and baby talking me, but I was really embarrassed when I had to mess my diaper in front of you.  I'm not sure why, it just felt strange and embarrassing, I felt as if I was demeaning myself in your eyes and wasn't really sure how you would, or possibly could, accept a full grown man wetting and messing a diaper like a little baby, it did and still does have me really confused and concerned ".



Sharon :  AWWWW, there's no need to be embarrassed Robby, when you're in a diaper, I don't consider you as an adult, I think of you as a helpless baby that doesn't know any better and when you wet and mess your diapers in front of me, I know, that is just part of your fantasy, and just another part to be a baby, and Robby, that's what baby's do, they sleep, play, eat, poop and wet their diapers, then wait for their mommy or a babysitter to change them and clean their little bottoms.


Robby :  So you don't think poorly of me because I want to do this, I mean, act like a baby, and I know that you thought you were doing what you should do as a mommy, but letting someone else change my diapers, I'm not sure if I was ready for that, or even want that to happen again.


Sharon :  Really, well to begin with Robby, I don't think poorly of you, no matter how stinky and messy you get, that's what baby's do, but as far as you wanting or not wanting something, that pertains to you being a baby.  Let me explain something to you in a way I know you're going to understand, When you're in baby mode and sitting in diapers, it will be me, not you, that makes the decisions on who will see you in diapers, who will help me change your diapers, who I will let change your diapers by themselves, or even who I will let baby-sit you when I need to go out, and Robby, for your information, if you happen to be sitting in a wet or stinky diaper when someone comes over to visit us, I WILL NOT scramble to hide the fact that you're sitting there wet, messy and stinky like a little baby.  As a matter of fact, I'll probably excuse us for a minute, explaining to whom ever stopped by, I was just fixing to change you because you were wet and made a stinky in your pants, and Robby, that also includes my sister.  

So I'm here to put you on fair warning and advanced notice, I'm going to, to a point, let you decide when you want to be in baby mode, but once you are in baby mode, you have no say, on how I treat you or who sees you, there at no time will be any extenuating circumstances, if you're in baby mode and being treated like a baby, then that's exactly how I will look at you and consider you, no more then a baby and I will do the same things with you that I would with a real baby.

You noticed I said to a point, that point being, there are times when you will want to be in baby mode and I'll let you and participate by being your mommy, but you will not always have that decision, there will be times, in my mind, to put you in to baby mode, maybe even for a special event, or something like that, the bottom line is, Robby, when you come home from work, or at any time, If I decide to put you in baby mode, you will submit to your diaper and whatever else I have planned for you as a baby, without arguing, debating, or whining about it, and this could happen anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone.

If you agree to this, then you'll get to live out your fantasy many, many times in our future, however, if you don't agree to what I've just told you, then your fantasy stops right now and we'll never bring up diapers again, as they would pertain to you, and if you choose to wear a diaper, then you'll have to do it on your own time, not in front of me, and you can take your fantasy back to the closet where I first found it, do you understand what I'm saying Robby?


            What could I say, I for sure didn't want to give up my fantasy or any chances to ever wear diapers in the future, so I reluctantly agreed with Sharon, but she saw through my reluctance and hesitation to agree, so she tossed in the proverbial icing on the cake when she said................


             " OH, AND ROBBY, just so you fully understand where I'm coming from, the rest of this honeymoon, since we've already consummated the marriage the first two days we were here, I've decided to go ahead and keep you in baby mode and keep you in diapers.  Plus, since she seems to like you so much, I'm also going to ask Susan if she would like to baby-sit you this afternoon and this evening, so I can go do some grown up things, like shopping and sightseeing ( suddenly there was a knock on the door ), oops, there she is now ".


             As I watched, Sharon almost skipped to the door, I thought, sitting there in a diaper, this may not be too bad, I mean, she's already seen the worse that can happen and even changed me by herself, maybe this fantasy with her as a babysitter won't be all that bad.


             Susan came in with two coffee's, one for her and one for Sharon, plus she also had some apple juice for me, which was a nice surprise, but the biggest surprise was yet to come.  When Sharon asked Susan if she would mind babysitting me this afternoon and evening, Susan jumped at the opportunity, but then stopped and said, " AWWW, I'm sorry Sharon, I have to wait for the cable guy this afternoon, so I have to be at my apartment between 1 and 5, unless, yea, I could do that, if it would be ok with you.  Would you mind if I babysat Robby at my place, that way I won't miss the cable guy and you could still go out for the evening, all I would need is a diaper bag for him, and he wouldn't even need extra clothes, I'll just keep him in a diaper, plastic panties and a tee-shirt, if that's ok with you "?


              I already knew Sharon would turn down this offer, I mean, in the privacy of our motel room was one thing, but at another persons place of residence, there was no way Sharon would agree to that, but then to my shock, Sharon looked at me and said,


"REMEMBER OUR AGREEMENT ROBBY, you're sitting there in a diaper so apparently you're in baby mode and baby's always go to their babysitters homes when their mommy's have grown-up things to do "


             Then Sharon turned to Susan and said, " I think it would be wonderful for Robby to get out some this afternoon, but I don't have a diaper bag for him yet so we'll have to think of something ", Susan then said, " I know where there's a diaper bag, we've had one in "Lost and Found" for almost a year now, let me ask my supervisor if I can have it, be right back ".


              I just sat there, stunned and surprised that Sharon actually agreed to letting me go with Susan to her house, plus they were even planning on setting me up with a real diaper bag, I'm not sure if I was just scared or if I actually had to go, but I felt the front and bottom of my diaper getting warm, and I knew, this was going to be long, long day. 


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