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  By BooBooBritches 


                          " CHAPTER 7 "


            " DO YOU ROB "?  Wow, that last question Helen asked me almost made me get up and run to the bathroom, but I could only hope that when Cindy took Shimbie into the bedroom to change her, both her and Helen would just go on and assume it was Shimbie they were smelling.


             That idea and thought quickly disappeared and even if I did have the guts to get up and run to the bathroom, it was too late now.  Instead of Cindy taking Shimbie back to the bedroom to change her, she knelt down next to the sofa, sat a clean diaper on the blanket covering my tummy, then proceeded to pull down Shimbies plastic pants as she lay between my legs, as Helen watched closely.  When she unpinned Shimbies diaper, she slowly and carefully pulled the front part of the diaper back, wrinkling her nose and telling Shimbie what a stinky little girl she was.  Just as she got Shimbies diaper pulled back all the way, Lori and Brenda walked in from the kitchen and sat down in the two recliners in the living room.  When I looked at Brenda, with a puzzled and HELP ME look on my face, I let loose with a messy fart, filling my diaper even more, and I wasn't sure, but had hoped Cindy or Helen didn't hear it.


              When I glanced at Helen, I noticed her looking directly at me and smiling, as I quickly looked away, back towards Brenda and Lori.  It didn't take long for Cindy to announce that Shimbie was just a bit damp and quickly thought the smell was probably just gas as she wrinkled her nose again.  She went ahead and finished changing Shimbies diaper and as she was pulling her plastic pants back up, Helen said that she could still smell a dirty diaper and Cindy agreed with her saying, so could she.


               With Shimbie wide awake now, Cindy went ahead and put her on the floor so she could play, then grabbed the used, damp diaper and the baby wipes and went into the bedroom to put the wet diaper in the diaper pail.  By time Cindy got back in to the living room, I had peed a little bit more in my diaper and it was starting to feel really yucky and sticky and I honestly thought about wrapping the blanket tightly around me and going to the bathroom.  Helen asked Cindy to grab her another beer and as soon as Cindy got back and handed the beer to her mom, she said, " DAMN MOM, it still smells like a dirty diaper in here, but the smell's only on this side of the room, I didn't smell it when I went to the kitchen ".  Helen, nodding her head, quickly agreed with Cindy, then looked at me, and laughingly said, in a babyish voice with a big smile on her face, " Robby, DID YOU MAKE A BIG BOOM BOOM IN YOUR LIL DIAPEY ", I was totally mortified and shocked as I turned red and violently shook my head no as I said, " WHAT, I DON'T THINK SO, IT'S NOT ME ", Helen just laughed and said, " WOW ROBBY, Calm down, I was only kidding ", as all the girls started laughing, and I looked at Brenda and she gave me that mischievous, evil wink again.


               We must have been sitting there for about 5 minutes when suddenly, I let out a muffled fart and felt the seat of my diaper fill up even more, except this time, the mess started squishing up both the back and front of the diaper, spreading out on both butt cheeks and engulfing and covering my penis.  Unfortunately, this time, not only did Helen and Cindy hear it, who were sitting nearest to me, but so did Lori and Brenda, as they both started laughing, and then Brenda, to my utter shock and surprise, said, " WOW CINDY, maybe you checked and changed the wrong baby's diaper, it sounds like Robby made a BIG BOOM BOOM in his diaper ", this brought laughs from everyone, including Helen.


               Helen was the first to stop laughing, as she then looked at me with an incredibly serious look on her face, then looked at Lori and Brenda, and asked, " O-K YOU THREE, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO ", and as I started to move a little bit, mainly because my butt was starting to itch, Helen said, " OH NO YOU DON'T ROBBY, You just lay there and be real still, I'll get to you in a minute ", she then looked back towards Lori and Brenda and said, " O-K GIRLS, are you going to tell me what's going on or do we have to do this the hard way, and if so Lori, the hard way will see you grounded for the next month, which means Brenda will not be allowed to come over, NOW TELL ME, WHAT'S GOING ON ".


               I glanced back towards Cindy, who had been sitting in a chair next to the sofa, just above my head, and I was surprised to see she wasn't staring at me, but more like staring through me, more towards my crotch area, and I wondered, just exactly how much had Lori told Cindy and her mom about my fantasy, whichever or however much she told, was irrelevant now, as I was starting to feel very uncomfortable, not only because I was laying there in an incredibly messy diaper, but because, I had the strangest feeling, that if my fantasy was still a secret, it wasn't going to be a secret for long.


               Helen was still staring at Lori and Brenda as she tapped her foot on the floor, much like an impatient mother would do while waiting for a child to do or say something, except now, she had set her beer down and was also patting the baby blanket where it covered me near my upper thighs, but it wasn't a hard pat, it was more of a pat like when a mother would pat her baby's bottom while she fed or rocked him.


               Lori was the first to speak up as Helen still patted the blanket, Lori looked at me then at her mom and said, " MOM, do you remember a while back when I asked you why Robby wasn't hugging or kissing me very much ( as Helen nodded her head as if to acknowledge Lori ), well I did what you suggested and asked him about it, and not only did he tell me about how his family wasn't in to all the closeness, touchy lifestyle most families were, he also told me what he longed for, perhaps to replace the embracing love he never got ".  I looked at Lori as I was silently screaming inside, NO NO LORI, PLEASE, DON'T TELL HER.  Lori must have sensed my fear because she smiled at me and said, " Don't worry Robby, mom will understand, you need to trust me ", and as she said that word trust, I immediately looked at Brenda who was sitting there with a devilish smile on her face and I remembered, that was the same word Brenda used, just before she stuck those butt meds up my bottom and got me in to this mess, literally.


                To my shock and utter dismay, Lori proceeded to tell Cindy and her mom about my fantasy, in way more explicit detail then even I could have imagined.  After Lori was done, Cindy sat there, with her mouth wide open, trying her hardest to stifle a laugh or a snicker, Brenda was like, Yes, that's the truth, he told me to, and Helen, all she did was just look at me and smile.  She then looked back at Lori and asked, " So Lori, are you saying that not only does Robby want to be cuddled and pampered, but he wants to be Pampered, literally, as in, he wants to be put in diapers, given baby bottles, and be dressed and treated, EXACTLY LIKE A BABY "?


                As Helen said this, something clicked in Cindy's brain and she said, " OH MY GOD LORI, so that's why there was a dirty baby bottle in the kitchen, it wasn't one that I forgot to wash, it was one you fed to Robby ", as she started laughing hysterically saying, " OH MY GOD, THIS IS A HILARIOUS, HOW FUNNY ".


                 Helen, on the other hand, was not laughing, however, she did get the biggest grin on her face as she patted the blanket and my thigh with a bit more enthusiasm now, then what she said and did next, totally surprised me, she repositioned herself on the sofa, by putting one of her legs under the other, so she was facing me directly now, and in doing this, she had trapped my left leg between her and the back of the sofa, meaning, if I attempted to get up, I would have to swing my left leg up over her head in order to get in to a sitting position.


                   She then looked me straight in the eyes and said, " ROBBY, I'm going to ask you some questions and depending on how you answer these questions, well, let's just say it will determine how your stay with us for the next four months is going to be, oh, and Robby, it is in your best interest to answer honestly, quickly, and loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, and if you do, you just might have a very interesting summer..................TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!!!!


to be cont., maybe?            




                          " CHAPTER 8 "



         As Helen said those words, TRUST ME, I glanced over to where Brenda was sitting and she had the most sincerest look on her face, as if she was telepathically saying, I'M SORRY.  My stare at Brenda was broken up by Helen when she said, " ROBBY, you had best pay attention to me and not the girls, they have no control over what is going to happen with you from here on in ".


         I looked back at Helen and just nodded as in agreement with her, then for some off the wall crazy reason I decided to try and get cocky with her, as if to show her I was an adult and I refused to be treated in this manner.  Before Helen could say or ask me anything, I sat up on the sofa, as much as I could, considering Helen still had my left leg and foot wedged between her and the back of the sofa, and mistakenly said, " I'm not to sure what's going on here or what all of you have talked about before, but whatever my fantasy's are, I can assure you they have absolutely nothing to do with your daughter, Brenda or any of you, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell Lori to give me my clothes back so I can get up, go in the bathroom, get dressed, and LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, and find another place to stay for the summer until my parents get back from Nebraska ".


          Helen just looked at me, got a bit of a wry smile on her face, wrinkled her nose a little ( it hadn't donned on me that when I sat up, even just a little bit, my diaper would emit an odor, much the same way a baby's does when they're toddling through the house, and you smell them as they go past you, as any motion would emit that babyish, un-mistakable aroma of a poopy diaper and baby powder mix ), and said, " ROBBY, while you're still such a big boy and capable of making such big decisions all by yourself, let's you, I and the girls get a few small details settled before I start asking you some very pertinent questions, that will most definitely affect your stay here this summer ".


           " To begin with, I agree with you, you are an adult, capable of making your own decisions, I mean, wow, you're eighteen years old, that makes you a man now, doesn't it.  Unfortunately Robby, that's the problem, which I'll explain to you after you answer a few questions for me, so Robby, what do you say we begin, that way, if after everything we chat about here this afternoon, you still want to get up and go to the bathroom, get dressed and leave, then who am I to stop you, I mean, YOU ARE EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD now, aren't you? "


             I wasn't sure where Helen was going with this, but I knew the only way I could avoid any further embarrassment was to go along with what Helen wanted, let her ask me her questions and then after I got out of here, I'd figure out later where I could live for the next three or four months.


Robby :  OK Helen, out of respect for you and your daughter, I'll go

                ahead and answer your questions, if I can.


Helen :  Oh Robby, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to answer my

               questions, and answer them honestly, they're not going to

               be all that hard.


Robby :  OK, but before we start, can you maybe like sit in one of

                the other chairs, my legs are really starting to cramp up.


Helen :  Ummm, sure Robby, I can do that, how about I sit between

               Lori and Brenda, OH, and Cindy, just so you can keep an eye

               on Shimbie (who was still happily playing on the floor next

               to the sofa), why don't you sit here where I was sitting, next

               to Robby.


Before I could move or even make an attempt to get up and go to the bathroom, which was my plan, Cindy had sat down, but instead of pinning my legs to the back of the sofa, she literally sat on my leg, causing my foot to be between her two legs and as she curled up the same way her mom was sitting, she literally had my foot in a leg lock and there was less movement now then there was before with Helen sitting there, then Cindy looked at me, then towards the floor at Shimbie, then back at me and said...........


Cindy :  YUCK MOM, it still smells like a dirty diaper over here, no

               wonder you wanted to switch places, oh well, Shimbie

               should be ok for a little bit, I mean, it's not like I didn't

               just change her, BABIES, WOW, THEY'RE EITHER WET,

               POOPY, HUNGRY OR SLEEPING, What a life.


All the girls started laughing, especially when Cindy made the comment about wanting to switch seats, and when Helen said.........



              and you're more used to smelling dirty diapers anyway, I

              think my dirty didee days are over.


As the girls started laughing again, Cindy nodded her head as if in agreement, then looked at Lori and said, " YEA GIRL, DON'T LAUGH, YOUR DIRTY DIDEE DAYS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER", and everyone laughed even more as Lori just shook her head no and said YUCK.


Helen :  OK GIRLS, calm down now, this big boy Robby has some 

               questions to answer and I don't feel like sitting here playing

               twenty questions with him all night long, so Robby, are you

               ready, and if so, please keep in mind, if you answer what I

               ask you honestly, and loud enough for all to hear, this won't

               take long at all and if after everything I ask and say to you,

               you still want to get up and leave, then so be it.


Robby :  Sounds good to me, so what exactly did you want to know?


Helen :  Well Robby, the first question is easy, you mentioned

               earlier that Lori took your clothes, to begin with, why did

               she take your clothes?


Robby :  Ummm, well, since I hadn't got over to my mom and dads

                house yet, I didn't have any clean clothes to wear and Lori

                offered to wash my clothes for me.


Helen :  REALLY, wow, I can't even get her to wash her own clothes,

               let alone someone else's.  Lori, did you offer to wash Robby's

               clothes for him?


Lori :  Well, sort of mom, Brenda and I were joking with him and told

           him he needed his diaper changed because he stank, so he

           sort of dared us to take his clothes off him and change him like

           we would a baby if he stunk so bad.  We both pulled his pants

           down and his under panties were so disgusting, I told him no

           wonder he was stinky and that he needed to be in diapers like

           a baby until I got his clothes washed and cleaned for him.


Helen :  OH REALLY, and he let you and Brenda undress him, take

               his clothes away, and are you trying to tell Cindy and I that

               he just laid there and let you two put a diaper on him, just

               like a baby?


Both Lori and Brenda were shaking their heads yes and giggling as Helen turned back to Robby, then Cindy, to Robby again and then finally back to Cindy, and said...........


Helen :  WELL WELL WELL, the questions are definitely going to get

               easier now.   Robby, is what Lori just told me true?


Robby :  NOOOOO, NOT EVEN CLOSE, you know how those two are

                always trying to embarrass me, I asked her to wash my

                clothes, and believe me, I don't need any help getting

                undressed.  ( As I let out a phony laugh )


Helen :  Well yea, I know they love embarrassing you, but Robby,

               Lori doesn't lie to me, she never has, and I don't think

               she's lying now, but that's going to be proven, sooner then

               later.  Lori, did you wash Robby's clothes like he's saying

               he asked you too?


Lori :  NO MOM, I haven't washed them, yet, but they do need to be

           washed, I figured I'd just wait until Cindy had a load of diapers

           to wash and toss his panties in with them, they're not much



This comment caused all the girls to laugh, even Helen, as I sat there, trapped, turning redder by the minute, and then to compound my troubles, as if I didn't have enough already, my tummy rumbled and without so much as a warning, I let loose and extremely loud and messy fart which sounded more like a bubbling cauldron at a witches coven, which was kind of where I thought I was.  Cindy, along with Helen, Lori and Brenda, looked at me and Cindy immediately wrinkled her nose and waved her hand in front of her face as if to let me know she's acknowledged what I had just done.


Helen : WELLLLLL, I think we had best get these questions out just

              a tad bit faster, it definitely sounds like Robby is going to be

              in dire need of a potty, real soon.  Robby, before I ask Lori to

              go get your underwear and show us so she can prove she's

              telling the truth, is there anything you want to say, so she 

              doesn't have to go get, shall we call it,  the evidence.


Robby :  OK, She's partially right, but you know how teenage boys are,

                we always have skid marks ( as I blush even more ) in our

                underwear, I'm no different then all the rest of them, so no, 

                she doesn't have to go get "THE EVIDENCE" as you put it, I

                confess to that much of her story.


Helen :  Hmmm, very interesting, so you're saying none of the other

               parts of her story happened.  OK, then tell me Robby, if Lori

               has your clothes and your underwear, WHAT EXACTLY ARE

               YOU WEARING under that blanket?


Robby :  I don't know, it's just something that Lori gave me to put on

               until my clothes get done, some kind of shorts I think.


Helen :  Really Robby, who in this house has shorts that would fit you,

               I mean, you being a big, full grown adult man, all we have in

               this house are women's clothes, none of which would fit you,

               and baby clothes, and now I know, even though Lori says

               you want to be a baby, I know none of the baby clothes will

               fit you ( and as she lets out a little chuckle ), I don't even 

               think Shimbies diapers would fit you, so tell me Robby, ARE 

               YOU WEARING A DIAPER?

               ( As Helen wrinkles her nose and smiles, looks at Cindy and

                 sees Cindy wrinkling her nose too and as they look at each

                 other, Cindy says...........




As all the girls laugh and Helen nods her head in agreement, and all I can do, being pinned in the way I am, is sit there and turn even redder............


to be cont.   yes/no?

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