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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                           CHAPTER  8


                     By BooBooBritches


          Susan was back in about fifteen minutes and to my surprise, she had one of those old fashioned diaper bags, it was big, bulky, baby blue and had the word " D I A P E R S " stenciled in big letters on both sides.  I immediately thought, it was bad enough I was being taken out in diapers by a complete stranger, and I was almost positive my diaper would be obvious, regardless of what pants they put on me, but now, my so called babysitter would also be carrying, what is, without a question, a rather large diaper bag, definitely big enough to carry my large diapers and clothes.


           Sharon and Susan had fun going through what was left in the diaper bag that had sat in "Lost & Found" for who knows how long.  They found baby powder, baby lotion, Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, disposable diapers, Pampers I think, a couple cute onesies, some baby formula, which they checked the expiration date on, and found it to still be good to use, 6 baby bottles, 2 of the old fashioned glass ones and 4 plastic ones.  The two girls totally ignored me as they had fun deciding what items that could be used for me and which items that would not be fitting.  To my surprise, the only items they chose not to re-pack in the diaper bag for me were the Pampers and Onesies, both Sharon and Susan felt everything else could be used for me or on me.


            This obviously made me question to myself, the bottles and the formula, I mean, I could see the other items being of use, but, bottles and real baby formula, I didn't think so.  While Sharon was packing all of the useable items back in the side pockets of the diaper bag, I noticed she also tossed about six of my diapers, a couple pair of my, so called plastic panties, a clean pair of my shorts and the changing pad in the main section of the diaper bag.  When I started to question as to why she had put that many diapers in there, Sharon looked at me, smiled and said, " A mommy can never pack too many diapers for their baby, especially when they're going to the babysitters house, baby's always seem to go through a lot of diapers when they're in a new environment ". 


            While Sharon was explaining to me why she had packed what she had, Susan had grabbed my sweat pants and walked over towards me, telling me to stand up.  When I stood up, Susan told me to lift my leg so she could slide my sweats on, once she had both my legs in the pants, she started to pull them up, but stopped when she got them to my knees.  She quickly bent me down, and looking over the top of my shoulders, she pulled the back of my diaper open and peeked in, then with a swat to my bottom, she told Sharon, " He's not totally wet, but he does have a damp diaper.  I don't think he needs plastic panties, it's only a twenty minute drive to my apartment and I doubt he can do too much damage between here and there ".


             Both girls laughed and Sharon told Susan, " It's your call, but what ever mess he makes, you're the one who's going to be stuck cleaning it up, and I'm sure, as you've already seen, he can make a mess ".


             Susan smiled at Sharon, nodded her head as if she whole heartedly agreed with Sharon, then took my hand, grabbed the diaper bag, slung it across her shoulder, then looked at me and said, " Tell Mommy buh bye baby boy, you're going to Nanny Susan's apartment for the evening and we're going to have so much fun ".  I just looked at Sharon, as if to say, WTF Sharon, you can't be serious, Sharon just smiled back with that maternal smile and said,  "AWWWW, you be a good baby boy for your Nanny Susan and have fun today and tonight, Mommy will see you later, Bydie Bye Baby Boy ".


              After Sharon and Susan exchanged information, phone numbers and Susan's address, Susan and I went down to her car, and as I started to get in to the front passenger seat, Susan said, " NO NO BABY BOY, baby's have to ride in the back seat and be strapped in, that's the law in Colorado, then Susan proceeded to buckle me in and make sure I was snug, comfortable and most of all, safe.


               I was surprised when we didn't go straight to Susan's apartment, instead we stopped by McDonalds and as she pulled into the drive-thru, Susan told me, "I think we'll just get some Micky D's for din din tonight", and I wasn't too awfully surprised when she ordered a Happy Meal for me, but I was happy when I discovered she ordered a couple extra double cheeseburgers and explained that she knew a Happy Meal wouldn't be enough to fill me up, and I thought to myself, this may not be that bad after all.


               Now keep in mind, Brekenridge was a small resort town and everyone that lived up here knew each other, so I wasn't surprised to discover that Susan knew the girl working the drive-thru.  When we pulled up to pay for our order and get our food, the drive-thru girl said " HEY SUSAN, wow, did you get the night off (and as she leaned out the window to hand Susan our order, she looked at me in the backseat and said, " Hey now, who's that sitting in your back seat, and why, is he sitting in the back and not in the front with you "?  Susan quickly replied, " OH, Well, he's a long story, yes I've got the weekend off, sort of, but I'm also working in a way, I'm babysitting that cute little guy in the back seat, that's who the Happy Meal is for ".


                The drive-thru girl seemed surprised, not because Susan was babysitting, but because she was babysitting someone my age, and when she started to question why, a car honked behind us and Susan, said, " Just come by when you get off tonight and I'll explain everything to you ", the girl smiled and told Susan o-k.  I immediately thought, whew, at least Sharon will have picked me up by time this girl got off work so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed or seen by another stranger.


                 By time we arrived at Susan's apartment, I had wet my diaper a little bit more, not a lot, just enough to feel it on my bottom, I was trying my hardest not to wet my diaper while I was at Susan's, I knew I'd have to endure at least one diaper change, but felt, if I could keep it to just one, that would be a moral victory within itself and I could save myself any potential embarrassing situations that could possibly arise.


                 Once we were inside Susan's apartment, Susan put the food on the table, tossed my diaper bag on the couch, then I watched her as she got the changing pad out of the diaper bag, spread it on the floor in front of the television, then told me to sit down on it, and just before I sat down, Susan said, "HOLD ON THERE SPEEDY GONZALES, let's check your lil diapey", and as she spun me around, she yanked my sweat pants down, feeling the damp seat of the pants, then she patted my damp bottom, pulled my diaper out in the back and peeked in again, and said, "AWWW, you're just a little bit wet, but you;'re not stinky, YET, so you should be ok until after you've had your din din.  Maybe after din din I can fix you a nice baba and you can lay in my lap while I nurse you, oh, and Robby, if you're thinking about holding everything in and not using your diapers like you're supposed to, Sharon gave me permission to do whatever I felt was necessary, pretty much the same I would do with a little baby if they were constipated, it's not healthy for little baby boys to try holding in their poopys", as Susan sat my food down in front of me, on the changing pad, along with a baby bottle of apple juice, as she gave me a very distinctive wink and wrinkled her nose...................




" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                      CHAPTER  9


               By BooBooBritches


          I sat there eating my Happy Meal and wondered if Susan was actually intending to use a laxative of some kind, or did I misunderstand what she had said.  The more I thought about it, the more I figured to just dismiss it, I mean, why would anyone in their right mind want to force someone to actually poop in their diaper, especially if that was going to be the same person that had to clean it up, naw, it just didn't make sense to me.


             While i was eating, I wet my diaper, just a little bit more, but surely not enough to warrant a diaper change, by any measure.  I would soon find out just how wrong I was.  Susan was sitting at her dining room table, eating her Micky D's and watching me as I ate mine, but little did I know, she was also watching me wet my diaper some more, I would learn later, that, just like a baby, I also made what is known as, " A Potty Face ", the face that is familiar to mommy's and experienced babysitters, that a baby makes when they're concentrating on either wetting or messing their diapers.


             Anyway, due to this unknown fact to me, as soon as I was finished eating, Susan went in to her bathroom, and when she came out, she walked over to where I was sitting on the changing pad, with my diaper bag, and said, " O-K You little stinker, you've been sitting in that wet diaper long enough, let's get you changed, we don't want a yucky diaper rash, now do we ".  When I laid back on the changing pad, Susan pulled my sweat pants off, felt them and said, "Just what I thought, looks and feels like someone has a wet tushie, let's take a little peek and see if you've got any other surprises for your Nanny Susan.  AWWW, hims just gots a wet tush, but no stinkies yet, well don't you worry your little head Baby Boy, Nanny Susan has just what you need".


             Susan unpinned my diaper and wiped me down with a baby wipe, then to my surprise, she got the Desitin Diaper Rash ointment out and started applying it to my bottom and crotch area, as she said, " UT OH, looks like someone's starting to get a bit of a didee rash, hims gots a red bottom, well yes he does, him gots a little red tushie.  C'mon Baby Boy, lie still so Nanny Susan can put this lotion on your tush, and guess what Baby Boy, Nanny Susan has another surprise for you too ".


              Suddenly I felt her stick her fingers in my butt and when I started to squirm she said, " LIE STILL BABY BOY, Nanny Susan is just sticking a couple of pills up your bottom to make you more relaxed and help you make a poo-poo easier, that way you won't have a tummy ache from all that food you ate ".  I knew immediately what she was doing, she was inserting suppositories up my butt, and when I glanced over at the empty foil wrappers, I saw that they weren't just suppositories, but that they were Dulcolax Suppositories, and I knew, from past experience, this type of suppository would work on me almost immediately, and within 20 to 30 minutes, I would have no choice but to mess my diaper in front of this cute little stranger, and I could only hope, that when the inevitable did finally happen, I could at least keep from making a potty face in front of her.


               Susan quickly pinned a fresh diaper on me, after she was satisfied the suppositories were inserted deep enough in to my bottom to work sufficiently, she then went on to tell me that she wasn't going to put plastic panties on me, or sweat pants, because it was warm enough to be in just a diaper and a tee-shirt, so there I sat, in just a diaper and tee, on a complete strangers living room floor, reluctantly waiting to do the unthinkable in my diaper, in front of her, then to my surprise, the doorbell chimed, and as I looked around, frantically, for something to cover up with, Susan smiled at me, and as she walked over to answer the door, she motioned for me with her hand, to just sit there and don't move.


               I heard Susan talking to someone at the door, but couldn't figure out who, then I remembered, she had told Sharon something about a cable guy stopping by this afternoon, and when Susan invited whoever it was in to her apartment, was I ever embarrassed, I heard a female voice and as I looked up, from my humiliating sitting position, I realized, it wasn't the cable guy at all, IT WAS THE CABLE GIRL.  




" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                      CHAPTER 10


                By BooBooBritches


           As I sat there, in just a diaper and a tee-shirt, Susan, with a big smile on her face, introduced me to the cable girl, obviously a friend of hers.  The cable girl, stood there for a minute, with a bit of a shocked look on her face, and as she smiled and stared at me, and my obvious diaper, she said to Susan, I'm sure there's going to be a good story behind this little scenario.  Susan just laughed and said, " OH YEA, and you are totally going to love it ".  Susan looked at me and said, Robby Baby, this lovely cable lady is one of my best friends, her name is Mindy, Mindy, this is Robby, I'm babysitting him tonight for a friend from Denver,  and if you've got time, I'll make us a cup of coffee and tell you all about it ", what could I do, I just sat there, in my diaper, and blushed as both ladies sat down at the dining room table, within sight and hearing distance of me.


           Susan went on to tell Mindy all about how my fantasy was to be treated like a baby and that Sharon had decided that the age I would be treated like would be that of an eighteen month to a two year old toddler, that way I could still be mobile.  Mindy responded by saying she had heard of people like me on television shows and the internet but she had never met anyone like me, or ever thought she would.  She was however, totally facinated with the concept  that anyone would ever want to be treated like a baby and wanted to learn more, out of general curiosity mainly.  Susan went on to tell her that she herself was sort of learning on the fly and just winging it, she had babysat before and was just going through all the motions that she could remember when she babysat for infants and toddlers, and then, just applying them to me.


            Mindy just laughed and asked her, " SO, DO YOU LIKE, Have to change his diapers too "?  Susan just laughed and pointed at the diaper bag, and that's when I saw the clear plastic bag sitting next to my diaper bag with my wet diaper in it, and Mindy let out a bit of a gasp and said, " OH MY GOD SUSAN, is that a dirty diaper in that little baggie "?  Susan quickly responded with a yes as she nodded her head up and down, and then went on to say, " It's not a dirty, as in dirty diaper, it's just a wet diaper, but rest assured, there's no doubt in my mind that I'll be changing at least a couple poopy diapers before Sharon comes by to pick him up ".  Mindy just sat there, holding her cup of coffee, with her mouth wide open, totally speechless, she started to say something, then stopped, looked at me, then looked back at Susan, then said, " DAMN GIRL, leave it up to you to find a way to amuse yourself for a weekend, but, why would you think he's gonna have a messy diaper, I mean, if he's just pretending to be a baby, couldn't he just hold it, I mean, at least until after he's back at his hotel room, I would think he'd be embarrassed having a complete stranger change his diaper and wipe his butt ".


             Susan thought about it for a minute, then said, Mindy, you don't understand, HE'S THE ONE THAT WANTS TO BE TREATED LIKE A BABY, and Sharon's already told him, if she agrees to his fantasy, it has to be all or nothing, and since baby's aren't suppose to care when, where, or even who sees them wet and poop their diapers, neither is Robby, so i'm pretty sure, if he has to poop, he'll do it just like a baby, TURN RED, GRUNT, FART AND THEN SQUISH A POOPY MESS INTO THE BACK OF HIS LIL DIDY ".  This caused both girls to laugh and as they did, I felt that all too familiar tummy rumble and I knew, the suppositories would soon be completing their mission and I would have no choice but to mess my diaper, I could only hope that Mindy would have finished her coffee, whatever cable business she had to do and be on her way before I had to do my business, so to speak.


             With that said, Mindy stood up and said, " O-K GIRL, let me get your cable hooked up so you don't have any more problems with it.  Mindy then walked over near where I was, looked down at me, winked, and said, " You be a good baby boy Robby and Mindy will get the t-v working so you can watch some cartoons, how does that sound baby boy ", Susan and Mindy both laughed as Mindy grabbed the remote, punched in some codes, then called the cable company on her phone and started relaying the codes she was looking at.  While she was doing this I tried my hardest not to let her hear my tummy rumbling, which was going crazy, it almost sounded like a volcano getting ready to erupt, and while I was concentrating on sitting as still as I could to try and keep my tummy calm, there was another knock on the door, and I thought to myself, Thank God, Sharon had come to pick me up early, she must have had a change of heart.


             As Susan headed for the door, she looked at Mindy and said, " Can you watch him for just a sec while I get the door ", as if she was actually leaving a real baby alone, and Mindy responded, much to my surprise, " Well of course I can, I'd love to watch this cute little fella ".  I blushed some more as Mindy tussled my hair a bit and kept on talking on her phone, that's when I heard Susan say, OH WOW, What a surprise, I thought you was working later, I didn't know you was getting off this soon, or else I would have waited for you ".  It was then I knew Susan wasn't talking to Sharon, and when both Susan and the girl came around the corner from the front door, I heard Mindy quietly say, "Hey Tara, how you doing", and that's when I recognized this girl was the same girl that was working at the McDonalds drive-thru.  Susan immediately introduced Tara to me and vice versa, and to both my shock, Susan's and Mindy's, Tara came over to me, sat down on the floor next to me, patted the front of my diaper, looked at Susan, and said, " ALRIGHTY, I'm sure there's going to be one hell of a good story behind this, so let me hear it, I'm all ears ".


             Now before I go any further, I should tell you a bit about Mindy and Tara, Mindy was a fiery redhead with an awesome body, Tara, on the other hand, looked like she had just got out of high school, she had blonde hair, an angelic face and was a tad bit on the heavy side, but she had an aura about her that just sang out beauty and when she hits 21 years of age in a couple years, she is for sure going to be a knockout.  What I didn't know about Tara, was that of the three girls there, she was the one with the most experience when it came to baby's, she, along with her job at Mickey D's was also a full time babysitter for a two year old and a nine month old, so she had the entire gamut covered as far as being an age appropriate baby pertained to me.


             Mindy must have finished up her phone call with her company because before I knew what was going on, Mindy had the television set on and tuned  to a cartoon channel, she tussled my hair some more and then went back over to the dining room table where she sat down to finish her coffee as she listened to Susan explaining my entire fantasy, all over again, to Tara.  When Susan was done, Tara's eyes just lit up and she told Mindy and Susan that she knew a boy she went to high school with that had the same fantasy and he explained to her that it was something called Infantilism, she went on to say that this boy was one of the nicest boys in the school and she was sad to see him and his family move away. but she had always wondered what happened to him and if he ever got his fantasy wish.  Then to everyone's surprise, Tara said, as she patted the front of my diaper, I bet taking care of you is just like when I babysit the baby's I watch, just another little cutie to play with and another diaper to change.  Susan laughed and said, " Well, if I had known you were so experienced with taking care of baby's and diaper changing, I would have waited and gave you a ride home, then you could have changed his wet tush after he finished his Happy Meal ", Tara giggled and said, " No biggie Susan, if he's anything like the baby's I watch, it won't be long before he needs his little diapeys changed again, I mean, DUH, HE DID JUST EAT "?


              All three girls laughed as Tara patted my diaper one more time, then peeked in the diaper just on the inside of my thigh, and proudly said,  " Well him isn't wet or stinky yet, but hims just a widdle baby and hims will be making pee pee and poopies in hims widdle diapeys before we know it ".  Both Susan and Mindy laughed and Mindy said, " Dang Susan, if Sharon ever needs a babysitter and you're not available, refer Tara, she's a pro ".  Tara just smiled and nodded her head, then while Susan was talking, Tara interrupted her, pointed at me, and said, " UMMMM SUSAN, I'm not saying he is for sure, but when I'm babysitting and the two year old has a look like that, I call it her "Potty Face", and it usually means she's filling her diaper or she's getting ready to fill her diaper ".  All three girls looked at me and I must have been quite the picture, but I wasn't turning red and grunting because I was trying to fill my diaper, I was turning red and grunting because I was trying to hold it and keep from messing my diaper in front of these three lovely girls, and I thought back on how Susan neglected to tell either Mindy or Tara that she had stuck a couple suppositories up my butt to make me mess my diaper, so as far as these girls knew, I was pretending I was no more then an eighteen month old baby and that's exactly how i was going to act, even if it meant making a dirty diaper right in front of them.


              Then to my shock and humiliation, my face turned bright red, but not because i was straining to poop my diaper, my tummy let out a gurgled rumble, followed quickly by the sound of a couple of loud, muffled farts and I felt the soft, warm mess ooze in to my diaper and squish as wave after wave of poop pushed up inside the seat of my diaper, and slowly, but stickily seep up the front and back of my diaper, and when I had pushed out that last wave of poop, finally ending the cramping I was feeling throughout the ordeal, I looked up to see, all three girls, mouths wide open, and as they all wrinkled their noses, simultaneously, I could have sworn I saw the tiniest bit of a twinkle in Tara's eyes as she looked at me and smiled.



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